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V'ir frra gur rkgraqrq raqvatf, juvpu svk n pbhcyr bs gur ovt vffhrf (oybjvat hc gur znff erynlf vf n irel sfpxvat onq guvat, zber guna whfg oybj hc gur tnynkl va erq/oyhr/terra). V guvax vs gurl'q orra gur bevtvany raqvatf, gurl'q unir orra znlor n ovg qvfnccbvagvat (rfcrpvnyyl bapr crbcyr gjvttrq gb gur abafrafr bs "jr perngrq flagurgvpf gb xvyy lbh fb lbh jba'g perngr flagurgvpf gung xvyy lbh") ohg abg gur tvnag fber fcbg gur bevtvany raqvatf jrer, ohg nf n svk vg jnfa'g rabhtu. (Cyhf gur zbfg crghynag gnxr ba n ershfny raqvat cbffvoyr, oyrtu.)

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I've still never finished 3. (well-known ME3 expectation spoilers) Yrneavat nobhg gur raqvatf uheg zl qrfver gb svavfu, naq gura ehaavat vagb n ohttrq dhrfg chg zr bss gur tnzr naq V arire tbg onpx gb vg. I'm hoping this finally gets me through.

(ME1/2) Naq znlor, vs V'z yhpxl, Pbaenq jvyy erzrzore V qvqa'g fubir n tha va uvf snpr.

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Commander Shepard, step forward.
It is the decision of the Council that you be granted all the powers and privleges of the Special Tactics and Reconnaissance branch of the Citadel.
Spectres are not trained, but chosen. Individuals forged in the fire of service and battle, those whose actions elevate them above the rank and file.
Spectres are an ideal, a symbol. The embodiment of courage, determination, and self-reliance. They are the right hand of the Council, instruments of our will.
Spectres bear a great burden. They are protectors of galactic peace, both our first and last line of defense. The safety of the galaxy is theirs to uphold.
You are the first human Spectre. This is a great accomplishment for you and your entire species.

[youtube Vk8gVWOy7uo youtube]

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I only watched this one episode of Discovery. I refused to subscribe to CBS All Access and what I saw here didn't make me care enough to reconsider that or look for ways around it. There was one character I liked naq V xarj rabhtu sebz pnfgvat naq cer-eryrnfr fghss gb svther V fubhyqa'g trg gbb nggnpurq. And it's Klingons again, feh.

Sad but unsurprised to learn the site is ending. It's been a great ride, with Harry Potter and His Dark Materials and The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings and Discworld and Firefly and Buffy/Angel and Veronica Mars and Star Trek and Agent Carter and Person of Interest and Jane the Virgin and Portal 2 and Dragon Age and everything else. And of course, congratulations on your success as an author and may it continue.

And I'll follow along with Discovery. Who knows, now that CBSAA has rebranded and everything's gone "You get a streaming service! You get a streaming service! You get a streaming service!" and it doesn't seem so ridiculous anymore (Even though I'm currently not subscribed to any. No, not even that one.), I may give it another shot.

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I was all set to say the Agent is one of the classes where I like all the companions, but then I remembered Irpgbe. Xvyyvx wbvaref give me the fscking creeps.

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One of the first Koroks I found in the area involved moving an iron ball onto an island… while it’s chained to another iron ball that needs to stay on its island. Not too hard, just don’t pull the chain, right? Yeah, no. Even if the chain’s not taut, moving one ball moves the other, unless the other is Stasised. This relatively simple but frustrating Korok set the tone for the whole area, which seems determined to make even the most dedicated Korok hunter question their dedication. There’s another round of Stasis golf, pushing a boulder off a pillar without sending it flying, a tiny circle of stones Link needs to hit from the top of the Bridge of Hylia, one hidden by a Tree Branch off one of the pillars supporting the Bridge, and one that for me involved Cryonising across a waterfall.

I’m not sure which is worse: the ones that exist to sell strategy guides that have all the locations (RIP Prima) or the ones that even when you know they’re there are a pain to actually get. (The worst in the Lake region is a barely-visible Magnesis puzzle that combines both factors.) As with Gold Skulltulas and Poe Souls, the useful rewards top out way before getting all the Koroks; there are just enough annoying Koroks to make me hate the whole collection quest while falling short of enough to make me willing to stop after unlocking all the inventory slots.

