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Hello, Spoilies!!! Videos are now up in the store, which includes the last two episodes of season 2 and the complete season 2 bundle. Thank you!!! DOWNLOAD AWAY!!!

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Okay, all the Patreon videos are up, too. Post is incoming!!!

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Hi, Spoilies! Discovery videos are now up in the store; I will comment again in about half an hour when Patreon videos are up, too!!! <3

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Hello Spoilies!!! Discovery videos are now up, this week was the RUDEST, I will get my revenge on all of you :p

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Hi Spoilies! Discovery videos are up, I need to fight every one of you forever for what these three episodes did to me, I received more psychic/emotional damage from this batch than any batch of episodes ever, OKAY BYE

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They will happen on public posts on my Patreon entirely through the comments! I want to make sure that other folks can see them and participate.

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It's... like five different things.

Lots and lots of racism and homophobia and transphobia. Which has been happening WAY before this recent batch, but it's just been very pointed. No attempts to get money because the whole channel is not monetized anyway. There's lots of weird concern trolling, lots of anti-liberal/anti-leftist stuff. And the false takedowns are constant. I've gotten 17 since last week. If a video gets put back up, it is immediately mass reported, so I suspect this is being coordinated somewhere.

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Yeah, you can't unless you're subscribed to that awful YouTube Red or whatever it is, which... don't do that!

There are plenty of very reliable third-party programs, though! I've used ClipGrab for Mac, and I'm currently on my laptop, so once I go find out what program I have on my desktop, I'll put it in a future comment.

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Hi, Spoilies! The first three videos of me watching season 2 of Discovery are now up in the store!!! DOWNLOAD AWAY!!!!

As a heads up as well: Sometime next month, I'll be taking my YouTube channel down, and I wanted to give y'all a heads up before I do in case anyone wanted to download any videos they wanted. I haven't spoken publicly about it, but for the last three years or so, I've been receiving an ungodly amount of harassment through Youtube. It used to be through comments, but I have gotten good at deleting them. It's mainly through coordinated efforts to mass-report my videos, so this is also why some of my older videos are private or completely gone. Whomever is doing this seems to start at the earlier videos and is moving to more recent ones.

It is enormously stressful to deal with the constant reporting. I am giving folks a chance to download what they want (which I've always been okay with, FYI). I am perfectly fine with folks hosting anything anywhere, sending them to friends, re-uploading themselves... doesn't matter. They are yours forever! But just thought I'd give a heads up before they all disappear.

I have most of the original files spread throughout three different harddrives so I might be able to fill in gaps where needed in the future. Just let me know!

Thanks for the support, friends. <3

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Hi, Spoilies! This week's batch of videos is up. There are four of them for the four Short Treks episodes that go with next week's reviews. They are included on the page for Discovery, so no need to go searching for a new page. Everything from here on out will be on that page!

Hope you're all well. <3