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For that, I added an unused hotbar just above the main cross hotbars. I actively use R2+L2 and L2+R2 for extra buttons. The left side of that top hotbar then are [R2+L2+ (directional up, left, right, down)] and the right side of that top hotbar are [R2+L2+ (triangle, circle, x, square)].

Those button combos activate buttons that are ALSO on a different cross hotbar. I can't actually control that top hotbar directly on my controller, so I duplicate whatever is in that R2+L2 cross hotbar on the top hotbar. It's a great way for me to keep track.

It's been a really nice set-up that gives me visible and easy access to 32 job buttons.

Plus another 8 (L2+R2) non-job specific that I don't need to see because I just kinda know what they are at this point and don't really care about watching the cooldowns. Sprint, mount, chocobo summon, etc.

I modeled my set-up off of a YouTube channel called Work To Game, which has a number of great controller guides. I used an older one, but their most recent one that I could find is here:

[youtube vOFHeZxJOgo& youtube]

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This is definitely helpful, ty!

One of my biggest improvements came from regularly using Whispering Dawn and other cooldowns. It makes sense that the next step is to regularly use Dissipation on tough pulls.

I've absolutely Excog'd my self, though not on camera this time. It's SO FRUSTRATING lol.

I'd definitely underrated Sacred Soil. 10% damage reduction doesn't sound like much, but now that I think about it, it probably scales up in value the more damage taken. 10% damage reduction of 3 packs of enemies is titanic. Will definitely incorporate that, especially now that Dissipation will go into my rotation more regularly to give more aetherflow to play with.

When you ask about the icons, do you mean these?

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FFXIV – Part 207: Gitting Gud [Scholar Mechanics, 30-60] (continued, 3/3)


L60 Notes

New Abilities

-Indomitability. Restores own party’s HP by 400 potency. Costs 1 Aetherflow.
-Deployment Tactics: Extends Galvanize on self or target to the party. Instant cast. 120 sec cooldown.
-Emergency Tactics: Transforms next Galvanize and Catalyze into just healing. Usually ignore this.
-Dissipation: Orders fairy away and fills your Aetherflow stack. Increases healing magic potency by 20%. 180s cooldown. Lasts 30 seconds.


-Make SURE to only use Deployment Tactics to spread Adloquium’s big Galvanize, not Succor’s crappy Galvanize.
-Use Deployment Tactics to help prepare for big group damage.
-Use pet cooldowns before blowing Dissipation.
-Bosses typically AoE every 30 seconds or so. Respond regularly with Indomitability.

Putting it into practice:

I recorded two particular attempts. One in the Vault which went really well, the other in Holminster Switch about 10 levels later. Bosses are not too bad, but still struggle on the huge pulls.

[youtube M_qgW7SdWCg& youtube]

Look. I have a LONG way to go before I’m even decent as a healer, and there are still twenty levels of new abilities and dungeons and rotations to get used to.


Next time: continuing the 60-70 scholar story.

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FFXIV – Part 207: Gitting Gud [Scholar Mechanics, 30-60]


L40 Notes

-Succor: Group healing. Potency 180, 1300 mana. Applies a far less effective version of Galvanize. Still 125% of the healing done, but only 125% of 180 potency instead of 300 potency. Also can’t apply Catalyze if it crits.

[Non-rhetorical question: how much stronger is my out-of-combat mana regen compared to in-combat?]

-Fey Illumination: Eos increases healing potency of the party by 10% and reduces magic damage taken by 5% for 20 seconds. Use it right before Succor or Adloquium. After all, the higher the number healed, the stronger the shield.


-Use succor primarily when the party is about to take large AoE damage multiple times or just took it. Ignore it most of the time.
-Whenever tank falls below 70% health, top off with an Adloquium. (If it’s on a big fight, use Fey Illumination before this part.)
-Use Fey Illumination for “oh shit” moments, like on big pulls.


L50 Notes

[youtube zu4Wyzq_YSs& youtube]

New Abilities

-Aetherflow: Restores 10% of max MP. Grants Aetherflow 3. (Only available in combat.) 60 sec cooldown.
-Lustrate: Instantly restores HP, potency of 600. Costs 1 Aetherflow.
-Sacred Soil: Party members in the area of effect only take 90% damage. 15 seconds, 30 second CD. Costs 1 Aetherflow. Not generally worth it for a single target.


