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FFT War of the Lions – Part 17: Virgo (continued, 3/3)

-Wiegraf is one of the more sympathetic antagonists in the game. He came from poverty, saw his sister killed, his comrades decimated under systemic oppression. And now this kid who grew up with everything lectures him on the nobler path.

”Only with power can dreams be made real.”

I really, really like Wiegraf.

-At least, I like him as a character. As an antagonist, he’s terrifying.

I manage to pour enough damage onto him to take him out without dealing with his supporting cast.

-Like so many this chapter, he escapes. With the stone.

-Scene change to outside the monastery. Isilud is on a chocobo and sees a bloody Wiegraf crawling out. Wiegraf urges Isilud to flee when Ramza emerges, taking Alma away.

-Wow. I honestly thought Wiegraf would live to fight another day. It looks though like his run ends here. He drops the stone.

Uhhhhh. The Stone speaks.

“God Stone bearer, with me now do treat.”
Your spirit and my flesh as one…”

The auracite – or something within – is trying to tempt the dying Wiegraf.

“Your ire and despair, their call I heed.
And so once more I ask, with me do treat.”

Wiegraf, would you like to live deliciously? It seems he would.

Wiegraf accepts the offer and becomes the Gigas Belias. The first esper we found in XII.

-Oh shiiiiit. Beliasgraf gets away. And the way he spoke makes me pretty sure that Wiegraf is still somewhere in there.

-Elder Simon crawls out of the church and gives me a book by a man named Germonique, a disciple of Saint Ajora. The true tales of the Zodiac Braves.

ELDER SIMON: “I have lived a life of sin. All these years I have turned a blind eye as the Church rotted with corruption.” He wants to atone with his dying breaths.



-Some folks find me here, tell me to bring the Scriptures of Germonique to castle [something? Didn’t catch the name] to get Alma back.


Next time: Chasing Alma.

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FFT War of the Lions – Part 17: Virgo (continued, 2/?)


Orbonne – First Level

-We go into the monastery. Elder Simon is wounded.

-We hear troops down below, searching for the auracite.

-High Confessor Marcel apparently wants to restore the Church to prominence. He set Dukes Larg and Goltanna against each other to weaken both of them. He wants the Zodiac Stones “to revive the Zodiac Braves” and gain popular support.

I don’t quite understand this. Does he think the stones will revive the Braves rather than the Lucavi? I think it’s more likely that he’s the high priest of eeeeeevil and just spreads the nobler story to get others to help him revive the Lucavi.

-Ramza and his party will head down to the vaults to save the Virgo stone. He’s giving Alma his current auracite to protect.

I’m terrified that she’ll use it to fend off troops and become another Lucavi in the process. She’s clearly frustrated by how much Medievalice and Ramza personally limit her, so maybe she’ll take drastic action to prove herself.


Monastery Vaults – Second Level

-The enemy team is scary here. Three dragoons, two time mages, a chemist.

-Still not over how powerful Agrias and her Holy Sword abilities are.

One-woman army.

-We defeat the party but Isilud (who continued below) found Virgo. Uh-oh.


Monastery Vaults – Third Level

-Really cool music.

-Isilud’s job is “nightblade.” Not sure exactly what that does – that’s a job name in the MMO Rift, a type of elemental-based rogue. All he does here is use a dragoon jump.

-Everyone in FFT attacks Ramza for shaming House Beoulve by not being a jackwagon, but he always stands fast. He’s a bit of a straight arrow, but I admire that morally at least.

ISILUD: “The Church of Glabados envisions a world devoid of class divides – a world where all men can live as equals.” Sounds good, and I definitely see why Delita joined. But what’s up with the Lucavi?

His claim that war is the fastest way to this future reminds a bit of progressives who wanted Trmp because the resulting catastrophe hasten their goals, without caring who would gets hurt along the way.

-I feel bad for Isilud. I believe that he doesn’t know the auracite is tied to the Lucavi.

-Isilud leaves, all, “I’ll get you next time, heretic!”


Monastery Vaults – First Level

-Alma is under attack. Isilud has got her, and Wiegraf is nearby. SEE RAMZA??? The “go away for your safety” plan NEVER FUCKING WORKS.

-This next fight is to defeat Wiegraf.

He obliterates me. My party was grouped up and his Holy Blade blows me up and stops me.

-Second attempt. I spread my party out more, to avoid Wiegraf’s initial Judgment Blade.

(I really wish the game had included a “skip cutscene” option.)

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FFT War of the Lions – Part 17: Virgo

Summary: Orran. Alma joins briefly. Pursuing the Virgo stone beneath Orbonne Monastery. Wiegraf is consumed.


The Mining Town of Gollund

-A man named Orran is on a rooftop. People inside are hunting for him.

