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FF Type-0 - Part 58: Phoenix Occupation [Unspoiled]

Summary: Invading Concordia. Tasks in Roshana and Rama.


[youtube rGNC2q8WOgw youtube]

Five Thoughts/Questions

1) Our new role as an occupying force in Concordia is so uncomfortable. At least we're trying to do some good there?

2) Few things in this game have been more terrifying than when I thought the giant world malboro was going to catch me.

3) How soon could I have crossed over into Concordian territory? I was so sure before this session that the eastern border of Eibon was just a hard wall I couldn't bypass.

4) In one of the prior sessions, townsfolk talked about the Tower of Judecca as only reachable by airship. Were we inside the tower during chapter 6, against the Dracobaltians? Or is the tower something that comes later?

I'm almost certain we weren't there, but with the frozen breath bridge it was really hard to get a clear sense of the geographical layout in the battle of Judecca.

5) Sometimes I'm not sure whether I'm spending money appropriately. Not today. The Concordian weapon upgrades LITERALLY DOUBLED most of my prior attack power. What a boost!

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FF Type-0 - Part 57: Eternal Haze of the Spotted Mind [Unspoiled]

Summary; A finishing magic breakthrough. Kazusa struggles to scratch the itch that is Kurasame.


[youtube kfWxvb5P324 youtube]

Five Thoughts/Questions

1) I DID IT! I DID THE FINISHING MAGIC THING! Though it's more accurate to say "we" did it. Thank you all so much for your advice and tips and support!

2) I'd been wondering before how to know when I successfully did it, and this time I saw. When you get it, the words in the magic ability on the bottom right change briefly to the magic you're casting.

3) What does the green exclamation point mean? Does that just indicate when a quest is this continuing chain as it is for Kazusa and Emina?

4) It's clear what Kazusa is working on now. I wonder what he was working on before Kurasame's death. Probably the same thing, but a less personal version.

5) I love that the Commandant fixated apparently on Kurasame's hair. XD XD XD

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Coldrun Plays the Final Fantasy Series

Ace art by Fujiwara Ryo.

All prior posts available at

Current progress: Type-0, chapter 7. XIV, dark knight leveling and kobold beast tribes.

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I do remember the older days when Dropbox was the main Mark Watches way of distributing videos, and he'd CONSTANTLY get timed out when a big video dropped cause of everyone going to download it. So I know the limits are there, but not sure on details.

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FF Type-0 - Part 55: Old Lorica [Unspoiled]

Summary: Eight in the Arena. Questing in Old Lorica. Kactuar. A flood of content I'm too low to do.


[youtube 5zHBnnx3aA4 youtube]

Five Thoughts/Questions

1) Eight's Explosive Fist is really nice in theory, but I think I actually connect with it maybe 10% of the time. It's so dang slow! By the time he's finished stretching and winding up, the enemy is usually halfway across Orience.

2) Am I missing something about Lightspeed Jab? I assumed it would be a quick way to instantly get a ranged breaksight or killsight but even with the teleportation it doesn't seem fast enough for that.

3) I was surprised that Emina didn't accept my two gifts here. Aside from the guides that are no doubt available, what in-game hints tell me the gifts that work at a given time? Like, is there dialogue with Emina that hints at what she wants and doesn't want?

4) I thought before this session that the phantoma I harvest depended on the magic I used to kill them. Is that the case? The Sorcery NPC here made it seem like it depended on the enemy itself. Maybe it's a mix?

5) I was surprised by how weak the Kactuar I encountered seemed. Then I read that Rubicus entry. Sounds like I just lucked out from getting one-shot lol.

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FF Type-0 - Part 56: Remains of Big Bridge [Unspoiled]

Summary: Rubicus annals review. Mementos of Kurasame and Caetuna. Behemoths of Behemel Caverns. L'Cie crystals.


