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This time he’s in the Fire Realm and wants to sea the underwater rails.

I sea what you did there. ;)

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Darn, that's too bad, especially losing all your records.

That's why I have an external drive called a "Passport for Mac" (more than one, actually, even though most people will only ever need one) and save all my documents to that instead of to my laptop itself. Not inexpensive, but it has more storage space than a body will ever need. But it's not super expensive, either, even considering they were slightly discounted when I got them.

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I mean, depending on if you consider seeing, in a different context, characters that were first introduced in those games you haven't played yet to be a spoiler.

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The images on the Blu-Ray soundtrack are screenshots but presented in an almost painting-like style in the way they're shot and angled and zoomed out, reminding me of Wind Waker or Breath of the Wild, but short of actually looking like paint; they're still recognizably taken from the game. And it goes through several pictures for each track.

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World of Final Fantasy will spoil you for some of the Crystal Chronicles and Dissidia games, however.

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It was amazing listening to it on Blu-Ray when I got it from CD Japan recently, especially with the images, too.

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You've mentioned that fact before in many previous posts, starting with the first Crystal Tower- and other Voidsent-related quests like the Ark, and also when the Crystal Exarch showed the model of the Source and the Thirteen Shards undergoing Calamities. The Ascians caused the Thirteenth to be flooded with darkness but it happened too quickly and forcefully and the Thirteenth became the Void, useless to their purposes, so they proceeded more carefully with the worlds they caused to become imbalanced for the Rejoining in the future. That's where Unukalhai is from. Unless what surprised you is that the Void and the World of Darkness are terms for the same thing, but that was implied when you went to an arena called "The World of Darkness" to fight the ultimate Voidsent, the Cloud of Darkness, at the culmination of the Crystal Tower quests.

-The sea monster was an Amaurotine creation from their Akademia Anyder, a research/creation lab.

Anyder is the name of a river in More's Utopia.

It’s the Great Gourd, Ququshu Qushu!


-Found her in the woods. SHE’S SO CUTE! A bright orange Ahriman with a witch’s hat.

Ahrimans are too cute to be scary!

(Watch me eat my words in five years when we’re getting the expansion “Wrath of the Circus.”)


Mara’ Jade

A character I do wish were in the new Star Wars canon.

-They learned they’d have to navigate “the interdimensional rift.” Only Omega really mastered that, but we killed Omega last expansion. No way for them to draw on that well of knowledge.]

So they reverse engineered Omega's tech into the Crystal Tower, hence the theme for the Twinning dungeon, "A Long Fall", being a combination of the Omega and Crystal Tower themes:

[youtube NBIRYjP1NNM youtube]

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I like Sidney's actress's name Neve. Like Neve McIntosh who plays Madame Vastra in Doctor Who.

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go to some haunts with them


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Noel, Snow, Vanille and Fang (VANILLE AND FANG ), all got solid plots that make me think: “Yeah, hundreds of years into a post-apocalyptic world, I can definitely see this as where they wind up.” Their

Their what?

BTW, I love Vanille and Fang as a couple.

Even at the very end, so many characters were going about their business a bit sadder but otherwise no different than if they’d been doing things for 20 years rather than 500.

I think part of the idea may be for it to feel that the world has stagnated.

Maybe everyone went through a stage like Professor Paradox in Ben 10:

Professor Paradox: Some tiny miscalculation on my part destabilized the experiment and ripped a hole in the fabric of reality. I was hurled into the event horizon. I must have spent one hundred-thousand years there. I didn't age or need to sleep or eat - just exist.

Kevin Levin : Heh, sounds pretty boring.

Professor Paradox : At first I went mad of course, but after a few millennia I got bored with that, too, and went sane - very sane.

Schemata Customization:

I like the feel of schemata and dresspheres.

The Clock:

Not sure if this is literally true, but I read in the pre-release publicity that the clock would make it impossible to do all content in the game in one play.

I appreciate you deeply.

And we appreciate you!

"Nova Chrysalia" (I find the vocals a bit amusing. I found a vid with a Lumina picture for you.)

[youtube 6Bmf-QA4MCU youtube]