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Obviously this is just my own interpretation on it, but I viewed the whole Barnett/Sloane thing less as attraction and more as intrigue and fascination. She's very principled and ethical, yes, but from her comments on the Sydney/Vaughn relationship and the way she dealt with Sloane on their first meeting, it almost seems to me like she empathizes a little too much, and that's the weakness Sloane exploited? Plus, she deals every day with people who are part of this fucked up organization, and I'd imagine that, more or less, they all make sense to her. Even with Jack, who's shown to be a skilled manipulator, who can get people to do all sorts of fucked up things and to trust him on word alone, she had his number from the second he tried to play her. Sloane must have been someone who represented all of these things she'd seen over the years as well as all the things she hadn't; he was someone super dangerous and, in a lot of ways, completely unpredictable. He had all the tricks of the trade that all the CIA agents had and all the skills that he'd adopted to keep ahead of them for so long. I'd imagine that in doing her thesis on him, she spent quite a bit of time getting into his head, as it were, allowing her to feel like she understood him in a way that very few people did. Sloane clearly knew this, too, and he played her masterfully. He 'accidentally' let enough things slip to show her that he had more secrets she could learn. He played the hot-and-cold game to show that even if he'd 'turned good', he still was super complex and therefore probably fascinating to her? And he showed a more human and remorseful side to appeal to her empathy. In every scene they had together, all I could see was a master manipulator, giving her a version of himself that on both professional and personal levels, she'd be drawn to. One of the most awful parts is, it might not even be purposeful!! Sloane strikes me as someone who, even if he's telling the truth and is 100% reformed, would subconsciously continue to manipulate people on all levels. He even said it himself! "I manipulate people. I'm good at that, and I know it. I lie. I keep secrets. I divulge only what I must in order to elicit the reaction I need."

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Lmao it must have been almost all of szark! When I got the second email back from Baize saying I'd claimed one in season four I was like, damn, someone was ON IT :P

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It's been almost a decade and a half since I saw that scene for the first time, and it still haunts me to an almost visceral level today. It's so fucking brutal, and the horror on Aliyah, Sydney, and Vaughn's faces and the haunting music (thank you, Alias, for starting my love for Giacchino's work so early <3) and the fact that it's set in a church juxtaposed with the complete apathy and cruelty of Sloane and Kabir is just. Fuck, it's horrifying and imprinted into my brain forever.

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All expired, but thank you so much!

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Let's round it out with 2x07 :P
I only have a dollar left on my gift card now though lmao so next week I'm screwed
14 clicks left!

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I've been hoping someone will post links so I can save the rest of my gift card but impatience has won out :P - 2x04 - 2x05 - 2x06

All should have 14 clicks.
Also I'm still SUPER SAD about the song replacements, especially gur Wnpx naq Flqarl fprar va 2k05 jvgu "Evire". There are so many scenes with songs that are just iconic and super memorable to me and it's really jarring seeing them with other songs in the background ):

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14 clicks remaining on 2x03!