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I definitely recommend checking it out however you can! And If you can't watch it streaming, there are other ways to support the show if you end up liking it. :)

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Okay, I'll admit this thread was partly an excuse to tell anyone who hasn't yet that they should watch Infinity Train.

If you're a fan of animation and haven't watched this show yet, let. me promise you that you are in for a treat, as well as one hell of an emotional ride (pun absolutely intended). At times funny and silly, but just as often dark and poignant, the show isn't afraid to tackle some heavy subject matter. However, it also knows how to make you feel hopeful, and presents a positive message of change and growth for its characters.

In Infinity Train, characters wake in a train car, with strange glowing numbers on their hands that go up or down depending on the choices they make. Each car is vastly different, and unraveling bits of mystery about the train is just one of the interesting aspects of the show.

And unfortunately, it was cancelled before it's time. The most recent season, the fourth, is all that has been made so far of a planned eight seasons. However, the show getting picked up again isn't impossible, and is something the creator is actively encouraging. So, part of the reason I'm trying to get more people into the show, is in hopes that more attention will get it renewed.

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Show Recommendation Thread

Any good shows that you guys have been watching lately, and would recommend? They don't have to be new shows or ones that just released a season, anything that is new-ish to *you* is fair game!

I'll start with my own recommendation in the reply!

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I haven't started watching yet but I'm a manga reader so I know we're getting into some real shit now, and I've been cackling at some of the responses I've seen haha.

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Music Thread

Theme for this week, music you've been listening to on repeat!

For me, it's been the Hadestown Original Broadway Cast soundtrack, a musical I only got around to fairly recently after hearing nothing but great things about it. I initially listened to it a few months ago, but playing Hades made me want to listen to it again, so it's been on pretty consistently the past few weeks. Sometimes while I play the game too!
[youtube ZgsfT2w7FfM&list=PLcZhIiPR2E4UFVQ1tSFDpiPpd1V0v277M http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgsfT2w7FfM&list=PLcZhIiPR2E4UFVQ1tSFDpiPpd1V0v277M youtube]

What about the rest of you? Any songs/bands/soundstracks you just can't stop listening to lately?

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Thanks! It's been a really frustrating experience and I'm looking forward to it being over.

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Oh we should definitely do Overwatch sometime! I'm still fairly new to Diablo, though I'm enjoying it so far. I want to try FF14 when I'm ready to start a new long game, I'm in the middle of too many of them right now.

Hades has been great fun. I'm still playing with a mouse and keyboard, and while I've thought about switching to a controller, I feel like I've gotten too used to my current controls to switch lol. HZD is great too, though I played that one on my PS4.

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CW for talk of medical procedures involving a uterus. I'm trying to not be too anxious about it, but it's hard, especially just the waiting for it.

V'ir tbar gb frireny nccbvagzragf jurer zl TC snvyrq gb gnxr bhg zl VHQ (nsgre qvfpbirevat gung V fubhyq fjvgpu xvaqf va beqre gb uryc jvgu zl cnva yriryf). Fb V svanyyl jnf noyr gb frr n fcrpvnyvfg ba Sevqnl, naq ur NYFB pbhyqa'g trg vg bhg. Fb ur guvaxf vgf fghpx va gur jnyy bs zl hgrehf. Vg'f abg cnvashy be nalguvat V abgvpr va gur qnl gb qnl, ohg uvz gelvat gb gnxr vg bhg ng gur gvzr uheg n ybg. Fb gurl unir gb chg zr haqre narfgurfvn naq hfr n fznyy pnzren gb ybbx hc naq frr vg juvyr gurl chyy vg bhg. Fhccbfrqyl vg fubhyq or cerggl snfg, ohg V'yy or fber sbe n srj qnlf nsgrejneq.

Anyway, here's my info:

cjwritergal@gmail.com is my email

Switch friend code: SW-4504-2495-7606
Games I play on it: Animal Crossing New Horizons, Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers, at least for multiplayer.

Battle tag: QueenSansa#1311
Diable II and Overwatch

Steam: 117790945
Hades (not multiplayer I know, but it's what I've been playing the most of lately), Phasmophobia, Among Us, Rocket League

Discord: cosmotron#4609

There are lots of other games I play other than what's listed here, and depending on price I could potentially buy more as well. So I'm open to looking into suggestions too!

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Hey everyone!

I've got a minor medical procedure this week that I'm feeling somewhat anxious about. I'll go into more details in the reply, because this thread is more about something else.

The long and short of it is that I'll be laid up for a few days, and would
- if anyone else is interested - love to maybe play some games with y'all. Or even if we don't do it now, try to do it in the future. It's something I've been wanting to make a thread about for a while, and this seemed like a good opportunity.

So, this is a thread for sharing gaming information if you're interested. Steam names, battletags, Switch friend info, the works! Discord is a good idea too if you have it (hell, we don't even actually have to play together, we could just play the same game and chat!). I'll be listing all of mine in the reply, as well as my email, and examples of the games I play.

If you're not comfortable listing all your info here, feel free to email it to me instead!

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Mark: I wasn't ready!