-Our party stumbles on the scene. Our job is to protect him.

-The Hasteja animation is trippy af.

-Orran is an astrologian with an awesome mass-disable called Celestial Stasis.

-Victory! Smells like a new party member.

-Orran’s shocked to hear Ramza’s name, but then feigns ignorance. Does he want vengeance on the Beoulves?

-He’s heading away from Lesaslia. Later bud.


Royal City of Lesalia

-An awkward reunion between Zalbaag and Ramza.

-Ramza pleads with him to end the fighting, that the war has been plotted by a third party.

-Zalbaag seems legit taken aback. Dycedarg may well be doing this on his own.

-A knight interrupts, saying that Cid has broken through our lines. The war calls.


Lesalia Castle Postern

-Alma catches Ramza on his way out.

-Ramza is worried for Delita. He wants to pull him out of whatever evil shenanigans may be afoot with this third party. I get the sense that saving Delita is as much of a primary motivation as saving Ivalice.

I don’t necessarily ship Deliza, but I don’t NOT ship it.


-A man enters - Confessor Zalmour of the Holy Office of the Inquisition. He’s here to charge me with the murder of Cardinal Delacroix. I mean… he’s not exactly wrong.

-Alma and I against three knights, two monks, and the Confessor himself? Uhhhhhh….

-PHEW! I now see the rest of my party waiting just outside.

-Alma is a cleric. She drops a great (if mana-hungry) buff on Ramza, Aegis.

-The Confessor gives me the chance to repent. As with most of this game, I’m unsure whether Zalmour is sincere. Does he really believe I killed Delacroix and stole his auracite as an offering to some horrifying god?

-I try to tell him the truth, but he peaces out.

-Alma overheard that, and thinks she saw an auracite. She blessedly doesn’t tell Ramza where it is unless he takes her with. GOOD. We need a cleric.

Seriously, this is just like in FFIV when the three dudes in the party told the two female mages that they couldn’t join them in the final dungeon because it was too dangerous.

-She also makes the point that no matter what happens, she’s in danger. She just fought off the Office of the Inquisition. No way she’s safe just chilling at home.

-The auracite is in Orbonne. Where we started the game. “A crystal engraved with the likeness of a virgin maid.” …Virgo. She’s coming to help us get in.

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Argh!! I'm in St. Paul, but I didn't even think to check either the Hennepin or Ramsey County systems - thank you for the idea!

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Do you put Twitch stream vids up on YouTube too? (I got YouTube Red recently so I'm downloading videos more often to put on in the background when I work/etc.)

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Two. The second, Stormblood, came out last summer, so still pretty new.

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FFXIV – Part 36: Heavensward (continued, 3/3)


More Bark and Mochi Bite (Heavensturn seasonal event)

-There’s a new seasonal quest event called Heavensturn. Perhaps it’s a new year event – like, when the heavens turn.

-The quest giver is the “Inu Bugyo,” from the Far East. They have a zodiac-like system, where each year is dedicated to a particular beast.

-YESSS IT’S THE YEAR OF THE DOG… wait. Is this the Chinese calendar system it’s drawing on? Probably. I’ll bet this is actually the Year of the Dog in real life.


-The quest is about giving out “advent rice cakes,” mochi.

omg ffxiv what are you doing

“Are you familiar with mochi pounding?
1. Yes, I am.
2. I’m something of a virgin.”


Taro and I will go promote the festival together.

-Our promotion style is unbeatable. Taro runs up to people in town, plays with them for like one minute, then runs away. I then tell the person that if they come to the festival, then they’ll get puppy time AND rice cakes. Who can say no?

-One asshole from a gang called the Rabid Wives threatens to sick their huge wolf-dog on Taro, scaring him. I WILL murder you.

-The Rabid Wives pirates are also attacking the mochi-pounding. I get to participate in a FATE saving the mochi from the pirates. The FATE is mechanically tricky. There’s a cyclops pounding the mochi, and I have to swoop in between pounds or else I get hit.

-Back in town, the pirates keep harassing people… but Taro stands up to them, barking with his little yap! Seeing that tiny pupper being so courageous encourages the townsfolk to do the same.

-My reward is amazing. I get a kabuto with a pupper on it.

Best holiday ever.


Random Stuff Around Eorzea

This player’s mount looks like the CPU boss from FFIV:

I love how this white mage’s chocobo is all “CAN I HELP YOU?” with her fancy hat and barding:

I love literally everything about this player character design and armor and want a movie about her:

Close-up of my Christmas bear mount:


Next time: Working for House Fortemps.

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FFXIV – Part 36: Heavensward (continued, 2/?)

-The city is not in great shape. The outskirts are wrecked from dragon attacks.

