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Ah, I hate to ask but I can't seem to find it anywhere...I wonder if you have a clip of my favourite blooper from this episode? I feel like with everyone remembering this classic DS9 gag, Delenn in the Grey Council chambers often gets overlooked :D

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Allowing Stephen to play the straight man to Marcus' chaotic rogue works perfectly, and they have a real chemistry, such that these days I could so see people shipping them after this episode.


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This is a bit of a guilty pleasure episode for me, I have to admit. It's not...good really, it's just kind of ok, and it leans way too heavily on some rather tired sci-fi tropes that feel a little out of place in the show Babylon 5 has become by this point.

But all the same...I can't help but enjoy it. It's got a lot of Marcus being Peak Marcus, which is to say being wonderfully snarky, sympathetic to those less fortunate than him, kind of a badass, but also really irritating everyone around him on a daily basis. I love his interactions with Duncan and with Garibaldi, and his little team up with Franklin is so delightful. There's a lot of banter in this episode, and a lot of fun to be had with the Corwin subplot too. In fact it's all just kind of...fun. I think it feels a little jarring when watching for the first time because it's not as strong an episode as those that precede it, but watching it as a one off I enjoy it a lot more.

It's a bit of a silly plot I'll admit, but to be honest I love Marcus and Franklin as a team so much I'd be perfectly happy to watch them Mulder and Scully their way through Downbelow for another three seasons or so, thwarting whatever Alien Menace of the Week comes their way and bantering with each other all the while.

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Ah darn I forgot, it's one of the ones I find hardest to think of a decent synonym for! Sorry about that, will remember next time :)

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100% canon

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I love the Britain/France rivalry mention. Of course it would still be A Thing in the future! I mean...we haven't been at war with France for literally like two hundred years NOW and it's still a thing. There's no way another two hundred years is going to do anything but really solidify that old grudge...

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I would just like to say from the bottom of my heart that I love the Disco Ship. I love that some of the oldest, most powerful beings in our universe are apparently giant floating Tiki masks who travel around in the most disco looking ship imaginable, upon which I can only assume they are having a 24/7 rave and are too busy waving glowsticks around to want to help Ivanova et al.

Also neat throwback to Catherine Sakai's encounter with the same ship way back in season one. I like that the show doesn't reference it directly or throw the continuity in your face, but it's there if you're paying attention. And for some reason the same Sigma 957 REALLY always stuck in my head, in spite of my usual terrible trouble remembering numbers of any kind. Can I remember my own phone number? No. Can I remember the pin number for my bank card or the postcode of my sister's house? Nope. But ask me what planet the Disco Ship hangs out around and I can tell you off the top of my head - Sigma 957. It's a name that really rolls nicely off the tongue, isn't it?

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I like the idea that in that first episode Marcus was trying to make a good first impression on everyone and basically trying to seem a lot cooler than he actually is.

I mean, I totally do the same thing, and then the second I relax and get comfortable around people I immediately get TOO comfortable and start chatting away and making stupid jokes at inappropriate moments so actually I find Marcus fairly relatable in this ><