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Going to postpone stream until next week.

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Wait, when did they lose their airship? Did it explode in that last cutscene and I just missed it?


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I am playing Secret of Mana (PS4 version), this is blind, never played any version of Secret of Mana. Will start 4/19 at 7 pm eastern.

May do a bonus stream on late Tuesday of something else, will post here if I do.

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That pic... oh boy.

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going live in just a moment

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Map making info, and how to get rare items from it

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I tend to use mainly Viera characters as their jobs are often speedy and well balanced.

Marche I tend to make a ninja with thief or hunter or paladin depending on what I need (steal ability is REALLY useful, use sleep to increase the success rate to 100%, all of my human and moogle characters get it)

I use a hunter with archer or paladin (usually Cheney)

I use Assassins with anything

I tend to recruit Viera as Assassins as their stats are really well balanced except for speed which is REALLY high and then train them for my needs (note unlike FFT stats DON'T change when you change jobs)

Summoner/Red Mage, double cast summons is OP.
Double cast works with summon magic, white magic or spirit magic if they are also equipped with red magic. For the purposes of Laws Double cast Always counts as red magic, regardless of what you use it for. So if you double cast two summon spells when the law bans summon magic, you will get NO penalty as the game considers that red magic. (just watch out for the color magic law)

Gunner with mog knight, concentrate and ranged ultima charge is no fair.

I also may train a Sage or Gladiator.

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certain mission items or missions, have a set chance to recruit a hidden character. They are normal generic recruits but they have a fixed name, join a few levels higher, join with the same job (ie Lini is always a mog knight), and they have two abilities mastered including one that needs 999 AP (with one exception).

Note the chance of them joining is not 100% so it may take a few tries, another way is to use a dispatch mission and save the day before it finishes. If they don't join reload. For the missions you need to do the mission again if they don't join.

Need specific mission item make sure to get them before item is used up

Eldena Red mage with Barrier and Doublecast (need ELDA'S CUP)
Lini Mog Knight with Mog Guard and Ultima Charge (need THE HERO GAOL)
Cheney Hunter with Capture and Ultima Shot (need SNAKE SHIELD)
Pallanza Gladiator with Blitz and Ultima Sword (need WYRMSTONE)

These characters have a chance to join after a specific mission
Quin Sage with Giga Flare and Ultima Blow (Complete mission 063 - MISSING PROFESSOR one time only mission)

Littlevilli Sniper with Double shot and Doom Archer (Complete mission 043 - CLAN LEAGUE, mission is repeatable)

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The following characters can join your team in the post game if you beat a specific mission.
Ritz (Viera Jobset)

These Characters can join but not change jobs (they can use item command)
Cid (must beat all 300 missions)

Cid's Job is Judgemaster
Abilites (all mastered when you get him)

Abate casts Stop on judge allowing for both sides to ignore laws until effect wears off
Judge Sword deals damage and steals JP
Bind causes Disable and Immobilize
JP Gift Gives own JP to target
Yellow Clip removes a yellow card from target if they get one from battle, in a sense erasing the violation (no penalty is assessed after battler either. Just watch out for the instant red cards)

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want to know some secrets and other stuff now? Interested in my party setups?