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Agreed. Korra's arc her is really solid.

Korra and asami 4eva

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FFXIII: Lightning Returns – Part 12: Bared Fang (continued, 3/3)


Murals of the Gods (4-4)

-To unlock the door, I have to gather keys from three nearby murals telling the “true story of the gods.”

-The first mural shows blood flowing from Etro as Lindzei and Pulse stand above her. Lindzei used the blood to give birth to the first humans.

FANG: “Yeah, so we could do his dirty work. Among my people, Lindzei was known as a trickster, never to be trusted.” Though she admits even Pulse used her people.

LIGHTNING: “Yeah, I think we’ve all learned not to trust the gods.” Whew, that carries some weight given Lightning’s current role.

-The mural’s inscription is fascinating. It says Etro returns to the chaos in death (where she is now I assume), welcomes the souls of the dead, and gifts them with life.

“She is the goddess of reincarnation.” It’d be awesome if she came back to help us against Bhunivelze at the end, or to help rebirth the world if Lightning turns on Bhunivelze.

-Before continuing, we need to find two more tablets. One in the Dry Floodlands, one near Atomos.

-Interesting! Fang tells me that when she and Vanille were “asleep” in the pillar, they were still somewhat conscious. They saw the events of XIII-2, like it was a hazy dream.

-Someone wants me to fight an Aeronite. He mentions it’s from 500 years ago – I don’t remember if I’ve seen it before in a prior game.

*45 minutes later*

JESUS DOES THIS PLACE EVER END?? I’ve been winding my way through here, totally and utterly lost.

Finding doors I end up skipping cause I don’t want to wait for timing doors or find alternate routes and it’s just all kinds of confusing.

At least there are checkpoints, red cactuar checkpoints and exits to the surface. Gonna head up to find the two tablets I’ll need for the remaining murals.


Next time: Gathering the tablets in the Dead Dunes.

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FFXIII: Lightning Returns – Part 12: Bared Fang (continued, 2/3)


Aspiring Bandit (4-2)

-The trial is to disperse the nearby sandstorm. Some nearby monster holds the key.

-Whew! Just a gurangatch, one of those spikey armadillo bois.

[Later edit: The only reason I’m not afraid of so many monsters is because I’m on easy mode. My challenge is to defeat the enemy, not necessarily to defeat the enemy while conserving as many resources as possible. That would make this feel frustrating and brutal.]

-Adonis watched me. It drops a crux, but apparently only God’s chosen can use them.

It works for me. The sandstorm stops. He’s shocked… to a point.

ADONIS: “Guess the boss was right, as usual.” Okay, 99% chance Fang is the boss.

-I’m in! Officially part of Monoculus.

-Met the appraiser in Ruffian. They identify my items. Mostly vendor trash, but got another Crux.


-I’m so happy also that she doesn’t seem clouded with Chaos, like Noel or Snow were.


Where the Clavis Lies (4-3)

-She’s been out here looking for the clavis, and wants my help to find it before the Order.

Why is she working against the Order though? Wouldn’t it help Vanille either way?

-Sounds like no. She hints at some nastiness with the Order.


-She’s more like a walking buff/damage. On auto-pilot, which I’m fine with.

Look at these two queens.

-Y’know, this might be a good chance for me to re-evaluate my schema. I’ve had a magic schema and two general scheme, but I have so many new things now. I should add a “saboteur” schema to the mix.

[Later edit: I tried this, and it’s just not needed yet. Currently using schema for physical attack schema, a jack-of-all-trades (debuffs, physical attack, a magic attack), and a pure magic.]

I ask her more directly about the Order. “That’s a story for later.” Boooo, just tell me now!

-We enter the ruins beneath the Giant’s Hand. The chamber is full of “timed doors” that change whether they open or close on the hour.

*20 minutes later*

-This is quite a maze down here. We reach a door with huge energy radiating behind it. Perhaps the Clavis, which reacts to the savior.

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FFXIII: Lightning Returns – Part 12: Bared Fang

Summary: Into the Dead Dunes. Meeting the bandit leader and heading down under the sands. The expansive ruins.


Bandits of the Desert (4-1)

I think I’m doing okay on time. Still concerned in case things take way longer going forward, and that more main quests may appear after these first four, so on we press.

-Hopping a South Station train over to the Dead Dunes.

