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9 years ago @ Wonkette - Texas Mom Drops Challe... · 3 replies · +61 points now a days are so spoiled! Back when I was in high school we didn't learn about "anal sex" in books, we learned about it the good old fashioned way! With your girlfriend screaming "WRONG hole, you idiot!!!"

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"David Folkenflik’s piece notes a 2011 Harvard study that argues memory is “prone to distortions that can have serious consequences in everyday life.”

...I don't think you need a Harvard study to prove this hypothesis. Just look at pretty much every argument from conservatives that Reaganomics worked, racism doesn't exist, the Iraq War was going perfect until Obama came into office, etc. etc. etc

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...I heard that Brian Williams single handedly lied us into the Iraq, Afghanistan and Peloponnesian wars!!!

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...the proper response to the diarrhea that Ted Cruz just spewed out of the pimply anus that he call a "mouth", is "Well since you hate the 1% so much, you must support an increase in the income tax and closing of loopholes"?

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...ISIL has shown their hand after the killing of the Jordanian pilot. Everyone now knows that hostage negotiations with them are pointless. They secretly murder their hostages shortly after capture and then demand a nearly impossible ransom. All this just to drive media coverage of their horrid message! This poor girl more than likely was killed months ago and now they are trying to cover their asses by claiming she was killed in a air strike.

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REGULATING INDIVIDUAL MORALS = FUKK YEAH!!! this dumpster muffin finds sexual acts between 2 consenting adults more pressing than, let's say a corporation dumping a tuck load of benzine straight into an aquifer?!

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...I hearby declare that the "Conservative" party shall be renamed the "REGRESSIVE" party from here on forth! This is to recognize their unbearable ignorance of facts, science and inability to build a fire for warmth.

9 years ago @ Wonkette - Obama Is Bad Commie, S... · 1 reply · +10 points we all know, deficits are only good under Republican presidents

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...WHAT?!?! The president dick whipping the republicans during the SOTU didn't even get an honorable mention?!