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I'd like to assume JMS had SOMETHING in mind for her. Too bad he pretty much declines to answer those sorts of questions anymore since it's one I'd love to know. It would be weird if he put in her in the main credits with the intention of giving her less than a handful of episodes per season.

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Ah, so glad you neatly summarized all this stuff. Hard to even find all this information in one place online since so few people care.

Didn't know Gary Cole didn't get along with everyone else. That's a shame. I've never been able to fully erase him as the Brady dad.

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This is another episode I generally like but don't have much to say about. Good Max stuff (for all the little I care about Max) and the best episode in terms of the Gideon/Lochley thing.

Rating: 8.75


With that out of the way, I'll attempt to answer Mark's questions of what went wrong, with the context that, obviously, I really like this show and don't really have any problems with it beyond that it is very, very incomplete.

Part of it is that it is a new show that's getting its footing. The first 13 episodes of B5 are the weakest run of episodes of the series. Most blame TNT and while TNT did mess with things, I'm not convinced they hurt the quality much. My theory is just that JMS ran out of steam.

I honestly think issues with his writing began in season 4 of B5. It's easy to ignore them there because the story is so good. The vast majority of fans will agree that his writing had problems during season 5.

Crusade was developed alongside season 5 and that makes it very differen than B5, which was something JMS had planned for YEARS before even making the Gathering. Crusade had a lighter plan and was clearly building off stuff started on B5. He designed it to be more friendly for outside writers to contribute since writing almost all of the last 3 seasons of B5 had been extremely detrimental to his health and the quality of his writing.

But then he wrote 10 out of 13 episodes of Crusade anyway.

So, that's my theory. Network interference + still burned out JMS + shorter development period = a weaker show (depending on your POV, I personally think these 13 episodes are better on average than B5's first 13, but that's probably a controversial opinion.)

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I tend to think of this as one of the better episodes of Crusade. It's hard to say why exactly. It's a cool premise with some good character bits, especially the stuff with Matheson. It leans into the weird which is something I appreciate.


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This episode is why it's impossible to ever watch Crusade in a perfect, continuity-error free way. You have the "old" uniforms mixed with a plot point that didn't exist until the "new" uniforms. Granted, had the show continued JMS would've made it all make sense but as it stands, it's an issue. It's not the only issue caused but probably the most glaring.

This is pretty good episode that has some flaws that prevent it from being a great episode. I don't have much to say about it.

Rating: 8.75

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One of the best episodes of Crusade, guest starring Richard Biggs, in his final performance as Stephen Franklin (dying 5 short years later.) There's something unintentionally bitter sweet about the near reunion of Franklin and Lochley.

But yeah, this is a good episode all around. I love the plot about the plumber who wants to get infected and the things Franklin and Chambers learn about the virus. The Lochley/Gideon stuff is better here than in Ruling from the Tomb. Speaking of Ruling from the Tomb, this episode, I believe, was the original first meeting of Gideon and Lochley, the line about it being good to see her again being dubbed in later. (I assume the script for ruling from the tomb must've been changed to fit it as a first meeting retroactively.)


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Probably easier to pull off now since alien stuff seems to have been replaced by a lot of other conspiracies these days.

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When it’s good, Crusade hits the mark. When it’s not, it surprises me that this is supposed to all have been crafted by the same person who wrote Babylon 5. Things feel rushed and messy, and while I have no idea what went on behind the scenes, I do wonder if that affects the end result.

I feel like JMS was running on fumes at this point. I believe the plan in the long term for Crusade was to have a lot more input from other writers but it does feel like JMS just couldn't relinquish control of his universe. This is definitely the sort of episode he should've handed off to someone else to save himself energy to work on other scripts.

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While this isn't one of my favourite Crusade episodes, this was probably the episode I was most looking forward to Mark getting to.

This is a really weird episode. Possibly Crusade's weirdest. I have to imagine if you could somehow show this episode to someone who had never seen the X-Files and knew nothing about it, it would be pretty bewildering.

It's a fun episode.

Rating: 8.25