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They changed one of RDM's OGCDs (Acceleration) from guarrenting procs on certain spells to becoming another instant cast for certain spells, which means the job is gonna need a whole new opener.

I took Sage out for a spin today and I was able to get around well enough by way of comparing the skills to other healers, particularly Scholar's. I like how busy it is, especially it's dps skills, but it gets rather punishing when things go wrong compared to regen healers.

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I decided to shelve Red Mage as my main job in order to do the MSQ as Summoner. I feel that it's an appropriate job given the current story events set up for Endwalker. As for it's new gameplay, I still need more time to get a full opinion and of course I need to get to level 90 cause some really important skills are past level 80.

I kinda wish they gave us more OGCDs for Bahamut and especially Phoenix cause they currently feel like they went a bit too far in simplifying them compared to SHB's "squeeze every last bit of your GCDs and OGCDS to maximize your damage during these phases and for the love of god stay still or you lose damage" strategy with them. I sure as hell don't miss Bahamut and Phoenix following you around everywhere when you move which caused them to not attack at all thereby severely dampening your DPS.

I did play around with Reaper in Castrum Albania after getting it's rotation down via the practice doll and I'm liking it's feel so far.

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I looked up your lodestone character profile recently and was shocked to see that you were already level 86. I hadn't managed to log in at that point at all due to not only the congestion but cause my PS4 endwalked on me the day before early access started. I probably could've taken it to repairs but I was so impatient due to it being almost early access that I just went and bought myself a new PS4 (I have lots of savings due to my current job and not having to pay rent/essentials so money's not an issue thankfully). I still have the old one to repair if I so desire.

Even so I was utterly unlucky with getting in on the new expansion that I decided to just play the games I've been neglecting like Doom Eternal, Deltarune and Resident Evil 4 to pass the time. I finally managed to get in early at around 3 am Sunday and things have improved to the point that I luckily got in today at noon to make healthy progress on Endwalker's MSQ. I am currently at the level 81 dungeon.

Enjoying what I've seen so far.

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