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Spoilies! Good morning, and welcome to a new week AND a new batch of Discovery episodes! They're up in the store now, so download away! <3

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Hi Spoilies! Thanks for all the kind words yesterday and today. I appreciate all of you <3

New Discovery vids are now in the store!!! GO GO GO GO

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second the thanks because I *also* love this stuff a lot. And now I'm genuinely surprised a lot of this was done in Canada!!! That's a lovely surprise.

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I will figure this out and let folks know sooner rather than later! I haven't figured out what I'm doing but it sounds like skipping that one episode of Short Trek might be best here. (Which I now believe the lovely person who commissioned season one of Short Trek actually mentioned to me?)

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I literally LITERALLY would not have met you if it weren't for this site. So... wow, now I'm emotional.

I'm... figuring out how to maybe not make the video archive disappear and also maybe make it free forever; someone has offered to help, but we don't have to worry about that for this year at the very least.

And yes! I'm not taking DOWN either site. I still reserve the right to pop back in and post reviews when I want!!!

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I'm glad, at the very least, that I could make it later. Thank you so much, and trust me, this whole journey is deeply surreal to me, too. <3

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Thank you!!! Now I know what thing has been pinging my anxiety for the last week, trying to tell me I forgot something LMAOOOOOO

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Since there isn't a new post up:


Regarding the opening of this show:


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Hi, Spoilies! The last Steven Universe videos ever (I HATE TYPING THAT) are now up in the store! god what a SHOW.

as a heads up in case you're not a patron or don't watch the videos: Mark Watches is taking a brief two-week-long break while I attempt to finish two HELLISH deadlines for two separate books by the end of March. Everything's in the Master Schedule! The next show I'm doing is Star Trek: Discovery, which will also include the ten Short Trek episodes between the seasons.

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Hello, Spoilies! Steven Universe Future videos are now in the store GO GO GO GO GO