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Yeah, like today it wouldn't be a great thing for a show to do (since most networks aren't going to stop you from just having a queer couple on your show.) But back then, even HAVING that reference on TV was a big deal. Especially when you compare with how hush-hush the Susan/Ivanova plot had to be kept (to the point that it went over some viewers heads.)

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I just love Marcus and Franklin in this episode. And the subtle way JMS established marriage equality in the B5 universe. I'm quite fond of Number One as well and the Mars Resistance. It's important to show that the resistance exists outside of the military. Gubhtu gur qvssrevat ntraqnf ernyyl pbzrf hc va gur arkg rcvfbqr.

Everything else in this episode is fine. It would probably be an even better episode with just a focus on Marcus and Franklin but at this stage we're beyond the point of simple standalone episodes, with the plot moving too fast to not develop things on multiple fronts.


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Lrnu, WZF naq V ner tbvat gb nterr gb qvfnterr ba gung bar :C

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What are the odds that wasn't deliberate (at least on the part of the half that were for chasing after the humans)?

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Gung'f n frevbhf birefvtug ba WZF'f cneg.

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Yeah. Though I don't feel like the triluminary is getting used that often. Like even if it's a million Minbari it still stretches things so I choose to just assume they've been very, very unlucky and somehow Delenn was the only descendant of Valen who ended up becoming Grey Council (which tracks with Dukhat choosing her actually... he thought it was finally time that one of Valen's descendants ended up on the council.)

Either way doesn't make perfect sense but eh.

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Yeah, I feel like Delenn should have told him. For one thing, he will almost certainly forgive. And I mean. He probably suspects. He knows she was Grey Council. He's pretty good at piecing things together.

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Nabgure cbvag nobhg Qryraa srryvat erfcbafvovyvgl vf gung bapr jr frr gur uhzna fvqr bs gung rirag va va gur ortvaavat V guvax vg'f rnfvre gb srry yvxr gur uhznaf ernyyl jrera'g vaabprag va nyy gung. Vg srryf yrff yvxr n zvfhaqrefgnaqvat naq zber yvxr n ubg-urnq pncgnva birefgrccvat.

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Oleba'f pbzvat...

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One of my favourite episodes of season 4 and one of the very best Delenn centric episodes. I could write a novel on why Delenn is one of my favourite fictional characters of all time. She's a complex, multi-faceted and flawed character. Almost always kind but ruthless when she needs to be.

A lot of fans have characterized this episode as revealing that Delenn started the Earth-Minbari war and while Delenn herself clearly carries that weight, it's not really accurate. She was the deciding vote but she was not the only vote. It's a flawed moment but I wouldn't compare it with, say, the things Londo has done. (Now her actions AFTER that moment are a different conversation ohg bar orfg fnirq sbe jura jr jngpu va gur ortvaavat.)

I love the reveal that a huge chunk of the Minbari population is ALREADY part human. I'm no expert on genealogy but I'd imagine after 900 years, finding Minbari who don't have a little bit of human DNA would be pretty tough.