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Color Blind

Wow, now this is getting good. Still a little weird, and I hope the SD-6 storyline actually gets wrapped up within the first couple of seasons, because there's probably only so much there. It would be cool if Sydney can take them down and then just be a CIA agent. There's plenty of potential for stories in there, too.

At the very least, all the things that were established in the beginning will likely be resolved this season. She's got a little more information about Danny's murder, and I'm not really sure there's much more to know anyway - it's not like she doesn't know who gave the order, at least in a general sense, or why. Knowing who actually pulled the trigger was interesting and definitely not what we expected. Thank goodness for the composite event that allowed him to figure out some of the truths and lies about his life.

I STILL DO NOT TRUST JACK AT ALL. It's not just that he's hiding things - I mean, he's a double agent (supposedly) so I expect that, but he's acting really shifty in the way he's hiding it. If he were just businesslike about it and saying, "I can't tell you that," it would be more acceptable than the awkward pauses and silence.

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So it's a fifth/sixth episode thing, I guess, and this show just took a while to really get going. There's been better continuity lately, which makes the cliffhangers more meaningful. I don't know that any of this is really going anywhere, because there are still a lot of random and disjointed pieces, but the last two episodes have at least felt like a better show than the first four.

And of course, now there are deaths and mysterious disappearances (I mean, OK, I'm pretty sure Kate/Eloise is dead and was killed and very very well cleaned up before Will got back to her apartment. I mean, fresh paint... covering what? Lots of blood?

The Francie/Charlie plot is just weird, like they're trying maybe a little too hard to develop side characters and it doesn't quite feel organic? Almost like an afterthought. Though he does have a very good voice.

And the whole time I was also wondering how the hell they were planning to extract Sydney from being checked into a mental institution, and of course it doesn't matter because now she has to escape anyway.

AND (holy shit a lot happened in this episode) we got the continuation of the CIA plot to extract data from SD-6's servers, only they were discovered and holy shit are they going to think Sydney's the mole? She has plausible deniability, right?

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Support/Action/Resistance Thread (63/208)

He's turning our country into a shithole. BUT, on the plus side, all the newly elected delegates in Virginia, along with the top three statewide offices have been sworn in - unfortunately the seat in the 94th district was stolen out from under the rightful Democratic winning, so the Fascists still have control of the legislature by 2 votes, but we can get rid of them in 2019, I think.

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OK, this is more like it. This episode worked in a way the previous ones really hadn't. The tension was good, like it usually is, but the stakes actually felt more real this time. Plus, Will's story is starting to get really interesting, too. Of course, he's still in too deep and is putting his life at risk, and I don't think Groot is going to be able to bail him out of this one.

But that ending. I know I've commented about how the cliffhangers are a little overdone so far, but this wasn't really a cliffhanger so much as a shocking ending, and it was effective. The CIA just didn't anticipate the second detonator. I'm surprised Sydney didn't have a more surefire way to disable the explosives. But now everything is a disaster and good CIA agents who wouldn't have even been there otherwise are dead and Sydney is on the verge of possibly giving herself away through her shocked reaction to the explosion.

Also it means the real vaccine got blown up with them.

I'm also a little worried that with the CIA gaining network access inside SD-6, they might not need their double agents as much. After all, if you have access to all the information, you don't really need a person to help get more of it. I guess now they could work on specifically interfering with missions, though, and hampering SD-6's ability to do evil.

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This season is ... not off to a good start. I think it's possible only Teso Dos Bichos and 3 were worse episodes than My Struggle III. It was like a shitty version of Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man, which is kind of amazing because even that wasn't a very good episode. But holy shit My Struggle III was a struggle for me to watch. Just horrible in almost every possible way. Like a checklist of horrible tropes, plot points, and execution.

