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One thing I love about this episode is how it manages to feel both wide in scope and very character focused all at the same time. It makes the political personal, showing how these sweeping, grand decisions that affect whole races can be shaped by just a small group of people, and the ramifications that those choices have. It does a good job of showing how different people interact with their governments - Londo is furious at the inaction of Centauri Prime, and seeks personal revenge instead, trying to take matters into his own hands. Sinclair similarly tries to find a way around the orders of his superiors - ironic, given that the events take place on election day for Earth, the point in which in theory he has the most power to help decide his people's future policies on such matters. Even G'Kar, who is the most in tune with what his government is doing, is clearly fueled as much by his personal grudge as anything else.

Things are never cut and dried - choices on issues that seem like a matter of principle or policy still have deeply personal and immediate consequences for those affected by them...and those making them. Ragesh 3 might seem like a small and unimportant colony in the grand scheme of things for the Centauri, but it's not so for Londo's nephew and the other colonists, whose very lives might be at stake based on the outcome of that council meeting. Psi-Corps doubtless seems like a good idea to most people to protect the privacy of non-telepaths, but the consequences of what it meant for Ivanova's mother and her family are devastating.

Decisions that are made on a galactic scale still have personal, tangible consequences. No character is free from bias or conflicting motivations. The grudges from old wars, the fear of new ones, political ideologies and personal vendettas and pride all play a part. Throughout this whole episode we see a lot of different characters bouncing off each other in different ways; arguing, fighting, pleading, scheming and trying to think ten steps ahead because they know that the choices they make today might have far reaching consequences for their people in the future.

This episode throws a lot of stuff at the wall, but I think most of it really works. It comes across as frantic, complicated and in places almost shockingly raw. It doesn't pull punches, it expects you to keep up and it doesn't always make it easy for you to 'side' with any one person in any argument.

Actually my very favourite moment of the whole episode is just a little thing - when Londo is having his furious rant at Vir about how Centauri Prime is taking no action, he gets more and more loud and furious until he starts to say: '...by the time our ships get there everyone will be dead anyway.' I love how he suddenly realises what he's saying halfway through, what it means for his nephew, and his voice just drops in an instant from anger to despair. It's a really great moment, and it stands out all the more because not everyone is quite as note-perfect performance wise yet as I feel like Peter Jurasik is.

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I love that this is my legacy ><

I have a pact with a friend of mine that if either of us ever get famous in any way, or end up on live TV or any kind of world stage with a large audience, we will throw a quick 'WATCH BABYLON 5' out there

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WHAT oh my god I don't why this seems more shocking to me than me not having watched The Gathering

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Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but I know every single word of that song ><

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I remember when I got my friend to watch Babylon 5 and I lent her the DVDs, there was a certain episode I actually stuck a post-it note over the blurb on the back because it had such a MASSIVE SPOILER. If the DVD cases themselves are bad, then the blurbs are even worse!

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