-I’m the only disembarking passenger. Makes sense. Probably not much traffic in the “Dead Dunes.”

-There’s a red cactuar statue here. This must be the old Archylte Steppe. I wonder if we’ll get more on the Cactuar fal’Cie here.

-Unlike most zones, Dead Dunes monsters are apparently active in day, not night.

-The holy clavis is supposed to summon the souls of the dead.

-This zone feels so different from Luxerion and Yusnaan. A wide open desert.

-My favorite thing about the Dead Dunes: SKIING! It’s SUCH A COOL TOUCH that when Lightning runs downhill, she slides down the sand and sprints without using energy.

It helps mechanically helps navigate this large zone. And she looks BADASS.

-A bandit group called Monoculus makes their living pillaging the ruins below the desert. They might have a lead on the clavis. For all I know, Fang may be their leader.

-OOH! Found my first “Last One” monster, a pink rare gremlin with an omega sign.

It’s the platonic ideal of a gremlin, and basically a boss. Chains x-aga spells my way.

-I’m trying to explore the different ruins, but they’re locked. That must come later.

-The short way to the bandit town is blocked by a sandstorm.

-HI CACTUAR! That sproing sound cracks me up lol.

-The zone’s naming conventions is “Giant’s Head,” “Giant’s Sandbox,” etc.


-The Earth Eater enemies are simply brutal. Even with practice.

-Pilgrim’s Cruxes are key items that unlock different things, like a tablet in a tomb.

-I can kill non-hostile lizards for tails and “unappraised items.” I’ll probably find an appraiser in town.

-Speaking of which, finally arrived at the bandit town called Ruffian.

-The fal’Cie Atomos’ remains are nearby. RIP bowling ball god.

-Monoculus’s rival for the holy clavis it an Order group called the Secutors.

-I meet the gang’s leader, Adonis. Seems friendly.

-He won’t tell me what he knows about the clavis unless I complete a trial to join Monoculus.

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Coldrun Plays the Final Fantasy Series

Snow art by leirix, posted by djinn87.

All prior posts available at

Current progress: XIII: Lightning Returns and XIV: Shadowbringers.

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FFXIII: Lightning Returns – Part 11: Prison of Chaos (continued, 3/3)



-I spend the last few hours before 6am on some Luxerion side quests.

-The most interesting side quest involves tracking someone’s long-lost wife. Turns out, she aged and died as an old woman.

SHE AGED. That’s unheard of, since the Chaos broke loose. No explanation why yet.

-I’m not fretting too much about these side quests. There are a number I’ve made some progress on but haven’t solved fully. I’ll get them or I won’t.

-Vanille says Fang went to the Dead Dunes to search for a Holy Clavis to help Vanille.

-The third day ends. I feel like (and hope!) I’m doing okay on time.


Lumina and Ark

-More Lumina interlude time. She’s pissed at how Lightning talked Snow down. Specifically, she feels I was putting words in Serah’s mouth.

LUMINA: “Serah’s not even dead. And I’m not talking about any of that sweet, ‘oh, she’s still alive in everyone’s heart’ garbage, y’know?”

like… her spirit is in the aether, or she’s a waitress in Yusnaan somewhere? Lightning interprets Lumina’s words as the former.

(I still believe Lumina contains some significant part of Serah.)

-Anyway, the next Yggdrasil branch blossoms. Still six days until the end. Day four begins.


Next time: the Dead Dunes.

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FFXIII: Lightning Returns – Part 11: Prison of Chaos (continued, 2/?)

-His brand burns. “Let me do this! I’m tired of being useless.”

-Again, the voice acting is top notch. “Give me this last thing! Let me get it right, just this once.”

-Lightning pushes back, says he’s just looking for an easy way out. That’s kinda cold.

-But he’s not listening. He’s in such despair after not being able to save Serah or the world.

“This is what I deserve. I know it, and you know it.”

-He sucks all the Chaos into himself.

-Then he whispers. Asks me to destroy him, his Cie’th self.

-Boss time. Here we go.

-He’s less nimble than Noel was, as is to be expected. More of a straight puncher.

-Not too bad a fight. Wait for Riposte then blast with fire, guard against his main attacks – especially the chaos geyser of Sanctify.

-The Chaos begins to disappear.

-Then Lumina arrives because of course she does.

