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Women have had the right to go topless in my town for several years now. The only woman who ever does so on a regular basis is the woman who fought for that right, my neighbor. Rest assured, it is not a treat to see a tall, skinny woman in her 60s going topless.

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Jonathon: "Dude, y'know what would be so hot? You, in a wet T-shirt video."
Congressman: "I don't know... how could we write that off?"
Jonathon: "Oh, I have an idea..." (winks suggestively)

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RBG FTW. Could there be a better role model for women, anywhere?

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That Rachel Maddow! She's so good on the T.V. - it's a shame her show is going to be cancelled.

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And let's see if we can guess where she stands on gun rights.

Because more guns does not = more violence and death; more guns = more safety, right?

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Lobbyists, Carole is holding the next item up - it's a permit for a coal-powered energy plant! Now, the lobbyist who bids closest to the actual retail price without going over...

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"Door? What door? Oh, *that* door... it's the, uh,... it goes to the, uh, closet. No, Congressman Schock says you may not look in it."

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Does Tucker Carlson's insurance include reconstructive surgery for when he gets punched in the face repeatedly?

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“I’m not a farmer per se, although I’ve always liked the lifestyle.”

Seriously?!? I'm sure he thinks farming is like the TV show "Green Acres" - riding tractors in 3-piece suits while the Mrs. swans around the house in negligees and false eyelashes.

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Funny how they seem to know down to the dime how much Obama spends on vacations and Michelle's dresses, but don't really know if they've "hired tens of thousands of people".