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"Stage Select":

[youtube LvhCfOIgcXI youtube]

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There are eight areas in the game, and each has four levels. The first area is the Woodlands, and its first level is Deku Forest. It’s divided into four stages. In the first stage, each of the Links can take an item – in this case, all three get bows. The objective of each stage is to activate the portal at the end and reach it. There’s no true need to collect rupees, unlike in Four Swords where more rupees means better keys, or Four Swords Adventures where the Force Gems are the required collectible to make it out of the stage, but you can probably spend them on stuff in town. In the first stage, Link and the Doppels must strike orbs on platforms of varying heights, mastering totem tricks to get there. The second stage is full of buzzless Blobs, and the portal appears when they’re all defeated. The third stage has a string of platforms and orbs Link needs to manipulate to make it to the end. Near the end of the third stage is a Squiddy, a creature that Link can juggle with his sword and drops items as long as he keeps juggling.

And then the final stage is another fighting stage, this time against four Totem Dekus, Deku Scrubs that rise to different heights to be attacked by Link in various totem sizes. Overall this is very fast-paced; each stage can be done in a couple minutes; probably even under a minute if rushing. Of course, this is the first level, so they may get longer. One annoyance is that every time Link picks up a heart or rupee or opens a treasure chest, a little banner scrolls across the screen declaring what Link has just done. This is probably useful for multiplayer where the other players need to know what one is doing, but for single player it’s grating. After leaving the final stage, Link returns to the castle, and the Doppels disappear. Link gets to choose one of three chests, each of which has a treasure item.

Back in town, people recognize that Link’s accomplished stuff. More interestingly, two new shops are open. Daily Riches is a chest game with a prize in one of four chests. It’s free to play, and playing each day increases the odds of winning until the fourth day when winning is guaranteed. The other location is the Miiverse gallery, and while the Miiverse is no more, the Photo Bro still gives Link a camera so he can take pictures while exploring the Drablands.

Next: The rest of the first area.

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The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes – Doppels

At the gate to the castle, the guard stops Link for inspection, and determines he’s got the ear, hair, and sideburns to be a Tri Force Hero, and allows him to enter the castle, to the consternation of another would-be hero (dressed in green, with pink hair like Link’s sprite from A Link to the Past, heh). Inside, Sir Combsly also inspects Link and declares after several who didn’t measure up, he’s finally found someone with the attributes to be a Tri Force Hero. He gives Link the necessary materials for a Hero’s Tunic and sends him to Madame Couture. On the way, Link talks to the pink-haired guy again; something about Friendly Tokens which are earned through multiplayer play and unlock exclusive outfits and wow am I even more likely to not bother.

Link takes the materials to Madame Couture, who agrees if Sir Combsly vouches for Link, she’ll work her magic. She makes the Hero’s Tunic and directs Link to the changing room to put it on. Outside, the Bearded Baron directs Link to give thanks to the Tri Force Hero statue (i.e., save his game). Link returns to Combsly, who welcomes him back and explains the rules: “It’s literally too dangerous to go alone, so you’ll need a team of three.” However, for those who insist on going it alone, there’s another option through a smaller door to the right of the main door. (It doesn’t matter to me, but there doesn’t seem to be an option for two players. Weird.)

Through that door, Link finds a wizard and two wooden dolls. The dolls are Doppels, which can serve as vessels for a lone hero’s spirit, transferring among them so one hero can solve puzzles meant to be solved by three. There’s also a skip button which lets the hero sacrifice a resurrection fairy to empower the Doppels to skip a section of a level, which also means one of the treasure chests at the end of the level will be empty. The other core mechanic is that the Links can carry each other in a stack like the statue in the city, referred to as a totem. (During this, the music mix changes depending on which position Link is in.) Link can use the topmost Doppel’s sword and item from any position in the stack. Finally, Link and the Doppels share a life meter and energy meter. (Doppels can’t wear different outfits, but Link can; Link can wear his original outfit, but it has one less heart and causes him to take double damage. So, for challenge seekers.)


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I'm not a huge fan of Madame Couture, but her shop has good music.

[youtube zGcVyayG8ic youtube]

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“Hey, you! Listen up, and I’ll tell you how our story begins…
“Once upon a time there was a kingdom called Hytopia. At the heart of this fashion-obsessed land was the lovely Princess Styla. The people adored their fair princess… but the Drablands witch despised the girl’s unbearably cute fashion sense.
“One fateful day, a beautifully wrapped gift arrived at the castle. The sender was unknown, and the box was brimming with an aura of mystery. The princess simply had to open it! Naturally, this was a HUGE mistake.
“When the smoke cleared, Styla was met with a terrible sight, followed by the witch’s voice in her pretty head: ‘A perfect outfit for a perfect princess.’
“This cursed outfit of ultimate ugliness could not be removed no matter how the princess tried. Humiliated, she fell into misery and isolation. The people of Hytopia wept for her terrible fate.
“The king, too, was in agony. As only chosen heroes may enter the witch’s domain, the despicable Drablands, King Tuft issued a call to kingdoms near and far for a hero to save the day. Luckily, it wasn’t long before this courageous young fella came passing through…”

On the first watch through the story reel I was laughing at it, and admittedly the illustrations don’t help, but reading the story by itself, it’s kind of got a fairy tale charm to it. Snow White has a queen’s talking mirror tell her her stepdaughter has surpassed her as the fairest of them all and her reaction is totally one a normal person would have. I can’t say this is too much different.