-oh shit, I thought we saved him, but not yet. He finished sucking the Chaos into himself and now he’s mostly Cie’th. Lumina asks me to put him out of his misery. Uhhh how about no?

-Lightning walks up. Holds her pendant to him… and punches him in the face with it. Hits him repeatedly. Really kicks the crap out of him.

-…it’s not working, Lightning, stahp.

-Lumina taunts Lightning. Sort of? She urges her to finish Snow off, give him some rest after all he’s been through these past 500 years. For all the mocking tone, I’m still convinced she means well.

This was his wish, after all.

-Crap. Snow attacks, nearly all red-eyed Cie’th. Please don’t be phase two.

-Lightning stops punching with her fists and starts punching with her memories of Serah. Really weaponizes her.

“Her soul is dreaming of being with you again, you fool. If you’re not here, then what’s my sister supposed to come home to? Snow… I’m begging you. You have to live. I need you, Snow. To bring Serah back.”

-She shoves the pendant against him. Light envelops them… and he’s back. PHEW.

-I like how quickly the best version of their old relationship returns. Teasing and joking with each other.

-Snow will hold on a little longer as the Patron, until Lightning can guide everyone to this new world.

LIGHTNING: “Stay strong. Someday, you’ll be all [Serah] has.” What?? Is she not going to this new world with everyone?

Perhaps. Even Moses brought his people to the promised land, but was forbidden from entering himself.

-For now, she’s saved Snow’s soul.

He’s ready to be a hero again.

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FFXIII: Lightning Returns – Part 11: Prison of Chaos

Summary: Confronting Snow in his Yusnaan palace to save his soul.


A Solitary Patron (2-3)

-Tons of chaos inside Snow’s palace. The cyclopes give me especial trouble at first.

-Blitz does so much damage! I assumed as an aoe it’d be weaker than attack, but I gotta keep an open mind.

-It’s strange being back in the starting palace. I expected it to be my last stop.

-Speaking of which, I didn’t mind XIII’s linearity, but I very much love how open LR is! [Non-rhetorical question: do you even need to complete Luxerion first, or could you have just skipped to one of the other zones and returned to Luxerion later?]

I know XIII got lots of hate for its linearity. LR must hold a special place in fans’ hearts for this freedom.

-Everything hints at Snow becoming a Cie’th during our coming fight.

-The double Anubis configuration takes some getting used to. Gotta play very defensively.

-Found an ally in one of Snow’s guards. He sees what’s happening, wants me to help free the Patron.

-Snow is aware of his own decline. Asked his guards to “kill him without hesitation” if he became a danger. Now, they just hear monstrous screams from inside Snow’s chamber.

-Reached Snow’s door. It’s frozen over magically, and regular fire won’t help.

How do I break through? Gonna keep exploring.

-Found an odd “room.” A prison cell with a bed, a desk. Snow’s room?

-LR COMBAT IS SO DAMN SATISFYING! Like with the Anubys. I love watching it approach, trying to read whether it’s gonna jump or drag its weapon and respond with the right guard timing. What a rush!

-Got inside the cell. Snow’s pendant for Serah is here. I’ll bet this is like that werewolf trope where he locks it up to keep loved ones safe from him. The pendant represents Serah, and maybe Snow goes Cie’th at times. Or just hates himself.

-Yup, the pendant breaks the frost on Snow’s door. The room is full of Chaos (and Snow).

SNOW: “[Killing me] didn’t work before, but you look different this time.” It’s the cat ears.

-He claims this was all a test to see if I’m the real Lightning. Only the real Lightning would know what Serah’s pendant means and think to use it to break through the door.

I suppose I believe that. He spent hundreds of years fighting without me, and I suddenly appear? Sus.

-I follow Snow into a deeper chamber, and it’s so full of Chaos that it’s hard to see.

-He spends his energy keeping it contained, and his reserves are running low. Reminds me of Vanille. He’ll go full Cie’th soon.

Maybe that was Cactuar’s Focus for him, to keep people safe? Or maybe I’m misunderstanding what turns someone Cie’th, and raw despair is enough.

-This storyline is amazing. It’s a great twist on Snow’s “I’m the hero” schtick. He’s had five hundred years to dwell on how shit a hero he was (in his mind, anyway).

Serah died, the world’s dying, and protecting a dying town at the end feels almost like mockery.