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Hope you have fun. I'm subbed too but actually haven't played in days cause I bought Persona 5 Royal a week ago since it was on sale and that somehow managed to get me completely off FFXIV and playing it nonstop.

I also caved to the siren lure of my latest paycheck and bought Neo Twewy and Hades yesterday.

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Yugioh Duel Monsters' first opening theme is an underrated gem.

[youtube ONBQorvPlGk youtube]

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A recent favorite.

[youtube 3rpyxA0seaQ youtube]

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God, I hope all my links are working properly.

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I've finished my first relic weapon (the Bozja RDM relic) a while back and then decided to not only do more Bozja relics, but to also try the Heavensward relics. I made decent progress on the latter. Here are some screenshots (I'm doing WHM first cause the weapons are very pretty)

I played with the filters in that last photo.

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It's funny that you posted the 60-80 DRK quests today cause it's also the day I powergrinded my last job, Warrior, from 16 to 30. I'm so close to that amaro. I will get it before Endwalker.

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Everyone, intelligent and sensible: Play the Dark Knight quests for very poigant themes of atonement, justice and self healing along with getting very good ideas for your WoL's characterization.

Me, a heathen: True but the real reason to play DRK is for Sidurgu, FFXIV's funniest character who isn't trying to be funny.

Sources (linked because Intensedebate is being douchey and the pics are too big (I'm too lazy to edit):

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I haven't dropped by in a long while, partly because my current job takes a lot of my time these days. But such is life. There's a lot to say about the Dark Knight questline that I probably won't say either due to forgetting, having my thoughts too disorganized, and/or not having the time so I'll try my best.

This questline actually has a lot of localization changes that are exclusive to the English version compared to the French and German versions which are more in line with the origianl Japanese version. There's debate on whether this is a good or bad thing. Personally there are things I like better in the JP/FR/DE versions (the 30-50 questline, Fray) and stuff I prefer in the English version (60-70 questline, Myste). Here's a link to a reddit post detailing the differences:

The Dark knight questline is written by Natsuko Ishikawa who is responsible for a lot of other questlines like the Bahamut Coils, the Alchemist quests, the Azim Steppe arc, and is one of the main Shadowbringers MSQ writers. It's especially apparent with the last one because a lot of Shadowbringer MSQ stuff is lifted directly from the DRK quests like Myste creating illusions to help people deal with grief vs Emet Selch creating a fake Amaurot with fake Ancients to deal with his own grief and the 5.3 MSQ instance where Elidibus makes illusions of past friends and foes just like with what Myste did in the 70 Drk quest.

Myste has Ysayle's hair and Haurchefant's eyes btw, make of that what you will.

MYSTE: “I can give the memories form. I can breathe them full of life and return them to their loved ones. But as the memory fades, so too does the magick… It is not death itself we fear, but the unfinished story.”

Holy shit. That’s poignant as hell. Even in my own life, I tend to agree.

Myste has so many raw lines it's ridiculous. Case in point? "In your darkest hour, in the blackest night, think of me and I will be with you. Always. For where else could I go? who else could I love but you?" "Who did I lose? Everyone. No one. We have always been apart, have we not?" "...What good are prayers to the dead. They have not ears to listen". Most of these are from my folder that I got from playing DRK for the first time.

Coldrun you really need to read the Dark Knight journal entries because they have a lot of flavour text written by Fray which really puts a lot of things into perspective. Apparently it's an quirk that only exists in the English translation but I'm so glad they included that.

This post is getting long and my thoughts more jumbled so I'll leave it here for now.

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I had been taking a break from FF14 since the end of May and then reentered via the free login campaign near the end of July. I just resubbed now that my freebie has run out. It's good to be back. I leveled up Bard and Monk which has my job spread looking like this.

Gonna do Machinist next then Warrior so I'll have all 80s before Endwalker (I preordered it for my birthday a couple of weeks ago which gave me the really good EXP earring).

After that I will finally unlock Blue Mage (I wanted to leave that till after I did every other combat job).

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Woot, nice. I haven't done savage in months owing to me taking a break from FF14 and already being BIS on my main Red Mage. I actually didn't touch any savage content before they patched them to allow for multiple drops and echo buffs.

Good luck with E11S, it's probably easier with the echo enabled but it's quite a bit more demanding healer wise than E10S. And then E12S is even tougher on healers, make sure to demand that your casters use addle efficiently.