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At least something good came out of insurers pushing hospitals on length of stay. He's doing more and better than of he had gone to rehab.

And yeah, He's been cooking for a while since he's been out of work - first due to covid and then the last couple months due to his hip. I'm going to have to get used to sharing housework when he goes back to work.

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It took me entirely too long to realize that you were talking about relatives of ammon bundy and not ted bundy. I was like I'm sure they're not all serial killers! But yeah fuck those bundys.

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No but it was same day. It's kind of crazy to think that when I was a new nurse in the mid 90s we treated hips like China. They'd come up with foam pillows on all kinds of hip precautions and only PT could touch them for days and he went into the OR at 10 am and at 4 pm was climbing into the truck to come home.

He's actually doing quite well since we got his pain management figured out. Getting up on his own going up and down the 3 steps to the bathroom. Even cooked breakfast today. If we could get the dogs and cats to stop jumping all over him it would be perfect.

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I am so sorry you and your family are going through this. It's always a hard decision to stop treatment and have to make these decisions.

I very strongly co sign getting on Hospice. They have excellent resources and offer continuing support services to families up to a year after their loved one's death. They also will most likely handle the end of life discussion and get that sorted. I am sure (I hope) that the pall care team has discussed goals of care and some basic end of life decisions with your sister. This is usually among the first discussions she and you will have with hospice so you probably wouldn't even need a lawyer for that. I don't know if WA has POLST or MOLST forms, but they are standardized orders for end of life care and I'm sure the hospice or even pall care would be able to sort that out for you. It's basically.a list of Interventions that you agree to or decline and your provider signs it. No lawyer needed.

As for wills, yes. Even if she thinks she doesn't have anything she needs a simple will with someone assigned as executor. Otherwise the state gets involved and people come out of the woodwork for the stupidest shit which I know from sad experience.

Speaking of people.coming out of the woodwork.... have her get together all her bank accounts, retirement account and life insurance policies and make sure the beneficiaries are up to date. Print out latest statements and make a list of passwords for any accounts you want or need control of or will want to close such as social media accounts or subscriptions.

It will be good to have a lawyer on board because probate sucks even with a will and if she has significant debts you will be pursued by various creditors and will need a lawyer to tell them to fuck off.

I don't know a ton about wills or probate only that both sides of my family have 3 generations arguing about stupid shit for the past 30 years because no one of my grandparents had a will and all I can say is make a will doesn't need to be fancy.

I do know a lot about hospice and end of life care having worked in that field for many years. If you have any questions about that more than happy to answer although I'm sure the pall care or hospice team are going to have the same information.

I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and hope you can find some peace and strength over the upcoming weeks

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The Boy had a hip replacement on Monday and I've been home taking care of him and the cats and the dogs and the chickens. Kind of looking forward to getting back to work tbh.

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I never get a reaction to the flu shot but this year I was a little pooky for a day or so and had a very sore arm.

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It is the most insane fear mongering shit. It's taken years to even open the dispensaries after 2 overwheingly popular referendums. All because they wanted to set up panels to inspect and test ALL the weed. Like dude, just open the damn shops so my property taxes go down. Even people who have caregiver licenses to grow weed are being absolutely harassed. Just driving it all underground again.

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I have no idea. Honestly it made me lol to myself because my patients sometimes try to tell they popped positive for cocaine or opiates because someone put it in their weed and I'm like "OK who is giving away cocaine around here?"

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We had a provider meeting this morning and one of the substance abuse people was there talking about the various services they offer which was great. Until. He went off on a tangent about the Devil's Weed. Reefer Madness y'all. The dispensaries have no oversight. There's fentanyl in the marryjoowanna. There's PCP in ur edibles.

I had DARE flashbacks. I had to get off the zoom before I said something not so nice. I mean, look. I don't love that nearly all my patient use Marijuana because we have no fucking clue about how it fucks with psych meds. And I always tell adolescents about the risk to their brain. But Jesus this guy was off the rails with really scare mongering inaccurate shit.

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Loki is pretty mellow about them but for Lita it has been an adjustment.