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The dungeon’s boss is a masked jungle warrior named Odolwa.

And according to the wiki, that's Japanese for "I'll dance".

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If Jorah had beheaded Tyrion here, in steamy hot Volantis, a very long way from Westeros, I expect his head would have completely rotted before it reached Cersei, unless Jorah found a way to immediately preserve it.

I was thinking that, too. Not unlike the wight hand that was brought to Cersei. A rotted, unidentifiable head won't soothe her paranoid suspicions because Tyrion could still be out there.

I’m glad I can use the word “if” here.

For serious? What did these people even talk about? Any serious analysis I've read contains an "if".

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Temple prostitutes? I … don’t even… what?

Oh, that's been a thing since ever. It may even be what the 'lying with men as with women' thing in Leviticus is about.

And a red priest though…That’s not the priest from the Citadel is it? Because Thoros was still with Catelyn’s gang last we saw him. The Citadel priest isn’t a red priest though. Except he knows how to read flames so maybe he is.

Archmaester Marwyn "the Mage" isn't a priest at all, he's a maester.

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(the spoiler is specifically for the Save the Light video game) V xabj. Gunaxf!

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Yes, as Radagast Wiz said (spoilers for Save the Light video game, don't know if you intend to ever play it) Urffbavgr nccrnef va Fnir gur Yvtug. Gb rynobengr ba gung, fur'f gur znva nagntbavfg.

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A lot of people probably wouldn't have caught them if we didn't have fan forums.

Yeah, Nephrite just mentioned her name briefly here, and drew her back in "Monster Reunion" without giving her name.

This episode confirmed a lot of fans' speculation that Centipeetle was a Nephrite, since the silhouette on the phone Yellow Diamond/Connie's mom was using to call what the ID on the phone said was a Nephrite in Stevonnie's dream in "Jungle Moon" resembled her, and both that Nephrite and Centipeetle were ship captains. Bismuth also mentioned Pearl pulling a Nephrite out of a supply ship's cockpit during the war in "Bismuth" (a different Nephrite, presumably).

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Not only that, but I have spent at least the last year viewing it in spurts, so I don’t want to say that this came out of nowhere. Oh, it feels like it did, but perhaps previous canon hinted at White Diamond the entire time.

The Era 1 Diamond symbol has pink, yellow, blue and white corners, the Era 2 symbol has yellow, blue and white corners. There are four Diamond murals on the Moonbase, each showing one of the four Diamonds in detail surrounded by her colonies (just Earth and the moon for Pink, and White has a big, central one that could be Homeworld itself):

White Diamond's head-shaped headquarters (which must surely fit together with Yellow and Blue's armships and Pink's legship into one Voltron) appeared in the Homeworld cityscape in "Off Colors" and "Lars' Head". All four Diamonds appear in the beginning of the flashback when Garnet is telling the story to the Off Colors in "Your Mother and Mine", which depicts White, Yellow and Blue taking colonies until Pink takes Earth:

Then White, Yellow and Blue appear together using the attack that corrupts the Gems on Earth later in the flashback.

But this is the first time anyone's mentioned her or the fact there are four Diamonds directly. Fans have been speculating wildly about her for years.

Who was their commander? We’ve only seen that gem (whose name I can’t remember) once before, I believe.


Would a corrupted gem require the constant presence of the three Diamonds (Blue, Yellow, and Pink) in order to stay non-corrupted, or was it just the emotional trigger that reverted Nephrite back to their corrupted state? Why is it that they are so certain that White Diamond can provide the permanent solution?

Blue and Yellow seem sure that it's the former and that only all four Diamonds can heal a Gem permanently.

And she never left the ship at the end of the first season, right?

? No one did, and the ship never got near Homeworld before being redirected back to Earth.

So. White Diamond. Hi. What the fuck? The design for this character makes her look even less human than the other characters, so she’s unnerving immediately.

Indeed. White Diamond's design is based on the works of early 20th century artist Nell Brinkley, sometimes called the "Queen of Comics". I like how they gave her an antagonist personality that doesn't re-tread either Yellow or Blue's.

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Gung'f n eryvrs!

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In Shakespeare's play Macbeth, Macbeth is told that he will only be defeated "when great Birnam Wood comes to high Dunsinane Hill". Later, his enemy's army comes through Birnam Wood and each soldier cuts a large branch to hide himself, so that when the army moves on it looks as if the wood is moving. Macbeth is defeated and killed.

"When Birnam Wood comes to Dunsanine" has become a reference to prophecy twists, along with Macbeth's cousin and conqueror Macduff being "no man of woman born" because he was "from his mother's womb untimely ripped".

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Asha found out later that her brother married her off to Erik Ironmaker, using a frickin’ seal as a stand-in for her

You mean uncle. Theon is Asha's only living brother. You might have been thinking of Dany's brother selling her into marriage. This "marriage" is the most rage-inducing denial of women's human rights yet in the series for me, and that's saying something. Only on the Iron Islands! Even by the Seven Kingdoms' own poor standards by which a woman can be forced into saying the words at the ceremony, this isn't legal, but yet...

Though it makes me wonder how the ceremony went when Tyrek "Wetnurse" Lannister was "married" to baby Ermesane Hayford so the Lannisters could claim their lands circa ACoK. Some legal guardian must have said the words for her. Which is still just slightly less rage-inducing and farcical than this seal nonsense standing in for a grown woman without her knowledge or consent.

and (hopefully) not consummated via seal stand-in

I really, really hope not, but who knows with these jerks?

It all has a very Helm’s Deep vibe, when the Huorns come to surround the lands outside the deep and pick off stray orcs

Or when Birnham Wood comes to Dunsinane.

Gosh dang it, Martin! Stop it with the life-in-peril cliffies!