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my dad still says 'Ambassador, you're spoiling us!' in a ridiculous French accent whenever anyone brings out some Ferrero Rocher



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EEEEEEEEEEEEE it's my favourite Discworld book! Which...damn, that's not a spoiler, is it? I mean, who knows, I might have terrible taste??


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"Right off the bat" Mark? That's a Pratchett-worthy pun right there...

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Oh dear, even on a re-watch I find that once again almost every Pearl-centric episode reduces me to a useless sobbing mess. This was my favourite SU episode for a *long* time because it is so painfully on point with the characterisation of Pearl, and that musical montage at the end...I love the fact that (just as with 'Maximum Capacity') everything isn't magically fixed by the end of the episode. The issues are still there, the pain is still there, and the unpleasant things certain characters did as a result isn't going to be easily forgotten. It's just that these episodes get things a little more...out in the open.

This show is so SO good at it's messy and uncomfortable portrayals of grief, but Pearl's always hits the hardest for me. When your whole existence has been about protecting and loving one person, when you gave up everything you had and everything you were for them...what are you supposed to do when they're suddenly gone? Her bleak delivery of the line 'I'm still here' - usually something that would be said with pride and defiance after having won a war against all odds - just makes her sound so lost. I get the strong impression that Pearl never expected and certainly never wanted to imagine a life without Rose, and she's so far been dealing with her death by...not dealing with it.

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I've been watching this show and reading the Mark Watches posts after each episode, and to my surprise I've sort of almost caught up with where Mark is at!

Yeah this season has been...odd so far. I actually really like the idea of Pike's storyline and the Arkadians voting for him - I can genuinely believe that after everything that's happened there would be a huge simmering feeling of resentment towards the Grounders, and after you add the people from Farm Station into that mix telling their own horrible stories of Grounder slaughter and spouting their beliefs of kill or be killed...yeah, I can see this happening. I can buy that Kane and Abby (well intentioned though they are) are at this point pretty out of touch with what the regular people of the Ark feel about this whole situation.

There's an interesting story here about the Ark people as essentially an invading force, who have crashed into this fairly well-functioning Grounder society and brought with them only war and death. Our main characters are really outsiders now, trying to broker peace with the Grounders and trying to protect their own people...who at this point might not really deserve protection. The Arkadians voted for war with the Grounders, and I actually think it's a really fascinating storyline to have our heroes not as the leaders of their people any more, but rather as a small group of rebels, desperately trying to stop their own people from violent self-destruction. In this conflict there are no good guys, just a lot of fools on both sides who are too stubborn and afraid to learn to live with each other, and a small handful of people on both sides trying to stop the inevitable slaughter. That's a neat idea!

The only thing that does not at all work for me in this plotline is Bellamy's role. It was just too fast a turn-around, and I kept expecting to discover that he was somehow working both sides, or doing something with another agenda to justify his actions, but it seems not.

The thing is...as Mark said, it could have worked. Bellamy has a lot of reason to hate grounders - in the first season they killed dozens of his friends when they first landed! In the second season they betrayed their alliance and forced him to murder hundreds of people including his own friends! On top of that, he's also basically lost both his sister and Clarke to the Grounders, albeit in a different way. The the death of his girlfriend in Mount Weather...he's left completely alone and all thanks to the Grounders. I can see why that might make him snap!

But the problem is that we haven't SEEN any of this. We haven't been shown this simmering resentment building over time and then boiling over as the death of his girlfriend acts as the final straw. This could have been a heartbreaking but natural character progression, but instead it just kind of comes out of the blue and makes him look like a jerk. It doesn't help that the only decent thing he's done this season - sparing Indra - happened off screen.

I agree that his conversation with Clarke in this episode was great, and went a long way to explaining his actions, but it seems like a classic case of SHOW DON'T TELL. You can't have Bellamy explain his reasons for being a dick in a five minute scene after the fact - we need to see him being drawn down this path bit by bit, as we have with other characters in the past. It just feels sloppily executed, and it's not the high level of writing I've come to expect from this show.

It's a shame, because I DO really like the idea of this storyline, and I've really enjoyed all the stuff with the Ice Nation and Lexa this season as well. There's a lot of stuff that's been super exciting and well written, but having this one main character act so completely out of character is really souring a lot of scenes for me.

I'm not really sold on Jaha's storyline either yet. I don't hate it, and last season I really enjoyed everything to do with his arc, but so far it just feels kind of out of place. I guess I'll reserve judgement to see what direction it takes, but at the moment it feels more like a distraction than anything else.

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Watching this show and reading through the comments here after each new episode so...since this post is so old I don't know if you're gonna see this but put me down also for a hopeless Kane/Abby shipper :D

(also I'm particularly enjoying your comments as I go through these old posts)

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"Given that she’s now at Lincoln’s village (I assume he was named after the statue)"

*hits own head repeatedly on desk*

I can't believe I didn't make that connection at all until I read that.

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just gonna add my voice to the ecstatic cries of STEVEN UNIVERSE

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Ahhh I LOVE episodes where everything goes wrong like this! Which makes me sound like a total sadist, but you know what I mean. I love that we see the characters keep trying and trying, and even after their hope is crushed again and again, through their determination and skill they manage to win a small victory...and then it's just taken away at the last second and they're left with nothing.

I do love a good downer ending episode, if it's done right like this one. Because sometimes I think it can be a really powerful message to give your audience that even if you try your hardest and do everything right it's still entirely possible to fail anyway. In this situation they really sell the fact that there's simply nothing the crew of Voyager could have done to make this turn out the way they wanted. So even though technically this episode has gone right back to status quo at the end as per usual, it doesn't feel like a waste of time at all, and it feels like a significant event in this story.