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Good luck. Look forward to playing that all the way through sometime.

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Imagine the timeline where that design actually stuck.

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My PS4's safe mode death loop took away a lot of XIV screenshots but I have some new ones.

I dropped everything to get this picture.

Limsa's market was kind enough to crash so I could snatch up enough black dye to have Beren cosplay as Sauron

Part of that Paladin armor is actually glamoured mythrite.

To be a healer is to be a clown. You get insta queues, but at what cost?

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Playing FFXIV made me finally understand the notion of getting distracted by sidequests. A dragon war? A whale primal? The whole being fugitives wanted for regicide? Lmao, who has time for that? I have jobs to level up, gear to craft and materials to gather.

I just got my Paladin job to level 51 and I'm kinda good at it? I did Aurum Vale a few times and the only problems were me overpulling in the first room and one time the healer died to the cyclops boss. I also winged Keeper of the Lake today and cleared it with no deaths (though that maybe cause we had a very friendly and amazing healer).

Doing Paladin also meant my Armorer, Blacksmith and Goldsmith are all in the level 40s cause I need to have HQ gear. My other crafters are in the 30s. But I need to stop neglecting my fishing cause it's still level 26.

I wanna do the Heavensward MSQ rn but I also wanna get Dragoon and Black Mage to 50 for their snazzy gear (and I only have Lancer at level 10 lmao). Ah the tyranny of choice. I also tried out Samurai and Red Mage. They're really cool but having full Level 50 jobs with rotations just dropped into my lap is overwhelming. I haven't really sunk my teeth into learning them, but I want to, quite soon.

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Why wouldn't you?! He's helpful, charming, a magnificient poet and has excellent fashion sense.

I remember having trouble with the ice cave final bout, those weird creatures kept grabbing Noct and I had to mash to break free.

I really need to invest time to watching an FFXV let's play to refresh my memory. It's been nearly a year.

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........................So. Uh......It turns out I was lying about taking a break from XIV and I decided, against all odds of me having a test next monday, to impulsively renew my subscription.

I had to log into the Square Enix website, which I did on the PS4, to buy those 30 days.

Coldrun I have an important question: How can I make sure my personal information is not publically available?! Cause I had to put that in to pay for it. Thankfully I'm in the habit of always erasing my payment methods just in case, so I don't need help there.

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Well my 30 day purchase subscription for XIV is over and my free time isn't exactly conductive to playing it now so here's how far I got on my jobs. I had just started the Heavensward storyline and the last Main Story quest I did was being given a tour around Ishgard.

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I'm in my last semester of my college program rn and already my procrastination habits have borne awful fruit.

I have two tests next week whose respective course lectures I haven't been paying attention to, a whole module worth of work regarding professional practice (yeah I have a "how to get a job class" now, end me) due tomorrow morning that i haven't started (tho looking at the public Google Sheet to see that only four students have done the "what companies they want to work at" of the workload has given me vicious vindiciation over the possibility that I'm not the only lazy asshole in class), a 5 page research report due in 3 weeks that I only just started, and just a few hours ago I got out of a lab with a potential fail in the post lab quiz and submitted an utterly incomplete data sheet.

I'll be fine though. I'll power through this, the first few weeks of a college semester are among the most dreadful but I've always managed to get out of dodge and this is the final lap. Hopefully, by May (or is the ceremony on June/July?), I'll be graduating.

My PS4 had to be initialized cause it fell into the safe mode death loop but thankfully it turns out that my PS Plus cloud save was on auto upload so my save data is, well, safe. Unfortunately, all my screenshots and videos are gone. RIP.
So I'm in the process of redownloading all my digital games, just got FFXIV fully redownloaded today but my 30 day purchase subscription is done for and I don't feel like it's the right time to get back in yet (then again I might change my mind).

I recently beat RE2 remake, it was a lot of fun.

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This here is why Lanayru is the only valid Skyward Sword dragon.

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Yeah, besides Tentalus, this is my least favorite boss in the game. I always dread getting either of them when doing Lanayru's boss rush.