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Putting all that focus on the ranger class payed off. Through the whole Rift I had Krile be a rapid firing Ninja which meant at least 4000 damage per turn. I also attempted to get dualcast for Faris but eventually dropped it cause the AP order was too high.

My second attempt at Neo Exdeath might have succeeded had I realized that Pheonix deals Arise and not Curaga cause I wasted one on a critically injured Bartz. I'm not sure if NE is harder or easier than Zeromus.

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I finally managed to beat FFV. It took me about 3 tries to beat Neo Exdeath. The third time worked because I decided to go Freelancer on him, though my second attempt was a very near victory.

Bartz and Krile both had !Rapid Fire along with LV6 White Magic. Bartz had the Masamune and the Holy Lance (thanks to his mastery of the Ninja class) which dealt +980 damage at the least with each blow and occasional Masamune criticals that scored +2000 damage, adding up to 8 attacks with !Rapid Fire. Krile was only a LV4 Ninja so she was stuck with just the Enhancer for !Rapid Fire, but having a shield helped in a pinch (note I didn't think much about my weapons since I tend to let the game optimize for me).

Faris and Lenna were both on summoning duty which translates to backup with Golem and Bahamut mega flare. Lenna also managed to master the Time Mage class which helped keep the pressure on Neo Exdeath while Faris' LV6 White Magic was good for healing and buffing.

One of the biggest problems I had was that I only had one elixir left from trekking the Void and this game doesn't seem to have Megaelixir. Ethers can only do so much with a 40-50 MP refill. Also petrification was the bane of my existence in that fight since it meant wasting two turns using Arise then a Gold Needle.

Overall I enjoyed FFV a great deal and consider it to be probably my favorite FF gameplay wise in terms of the job system and the lack of rotating party members to grind them all equally, since I'm more of a pick a party and stick with it player.

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"He say Harry and immediately began to eat Hermione's family."

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Well the FCC just voted 3-2 to repeal net neutrality. Not suprising but still fucking awful. I'm hoping Congress might intervene when this bullshit gets to court.

One of the truly vile things about this move is that it might encourage other countries to get on the "fuck our citizens' train that the USA has been riding and repeal their net neutrality. Looking at you, Bell Canada.

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That makes things easier. Have fun,

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Would you like a guide on how to watch because the anime is actually three parts.

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Well that's disappointing.

Do you have any plans on watching the DR3 anime? That's the only Danganronpa thing I have experienced in real time and unspoiled so I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on it (I know all about the first two games and DR:AE).

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Congrats on beating FFXII.

I had to look up FFT: War of The Lions because I thought that was the third FFT game but its actually a remake? Pity that's its on the PSP or I would have tried to play along. I'm not sure my current computer can emulate that .

Seeing you go through this series with completely fresh eyes makes me wish I hadn't spoiled myself for most mainstream FF games on the grounds that I thought I would never be able to play them. Here's hoping you manage to complete your journey unspoiled.

Then again, I only know broad strokes about FFXII and very little endgame spoilers so maybe I'll find a console or a good enough PC to play it someday.

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I literally cannot remember any of the music from this movie.

I am still amazed at the sheer coincidence of Mia ripping out the exact page with Light's name while falling and said page conveniently burning in a fire.

I've seen people say that this would be better as an episodic series or even a series of movies, but I think that would only lessen certain problems but not fix others.