This (oh god that episode title is going to be confusing, isn't it?) was slightly better, but the show seems, well, rather stuck in the 90s. It hasn't grown or changed or adapted. Hell, even the effects still seem very outdated. Also, the geography is absurd. I get that this is filmed on the west coast and the writers have probably never been to northern Virginia, but this doesn't even earn a 'you tried' because they obviously didn't. Like, at all. This isn't how modern television works. Modern TV makes much more of an effort to get it right. And at the very least, the caption for Arlington Cemetery should have been corrected, because it's not in Washington. It's in Arlington County, Virginia. It's literally right there in the name.

I don't like the teasing of the Lone Gunmen. Either retcon Jump the Shark or don't. (I'd honestly be fine with it if they did, because that episode, like most of season 9, also sucked.) But don't do this to us or to the Lone Gunmen. We all deserve better.

The one thing the episode did give me is a desire to see some kind of X-Files/Person of Interest crossover fic.

I really hope it gets better, because we know this is definitely the last season, and I'd rather the show go out on a high note than fizzle.

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Since I don't think Season 11 is happening over on Mark Watches...

Let's talk about season 11. Plaintext through 11x02.

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A Broken Heart

Is it just me, or is this show just going to be a long, serialised MacGuffin hunt? I mean, it's possible all these things are relevant in some way, but it seems most of the relevance of each particular item is short term, which means none of them really matter in the long term, except as pieces to get them to the next thing. I guess that makes it more like a video game quest?

I think I was expecting this to be a little less serialised initially, just because most shows don't start right out like that. And then it occurred to me that these kind of are standalone episodes, just with a timeline. And it's ... not working. It's only pretending to be serialised.

I mean, the suspense is decent, and the cliffhangers are ... well, actually, the persistent end-of-episode cliffhangers are already starting to be annoying, and this is only the fourth episode. Like, I think cliffhangers work when they're part of a longer arc, but in this case, they're basically just shifting each episode by 5 minutes. That is, by putting the cliffhangers at the end and resolving them in the cold open, they're just being hacky teases, and not actually doing anything narratively interesting. The episodes just run from 5 minutes into one to 5 minutes into the next, instead of being contained from 0 to 42 minutes in a single one.

I'm going to keep watching, mostly because I want to find out more about Sydney's father and see what ends up happening with Will (probably nothing good).

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brb writing fic

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Again, Sydney's father makes me think he's working entirely for SD-6 and is a mole within the CIA. At the every least, there's something we don't know about him.

The flashback/flash forward cuts are a little jarring and confusing at times, but mostly I like the way they use them to tell the story. Especially the opening with Sydney's discussion with her professor.

Will is ... probably going to get himself killed with all this digging. I know he had no idea what he's getting into, but he really really needs to leave it alone. I don't know if there's any way for Sydney to communicate that to him, though.

Sydney's new handler at the CIA is a creep and a sexist jerk. I'm glad she is having literally none of it and called him out on how careless he was and how experienced she is and that she seriously knows what she's doing. And got Vaughn promoted! She's pretty good at moving various pieces into places she needs them to be.

Also, Marshall is ridiculous. He reminds me of Winn on Supergirl, but even more absurd. He's also like Q (Bond, not Star Trek) but completely awkward.

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So It Begins

wtf Sarah Shahi is in this, too?! And SO YOUNG OMG.

OK, anyway, this is just a theory because I've never seen the show before, but I am almost entirely convinced that Sydney's father is a triple agent. He's going to earn her trust by running interference with SD-6 initially, and then subtly turn on her and the CIA. And I suspect the general plot of the series will revolve around the battle between SD-6 and the CIA.

I first thought that when Sydney naively believed she knew all about SD-6's operations and they turned out to be so much more massive, and it occurred to me that they would surely have someone inside the CIA, as well. Which would mean SD-6 got her father to have the CIA recruit her, so they know she's a double agent, but as long as she doesn't work against them, there's no problem.

The nuclear bomb plot seemed a little ... well, far-fetched. I have a hard time believing the Soviet Union would have been able to smuggle an actual nuclear weapon into the U.S. at the height of the Cold War, let alone seven. So I'm just treating it as a MacGuffin, which I think there will probably be a lot of in this show. They'll always be chasing down one thing or another.