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I've always thought was a shame that we don't get Byron's background until right before his death. I think it would've been better served being revealed a little sooner. It's the only bit of depth Byron gets but then BAM he's dead.

This is the best bit of the telepath colony arc. To say that this arc is the most controversial part of Babylon 5 is probably putting it mildly. On the whole I mostly like the arc. It's not perfect and it does go on too long and Bryon isn't interesting enough for the amount of screentime he occupies (just think about how many more episodes he appeared in this season vs like Vir or Lennier... you could combine the episodes they've been in and then double it and still come short.) I think he could've been a compelling character. Unfortunately, Robin Atkins Downes plays him as pretty much always smug.

While I do like the telepath colony arc and the first half of season five, I actually think the biggest problem the show has suffered up to this point this season is Sheridan and Delenn being sidelined. Especially Sheridan. Now on the one hand, season four was very Sheridan heavy, including an entire episode focused on him. But with him in the background and being in a position where he can't do much that isn't related to diplomacy the show lacks a strong central figure. Garibaldi and Lochley pick up some of that slack but really... Byron kinda feels like the lead of the first half of this season.

I'm not someone who hates every second Byron is on the screen but I do sympathize with the people who do.

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Rating: 9.75 (Yeah, I sounded negative above but I genuinely love this episode.)

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Oh, bummer.

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I've always felt like Vir, Lennier and Na'Toth's primary purposes were always to be backups in case something happened with Delenn, G'Kar and Londo's actors.

I mean for the first four seasons Lennier certainly didn't have an arc. Naq uvf vasnghngvba jvgu Qryraa bayl pnzr nobhg orpnhfr vg jnf ubj Ovyy Zhzl ernq gur punenpgre naq gung'f yvgrenyyl gur bayl nep Yraavre trgf.

So idk. I think he would've found things for Na'Toth to do but I'm skeptical there was ever an arc set out for her.

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Na'Toth returns but I've still always wished she got a little more dialogue and that it wasn't just about Londo's redemption arc. But I still enjoy it. I just wish there was *more*.

Getting Bester involved in anything is always a bad idea, but Lochley is in a tough position. The situation has clearly gone beyond what she can handle. I'm not really sure what the better option would've been but it seems like there should've been one.

Rating: 9.25

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I think the thing with Byron is that he's not as good a person as he wants to be. He seems himself as noble and about peace but he clearly doesn't see normals as equals. Juvpu genpxf jvgu jung jr'yy yrnea nobhg uvz va Cubravk Evfvat. Ur fgvyy unf fbzr bs gung Cfv-Pbc zragnyvgl gb uvz.

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Season 5 continues to heat up (Day of the Dead aside.) The more interesting half of this episode is naturally the events on Centauri Prime. Great stuff with G'Kar and the Regent and the mysterious dark forces at work at the palace.

But hmm... I can't think of much in particular to say about this episode. Happens sometimes.

Rating: 9.00

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It seems like things have changed a little with time but a lot of older fans rank this one highly. Though I've seen almost no one rank it low in particular.

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I don't hate them, though Pen Jillette is obnoxious (just watch any like roundtable political discussion with him to see why.) In the context of this episode, I just find them distracting.

I actually generally enjoy their magic stuff and enjoyed most of Bullshit! when it was on the air (as long as their Libertarianism didn't sneak too far in.)