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The fight feels like it was a long time coming.

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Strangely I'm enjoying playing 2 jrpgs at the same time. I thought it would be difficult to split my attention. And, if I'm being honest, it has felt a little difficult to keep track of where I am in each (I got fishing available in Ys and was confused at one point in Zero went I couldn't fish their either 😂 ). But it's a lot of fun also, so far. Both games are very different from each other. Zero is slow and methodical in play style; you talk to ever npc, you check over everything multiple times. Ys is just a whirlwind of action with very little plot to slow you down and a pumping soundtrack that pushes you along. If they were both similar games I probably would have dropped one by now to favour the other but they compliment each other well so far.

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Hahahaha. I just pick something I like from discord usually.

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Fruits Basket of Emotions

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As wonderful as I find this episode, it would be so much more so if they actually gave the crew stories without it resulting in death or being written out.

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djinn Plays the Backlog

Jrpgs everywhere

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Trails From Zero: Part 2 - Making My Way Downtown

I'm enjoying this game. Its pace is much more on point than Sky and I don't even care that Sky is a disaster when it comes to pacing.

So prologue continues with running into downtown to stop a gang fight. And these gangs look hilariously anime. We have red punks called...idk viper something? And we have blue priests and their leaders are named Wald Wales and Wazy Hemisphere and I'm dying because it's so anime it hurts.

Anyway they fighting because a member of each of their respective gangs was jumped and brutally attacked by someone. They think it's each other. So we spend the day tracking down clues and we meet the press, a reporter named Grace. We also meet up with a lawyer and this bigwig detective voiced by Zoro itself 👀👀👀

Turns out it was the Mob and they were trying to clear the gangs so they could recruit new members. Because the Calvard (China) Mafia are moving into town.

Crossbell is a mess y'all.

So we scare off the mob goons and we make tenuous friendships with the anime gangs. End of prologue!

Intermission time and the Bracer guild in Crossbell gets 2 new transfers.


Next time~! I heard monsters were coming back...

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There are definitely moments I'm appreciating a whole lot more as I hear it delivered by a talented VA and directed by someone equally talented. Certain moments just hit differently. I'm watching the sub and the director and VAs are doing an outstanding job.

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Just a fantastic episode of Trek.

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Well I've only one game left in my Switch backlog and 2 games left in my PS4 backlog and all of them are jrpgs. So I guess it's time for another jrpg.

Got this on Switch and it's a decently obscure find so I'm pretty happy to own it. Of course, it runs like garbage on the Switch so we can't have everything.

It's also another Falcom game so that's 2 from the same company in playing at once. The Ys series is something I've only recently gotten into and it has a pretty solid cult following. They're action RPGs so it's at least a nice counterpoint to the turn-based style of Trails. I've only played 2 Ys games previously, Oath in Felgana and Origin and they're both pretty darn fun.

Lacrimosa is a bit different to the ones I've played. It's party-based so I can swap between multiple characters during battle. So far only 2 characters in my team: Adol the mc of the series and Laxia (laxative is what I've been calling her) a tsundere noble.

I probably won't be frequent to pay about this game as Ys is more about gameplay than story, but I'll see how this one goes.