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I'm not ashamed to admit I cried a few times with this ending. The game itself might be a mess but this final part was so so good. "I walked tall" and "you guys are the best" got me bad.


Congratulations on finishing ffxv! ONG YOU DID IT! YOU FINISHED ALL THE MAINLINE GAMES!!!

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😍😤 💯👌

I remember going through that car ride with Talcott and just being in love with the scene. Talcott's little collectables that you got him on the dash, daemons just everywhere and that hauntingly beautiful track that plays.

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Final thoughts on NGE

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Chps 8-12: A fight, fun with riddles and a family visit

Well it gets out to Mr Knightly that Emma has meddled in love again and he is not pleased. Turns out Me Martin asked him on advice about proposing to Harriet. Now Mr Martin's heart is broken and Emma and Mr Knightly aren't on speaking terms for a while. I can hardly blame him and even Emma feels uncomfortable, trying to convince herself of the rightness of her decision.

Then Harriet decides to make a book of riddles, and compiles a list from books and friends in the village. Mr Elton offers one that he says is from a "friend" and gives it specifically to Emma. Hmm 🤔. Emma does not catch on that the hidden meaning - courtship - is meant for her and not Harriet. Mr Elton seems thoroughly confused by her adding it to the book and not keeping it for herself.

But Emma puts all romance aside when her sister and brother-in-law, the younger Knightly brother, visit the estate. Emma and her Knightly make up again, even if they get some biting remarks into each other,

“If you were as much guided by nature in your estimate of men and women, and as little under the power of fancy and whim in your dealings with them, as you are where these children are concerned, we might always think alike.”

“To be sure—our discordancies must always arise from my being in the wrong.”

“Yes,” said he, smiling

The absolute burn 🤣

Emma's a different person around her sister's family and clearly works hard to keep the peace between everyone. It's a nice side to get, much more aware of other people's feelings and much more empathetic. Mr Woodhouse is dreadful the whole of chapter 12 , moaning and complaining about his eldest daughter's decisions and choices. It's no wonder that younger Mr Knightly curtly fires back that people should mind their own business about how he takes care of his wife and 5 kids.

Another interesting point comes up in these chapters. Emma has no interest in marriage and is determined to remain single her whole life. I know, of course, she will marry by the end but it's nice to have a classical protagonist not fixated on her own prospects at this point. It's very modern thinking but Austen here.

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NGE 23
This was so good. The terrifying Angel in the shape of a DNA halo, when it took on Rei's form, the slow breakdown of Ritsuko and, of course, the reveal of the dummy plugs origins. The level of hubris on display but Gendo is just astonishing. The man is foul.

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My only guess is that she's technically "dead" and would have had to bring herself back to save Luna. Being near her body maybe means she's got more physical presence to intervene.

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Let's not forget the game never clearly explaining that the healing thing Lunafreya was doing at the beginning of the game is this cleansing of darkness mentioned here for the first time. Now Luna's dead and there's no one healing the people, maybe you should bring that up as important, game.