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Good day, Spoilies! I come bearing DOCTOR WHO videos, and I am OVER THE MOON because of THE THINGS that happened in this batch of episodes. I am forever thankful to not be spoiled for these things. (I honestly don't know how I missed these online, but I did!)

Thank you all and hope you're all staying safe and healthy. Videos are up!

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Hello, Spoilies! This week, I return to watching DOCTOR WHO, and the first three videos of me watching series 12 are up and ready!!!

Hope you're all doing well. <3

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omg!!! Thank you. I'll check this out. I love Diane Guerrero and can't believe I hadn't heard of this before.

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I think the pinnacle of the Jane/Petra friendship was the scene in the tent. I literally think about it ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Like, both characters are so stubborn to a fault, and that argument came to a head, and then in that tent, apart from their children, we get to see why all the work they both did up to that point mattered. IT MATTERED SO MUCH.

I want to one day write something that effective. whew!!!!

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I think I will honestly hold the Petra growth aspect of this show as the most remarkable thing it pulled off. Both in terms of the writing and Grobglas's acting. Like... it may be the most impressive change over the course of a work of fiction I've ever seen. AND YOU'RE RIGHT. She's still very much the same person, so it isn't a change that is uncharacteristic of her!

I had a friend message me last week right after the finale review posted with similar sentiments about Michael. Apparently fandom was also largely angry at it, too? Or at least a significant portion of fandom. I can appreciate it for personal reasons, but I also sympathize. THAT SHIT WAS SO ROUGH. Like, at least my experience wasn't spread out over half a year. It was agonizing enough getting through that in like a month!

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and IT NEVER GOT STALE. that's a joke for like ONE HUNDRED EPISODES that never got old!


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I mean at the time I noticed things but I actually had not put two and two together. holy shit.

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Yael Grobglas is just... a gift. I really think she made a character who was already complicated on the page into her own thing, and I will forever be grateful for her performance.

Okay, I LOVED a few things:

- The shock of others as Alba became more sexually free, particularly the vibrator conversation on the porch. It was an amazing contrast to Alba in the sex shop
- like... five million things with Rogelio. I actually really love that they played up the humor of Ro's largely terrible telenovelas, and Jaime Camil is OTHERWORLDLY as him.

My favorite characters were (no surprise) Petra, and then I'd say Rogelio. And actually, Mateo??? I'm surprised at the amount of depth given to a kid on a show almost entirely about adults..

Agree with you (also not a surprise, given my reviews) that Luisa was my main character who I wanted to see more of. I'd also say that I wish I saw more of Krishna's life OUTSIDE of Petra!

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okay SORRY a simple 30 minute phone call turned into a THREE HOUR AFFAIR.

The single biggest shocker is, with no contest at all, Michael's return. I never saw it coming and even now, in hindsight, I don't even think there were clues to it? Unless those completely flew over my head. OH GOD DID THEY.

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it's also fascinating because there really WERE clues along the way who the narrator was!!!