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Personally, I'm five episodes into "Midnight Mass" on Netflix. It's already one of my favorite pieces of horror ever. Reflective, thoughtful, poetic, and atmospheric as heck with GREAT characters.

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Only one of these I've seen was Hunt for Red October, but what a classic that was.

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PUMPKIN MEERKATS!!!! (or are those a different animal?)

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This is a great point! I actually find that DPS solo questing time is pretty comparable to healing and tanking, so one less barrier. (Compared to, say, leveling up as a DPS in Classic WoW versus a tank or healer in Classic WoW which is night and day.)

The main difficulty barrier for me is just the pressure and stress of healing versus tanking. I find that as a new player it's a heavier burden, despite the faster queue times. But that depends on each player and their own personal comfort with the role.

On the other hand, the XIV community is EXTREMELY welcoming and adaptable to new healers and tanks in the party - as long as you let them know. If you try a healer or tank and just say, "Hey, new tank/healer here!" they'll definitely be cool with it.

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WOOO!!! You got this!!

*waves goodbye to the oracle*

(I frigging LOVE that transition scene)

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FF Type-0 - Part 76: United Front [Unspoiled]

Summary: Starting chapter 3. Quick ability promotion. My first elite trial.


[youtube D5DS3-eBQMY youtube]

Five Thoughts/Questions

1) My skill priority is getting higher Quick Draw levels. Finishing magic seems super strong at higher levels, at least theoretically.

2) Seeing Dr. Al-Rashia with Rem here makes me super uncomfortable. I can't help but think that she's shepherding Rem along the path to become l'Cie even now, regardless of what it might cost Rem or what Rem might want if she had all the relevant info.

3) I'll probably return to this elite trial down the line. Level grinding seems SO SLOW, but I at least want to try completing the red SOs. I missed some this time around.

4) Was I supposed to already know or recognize the shady and sadistic Concordian woman at the end of the United Front? Do not like.

5) Cannot get over how powerful the new weapons I got for Ace and Deuce are. Just... Like... MORE THAN DOUBLE THE DAMAGE OF MY PRIOR WEAPONS??? Wow.

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I think so - I just checked, and my code is: E7DJC4TJ

EDIT: Just noticed that the Friendship Circlet (+20% experience when worn on a job under level 25) is from Recruit a Friend too! I've had that forever, so I must've joined on a friend's recruitment code too.

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Argh bummer - but still super easy to hop worlds (me or you) as long as we're both in the same data center.

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[youtube wmWFZpX8C0Y youtube]