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I also lost my sprout upon reaching ShB. I don't wanna get old and have people actually expect stuff from me!!!

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Getting VerHoly and VerFlare really opened things up for me. Thinking about whether I wanna fill more White magic to use VerFlare for the VerFire proc or do vice versa for VerHoly and the Verstone proc really put things into perspective. It also helped that I did more 8 main content and redid the Orobonne raid, allowing me to use Verraise a lot more.

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Procrastinated on starting it for the last few days but I finally started Shadowbringers.

Here's my current job spread

I had a hard time debating which job I wanted to main for ShB. I defintely didn't want to be a tank, I find that too stressful because of the expectation to lead the party and know every mechanic, so Paladin was out. I'm better at healing but I didn't feel like doing new content as a healer, especially now that I'm approaching the really hard dungeons, which removes Scholar, Astrologian, and by proxy White Mage (which is still not 70).

So that left Black Mage, Summoner and Red Mage. Currently I kinda find Summoner to be underhelming, even with Bahamut. No, it's not because I keep dying every time I can finally summon him, nope, not at all.

At one point I considered leveling up Ninja to 70 because the concept of Shadowbringers seems to fit it pretty well (plus Yugiri is known as "Shadowwalker"). But then I managed to get the job crystal and took one look at the tooltips before deciding it wasn't worth it. No way I can get that good for the endgame stuff. Plus there's the important fact that DPS queues are the worst.

Which leaves us with Black Mage and Red Mage. During the initial bit of Stormblood, before setting off to Doma, I juggled Black Mage with Scholar, Paladin, Summoner and White Mage, until I decided to settle on Black Mage in memoriam for Papalymo. Shadowbringers seems to have some nice thematic connection to Black Mage, but Red Mage probably does more with it using both light and dark magic.

I really like Black Mage's level 70 rotation, all with it giving me huge numbers and Foul is such a good spell, but it can also be irritatingly punishing when screwed up, especially during new instances. I initally started to get bored with Red Mage cause of it's pre 70 rotation which didn't have much going for it. But then I got to level 70 and a whole new world opened up for me. It helped that I decided to do some level 70 raids with Red Mage to test it out and it feels beautiful; the mobility, the VerHoly/VerFlare, the swordwork. Plus Verraising my teammates makes me feel so powerful.

So what did I go with?

*Drum Roll*....

Red Mage!

PS: I haven't unlocked Gunbreaker or Dancer yet because I wanna see their proper introduction in-story with some lore explanation and to avoid potential ShB spoilers. I remember unlocking Red Mage before/during (?) Heavensward and being rather surprised by X'Rhun claiming that Alisaie has been talking about me, even though, by that time, we have only met once. Speaking of which, I really need to finish the Bahamut raids.

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Been playing a bunch of XIV sidestuff to take a break from MSQ (mainly Omega and leveling jobs).

The Omega raids are really fun with interesting mechanics. I especially enjoyed the Exdeath fight with the void enhancing mechanic and watching out for the black holes. It's been too long since I played FFV and I've forgotten a good chunk of it. I didn't realize all the Deltascape bosses were FFV bosses till Coldrun's posts pointed it out. I'm starting the Sigmascape part now.

I'm also doing the Ivalice alliance raids which I was particularly looking forward to cause I watched the Rabanastre raid before playing the game. It's interesting that I managed to understand most of the mechanics once I finally got there myself. But the last boss (Argath?) still trips me up.

Speaking of becoming more experienced at this game, I was in dire need of Poetic Tomestones yesterday in order to get Scavean gear for my Astrologian. As a result, I bit the bullet and went on MSQ roulette cause they had 300 of the things. I was hoping for something like Ala Mhigo since that's technically MSQ. I got Praetorium instead. You might wonder how this lines up with game experience; well, it turns out that dungeon is a total joke now that I finished Heavensward and pre patch Stormblood.

Astrologian is probably my favorite healer while Scholar is probably my least favorite. I just like the card system and a lot of Ast's AOE OGCD heals. Scholar feels a bit limited to me rn and it requires way more forsight than what I normally have. White Mage is somewhere in the middle as an easy but basic healer.

When I got Red Mage to level 64, I immediately jumped to the Susano trial in order to test out Verraise. Turns out I had to do it a lot. There was also a previous incident during Shisui when I was level 63 and our healer ended up freezing due to a bad internet connection. So I had to act as the replacement healer with just Vercure, no Verraise. That was something.

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My advice about the time limit is to have multiple save files in case you accidentally pass the danger point. But I'm not sure if Steam supports that like the Xbone.

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Assassin's creed 4 online multiplayer is just a few people. I swear you encounter the same players over and over.

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Oh sorry.

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Some silly Stormblood thoughts and memes.

Number One: @Djinn87

Fordola: Gets a red eye and starts effortlessly dodging attacks due to the eye's predictive powers.
Me: Haha, nice Naruto (read: Sasuke) reference.
Zenos: Gets those eyes and uses them to control a giant monster made of the planets life energy
Me:..................This is literally Naruto.

Number Two:

Number 3:

Thancred: Who activated the very obvious trap?

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Even more Stormblood thoughts Same Triggers of sexual assault, fascism and domestic abuse as above comments I guess tho I'm sure it's only for the first one God why did I have to break these up.

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