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-I love the red theme on this Miqo’te dragoon:

She looks like she and her mount could take down whole platoons.

Next time: the Namazu beast tribe quest line, a.k.a. one of my favorite things in XIV.

Interesting; looking forward to that!

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Should the pinned posts on Mark Reads and Watches be unpinned? I don't want to seem insensitive or disrespectful since one of them includes a picture of Baize, but people who aren't active on Mark Spoils (including those who read Mark's reviews without having IntenseDebate accounts, as I was when I first found the site) might check Reads and Watches, see the hiatus announcement still at the top, and think that they're still on hiatus.

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-It hits me that FFXV shares something unique with FFI and no other main numbered FF game: you start with your full party. (Maybe Cor will replace Prompto in chapter 5 or something, but I’d be shocked.)

In FFII, III, and V, you find your full party quickly, but not instantly like I and XV. Not sure what to make of that. I suppose it gives a sense of stability.

Although in the original Final Fantasy III, you do start with your full party. Four sexless and unnamed generic characters like in FFI, all starting with the Onion Knight job. The 3D remake created the characters of Luneth, Ingus, Refia and Arc.

-The music here is so apt! It’s a slow harmonica version of the chocobo theme.

"Blues de Chocobo"

[youtube 6303v6BmRWM youtube]

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That would be nice, even if it's as a series of cutscenes like in some of the Kingdom Hearts collections.

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Nuzzles Yandere (…seems dangerous)


Sharp Meow!

-Futuristic lion goggles

The best!

-Rabbit dark knight

Runner up!

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Holy shit! That’s some bombs about a core XIV character, just dropped in the alchemist questline.

From what I just researched, we originally found that out in 1.0. I also thought it would have been odd to drop that information in a crafting sidequest.

-One old Au’Ra is unimpressed.

Au Ra have scales and hornlike protusions. He looks like a Hyur to me.

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Yay; I'm glad you loved one of my favorite childhood classics!

Hope you enjoy The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, too.

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You're welcome!

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I go with a “somen.”

(Is this a real thing? Quick Google search is not fruitful.)

Googling "somen" "Japan" "armor" yields a Wikipedia page that says "Mengu (面具), also called menpō (面頬) or men-yoroi (面鎧), is the term for the various types of facial armour worn by the samurai class and their retainers in feudal Japan. These include the somen, menpō, hanbo or hanpo, and happuri."

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I'm glad you feel up to this. Please know, however, that there's no pressure if you feel the need to take breaks again in the future, no matter how suddenly.