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Corbin is a lesser cut of meat. Like the kind in a can that I feed to my dogs that even they won't eat.

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I guess the real question is....why does he hate America SO much?!

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Legislating can be difficult, like performing perfect pirouettes on a dressage horse, or finding good live in nannies who speak English very well, or snagging an exquisite cashmere sweater at Barney's in your hedge fund manager's exact size!


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Fun story.... the Sheriff of my home town is a well known philanderer, perhaps best known for having his wife set a mountain of his possessions on fire on their front lawn while he was out trysting with a mistress named Pickles. No bullshit. And this asshole keeps getting elected. Glad to know he wields so much power over the feds.

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It's weird... I took "chemicals" for a full decade before meeting Mr. Wudi, and he's a 6'7", 300 pound soldier with a neck nearly as big as my waist. Had I chosen someone manlier, I'd be fucking dead from being split in half!

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What upsets me most about the film is that its biggest fans are simply nationalist twits who genuinely revel in the deaths of Muslims and anyone else who is "other." My husband is a soldier, and he is always the first to point out that good soldiers never actually enjoy killing anyone.

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I wouldn't let me children play with those two-mommy twins, either. It's much harder to raise a new generation of closed-minded bigots if kids share the monkeybars with lesbo-babies.

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I want to force Gohmert into a mandatory head ultrasound on that shiny ass cranium of his. We would likely find nothing to abort.

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Rush's city is always bracing for a Cat 5 shitstorm. Coming from his mouth.

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Do gay black people from Ohio know all the other people from Ohio, all the other blacks, all the other gays, or ALL THREE? Fuck, so much pressure.