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Also Coldrun I'm reading through your old XIV posts now that I've made a ton of progress in the main quest and the job related quests. I have to fully agree that this Gladiator weapon is an abomination.

I hate it so much and can't wait to get rid of it.

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XIV update: I've been mostly grinding my Thaumaturge by doing sidequests, leves and revisiting dungeons.

The Coco brothers had to learn to stop running from overwhelming threats and take them head on by watching me fight tough foe in order to find the resolve to save Cocobusi from his Yugioh esque possession without killing him.

This is funny because before this I was doing a dungeon run where our healer and DPS kept going ahead of the tank to fight mobs which caused said tank to die, so I was fleeing in terror to the dungeon start to hide behind the tank lmao.

Thankfully we managed to kill Morno and rescue Cocobusi though I wish he had a scene to parse that Morno used his body to kill those thaumaturges. His arc feels incomplete without it, unlike Sylphie who had her arc in the Conjurer storyline tied up nicely. Then again, if the Conjurer class is any indication, there's still more to go for Thaumaturgy.

The cutscene where we find out what our Black Mage gem was is really good and funny. I love how intimidating that mage whose name eludes me so we'll call them Q. Now I really need to get the full game to experience this quest line. Just need to get that part time job and consider the looming college semester.

I've also signed up for all Hand and Land Disciple classes. I have most of the Hand Classes above level 10 and I need to focus more on the Land classes. As for combat classes I've dabbled a bit with Lancer and Archer. Now I think I'll try and get my Gladiator to become a Paladin.

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Ah I recently replayed this part and am a bit further ahead on my current playthrough (I've been busy with my reacquired PS4). It's been years since I did the Goron quiz session and I'm thrilled to find out that I was able to get through more than half of the questions in my four attempts to get it right without looking it up.

The Twilight Gorons accepted you for being super strong and these Gorons accept you for your cleverness in remembering the island trivia. Now we just need a bravery test Goron tribe and we're all set.

I'm super amused by the fact that you can go back to Linebeck right after becoming Goro-Link and he makes fun of you for wasting your time, prompting Ciela to fire back saying that tribe won't accept him cause Gorons are a proud tribe with high standards! Heheh.

I have to agree about liking the Bombchus here. I played this game before OOT and MM so I found myself disappointed in how they did Bombchus there. They're just so convenient in PH and I'm glad they finally managed to give you reason to like them.

The boss is also really fun due ot the switching mechanic and I also enjoy knocking Dodongo down with Gongoron. I remember being puzzled that Crimsonine was the first metal we got cause it was the last one Zauz mentioned but then I remember that it's red, just like Leaf.

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Yeah Phantom Hourglass's soundtrack tends to be somewhat forgettable to me for the reasons you pointed out.

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XIV update: I got my Gladiator part Level 15 to ran Sastasha with it and I was reminded just how long the wait times are for non healers.

I was kinda nervous to move away from my team cause I wasn't really sure how large the enmity pulling range is and if they would get jumped on if I left them. I did start to try to move more during the boss fight, mostly to pull aggro off my team. I also felt that I had to do kill the enemies quick to keep my team safe as there was a Lancer who was fighting right next to me, but I suppose that's what actual DPSes are for, to kill the enemies that I'm keeping busy.

It's a weird experience to be tanking cause you have to lead the charge and remember the dungeon layout. But we managed and I got a commendation and someone praised me in the chat for good tanking. :)

The only Disciples of Hand and Land that I haven't started are Goldsmith and Mining. As for the other Disciples (Magic and War), as far as this free trial lets me, I have WHM in early 30s, THM at lvl 23, Gladiator at level 18, Arcanist at level 6, and Pugilist at Level 5. I'm thinking of joining the Rogues guild after getting THM to lvl 30.

I tried the Haukke Manor again as WHM and the second attempt featured a wipe (thankfully we only started at the dungeon start this time with the team still logged in) and me overhealing and drawing aggro at the boss fight cause I was starting to panic. Thankfully those were the only mishaps, so progress???

The free trial is showing it's limits with my inventory getting full from all the crafting and said trial not letting me hire retainers to hold my excess items. I'm just selling the excess as a solution.

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I'm playing XIV again. I've been mostly doing the main story line to try and get my Conjurer to Lvl 30 and got me a nice Soul Crystal for it. Unfortunately, my attempt to test my new White Mage powers out in the Haukke Manor didn't go well as the Tank kept dying. That's what happens when I go to a high level dungeon out of practice cause I wanna test out my new toy. Thankfully we didn't wipe and powered through that bad attempt to victory.

I also decided to try out Weaving and Leather-working to get better gear, only to realize that to get the appropriate leveled Conjurer gear I'd need to invest up to the level 20s range, so for the first time I decided to go shopping and found gear to replace the Novice Hall gear that I was still wearing at CNJ Level 27. I also tried out my first Disciple of the Land class in Botany and it's quite different, but also similar to the Crafting classes.

Arcanist class is interesting but the people here are so pretentious. Plus it requires me to actually think during normal battles as opposed to just throwing Stone at everything. This is gonna be a hike.

I think next session I'll take my Lvl 10 Gladiator to level 15 for the Hall of the Novice gear and to actually run as a Tank in dungeons.

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Oh hey, I just finished this same exact trek through the Temple and decided not to go to the lower floors after getting the Southeastern Sea chart. Funny how that works. I did do a test run of this temple segment but at the third floor I got cocky and trapped myself between the spikes with a Swift Phantom who promptly dunked me.

[1] It’s pretty twitchy about what’s Triforcy enough; if the symbol is close but not close enough for the game’s purposes, it shows up briefly and tells you to try again.

What you need to do is start from the top, go down left until you reach the inverted triangle, draw the inverted triangle in it's entirety by going right, then down, then up, which will bring you back to the start of the inverted triangle and where you left off the right side up triangle, from there you can finish the normal sided triangle. Worked out for me about an hour ago.

It took me a small reconnaissance of the new floors to remember what I needed to do and at one point I nearly ran out of arrows cause I was feeling impatient with the Phantoms and I like getting chased by them cause they yell in RED CAPSLOCK. Thankfully I managed to breeze through and get the sea chart.

I also enjoy the Temple of the Ocean King cause as you pointed out, it's not really punishing and the developers had the foresight to put stuff you can only get once you have the required equipment, plus said equipment can let you cut down time you spend on the puzzles. Like once you get the bombs, you don't need to go to the bottom portion of floors B1 and B2.

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I found this on Tumblr. It's Yuna FFX-2.

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The theme where Oshus tells the story of him and Bellum has amazing music and really good illustrations. It gives me a similar vibe to Wind Waker's intro.

[youtube 9BmsNaQj-Tc youtube]

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I've caught up and will try to play or in my case replay along, but my SMTIV replay is becoming all consuming. Managed to do the Temple of Winds and Temple of Courage in one sitting.

To no one’s surprise, Linebeck finds the ghost ship scary, and Ciela takes great joy in calling him a chicken.

And that's why Ciela's my favorite fairy companion, she speaks what's on my mind regarding Linebeck lmao. Which is important cause he's a fandom darling so any dragging of him I can find is sustenance which is very lacking.

Kid, err, early teenage me actually fell for the Cubus Sisters fake sob story of being abductees of the Ghost Ship. I also didn't connect that Oshus was the Ocean King until he admitted it, so no, I'm not a clever boy.

Oshus actually put the effort to making painting slides of his life story to tell a hypothetical hero who would come outta nowhere. Gotta have a hobby.

I literally facpalmed yesterday when Linebeck only decides to jump back in the quest to save the Ocean King cause he could get a wish. You do you mate.