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I've been watching "Better Call Saul" and LOVING it! My main caveat is that while it probably can technically work on its own, it references "Breaking Bad" so often that it basically works as a sequel to that show.

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Ooh, awesome! That makes a lot of sense in the context.

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Hah, very fair. :) I've learned since that it's a particular type of pipe called a "kiseru," which I didn't have the language for at the time:

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FF Type-0 - Part 14: You Down with SPP? [Unspoiled]

Summary: End of chapter 2 (and the end of Togoreth) as l'Cies clash.


[youtube UsiDBT9v8ag youtube]

Five Thoughts/Questions

1) Nine as the dragoon is SO. MUCH. FUN. I like the combination of mobility and aoe with jump and responsiveness with quick attacks.

2) I was annoyed at the support personnel giving my main party members the boot last time, but I did at least reap the rewards with SPP. Some really nice weapon upgrades! I'll be curious to see whether those weapons are also available at the Armory next time.

3) Next time, I'll also dive much more into the Rubicus I expect. I'd like to get to the point where after each mission, there's only new stuff to explore. (It's a lot of reading, but I like getting the context and lore.)

4) I'll probably try to swap out my secret training people every day or two, and will likely just do it off camera when I swap it.

5) After that the Rubicus is cleared out, I may try out some older missions. I really want to get a handle before the next main mission on how to use these characters. The raw diversity of gameplay feels like it has a high ceiling and I want to get a bit closer to understanding it.

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WOOOO!!! Congrats!!

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FF Type-0 - Part 13: Togoreth [Unspoiled]

Summary: Giant beasts eat me. Infiltrating Togoreth Fortress. Golem. Mass confusion and weird fourth wall breaks around SPP.


[youtube gccsnNIZ5z8 youtube]

Five Thoughts/Questions

1) Sorry for the lost footage early, but I didn't lose much. Just some fairly mundane task turn-ins and fights.

2) I assumed the random support folks only joined the fight if I called for it, but it seemed like they were coming it willy-nilly and booting my party members out while doing so. It frustrated me at the time, though in hindsight I don't mind I guess.

3) That said, a minor thing that bugged me disproportionately was the game devs giving their names and titles (I assume?) to the support personnel. Makes this feel like an amateur project, idk. I like that sort of thing being relegated to a secret easter egg, not what seems to be a core mechanic.

4) I really like the surrender mechanic after you kill a leader. It's a neat and flavorful incentive to go about combat in a way I wouldn't normally.

5) Is it possible to escape combat once I'm in it in the open world? I'm glad I couldn't just so I could capture the utter terror of being stuck in combat with a group of level 99s, but would be a nice tool going forward. XD

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A friend and I went in without having looked at guides and (while we died a whole bunch) we never wiped. Found it notably easier than Puppets' Bunker.

It'd make it easier to look up a guide, but I didn't feel lost. When I died, I usually knew what killed me and was able to adjust the next time I saw it.

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It's so exciting! I did the raid last night (and LOVED IT), but haven't worked on any 5.5 stuff yet.

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I've been slacking on posting these, so apologies for any interested!

FF Type-0 - Part 12: Corsi Cave [Unspoiled]

Summary: Tasks around Rubrum. An amphibious boyfriend. Coeurl central.


[youtube q6SSwmRrXK0 youtube]


Five Thoughts/Questions

1) I don't know whether I like the gun or bow user in my party more, but both are super fun. The gun dude feels more forgiving.

2) Sometimes when I shoot with my bow, I just flat-out miss. Is it something I'm doing wrong, or is there just a chance to miss each time you shoot (with presumably a smaller chance the closer you are)? Does standing still vs. moving while shooting impact the chance to hit?

3) Did Corsi Cave fully restock its enemies once I left? I assume it's there just if I want to basically repeat the content.


5) Thank you so much for helping me understand how to (literally) multitask when tasks require you to get an item, but I still don't understand why the game uses this system rather than letting you pick up multiple tasks. Is it a technical barrier or a design choice do you think?