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"A Kingdom's Legend":

[youtube jCW2uJ1tOEA youtube]

"Title Theme"
"Selection Screen"

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Hrm. The backstory described here sounds more like Ocarina of Time than A Link to the Past (Ganon takes Hyrule, but is sealed away vs. Ganon tries to take Hyrule but is sealed away by the Knights of Hyrule, without a Hero, then the Hero comes and kills him before he can do anything). Instead of a sequel, maybe it’s a new timeline’s – say, what would have happened after Ocarina vs Nqhyg Yvax unq fghpx nebhaq – version of A Link to the Past. It does explain how and why the Triforce was moved to the Sacred Realm after Skyward Sword, although it wasn’t hard to guess. This being the first game after Hyrule Historia mapped everything onto an official timeline, I think it’s safe to say they don’t really care about it. (I suppose it could also be that Ocarina of Time, the Imprisoning War, and A Link to the Past have merged into a single legend, although that wouldn’t explain how Ganon is alive and has the Triforce of Power.)

Starting the game, Link dreams that he’s facing a giant shadowy monster with glowing red eyes. Then a pounding sound is heard, which turns out to be Link’s friend Gulley coming to wake him up. Finding that Link’s in his start-of-game slumber, Gulley shouts to wake him. Once Link’s awake, Gulley goes outside to wait for him. (Link has Majora’s Mask on his wall!) Link follows, and Gulley says his father is mad that Link’s overslept again. (Link’s an apprentice blacksmith, and Gulley’s father is the master.) Before they can go too far, Gulley points to the weather vane, which serves a similar purpose to the Bird Statues from Skyward Sword – save points. (He excuses his fourth wall-breaking mention of saving the same way the kids in Link’s Awakening did: “I’m just a kid. Nobody tells me anything.”) Link follows Gulley to the blacksmith’s house – the same house used by the twin blacksmiths in A Link to the Past. Inside [1], Link finds the blacksmith talking to the guard captain, discussing captain’s shield. The captain leaves, with some words for Link about being late, before the blacksmith blows up at Link for being late. Before Link can start work, the blacksmith’s wife notices the captain left his sword. The blacksmith gives Link a reprieve and an errand: take the sword to the captain, who’s probably at Hyrule Castle.

Next: “Why do you wear that stupid bunny suit?” “Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?”

[1] The hardest thing to get used to in this game is it being so much the familiar A Link to the Past but needing to press A to open doors.

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – Introduction and Story

This game and Breath of the Wild were the two I was most looking forward to when I started this project. (Ocarina of Time would have been third; it might have gone higher except it was so close to the beginning.) A sequel to / reimagining of A Link to the Past [1], one of my favorite games of all time [2] that I know inside and out? Hell yeah! And now, twenty months later or so, here I am at last.

As always, here’s what I’ve picked up about this game:
• It’s a sequel to A Link to the Past, and the world is similar. It’s set long after, with a different Link.
• Vafgrnq bs gur Qnex Jbeyq, gur qhny-jbeyq nfcrpg jvyy vaibyir Ybehyr, Ulehyr’f zveebe havirefr pbhagrecneg.
• This is the last game [3] to have characters in Hyrule Warriors:
• Enivb (“Geniryvat Zrepunag”), n “gbgnyyl abezny, abg-fhfcvpvbhf” zrepunag jub unf na nefrany bs vgrzf (unzzre, obj, obzof, vpr ebq) gung ur hfrf va pbzong. Sbe fbzr ernfba, ur jrnef n cvax… cvax ohaal… bu
• Lhtn (“Fbeprere bs Ybehyr”), gur (ivfvoyr?) onq thl. Ng svefg, V gubhtug ur jnf n traqre-syvccrq, Ybehyrna Tnaba/Ntnuavz, ohg ab, abg traqre-syvccrq, ur'f n zna. Ur’f bofrffrq jvgu ornhgl, ohg jrnef pybja cnagf.
• It’s less linear than other games. I'm not entirely sure how, but I guess I'll find out.


