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Season 2 is really good (there's a great episode with Leighton Meester that involves her singing the most random but delightful song), and the "humor" becomes less of a thing as the show goes on, or a least less jarring.

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It's amazing how much trouble one little joke in "Trials And Tribble-ations" caused. They could have had Worf be the person who stayed back on the station, or put Michael Dorn into the original-style makeup when in the past, and had it be a meta joke where none of the characters comment on it at all.

But they made it an in-universe thing, and then Enterprise decided to try and fix it, and here we are, 25 years later, still trying to resolve the continuity of it all.

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Beagle/Blue Heeler/Lab/??? - 52 pounds already at seven months.

She's sweet, I just have high dog expectations :)

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I am as solicitous of affection from my puppy as Steven is of Lion, to usually the same effect, so while I am of course crying the whole time whenever I watch this, Lion is what really gets me bawling.

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I'd forgotten about that ring, and your video made me look it up, and there's a sweet story behind it (both in-universe and real-world):

"The ring was, in actuality, two bands, which comprised of Peter Capaldi's own wedding ring, and a separate band with the green stone, which backed up against Capaldi's own ring. This was done so Capaldi would not have to remove his ring during filming."

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"It's petty on my part, but Bill's praise of the speech always strikes me as being self-congratulatory on the part of the writer and it bothers me a bit. Still, a very minor and very petty complaint and the only one in a stupendously written episode."

I've seen similar comments, that it's a white man lecturing the racist while the black woman just stands there, especially in comparison to [S11 Spoiler] ubj "Ebfn" cynlf bhg.

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That reminds me, here's the gift shop at Stratford. I think Richard would love it:

I do want to read this however:

They also had DVDs of their filmed Shakespeare plays - apparently they're working their way through the whole canon. A lot of them seem to be available to stream as rentals on Amazon.

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"I kept giggling when you said she was going to murder him because SHE KIND OF DOES. "

Haha, me too.

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"Not to mention it's a great opportunity to cast actors of color. "

It is, but they could also just make a new show. Granted we live in an age of reboots and remakes where networks like the idea of having an established audience from the get-go. You know what Bryke might be good at, though? Earthsea.

But the bad choices of the movie aside, like the racebending, it still showed that this is really hard to pull off in live action, especially on a TV budget. I doubt Netflix will be spending Game of Thrones money on this. Just consider how much of the show takes place outdoors, and how it's basically one long road trip. No standing sets! That's expensive.

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I love the insurance adjuster's old fashioned tape recorder.

One of my favorite lines from the show: "It's not like Kent just comes on and moves around a couple pieces of furniture! He's the moral center of the play!"

A beautiful ending to a beautiful show. One that will always make me regret never having seen William Hutt on stage, and probably ruin all future productions of King Lear for me by comparison (I've seen Ian McKellen and James Earl Jones on video, and Joseph Marcell live - all good, with variously interesting performances by both them and other characters - Rene Auberjonois's Edgar is practically Gollum).

I need to talk about Sophie for a minute. What in the world was going on with her story? We're meant to be sympathetic to her because this is her first role at the festival and she's having to go through this troubled production. But in our first introduction to her, she's awful. Just a complete asshole. Maybe that's justified, maybe we're meant to inherently side with the serious actors over the musical company, but we've never met her before. We have no basis for liking her otherwise. I mean, who goes into a fridge, drinks straight from a milk carton without looking at it, and then gets angry because it's soy milk? Plus, as I said in a prior review, she's even mean to Jerry! We love Jerry! And then there's this love triangle, which is resolved when Paul, who starts out an asshole but at least develops an open mind, realizes that yeah his girlfriend is pretty vapid just like Sophie says, then hooks up with her presumably without breaking it off with Megan first. Wow, how romantic.

I just wonder how much of this is leftover from Kate's intended storyline. We know they didn't expect Rachel McAdams to leave the show, and that she was meant to play Juliet. Would she have had the romance with Patrick? Would that also not have worked out? They wanted her ultimately to become a new Ellen, so that mentoring margarita night with Ellen and Barbara might have offered a glimpse of that. Though Kate would have been a bit less of an ingenue in her third season at the festival.

The Onion AV Club did a two-part interview with the creators, which has lots of info on all that and more.

Anyway. "I want to thank you, and I want to curse you. And I have to say goodbye now, Oliver. I love you. I wish you could be here today."

Aaaaaaaand - Caveman!!