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Support/Action/Resistance Thread (86/208)

I live just about 3 hours from Lexington, Virginia, and now I really want to eat at the Red Hen. Any business that is willing to absolutely declare that fascists are not welcome in civilised society is pretty awesome in my book.

Also, I've heard their food is pretty good.

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I think we need to be extremely careful about celebrating this development.

He's still going to detain people. He's still going to eventually separate families, because he wants to elevate crossing the border illegally from a civil violation to a criminal one. Which means when the parents enter the criminal court system, guess what, their children will be forcibly taken from them and most likely never returned.

He's still going to demonise immigrants, especially those of colour. He's still going to refer to them as vermin who are infesting the country. He's still going to treat people seeking a better life as criminals and destroy any chance of success they or their children might have had.

He did something extreme and outrageous so he could make this executive order and fool people into thinking it's progress and that he's not a monster. Well, I'm not fooled and I hope most voters aren't fooled, either. He's a monster and will never not be evil.

After he's impeached and removed, I want him and Pence and everyone who has worked for his administration, along with the entire Republican party, to stand trial at the ICC for crimes against humanity. Then they can all spend the rest of their lives in prison, and when they die there, they can spend the rest of eternity burning in hell.

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OMG yes!

I've only ever played the two NES games, and I've been playing the first one randomized a lot recently, which is fun because I get to actually play through the game and try to figure things out rather than just knowing where everything is and how to get it.

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Support/Action/Resistance Thread (85/208)

I think the thing I hate the most right now is that no matter how much outrage we express at the president's evil policies, no one can convince him to change. He enjoys our outrage. He thinks our opposition to him has nothing to do with policy, but is just "liberal butthurt" or whatever. Because he's so bigoted and narrow minded that he can't possibly accept the fact that reasonable people actually think he's doing a great deal of harm.

And the news media are complicit because they keep uncritically repeating his and Sessions's lies. They can run the quotes, but they are utterly negligent if they fail to note that no one is smuggling children in or that asylum seekers are having their children ripped form their arms. (Not that people crossing 'illegally' should have that done, either, but that's a much harder argument to make right now, unfortunately. Which is sad.)

We need to win every damn seat in the House and Senate in November and impeach the hell out of him and Pence starting on January 3, 2019. Then President Pelosi can begin to undo all the utter horror he's introduced.

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Support/Action/Resistance Thread (84/208)

Welcome, Canada (Ontario, at least) to our suffering. We feel your pain. And uh, speaking of Canada, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS OUR GODDAMN PIECE OF SHIT PRESIDENT FUCKING DOING?!

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oh my god I'm so excited. and relieved. it finally happened. I don't remember a time ever in my life that a team I've been a fan of has won a championship. Because it's never happened.

I mean, sure, the Bullets won the NBA Championship in 1978 (on June 7, in fact!). I was one, and now I'm not even into basketball or the NBA. And the less said about DC's football team, the better. Even if they didn't have a racist name and logo, that doesn't change the fact that I don't even like football. The Orioles won the World Series in 1983, but I only vaguely remember that, and I never really became a die hard Orioles fan. And yeah, I've had outcomes I've enjoyed - the three Red Sox World Series wins and the Cubs one didn't suck.

But this is special. This is MY city. MY team. My home. I watch almost every Caps game on TV, and the ones I don't watch on TV, I usually attend. I've wanted this for a long time.

And now I know what it feels like. I get it. I woke up this morning and my favourite hockey team are still the world champions.

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You knew this was coming, right?

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Support/Action/Resistance Thread (83/208)

We need to figure out a way to maintain and rebuild the momentum, because I'm worried it's stalling out, with the polls shifting back towards the fascists.

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I'm excited for season five. I feel like the only way for it really to end is for a true cure to be fully distributed to all zombies, and for Liv and Major to eventually reconcile and pursue their life together as humans. It seems to be the kind of arc Rob Thomas likes - see also, the Veronica Mars movie. And it wouldn't really be a reset because of all the things that happened and ways they grew in the five years between the start and end of the story, so I think it can work.

I'm glad Chase Graves is gone. I enjoy Jason Dohring to a point, but I think this character had become kind of stale and repetitive.

I'm also glad that Clive and Dale get to have a normal relationship and that Dale will (presumably) continue to be on the show. (Though I have to say, since she showed up on iZombie, rewatching the end of season two of Supernatural is surreal.)

My only real complaint about the finale is it seemed to lose steam in its second half. Like, all the tension was pretty much gone once Chase Graves got squished and a little too much calm time was spent wrapping things up. I think they could have extended the sequences leading up to that a little bit more to make it less anticlimactic.

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It's now getting super repetitive for all of Liv's boyfriends to die.

A little too much reverse fridging?