-Big “oh shit” heals from Lustrate, but pace yourself. Only 3 Aetherflow charges every 60 seconds.
-Sacred Soil and Succor to mitigate big group damage when stacked up.
-Use Aetherflow on cooldown after spending remaining stacks.

I tried the level 51 dungeon, the Dusk Vigil. Very comfortable! Stayed close to the tank, used cooldowns well, and kept my Aetherflow charges up.

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FFXIV – Part 206: Gitting Gud [Scholar Mechanics, 30-60]

Summary: Learning about healing abilities and strategies before I make the final leveling push on scholar.



Before moving on with the story, I need to pause. Went into a high 60s dungeon on this scholar, and barely survived even minor pulls. I need to re-evaluate my strategy.

I don’t blame myself. [Later edit: I TOTALLY blamed myself, but I shouldn’t have.] I have over a decade of MMO experience on DPS but none as a healer, and apparently scholar is less intuitive even than other FF healers. And healing on scholar has been tougher than tanking was for me.

My previous healing strategy on scholar was very reactive. Adloquium (a heal plus shield) and Physick (a smaller heal). It barely kept me above water on single group pulls, and many tanks like to pull multiple packs at a time. I need to learn.

My main teacher will be a YouTuber named Teegres FFXIV. Lots of scholar guides out there are for max level, but Teegres puts out video guides for every 10 levels!


L30 Notes

[youtube lcbvS0HH8dk youtube]


-Eos (fairy healing pet) casts Embrace as a minor heal whenever a party member takes damage. Only works if you’re close enough to the injured party member, so get used to being midrange.
-Whispering Dawn: 60 second cooldown, instant. 120 potency regen on all nearby party members.
-Physick: Restores HP, potency 400.
-Adloquium: Restores HP, potency 300. PLUS TWO OTHER EFFECTS: Galvanize and Catalyze.

--Galvanize: Always applies. Shields the target with bonus of 125 times whatever you healed with the 300 potency.
--Catalyze: Only applies when the heal lands critically. Adds a SECOND shield with bonus of 125 times whatever you healed with the 300 potency.

This confused me before. I thought that it meant a full-health target couldn’t get Galvanize or Catalyze. After all, if the target is full, then no healing was done, so 125 times 0 = 0, right?

But nope! The shield goes off the healing that would be done if the target weren’t at full health. You can (and should) pre-shield the tank.

-When a target with both Catalyze and Galvanize takes damage, GALVANIZE drops first. That means that as soon as a target with both buffs loses Galvanize, you can re-cast Adloquium, and even if it doesn’t land critically, it’ll reapply Galvanize as an extra buffer on top of the previously-applied Catalyze.

General Rotation

-Before the pull, Adloquium the tank.
-Whenever tank falls below 70% health, top off with an Adloquium. (If it’s on a big fight, use Whispering Dawn before this part.)
-If a non-tank takes damage and you don’t expect them to take more damage, Physick.
-If the tank’s health falls TOO low, cast Adloquium and then follow it with a Physick to supplement the shield. Adloquium costs more than double Physick and heals for less, so avoid it if you’re not benefitting from the shield.
-Use Lucid Dreaming pretty much on cooldown in combat for mana regen and threat reduction.

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FFVIIR - Part 14: Maximum Cattitude [Semi-Blind]

Summary: Returning from Jessie's raid to Sector 7. Wedge's joyful cat fort. Dementors attack.


[youtube -JCgiA_6JM8& youtube]

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Coldrun Plays the Final Fantasy Series

Current progress: FFVII Remake, chapter 4. FFXIV, learning to scholar and getting from 60-70.

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That makes tons of sense! I never noticed, and (if I remember) it'll help.

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FFVIIR - Part 13: Pizza Power [Semi-Blind]

Summary: Infiltrating the Shinra facility with Biggs and Wedge, serving as a distraction for Jessie. Another dance with Roche.


[youtube t0iAeg-qmPQ& youtube]