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And when Tina dies of pertussis, her parents will blame it on chemtrails, naturally.

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No. No. NO. All you conservative fuckfaces who've spent the last fifteen years larfing about "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" and demanding that your fatty potato strings be called "freedom fries"--you do NOT get to criticize the president for not going to France. You don't even get to say France. And I swear to god if I hear any of you ever--EVER--say "Je suis Charlie" I'm going to staple your fucking lips shut.

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GOP luminaries have called for Agema's resignation with all the fervor of Willy Wonka ordering Mike Teavee away from his Wonkavision camera.

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Even the most ardent white supremacist would have a hard time explaining exactly who or what McElroy is superior to.

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Hell, I'm still clutching my shotgun behind the couch waiting for Y2K.

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Bill Nye is the Sam Eagle of science.

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"To Serve and Protect" may still apply, but cops seem to be confused about who is serving and protecting whom.

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When millionaires can't bribe/lawyer their way out of federal charges, that's when you know the nation's upward redistribution of wealth has gotten pretty fucking serious.

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Rumsfeld knows that there's intentional good and unintentional evil; and then there's intentional evil, which is the most delicious evil of all.

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Who did Craig get to blow to land this job?