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You know how every once in a while you remember that Donald Trump is actually president and are simultaneously deflated, miserable, and angry? That does not prepare you for the bitter suckerpunch of watching an episode of Star Trek called “Storm Front” and seeing a split second of Hillary smiling and waving as a sign that all is right with the universe once again. It’s like a giant middle finger from the past.

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of course, a minute after i post this, i run into this for the first time:

something something freedom of the press, waiting until you have the best info

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News organizations are still run by people, and those people choose what to focus on.

I guess one of my favorite things about Discworld is that the books are either timely or extremely timely.

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Horta >> cgi rock creatures
sex spores >> infowars pollen

Newer Trek series always seems to make me long for TOS

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I regret not paying attention to the imagery in the opening because that's a really good point. I still hate the music (honest to god, my hearing just went wonky after listening and it's probably related to my sinus problems, but I can't rule anything out) but the optimism of the opening is inspiring and perfect for the show. It makes it feel within our reach. Thanks for sharing your perspective; I won't get too heated about it knowing that it had such an impact on you and probably others in your field. Maybe some gentle ribbing about expecting the Torkelsons to show up, tho. 😉

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lol oh god, EXACTLY

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So now that the entire premiere is up, what the fuck did I watch?

This isn't a good or bad what the fuck, just what. I'm absolutely here for passive-aggressive Vulcans and space beagles (which are cute but have the most annoying bark, and I really question the wisdom of sending one with a Brit and a bunch of Americans to meet alien species for the first time, but I am also Team Vulcan when it comes to handing a supercar to a 15-year-old and see nothing wrong with waiting for Earthicans to figure their shit out, so maybe I'm too judgmental) but I was knocked off-kilter by the Hallmark Movie Channel theme song and never regained balance. I tried to wash my face with shampoo in the shower this morning, and I'm holding the theme song responsible. The c. 2001 aesthetic seeps out of every frame, and I get the move to modernize as every Star Trek series has, but why would you then go to a theme song with (cornball) lyrics just as they're disappearing from television?! Everyone else in the last post is being very reasonable about their opinions about the theme song, good or bad, and I respect that, but I can't live up to your standard. It's a sour note, and I can't help but think of the fake-folksy wave that I've despised for half my life now.

ANYWAY, from there it feels like if you were asked to make a parody of a 2001 Star Trek series today. It's not a judgment of the story! Though I have to say Scott Bakula + time travel is the thing that made me wonder if the writers were fucking with me. But god, there's a cowboy named "Trip" and the most awkward attempt at sexiness with glitter gel that make me feel embarrassed for having lived through that era. I don't hate it, it's just weird. But not Voyager weird. Uncanny.

But I still wanna keep watching!

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And that's to post an obnoxious number of gifs!

And the two most useful ones:

Only second to the one with the whales tbh.

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everything I know about Star Trek I learned from watching Galaxy Quest

Add Futurama and yeah, same