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Of course, it makes sense (so to speak) that gamblers, sports players/fans and sailors are among the most superstitious of people, since they depend on forces beyond human control and therefore try to control them through magical thinking.

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What was their excuse for storms when there was no woman onboard?

Someone forgot to touch the horseshoe. Someone left-handed was onboard. Etc.

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-Another templar is here, Knight Templar Barich. I’m sure I met him before, but I don’t remember him.

You killed him in the Beddha Sandwaste after he was spreading Mossfungus poison throughout the Order of the Northern Sky ranks during the Battle of Fort Besselat. During this battle, Barich is backed up by those loyal to the Church of Glabados.

Ultima was not a two-phase boss in FFXII. Her themes here in FFT are "Ultima The Nice Body" and "Ultima The Perfect Body"

[youtube JL4g-CO9pd0 youtube]

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BTW, Cloud was in the original version (which came out five months after FFVII), unlike Balthier, who was added in War of the Lions. The reason he can equip Ribbons is as a reference to that time he was "Miss Cloud" for Don Corneo. He arrives through the machine Mustadio's working on in Goug, which is an interdimensional transporter, if you bring him all the right stuff. Cloud then runs off. His job is Soldier (no caps, unfortunately).

The Aerith in FFT just happens to resemble the one from FFVII, and if Cloud has come through the transporter and you buy a flower from her, there will be an event where he saves her from thugs then joins your party.

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Does this mean that Duncan also remained on the Wall as part of the Night Watch? It would explain why he seems to have disappeared from the history books, as it were.

That would have been three years before the winter tourney in which a sixteen year-old Barristan Selmy, as a mystery knight, bested Duncan, who was in the Kingsguard at the time. Barristan mentioned the tourney in A Storm of Swords.

it’s bad luck to sail with women

Of all the silly superstitions I've heard in real life, this may be the silliest. What, God doesn't want women to cross the ocean? :(

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I hate that trope so much.

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He'll tell you himself - he is SPECTACULAR and STUNNING.

I feel like I just threw up in my mouth a little.

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From Freekibble: Delilah Needs Heart Surgery. Delilah was born with a heart defect and if it goes untreated she can die from heart disease. She needs your help now!

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That was rhetorical. Logic, what logic?

True. I was thinking the other day about how many monstrous characters he's created without any of them feeling like repeats.

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I love that whoever wrote that entry was precise enough to note that the shape of the Orb is really a comma. :)