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You skipped Chapter 24, The Gallery of Maps.

What's "breechtree cotton"? *checks Coppermind Wiki* Huh. It's actually *breachtree.* That makes less sense, for a plant whose "cotton" (and what part is that?) gets used to make clothes. But I don't recall if these people ever call their pants "breeches." *handwave* It's all translation anyway. 

I'm about to do unpleasant preparation for an unpleasant and not-risk-free medical procedure. But this chapter reminds me that I'm lucky to have a hospital, numerous doctors, and well-established processes and protocols, not a single unpaid surgeon doing his low-tech best in a community where nobody much likes or trusts him. (Fgbezyvtug urnyvat jbhyq or orggre, bs pbhefr.)

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"He scared the rust out of them." There's an adapted phrase that doesn't work so well.

"Steelheart" -- that's an interesting term. I guess "stoneheart" would have unusual connotations in the present context. 

I don't much care for this plotline. But I like the continued wry, sometimes deadpan tone of the narrative. I guess we have Hoa (and Jemisin) to thank for that, but maybe it's Essun's voice too. 

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Rock is among my favorite Stormlight Archive characters, too. And possibly the one I would most like having in my real-world life. Yvsg vf Gur Orfg Rire nf n punenpgre, naq fbzrgvzrf zl ureb, naq V jvfu fur jnf erny fbzrjurer, ohg ure graqrapvrf gb qryvoengryl naabl crbcyr naq rng rirelbar'f sbbq jbhyq znxr ure qvssvphyg gb npghnyyl yvir jvgu.

"I am not odd." Yes, Syl, you're odd. Wonderfully odd, like most of the bestest characters in this series. That's one reason I like you-all. [RoW] V tbg jvpxrq raivbhf jura Nqbyva nssrpgvbangryl pnyyrq Funyyna "qryvpvbhfyl jrveq." (Be fbzrguvat fvzvyne; V qba'g erzrzore.) Gung'f nzbat gur uvturfg cenvfrf V pbhyq tvir be ubcr gb trg.

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"Dalinar's stormwardens predicted another few weeks of spring, followed by a return to summer. Hopefully it wouldn't turn to winter instead." That sounds way too much like the weather forecasts my area gets nowadays. I swear the Earth's temperate zone is turning into Roshar. 

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Cool description of Syl Anagist (ack, I keep thinking it's Syl *Aganist*). This series hasn't had an extensively described setting in way too long. I especially like the notion of "nematocysts" on windows to sting intruders. In our world, that word refers to the subcellular stinging structures on jellyfish, coral, sea anemones, and (possibly coincidentally) certain special of single-celled dinoflagellates. In Syl Anagist, are those window coatings of "tissue" made from the actual flesh of those or other creatures? Or some artifical biomimetic material that closely resembles it?

I'm amused by the phrasing that Father Earth "burped up" magma. That's a phrase I've mostly seen in reference to *babies* vomiting.

Hoa's sense of time superficially reminded me of the dogs in the Iron Druid Chronicles. One of those dogs, at least; I don't remember about the others. That dog isn't ancient like Hoa, and he's as intelligent and articulate as any human (and a snarky nerd of hilarious adorable dogness), but he can't understand or remember the proper words for timespans, e.g. that a "century" is longer than an "hour."

This book was published in 2017. I expect the dedication has been hard-hitting from the start. But it certainly is now.

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Ah. I was going by the publication-order list on Goodreads, and didn't follow its link to the chronological list. Thanks for the recommendation.

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*eagerly looks up The Hallowed Hunt* Phooey, it's the third book in a series. Well, maybe I'll start the series sometime.

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Pvgvat guvf puncgre, gur Pbccrezvaq Jvxv bayl fnlf "Fbzr Ubearngref ner obea jvgu gur novyvgl gb frr abeznyyl vaivfvoyr fcera yvxr Flycueran. Gurfr vaqvivqhnyf ner pnyyrq nynvv'vxh."

[Greater Cosmere] Gur rcvtencuf va guvf cneg bs gur obbx sbez "Gur Yrggre" sebz Ubvq gb Sebfg gung bcrayl qvfphffrf gur Funeqf, naq bgure Pbfzrer jbeyqf fhpu nf Fry va guvf puncgre'f rcvtencu (naq Enlfr qrfgeblvat gur Funeqf gurer va gur arkg). Creuncf crbcyr jub ernq Rynagevf orsber guvf obbx jbhyq xabj jung Fry jnf, gubhtu V qba'g erzrzore nal ersrerapr va gung obbx gb gur cynarg'f anzr. Ohg V'z fher gung jura V jnf n svefg gvzr ernqre, jvgu mreb xabjyrtr bs Pbfzrer pbfzbybtl, V unqa'g gur sebtttvrfg vqrn jung gurfr rcvtencuf jrer gnyxvat nobhg, naq V cebonoyl qvqa'g pner

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Ugh. Alabaster is dead, though if he's become a stone eater, he's not gone. But Essun keeps on killing, because the world at large -- humans, stone eaters, Guardians, and obelisks -- never lets her and her loved ones live in peace. I fast-forwarded my audiobook through most of the boilbug attack, glad that I'm not required to read it as Mark is.

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Adolin, ya doofus. Don't take your date on a mystery investigation, unless she's your investigation partner. The "promenade" exchange is kind of hilarious, though. Ba n erernq, V frr guvf fprar nf sberfunqbjvat sbe ubj tbbq n zngpu Nqbyva naq Funyyna jvyy or. Fur nccerpvngrf tbbq fanex va n zna (be nalbar), cnegvpvcngrf va zlfgrel vairfgvtngvbaf jvgu unmneqbhfyl terng raguhfvnfz, naq rawblf gnyxvat jvgu 'pbzzbaref' yvxr gurfr yrngurejbexref naq gur Neqragf, gubhtu fur arirr fhcerffrf ure fanex gb fhvg gurz.