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Ooh, I haven't seen Galavant before! This sounds like a fun one.

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I watched a blind LP of the NES LoZ first quest recently, and can't believe how complex that final dungeon is. Wow. Forgot all about that.

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One of my favorite songs is "Gothic Lolita," by Emilie Autumn.

TW: murder, assault, sexual assault.

[youtube 1EfMYFlVruw youtube]

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Coldrun Plays the Final Fantasy Series

All prior posts available at

Current progress: Final Fantasy XIV (post-Heavensward) and Final Fantasty Tactics A2.

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That "where the fairies don't live" is soooo minimal. Ack.

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FF Tactics A2 – Part 2: Clan Gully (continued, 2/2)


Pub Rumors

-Jylland is a vast region between the continents of Loar and Ordalia with mountains, desert, everything.

-Jylland’s calendar uses unique month names for a 240-day year. For instance, its summer months are Coppersun, Goldsun, and Silversun. Spring names all end in “fire,” autumn in “leaf,” winter in “frost.”

-Clan points are currency to access clan trials. Idk what this means yet.

-Everyone on the battlefield gets experience for their contribution. So it’s not evenly distributed. Ability points ARE evenly distributed however.


Clan Info

-The quest report layout looks like a chess board.

-I can see all previously viewed rumors and tutorials here.

-There’s a “Judge Menu” in game showing two options: Clan Privileges and Laws.

-I have a few clan bonuses. Dunno where they came from, but I get slight bonuses in a number of areas.


A Paw Full of Feathers

-We arrive at a pleasant little chocobo farm.

Cid warns Luso not to get too close to the chocobos lest they peck him, but he says “Oh, I know all that already.” How?? Do you play FF too, like Marche?

-Two wolves and an undead-looking dude arrive and it’s up to us to save the chocobos!

-Fire is forbidden. If we break it, we might lose privileges… aha! That’s where the bonuses come from.

-At the start of battle, I get to pick one of those privileges to apply. I go with the Clan Point bonus.

-If we break the law, we lose the clan privilege bonus and can’t revive/phoenix down during the fight.

That’s harsh, and yet WAY better than prison.

-The undead with the wolves is a “Baknamy.” [Later edit: seems he’s a goblin rather than an undead.] I seem to remember that enemy from the Necrohol of Nabudis.

-Victory! With some nice rewards as a law-abiding citizen.

-I’d assumed Luso still had the book that sent him here, but looks like it got lost in transit to Ivalice.

LUSO: “I remember it was old, real old. The cover was all faded. I didn’t even see what it was called.”

-Luso still has a journal with him. Some magic version of his summer vacation journal.

“This journal talks about me in the library… and coming to Ivalice, and getting rescued… Everything I’ve done is in here!” CREEPY. (But cool!) Like an auto-journal.

-Our next step is to find a wizard or something who might know about this magick book.

-That mission improved my clan’s teamwork and adaptability.


Next time: the basics of the game now under my belt, let’s go find a wizard.

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FF Tactics A2 – Part 2: Clan Gully

Summary: Exploring basic mechanics and the job system. Luso begins the long journey home.


Clan Hall

-Cid confirms that this is Ivalice. He’ll help Luso find his way back. In the meanwhile, Luso will help the clan. Clan Gully.

“If I’m stuck here for a while, might as well enjoy it!” He’s really taking this lightly.

-Many “quests” are combat. Not all.

-AWWW! Cid throws Luso a welcoming party.

-My first quest is “A Paw Full of Feathers.” Clear out some wolves threatening a chocobo corral.

-The game already starts me off with 20 potions, 5 antidotes, 5 eye drops. Seems generous.

-FFTA2 retains that glorious FFIX/FFTA system of learning abilities from gear.

-Ooh, and it’s incorporating the FFXII loot/bazaar system! Selling loot nets me stuff in return.

-BUT IT’S EVEN BETTER THAN THAT! The game TELLS me the various bazaar packages available and what I need to get it.

-I can either sell the loot or trade it for bazaar goods, not both. It injects an element of choice.

-There are four “Clan Talents:” negotiation, aptitude, teamwork, adaptability. FFTA had something similar, skills that each mission built.

-This map is fairly small. Only five nodes., all pre-set, unlike FFTA where I made up the world as I went. pre-set here.

I wonder if that indicates that this is not a dream world.


Job Look

-The game shows me the jobs I haven’t unlocked yet. It tells me some names and gives the rest as “???” for now.

-It also tells me how to unlock them! Like, it says to unlock Illusionist with mastering two white mage and four black mage abilities.


-Any new jobs must be hiding behind the question marks for now.

-There are three ability types, all from FFTA: action, reaction, and passive.

-Uhh…. I don’t know how to pull up the description on a ability. I’ve been pushing different button combinations for about 15 minutes. Nothing. This is getting super frustrating.

[Non-rhetorical question: How do I see more information in game on individual abilities? For example, I’m trying to find out what First Aid does. All the “Help” menu does is pull up general information on Arts of War.

Like, it’s something super basic, it has to be an option in the game, and I just can’t find how to access it.]

-Okay, I’ve spent long enough on that. Moving on.

[Later edit: This really stumped me, but eventually my friend Almaeron helped me out. All solved!]

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No judgment at all! That's what the reroll is there for :D Berserker sounds like punishment more than challenge.

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Oh no! That's so frustrating (

I saw your future jobs in the database. That definitely looks like it'll be a challenging run - especially on magic-resistant bosses! (Though access to Rapid Fire is a nice boost.)