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Manga spoilers mentioned as well!

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Another Fruits Basket thread, because:

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I can't wait for this.

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I think ScarecrowCeno goes into it well below, but yeah there have been indications that Hohenheim has been setting this up. Back when they were getting ready to enter Central City on the Promised day, Hohenheim also flat-out states that he has "a countermeasure" ready should Father succeed, but that their goal was to stop him from getting that far regardless.

Oh, and about Bradley's death! There's a nice bit of symmetry to it in terms of Scar being the one to kill him. Way back in episode 30, the high priest of Ishval attempted to surrender himself over in exchange for the safety of his people. Bradley refused, and another Ishvalan said that their God would strike him down for what he was doing. Bradley responded like an asshole atheist (and I say this as an atheist myself lol) and said "if you wish to strike me down, use your own hands to do so, not God's." Scar does this literally, but it's important to remember that he is only able to do it after Bradley is blinded by the light reflecting from the eclipse at just the right moment. Something that could easily be interpreted as an "act of God".

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To clear it up, Ling isn't wrong about a "mortal wound" to Bradley. Bradley is, like Ling, a human-based homunculus. However, unlike Ling, who accepted all of the souls within his philosopher's stone, the situation with Bradley is different. Instead, the souls in his stone all burned themselves up fighting for dominance - Bradley tells Roy this wayyyyy back in episode 26. "Only the most wrathful one survived. Still I cannot tell if this remaining soul is one of those, or the one I've had since I was born." So, while Bradley has many of the special abilities of the homunculi, he only has that one soul/life. It's why he ages like a normal human as well. So, while you can guess that taking out Bradley still won't be so easy, it would still be a "mortal wound" for him, as he cannot heal himself. :)

And Father has referred to using Hohenheim as a sacrifice before. There's this scene where he's using sort of chess pieces to symbolize each sacrifice, and is making a circle saying each name, including Hohenheim. An easy way to tell if the gate has been opened by an alchemist is to look at how they use their alchemy. Ed, Al, Izumi, and Hohenheim do not need to use transmutation circles, whether by drawing them or having them as tattoos/on their clothing, because they have opened the gate and seen the Truth and knowledge contained within it. Mustang, meanwhile, has to use his gloves to perform his flame alchemy, so he hadn't yet opened the gate.

Sorry for the long paragraphs haha! I know it's been a while so a lot of this stuff is easy to forget. Looking forward to what you think of the rest!

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Haha, yeah there's quite a gap in your memory there as far as Greedling is concerned. Firstly, he attacked Bradley after killing Bido, one of Greed 1.0's former chimera friends. Greedling insisted that he didn't have memories of that time, but reacted rather badly to what he'd just done and began to have flashbacks of what had happened to the previous Greed - specifically that Bradley killed many of his companions.

After attacking Bradley and then fleeing when he realized he was outmatched, Ed actually came across him (with Ling temporarily in control) at the little house where they had briefly tried to keep Gluttony after capturing him (way back in episode 23). While there, Ed learned about the Promised Day and he eventually persuaded Greedling that they could work together (phrasing it as them "working for" Greed). After that there was a bit of a timeskip until the Promised Day was almost here. At that time Ed, Greedling and the Chimeras stopped by Risembool to get a tune-up for Ed, then headed to the Kanama slums outside of Central City to wait for the time to strike. Unfortunately, this is also when Pride took control of Al's body, and soon they were fighting both Pride and Gluttony in the dark. At this point Ling and Greed started to switch back and forth more during the fight, and Lan Fan's arrival helped turn the tide against Gluttony. Greedling continued to help in the fight against Pride, but once Pride was contained he suddenly ran off on his own toward Central, telling Ling that he had his own plans and desires to accomplish still. And that was the last time he was seen until this episode!

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Oh yeah. I'm sure some people won't like that, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't sing along.

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Stranger Things Season 3 Thread

I finished the new season the other day, figured it'd be good to have a thread here to talk about it.

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I started liking the show in season 2, and in Season three by the time the episode "Flu Season" rolled around I was at the point of loving it (though 4 and 5 are probably my favorites). So if you're not digging it so far I'd guess that it's probably not for you.

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Excellent gif usage.