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Speaking of abortions...It's too bad Sarah Palin was born nine years before Roe v. Wade and not nine months after it.

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Will this School of Rock teach kids to play "Beat on the Brat"?

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Is this what Rebecca's been up to?

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Two points:
1) The growing income inequality absolutely proves supply-side economics doesn't work (were it valid, income inequality would be self-correcting), so I am not sure how the Republicans plan on having an economic plan this cycle if they keep pointing it out instead of ignoring it (see 1980-2013).
2) Ted Cruz is about as likeable as a kick to the scrotum.

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In fairness, we've probably all said some pretty dumb shit thinking it'd get us laid.

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So, you expect people to believe the woman who all the way through 2008 still thought Iraq was responsible for 9/11, while speaking to an audience that still thinks Saddam Hussein had a nuclear weapons program (because Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld still deserve the benefit of the doubt), lecturing on foreign policy by conflating Syria and Iraq? And while charging her ideologically unmovable supporters $9.99 per month to lIsten?

No wonder conservatives think they're God's favorites: devine intervention might be the only rational explanation for something this ridiculous actually being a plausible money making endeavor.

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If I were from South Carolina, I'd be filling left out right about now.

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Waiting for mental gymnastics that will prove this makes liberals hypocrites because Bill Clinton nabbed an intern 20 years ago.