“There is a legend oft told within Hyrule Kingdom. It is the legend of the Triforce, once kept within Hyrule itself. Said to be a gift of the gods, the Triforce could grant a wish of all those who touched it. So of course, many wanted to get their hands on it. Wars were fought for the Triforce. The royal family summoned the Seven Sages, who sealed the Triforce in the Sacred Realm. But a thief of notorious repute broke into the Sacred Realm and claimed the Triforce. With its power, he became the Demon King Ganon, who sought to dominate all Hyrule. But just as Ganon had the kingdom in his evil clutches… a legendary hero answered the call of Hyrule’s princess. And this hero, wielding the Master Sword, took up a quest to challenge Ganon’s might. He joined with the descendants of the Seven Sages to seal the Demon King in darkness. The Triforce was divided into three – its tempting power out of any one person’s reach. One part stayed with the royal family, while another slipped into Ganon’s possession. Legend says the third part found its home in the heart of the hero eternal… And while legends come to us from the distant past, others have yet to be written…”


[1] In Japan, it’s even called Triforce of the Gods 2.
[2] A few years ago I listed ten games which defined my taste in gaming, and A Link to the Past was one of them. Although I now like Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess better, I think I would keep A Link to the Past in its place on the list, similar to how Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect are on with only an honorable mention for my favorite BioWare game, Jade Empire.
[3] Not counting Link and Zelda's Breath of the Wild-inspired costumes in the Switch version.

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Aside from Zelda:

• I've started what's intended to be a grand (re+)watch of Star Wars (twelve movies, The Clone Wars, Rebels, Resistance, The Mandalorian, and maybe the Clone Wars shorts that came out leading up to Revenge of the Sith). Unfortunately, I decided I'm going to do the movies in in-universe chronological order, which means I've gotten through Phantom Menace (a deeply flawed movie that I like a lot), but have stalled on watching Attack of the Clones.
• Along the same kick, three or so weeks ago, I read that they're making a new LEGO Star Wars game based on Eps. I-IX, and that sucked me back into playing the old then-Complete Saga.
Astral Chain, I swear one day I'll get back to you. (And then, more Star Wars with Jedi: Fallen Order.)

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Plactus (Re+)Plays The Legend of Zelda

Last week's post.

Starting A Link Between Worlds this week! I've been looking forward to this one, and so far I'm very impressed.

Spoilers for all games through A Link Between Worlds; I'll cipher out major spoilers for the older games. (And future stuff for ALBW – yvxr, nccneragyl, gur rkvfgrapr bs Ybehyr vf fhccbfrq gb or n cybg gjvfg.)

TW: Various creepy-crawlies, including spiders, insects, snakes, bats; fire; heights; death.

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"Deku Palace"

[youtube 2foI62hzyQ8 youtube]

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When I played the N64 version, I beat Majora’s Mask by using the Fierce Deity Mask, which was fun, but a bit too easy – lock on, spam attacks, watch it transform into a supposedly tougher form, repeat until it dies. I had always intended to go back and fight it fairly, but never did, so when I tackled this version, I figured it was as good a time as any. At the start of the fight, the four boss remains leave Link and are mounted on the wall. In the first phase of the fight, the mask spins around the room, and Link can stun it with a spin attack just as it passes overhead. After enough of this, it switches tactics: the four boss remains are animated, and Majora’s Mask starts using a laser attack. Link can reflect the laser attack to kill the boss remains and damage Majora’s Mask.

After enough damage, the mask sprouts arms, legs, and a tiny head and becomes Majora’s Incarnation. This form runs and dances around the room and Link can stun it with his sword or arrows. About the only challenge here is that the boss is fast and hard to hit. Once Link has hit it enough, it transforms into Majora’s Wrath: beefing up its limbs, replacing the tiny head with a full-sized one, and growing tentacles from the ends of its arms. This form tries to whip Link constantly with its tentacles, and the shield really isn’t that useful in blocking them. The strategy remains the same: stun it with arrows, get close, and stab until it runs off.

