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[youtube 6ETEZo4_YW4 youtube]

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Ooooh Dark Knight. Good luck with that. Some advice I have on that endeavour if your interested: Znxr fher gb ernq gur wbheany ragevrf sbe gur QEX dhrfgf.

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If you go into the Actions and Traits menu then go to Extras you'll find a button called Group pose (shortened to gpose by the community). It's basically a camera mode where you can take pictures of your character with lots of filters, lightings, animations, the ability to freeze frame and other cool stuff. It's a godsend for showing off new glamours.

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I don't know if the ARR quests do them but every time you level up in reputation you get 3 additional quests for said tribe on that day so instead of 3 quests you can do 6 as long as you have enough daily allowances to do them. It's a godsend for leveling jobs (I recommend unlocking other jobs to level with Beast tribe quests).

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I've only started doing beast quests recently and haven't really touched the ARR ones because I was too overleveled for them to matter much (I do have 3 jobs below 50 but don't feel like leveling them rn).

Make sure to do as many Blue marked quests in each area to unlock new beast questlines. Though you can look up online for the exact quest chains you need to unlock what you want to avoid wasting time.

Also you can only do 12 per day so plan out accordingly.

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Not exactly. Doing the beast dailies grants you reputation points for the tribe you're doing the quests for. Each time your reputation levels up you get a new story quest for that beast tribe so more lore.

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Oh those are the names of strategies for two specific mechanics in the fight, specifically for phase 1. Dwayne is a solution for the Titan junction part of the E12S, which you may remember from Normal mode. In Savage it's a bit more complicated because instead of staying away from the rock bombs, you need to destroy them with boulders that'll be falling on you otherwise you take massive damage and a damage down debuff if not get outright killed. The Dwayne strat is a configuration that tells players which bomb they'll be destroying based on their falling boulder marker and their role (dps, healer, tank). Here:

Bili is a strategy for the Lions mechanic (which is a whole new thing for Savage mode). Here's a visual guide video showing how to do it.
[youtube VDsheahgyIQ youtube]

What's happening here is that 6 lions appear (2 big, 4 small) which breath fire 3 times. The tethered players must bait them in such a manner that leaves the are around the two big lions safe for the untethered players to bait their assigned big lion attacks away from the raid. All the while the boss is throwing out cleaves and primal combinations. It's probably the most frustrating mechanic in the raid.

That is if you discount Shiva junction, which in that PF description I posted is what OP is describing as no memes. People ALWAYS fuck up Shiva junction, always, yes I'm including myself.

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They said they're implementing Data Center travel when Endwalker drops this fall. We'll just have to so see how that works in terms of gameplay and internet connection.

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Well since my FF14 sub ran out today I decided to not immediately resub and instead to renew my PS plus (haven't had it for a month) in order to update my online cloud save storage and to download FF7R. Will I be able to play it at a regular pace, or will it languish in my catalogue thanks to my FF14 habits? We'll see.

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Oh Labyrinth of the Ancients. Good luck with that.