So, anyway, our courageous young fella – walks up to a sign advertising that King Tuft is looking for “pointy ears, truly epic sideburns, and side-parted hair” to be the Tri Force Heroes to break the curse on Princess Styla. As Link walks away from the sign, someone comes up to him and says he must be the one who’s going to break the curse. He segues from talking about Styla’s cursed unstylish outfit to… well, Link’s not in a green tunic yet, so, you know. He works at Madame Couture’s and invites Link to stop by to upgrade his look.

A little way into town, Link finds the Bearded Baron, who tells him the story of the Tri Force Heroes: “When the Kingdom of Hytopia falls into despair, three courageous heroes shall ever arrive to save the day… This statue is in recognition of their struggles and triumphs, both past and future. Three heroes working together to save the day… In a way, this here statue represents love!” (The statue in question has three stacked heroes, the top one with his sword raised, and the Baron says Link looks like the figures in the statue.)

Link’s next stop is Madame Couture, but despite her employee’s opinion, she’s dismissive of Link, saying his ears are fake and used for “le ‘cosplaying.’” The employee explains that with Styla cursed and residents of Hytopia fearing if they dress to stylishly, they’re next, they haven’t had a lot of customers, leaving Madame Couture in a bad mood. Madame Couture relents, saying if Link’s the one to break the curse, she’ll lend her talents to help. For now, Link is directed to see Sir Combsly, the captain of the guard.

Next: It’s dangerous to go alone! Take these.

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The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes – Introduction and Story

I remember, many, many years ago, seeing a blurb on Daredevil #318 declaring it was the last issue of Daredevil before Daredevil #319. At the time, I thought it was odd and ridiculous. Now… okay, it’s still a weird way to phrase it, but I get it. Given how much I’m looking forward to Breath of the Wild, and how much multiplayer Zeldas have not been my favorites (although Four Swords Adventures was pretty good), thinking of the eighteenth Zelda game in the series as the last one before the nineteenth Zelda game seems kind of normal.

What I know about Tri Force Heroes:
• Obviously, it’s multiplayer. Only, as indicated by the title, it takes three players instead of four. Sorry, Purple Link, you don’t have a place here.
• It’s officially set in the Downfall timeline, after A Link Between Worlds with the same Link (as one of the three).
• It’s not set in Hyrule, and Zelda doesn’t have a big role, if any.
• The core plot has a princess in distress because she’s been cursed to wear an unflattering outfit and no, I did not make that up.
• Tying into the last point, this game is a lot more wacky than normal for the series.
• Someone makes a doge meme joke. I’d make a joke about relevance, but… I still quote Zero Wing (for great justice).
• Crafting outfits for adjustable bonuses is the main collectible, and speaking of which…

I’m not going to make any promises about trying to get all the outfits. Grinding treasures for train parts seriously hurt my opinion of Spirit Tracks, an otherwise lovely little game, and I’d rather not repeat that. For now, I’m going to get through the main game, and maybe buy extra outfits as I get treasure, and then make a decision about collectibles.


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Plactus (Re+)Plays The Legend of Zelda

I'm finally back at Zelda with Tri Force Heroes! I've got three posts for this week ready to go, and enough played I can probably get next week's written by Friday/Saturday. This will probably be a fast game, and then I can finally start Breath of the Wild (and by time I finish that, Zelda 20 may well be out.)

Personal update: Jbex tbg irel ohfl evtug nf crbcyr fgnegrq gnxvat gur cnaqrzvp frevbhfyl. Gurer'f orra ab cnggrea gb vg fvapr gura; V guvax guvatf ner trggvat onpx gb abezny bar jrrx, naq vg'f ohfvre guna rire gur arkg. Vg'f orra guerr naq n unys zbaguf, naq V'ir svanyyl tvira hc gelvat gb znxr frafr bs vg; vg'yy or jung vg'yy or.

The last post on ALBW
Archive, which I haven't indexed since 60% through Skyward Sword oh god.

Unmarked spoilers for all games through as far as I've gotten into TFH.

TW: Various creepy-crawlies, including spiders, insects, snakes, bats; fire; heights; death.

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It's been a while since I've played, but I seem to remember that women run the salarian government, while the men go out to the galaxy at large. I'm like 95% sure we don't see krogan women because of genophage reasons.

As for turians, I got nothing.

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(Agent Carter spoilers, none for JtV past this episode)

Guvf rcvfbqr nverq gur jrrx nsgre Qbggvr Haqrejbbq (cynlrq ol Oevqtrg Ertna, Ebfr urer) fhqqrayl ghearq bhg gb or na haqrepbire ivyynva.

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My favorite new song from this game: "Lorule Castle." Starts off simple, and adds more instruments (and starts mixing in Ganon's theme) as Link defeats each dungeon boss.

[youtube g75HDyL2BGc youtube]

Milk Bar version

Others of note from the ending sequence:
"Hilda's Intentions"
"Final Battle" (I don't like the Yuga parts as much as the Yuga fight from the end of Hyrule, but the part where Zelda gives Link the Bow of Light and her theme comes in? Holy shit.)
"Lorule's Sacred Realm"
"Staff Roll"