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The blade you found is a random drop. Masamune had the added bonus of doing 30% damage to total HP to an injured enemy.

The best thing you can do right now with battles is just focus on attacks and experiment slowly with the other mechanics. Camping is vital to get a boost on whatever battle you are planning to have next.

You're doing really well, don't stress!

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He's finally free.

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DQ11 is a great starting point for Dragon Quest games. I've found it much easier and less grindy than other ones (I still make a point of raising 4-5 levels between story episodes, which is fairly easy to do). Just be aware that the soundtrack for it on any device besides the Switch is midi. Because the composer is twat.

That said, I play the game with the volume really low anyway and have my own music or a stream running in the background.

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I've Donut County on my wishlist, I'll get it at some point. Have you found Outer Worlds to be buggy? I was watching a stream and it crashed frequently. I've heard if you like Outer Worlds to try Disco Elysium, a smaller RPG but I see the two getting compared a lot.

Edit: changed to the right game lol

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I had no idea there even was a DQ MMO. Gonna have to look this up.

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Anime nuke girls are in the first game, so yes technically I've met them. I quit just before the hot spring scene.

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Ok, 3rd quarter update!

Games completed:
Mass Effect
Trails in the Sky: The Third
The Painscreek Killings
Katamari Damacy REROLL
Valkyria Chronicles 4 (DROPPED)

So that rounds out to a game a month, which ain't too bad. Two really big games out of the way too, Mass Effect and Tits 3. Painscreek was enjoyable but marred by a bad true ending. Katamari Damacy IS SO MUCH FUN I LOVE IT. And actually extremely therapeutic?? I would only play 20 minute sessions but it was a great stress relief during a very stressful time. The big disappointment this quarter was VC4. Gameplay was still on point but characters and story were atrocious and only promised to get worse as I went on.

Final quarter looks set to be interesting! I won a ton of games in giveaway comps, so I'm trying to get through them. I'm also plowing through DQ11 S and I love it. Dragon Quest games aren't very popular in the West but in Japan they are SQUEX's bigger franchise over FF.

There's something extremely comforting about DQ games. They're very traditional in the rpg sense; the stories don't do anything truly outrageous. But the gameplay is so polished, the art is vibrant, the designs are absolutely charming and the characters are full of heart. Playing DQ puts me in a happy place. I'm 52 hours in and it just keeps getting better and better.

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Wow, I forgot just how much Fi talks in this game. I also hate this game's controls. I almost rage quit at multiple points because of them. I ultimately did but to tell you where is a spoiler. Good luck! You'll need it.