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The even bigger joke on Florida is that Office Depot is now a Taxachusetts corporation because, this might be hard to comprehend, government revenue funds schools, public transportation, and civilization that does not involve shuffle boards, gun ranges, and subsidies for sports stadiums.

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That picture, at least as pertains to the men, is a reminder that politics is show business for ugly people.

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I can't wait until she brings a big bag of Cheetos to the next SOTU because Sotomayor had some excellent bud.

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When the U.S. Marshal takes Judge Moore and probate judges into custody, maybe the concept of federal supremacy will sink in. As a federal judge explained to me when a state judge scheduled a trial the same time as a trial before him, "He may be able to throw you in jail, but I can order you out to come pick a jury here."

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Congressman: leave wanking to the pros.

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Why doesn't Evolution News and Views just produce its own 13-part series and see if Discovery will buy it?

Part 1: Fossils. The Devil's tool.

Part 2. Carbon Dating Deception.

Part 3. Darwin--Demon or Devil?


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The delicious double irony with frosting and a cherry is that if coverage is lost, it is in the reddest, wing-nuttiest states.

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Bill Kristol is already vetting her for higher office.

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Whatever happened to the Wing Nut meme that America is "leading from behind?" It only took 3 years to revise Wing Nut history from America the Weak led to turmoil to Hillary "The Desert Fox" Clinton led to turmoil.

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The Bill is alternatively known as the Defense of Marriage in States in Which I Have a Rat's Ass of a Chance.