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I'm sorry? Mark ReWatches The Constant?? Oh HELLZ YES

This is more than likely my favourite episode of any television show ever. At some point I need to make an actual top 10 or something, but this would be the first thing I say. It's beautiful. Everyone has gushed about it here already so I probably don't need to, but yeah, I just love how it can be watched as a standalone story (within reason) but also takes the show into new areas, while calling back to others. I remember watching this in real time when I was a student and just being blown away by how good television could actually be.

Ok, so random Rot13 flailing:

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Brilliant! So many nods and winks to the 50th already, and Clara is looking like she'll be great, I'm already completely sold on the mystery, kept me awake for ages until I realised that there's no point even thinking about it because Moffat will be holding back all the information we would actually need to figure anything out

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Mark, your thoughts are so in-sync with mine I often question my ability to form autonomous thought. This episode was trying so hard to be sad it failed to realise that making new rules why people cannot see each other any more does not equate to emotional resonance, just no. There were some nice bits, and I liked the way it was shot and the general style, but the story was pants.

Also, Statue of Liberty angel looked and was just awful, it wasn't funny, it made no sense, and didn't add anything. I nearly always defend Steven Moffat's era of DW (S5 remains by far my favourite series) but I do seriously worry if these 'bookmark'-like images are going to keep showing up in place of ACTUAL CONTENT. I wouldn't mind so much if they were actually kind of 'cool' in some way, but this was, again, just pants.

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Similar story I guess, I remember my mum walking in while I was watching the last few minutes of Doctor Who "Doomsday" a couple of years ago. She had never watched any of the show, I was going through it for the first time, but we just sat in silence and sobbed for a good few minutes. Sometimes TV hurts. Naq lrf, Furyyf jnf zber cnvashy sbe zr gbb

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V qvq abg xabj gung! Naq abj V nz qrinfgngrq gb guvax gung Nzl Npxre pbhyq unir orra nyy bire guvf fubj gjvpr naq qbar nznmvat guvatf va f6. V fhccbfr ng yrnfg jr trg n ovg bs fjvgpuvat nebhaq gb pbzr

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Oh, hey y'all. it's been a while.

So, this episode happened. I watched it a few weeks ago, I remember painfully rot13ing my grief during a completely unrelated Buffy episode. I almost forgot it was coming up though, I must have perception filtered it from my mind because fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that hurt (nygubhtu cbffvoyl abg nf zhpu nf furyyf). I was numb watching Fred's slow decline. I'm glad she went down fighting, but bar Wesley she was my favourite Buffyverse character, and now she's gone. Has Amy Acker ever won any awards? She's incredible, not only to act out Fred's end, but then to become someone completely different INSTANTLY, it's amazing. Also, basically in Amy Acker awe-land at the moment thanks to Dollhouse, and I did wonder if this storyline was going to sync up with Epitaph 1 on this site after I watched it last week (V'z ernql sbe zber thfuvat gbzbeebj, bu zl Tbq fur vf fb tbbq. Unira'g frra shegure guna gung va Qbyyubhfr lrg gubhtu)

RIP Fred, heart = squelched

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THIS EPISODE! Even after Gina Torres and Nathan Fillion played baddies in the Buffyverse, I somehow still was completely unprepared. I saw Alan Tudyk's name, still no clue, watched his brilliant comic sidekick routine, loved it, still no clue, and then THAT TWIST. All the awards. I have no bad words to say, the season arc on this series has been so good and so much better than I thought it would be.

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I've nearly caught up. Man I'm loving this show. I really thought they were going to get away y'know, pretty foolish in hindsight, but I thought there was going to be a shift having rogue actives.
Also, do we actually know at this point why Ballard is obsessed with Caroline? Is he just trying to be a hero?

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I did love that Dichen got to play an Australian in the last episode!

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She was on Neighbours during my studenty Neighbours-obsessed days, and myself and all my housemates HATED her and were so glad when she left the show to go and try and be a 'real' actress in the states. Turns out, she is pretty darn great in this! She played Katya Kinski, and wow I'm remembering far too much detail, but she had siblings Rachel and Zeke who were also pretty unbearable