There’s one memory in the area; during a rainstorm, Zelda takes shelter under a tree while Link practices swinging the Master Sword. Zelda notes Link’s determination in his training (mentioning his father, making this the… fifth-and-a-halfish game [1] to even acknowledge Link’s relatives?) and wonders what he’d do in her situation – told by everyone he’s supposed to be one thing, but feeling that it wasn’t the right path for him.

Next: Finally, a challenging Hinox.

[1] In A Link to the Past he had an uncle and was descended from the Knights of Hyrule [2], Ocarina of Time mentions his mother, Wind Waker had Aryll and Grandma, Minish Cap had Smith, and Twilight Princess implied that the undead warrior was Link’s ancestor.
[2] And maybe had a sister.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Lake Roundup

Straia, the other person at the Mounted Archery Camp, is studying the animals in the area. He mentions a rare giant breed of horse that’s said to be in the area, but his study has been thwarted by monsters in the area. He mentions approaching a horselike monster but it went horribly wrong; based on the monsters in the area, the poor bastard tried to tame a Lynel. Link goes out to where the horse is, killing a couple Lynels along the way, and finds a giant black horse with an orange-red mane and tail. It takes a lot of stamina to tame, more than my two wheels, but fortunately, Link can eat stamina food while riding a bucking horse. The reward for bringing the horse back is a silver rupee. I took the horse to the stable and registered him, eventually settling on the name Magnus.

Along the path to the giant horse, there’s a shrine at the top of a cliff. The shrine is surrounded by piles of burned refuse; nearby, Link finds Moza, who’s trying to learn to cook but keeps throwing in ingredients that render the dish inedible. She refuses to let Link use her pot, and mutters in her sleep to scare Link off if he tries it then. The actual shrine – Ishto Soh / Bravery’s Grasp – is less memorable than the surroundings. The hardest part is figuring out that Link can pick up the laser emitter; once that’s clear, he sets it on a moving platform and waits as it alters the landscape to allow him to pass.

Near the banks of the Faron Sea, there’s a shrine pedestal. The orb is nearby… in the possession of Loone who cuddling it and cooing at calling it Roscoe and saying she’d only let it go if someone brings pictures of Guardians: flying, walking, and the little ones from shrines. Link goes and gets the pictures needed, and even though he can’t give up the Sheikah Slate, Loone’s satisfied and walks off, letting Link have the Orb. The Shrine (Shoqa Tatone) is another Moderate Test of Strength. There’s also another Minor Test of Strength in the woods at Pumaag Nitae Shrine with no requirements.

Near Pumaag Nitae Shrine, the familiar accordion music plays. “Where the forest dragon splays its jaws, a shrine sleeps with noble cause.” The “forest dragon” is Dracozu Lake, which viewed from above resembles an open toothy mouth. The area is absolutely lousy with electric Lizalfos, creating a gauntlet for Link to run. Near the lake, Link finds the Spring of Courage, and fortunately I figured there would be an equivalent of the other two shrines and came prepared with a Farosh scale. Shae Katha Shrine is a blessing shrine.


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Plactus (Re+)Plays The Legend of Zelda

Alright chums, let's do this!

I've got two posts written for this week, and am starting to get my rhythm back so I should have a third, and maybe be able to keep this going until I wrap up Breath of the Wild.

I last left off with Link reaching the southern edge of the map. This week, he explores that area and heads east.


Unmarked spoilers into BotW.

TW: Various creepy-crawlies, including spiders, insects, snakes, bats; fire; heights; death. Also one character has a rather ableist name.

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1. I don't know how well known it is that I'm in Texas, but... yeah. I'm lucky enough to live in a part of the state where temperatures like this are a rare extreme and not a sign of the apocalypse, and I've got power, heat, clean water, etc. (First time I've ever considered myself lucky to be in this part of the state, but... hey. Clouds, silver lining, etc.) The last few days haven't been the most comfortable, but we're talking "wrapped up in a blanket with hot chocolate looking out the window, glad not to be out in that," not anything bad.

2. I still plan to finish Plactus Plays Breath of the Wild. Probably not this week, maybe not next week, but Soon™. And while we're on the subject...

With non-motion controls, so I'll give it a shot to see how they did that and if they made the rest of the things I didn't like better. (Bcgvzvfgvp: Sv gbarq qbja. Yrff fb: Gnqgbarf.)

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Kaliyo! I like her too, which seems to be an unpopular opinion and I don't understand why.