Ultimately, unlike Ocarina of Time where I generally like the remake better than the original, I’m decidedly more mixed on Majora’s Mask. Enough is clearly better – graphics, controls, saving – that I think, like Ocarina, this is the version I’ll come back to. Unless, of course, they decide to make an HD version for the Switch that combines the best parts of both versions.

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The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – 3D Bosses

All four dungeon bosses in Majora’s Mask 3D have received changes. Each now has an eye, usually somewhere that eyes aren’t normally found, that serves as a weak spot. Goht’s is on its back, and the fight is basically the same aside from this addition. When Goht’s toppled, the eye pops out for Link to attack the eye to deal further damage. Sometimes the eye lands within reach for Goron Link to punch it, but sometimes it’s out of reach, so Link needs to shoot it with arrows.

Odolwa’s eye is right behind its head, so first Link needs to bring him down to be able to hit it. The easiest way is to use Deku Link, launch from the flowers around the arena, and hit the eye with a Deku Nut. This is a nice new addition – Goron and Zora Link had contributions to make to Goht and Gyorg, but Deku Link didn’t really have much to do in this fight in the N64 version. (There was one Deku Flower that could be used to damage Odolwa, but it was much harder than just wading in and hacking it to death.) Other ways of bringing Odolwa down are to shoot it with an arrow or to hack at it knees with the sword.

Gyorg’s eye is in its mouth, and when it’s stunned, it floats to the surface with the eye exposed, so Link doesn’t need to dive in after it, deal as much damage as he can, then try to escape before getting eaten. However, since this deemphasizes Zora Link, there’s a second phase to the fight where Gyorg destroys the platform in the center of the arena, forcing Link to battle it underwater. This also adds mines on chains underwater, so the trick becomes to break the chains of a mine near Gyorg, then get it to suck the mine in. This stuns Gyorg, causing the eye to pop out so Link can zap it with the electric barrier.

The most changed boss, however, is Twinmold. In the original, the two worms jumped around the area while Link put on the Giant’s Mask and hacked them to death. Now, Link doesn’t get the Giant’s Mask before the fight. The blue worm has eyes along its body for Link to shoot out, and when they’re gone, collapses to the ground with a giant eye falling out of its mouth. Meanwhile, the red worm flies overhead, strafing Link. When Link takes out the blue worm, a treasure chest appears in the center of the arena with the Giant’s Mask. Giant Link doesn’t have a sword, instead, he beats the red worm into submission, picks it up by the tail, spins it around, and slams the eye into the ground. This is a much-improved fight over the N64 version.


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"Last Day"

[youtube nyGVXAXxmBA youtube]

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One new feature of the 3DS version is there are two fishing holes added, one in the swamp and one in Great Bay. Each one has a dozen types of fish, some that only appear under certain circumstances or can only be caught while wearing a particular mask, and “boss” fish, and… I spent a couple hours trying and started to wonder what the point of it all was. As far as I can tell, there’s none. For a while I thought I would come back and give it a try. Then, two months later and still no more interested, but needing the DS to play A Link Between Worlds, I finally gave up on the idea, came back, and left the fishing behind and finished the game. (This is also when I scrapped any plans of a final cycle. It also has me seriously reconsidering if I’m going to bother with fishing when I do Twilight Princess HD.) The worst part is some of the minigames’ rewards changed from 50 rupees to Fishing Hole Passes – theoretically, an equivalent exchange, since admission costs 50 rupees otherwise, but even if I cared about fishing, it’s not like scrounging up the rupees is in any way difficult. (The Takkuri drops 200 rupees, is easy to kill with Fire Arrows, and spawns near a zone transition so it can easily be respawned.)

Minigames already feel a bit out of place in this game – if the moon’s going to crash into Termina, what does it matter if you have a perfect score in all the shooting galleries? (Incidentally, I didn’t hate the shooting galleries as much this time.) Adding fishing – an activity that is 90% waiting around for something to happen – feels really out of place.

Next: Three (and a half?) revamped boss fights, plus one that I never went back and did properly.