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No, read the top review.

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Yeah, no worries. I know I'm in the minority with this movie. It's a weird case where I genuinely do not understand why everyone thinks it's awesome. Like usually I can at least... understand where people are coming from but I just feel like everyone else watched an entirely different movie. I was kinda hoping I'd love it on the second watch.

But that's OK. I can settle for just thinking it's OK.

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Thoughts my my first watch of Star Trek Beyond:

As of this writing, this is currently tied with The Final Frontier for the lowest rating I’ve given a Star Trek film. Except, honestly, Final Frontier may be a bad movie but it was still never as boring as this film.

Like… I barely feel like wasting any words on this. If you enjoy two hour action sequences with minimal plot and character development, this is the film for you. If you want something with meat and substance… watch… most of the rest of the Star Trek franchise.

What did I like:
1. The twist with Kraal. Too bad it was introduced too late and barely even explored.
2. Jaylah. But too bad instead of developing her, the film just paraded a series of action sequences around.
3. Kirk/Spock/Bones as characters and their scenes together. They continue to be something that works about these reboot films.
4. The film did look pretty. But I would’ve traded 80% of the special effects for scenes with no effects and lots of dialogue instead. SUBSTANCE: I WANT IT.
5. Sulu’s husband. I mean, he barely existed but that’s nice and all. I’m not going to balk at representation but it would’ve been cool if, uh, instead of nearly 15 minutes of the enterprise crashing (LOL WE’VE NEVER SEEN THAT ONE BEFORE) we could’ve got like… even a minute of Sulu and husband having a conversation.

Seriously though… The Enterprise not only crashed for something like 12 minutes, it then CRASHED AGAIN after already having crashed. It genuinely feels like the writers were challenging themselves to see how little dialogue they would have to write.

I am utterly perplexed that Simon Pegg had anything to do with this. The guy who thinks The Phantom Menace is literally the worst film ever made (seriously), wrote a film worse and more devoid of substance than the Phantom Menace (and spoiler alert: I don’t exactly love the Phantom Menace. But it’s a better film than this.)

Yeah. It’s disappointing. This is actually worse than Into Darkness. Sure, it doesn’t have as much rage inducing material but it has far less substance. The reboot films are 1 out of 3 for quality so far. I hope that whatever is blocking these films from attempting more gravitas moves out of the way and delivers something worthy of the franchise. The cast is excellent and deserves better.

Of course, I’m going to rewatch this with Mark’s video later this year, and I usually find I enjoy things more with his videos so it’s possible my second review may end up more positive (but man… I really doubt it. I’m not looking forward to EVER having to rewatch this again, and if it weren’t for Mark I probably wouldn’t. There’s just… nothing here.)

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What follows is my thoughts from my second watch, but I'm including my immediate thoughts from my first watch many months ago in the reply:

I enjoyed Beyond slightly more the second time. Like this time I went in knowing to expect no depth so I wasn’t angry or disappointed when the film was pretty shallow and inconsequential.

But it does bug me just how much… nothing of important happens in this film. Spock and Uhura break up (offscreen) then get back together. Kirk and Spock both think about quitting but ultimately don’t.

The Kraal plot twist is incredibly poorly implemented. The action sequences go on too long for me to maintain focus on them.

I really hope we will get a Star Trek reboot film that lives up to the greatness of this franchise. From what I gather Simon Pegg’s original script for this was more Star Treky and studio interference made it more modern action film-esque.

But, hey, it’s better than Into Darkness. And definitely loads better than Final Frontier. I don’t agree with myself from the past (which is why I’m putting this first lol.)

I’m baffled that everyone thinks this film is so amazing, but to each their own. For me, the reboot films have one highly entertaining film (ST 2009) and one bad film (Into Darkness) and one OK film (Beyond.)

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Yeah, I mean she says some pretty vile shit but never quite THIS bald faced.

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I hated this and loved The Force Awakens. I think because TFA understands what makes Star Wars great and Into Darkness isn't a good Star Trek film or a good tribute to Wrath of Khan.

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LOL fair.

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Carol Marcus is from Wrath of Khan. Except she's more British here for some reason.

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The first half of this movie kind of lulls you into trusting it. I mean, I still have issues with the first half. I don’t mind deviating a bit with Roddenberry’s vision but even I have my limits. It feels a bit too dark for Star Trek. There’s that stupid bit where Carol really needed to be in her underwear for Reasons. But, hey, the first half is mostly entertaining.

But then John Harrison reveals he’s really Khan and the whole thing falls apart. It doesn’t really fall apart because the villain is Khan. It falls apart because it completely fails at everything it does with the villain being Khan.

Obviously, right on the surface you have the whitewashing. Then you have the fact that Cumberbatch doesn’t really seem to be playing Khan anyway. His performance isn’t really terrible… but it doesn’t resemble Khan.

The film attempts to half-ass remake Wrath of Khan and it feels forced. Like someone told them they basically had to remake Wrath of Khan so they rewrote the screenplay to force it in. Looking at Wikipedia, I do get the impression that rather they chose to do Khan because they felt they had to (the explanation that it would’ve been harder not to use him is so creatively lazy I’m going to choose not to believe it.)

No, the back half of this film is a mess. Even aside from the Wrath of Khan remaking, the film kicks into mindless action sequence mode, going from one dark and intense scene after another, only pausing to remake the most famous scene from WoK but without any of the gravity and weight the original scene had. The power of Spock’s death in WoK came from the fact that he didn’t just turn around and get resurrected immediately. He got a funeral scene and was still dead at the end of the movie.

No, instead that sequence is overdone almost as if it were attempting to one up the original scene. But instead it falls flat. It’s an imposter.

The entire back half of this movie just becomes a giant reference to a much better movie. And it drags. Badly.

What was the point of this film? Look, I could excuse the first reboot movie’s lack of Star Trekyness because it was otherwise fun and entertaining with great character stuff. But Into Darkness managed to be as un Star Trek as possible while adapting one of the most famous Star Trek stories in the most hollow, forced way possible. There’s no message here. Just darkness and brutality.

So I suppose if there’s one thing I will give this film: the title is an accurate description of the content. I mean the title is still terrible but I guess take what you can get…

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