-I see starting quests as I walk through Ishgard for the new expansion jobs: Dark knight, machinist, and astrologian. They sound SO COOL! But not going to worry about them just yet.

-Feels good to gain xp again! I’d been capped at 50 for a while.

-I loooove the clothing of House Fortemps. Ishgard reminds me strongly of the Kingdom of San d’Oria from FFXI. Elf-based, medievally militaristic, sort of French.

-Count Fortemps made an unusual decision to grant us asylum, but he doesn’t think he’ll get much pushback. As long as we continue our “altruistic endeavors.”


Taking in the Sights

-Tataru, Aphinaud and I will take a tour of the city from a House Fortemps servant.

-The Count gives us documents proving that we’re under House Fortemps’ protection. I wonder how much we’ll be harassed or stared at around the city.

Noble fashions of Ishgard.

A skeptical knight.

-The Holy Vault is the main cathedral. It’s the seat of government, and residence of the archbishop of the Ishgardian Orthodox Church.

The Holy Vault.

-There are statues of the Knights Twelve who put down Nidhogg and founded the nation.

The Knights Twelve.

I’m getting memories of the other FF game I’m currently playing, FF Tactics: War of the Lions, and the twelve Zodiac Braves.

-The city is HUGE. I also like how the music varies depending on what quarter you’re in.


The Better Half

SERVANT: “To the south and east… well… ‘Twould be best if you avoided that area.” Is that where their secret police dwells or something?

-Oh, no. It’s just the poorer area. Alphinaud especially wants to head to the bar in that part of town, the Forgotten Knight, in hopes of hearing news of our missing companions.

-We head there and learn about the class divide in the city. The poorer folks in Ishgard get hit hardest by weather, wyvern attacks, everything.

-Tataru is especially excited to camp out here and hear news from all passers-by.

-I head back to House Fortemps. The Count asks me to help his sons, Emmanellain and Artoirel. They’re reluctant to accept, but the Count smacks them down.

-We have a start path for this expansion now. Help out House Fortemps and simultaneously further our own goals by building connections and learning news back home.

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FFXIV – Part 36: Heavensward

Summary: Starting the first expansion. Exploring Ishgard. A pup-focused seasonal event.


Expansion Expectations

-So this expansion looks like it’s going to be in Ishgard.

-There are a few plots cooking – the war against the dragons, the Ascians manipulating the religious leadership, and of course the brutal end of “A Realm Reborn” in the background where Lord Lolorito took power in Ul’dah and decimated the Scions of the Seventh Dawn (my group).

-I’ll play the expansion primarily as a dragoon. Feels appropriate. But in the background I’ll keep trying other jobs.

One change to how I’ll do this though focuses on jobs. I’ll still write up the job quests and storylines as I go, but I won’t post them in real time. Instead, when I complete a job (through 25, 50, and 60), I’ll put it as its own post so that the full story of that job gets collected in one place instead of split among like seven different unrelated posts.

Part of this is because I think the job stories work best as short stories, but part of it is also because I want to test out different jobs at different times. I might start gladiator to try that, continue a bit on bard, give astrologian a go, and two months later go back and finish gladiator.

It helps me to have the story of that job in one single place to remember what came before it, even with a time gap between play sessions on that job.

[Later edit: one last thing. A prediction, now that I’ve seen the Heavensward logo. The Ishgard storyline seems to be about some great dragon attack building, the dragon-worshipping cult helping it.

And right there on the logo is motherfucking Shinryu. I don’t know if he’ll be the expansion final boss or something else, but he’ll definitely have a role to play.]


Coming to Ishgard

-The expansion starts in Coerthas with the Scions. Alphinaud wants to clear our names while I go to Ishgard, but that’s bound to fail for Alphinaud.

-Lord Haurchefant busts in with another option. Yay! Ishgard has granted us access to the city as wards of House Fortemps (Lord Haurchefant’s house).

-There’s new quest completion music! It’s like the original’s been remixed on a cathedral organ.

-I head through the Gates of Judgment, and into Ishgard itself. This is super exciting.

-Alphinaud, Tataru and I trudge through the snow towards Ishgard. An omniscient narrator announces this – is this new? Feels like it.

-The city itself is ruled by the archbishop of the Orthodox Church, with four high houses below him.

-Ishgard has been at war for a thousand years.

-Ah, Heavensward is the name of the memoir about this time! So it’s like Tactics, written from the future.

-The city reminds me strongly of Anor Londo from Dark Souls.

(Dark Souls 3 spoilers: naq orpnhfr bs gur fabj, vg'f rfcrpvnyyl yvxr gur irefvba bs nabe ybaqb gung ernccrnef va qf guerr.) I keep expecting archers to knock me off.