[youtube 0Im04b1QiBk youtube]


Five Thoughts/Questions

1) After hearing this session, I'll try to raise my own volume a bit relative to the game audio. The room I'm recording in now has carpet rather than hardwood. I wonder if that muffles the audio. (I know nothing about acoustics, so just a guess.)

2) Yet AGAIN I went hunting around for a quest item when it was just sitting in my inventory! I really need to get into the habit of just talking to the quest giver as soon as I accept it, just to check.

3) I'm usually not a fan of the "kill something way higher level than you" quests, but I enjoyed the Meroe behemoth quest. Sure, it was about 20 levels higher than me, but it was right near a save point and felt doable.

4) I'm excited to explore the four tougher zones that the Dungeon Master mentioned here. Well... maybe "excited" isn't the right word when I think about the malboro dungeon. Interested? Curious? Yeah, those are more accurate.

5) I love the l'Cie diversity of foci. Was I interpreting Kanna's focus (46:10) correctly as the person who helped Rubrumites learn magic?

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(wow this is weird to think about)

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FFXIV – Part 252: Cat’s Vengeance [Amal’jaa Beast Tribe] (continued 3/3)


Random Stuff Around Eorzea

Some amazing glamours:

An FFXV-Castlevania crossover:

A classic party make-up:

A mecha-dragon-thing mount?

Captain Korea!

Riding on an antelope mount my friend Raq got me:

While working on my monk, I got to break out these Yo-Kai Watch event gauntlets:

Completed my first Bozja gear set recently. I LOVE the look!

My friend Cat’s badass look. She looks like a lead in the Matrix:

Some great player names I’ve seen recently:

Fluffy Flake
Bunny Himbo
Kritniss Everdeeps
Meow Mixx
Average Hotdog
Schmingus Shackleber
Thelonious Funk
Pantsu Chan
Bloody Butterfly
Pizza Datass
Theangrybeaver Beaver
Duge Hick
Rufio Lostboy
Glucose Daddy
Bendy Cucumber


Next time: The 1-30 pugilist quests.

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FFXIV – Part 252: Cat’s Vengeance [Amal’jaa Beast Tribe] (continued 2/?)

-I go help Loonh break into the main Flametongue camp.


WHITE-HAIRED MIQO’TE: “You can’t have [Loonh]! No one can have her! She’s been promised to the Lord of the Inferno!” Is she just despairing or has she been tempered?

(As I write this we can cure tempering, but since this quest is from ARR I’m head-canoning this moment as something that Ququshu did back in that era.)

This poor woman…

-Yup. She’s tempered. It seems to have inflicted titanic mental and emotional damage. She’s cradling a rock, holding it and laughing as if the rock is baby Loonh.

-Zagozz shows up here to laugh and mock. Dude. You have no idea how dead you are! Cause the answer is “super super duper dead.”

-The battle begins. Zagozz charges up a fiery blast, but Loonh couldn’t care less. My little supportive side quest just now had me destroy Ifrit’s power nodes in the area, so his magic is weak.

Her arrow busts through the fire magic shield and NAILS that jerk in the chest.

-He IMMEDIATELY gives up lololol. Prostrates himself. And she shows mercy! Sorta.

At her mercy.

-But it was all a ruse. As she walks away, this utterly unredeemable jackwagon mwa-ha-has and tosses his axe her way.

-WOOOO SAVE BY THE FLAMETONGUE! Despite their code restricting them from helping, the warleader showed up. <3

HAMUJJ GAH: “You fought with honor and with courage! Such was my proud exultation, the dagger flew unbid from my hand – how unfortunate, then, that Zagozz The stood in its path.”

Hamujj Gah: proud warchief.

I. Love. Everything. About. This.

LOONH GAH: “Were you watching, mother? You have been avenged.” <3

-She returned her mother, tempered as she is, to Forgotten Springs. At that point there’s no hope for recovery from tempering, but maybe she can find peace.

Ququshu on her new mount.