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Yay, more Disney Rewatch!

I watched Aladdin a few times and liked it well enough. I watched many episodes of the spin-off TV series and liked them well enough, collectively. I watched Aladdin 2: The Return of Jafar once and disliked it.

But I *adored* Aladdin 3: The King of Thieves, and watched it many, many times. I would rank it among my favorite Disney films — funny, heartwarming, a little dark, and beautifully animated.

The removed the worst line from the Aladdin opening song, but left in "It's barbaric, but hey, it's home." I *guess* the change sufficiently mollified the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, but parts of the film (e.g. Jasmine almost getting her hand severed for stealing an apple) still get used among examples of Disney's racist stereotyping and that song got "The Merchant" ranked #9 on the debatable Cracked of "9 Most Racist Disney Characters."

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[RoW] Vs Zbnfu unq fhpprrqrq va xvyyvat Yvsg, V jbhyq unir ungrq uvz zber cnffvbangryl sbe qrcevivat zr bs zber gvzr jvgu zl snibevgr punenpgre.

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This is when Taravanian became the Monst Despicable Stormlight Archive Character to me, a distiction he has mostly maintained.* The murder hospital is the primary reason. Others *may* have caused more deaths. Taravangian has ordered and assisted with a cold-blooded, clear-headed act of mass murder, slowly killing hundreds of his own most vulnerable and marginalized civilians for their dying words that somehow "might save us."

"Fbzrgvzrf jr arrq zber obqvrf guna gur grezvanyyl fvpx pna cebivqr. Naq fb jr zhfg oevat va gur sbetbggba naq gur ybjyl. Gubfr jub jvyy abg or zvffrq." Ba guvf erernq, jura ur fnvq gung, V gubhtu bs ubj irartrshyyl tbbq vg jbhyq or vs na Rqtrqnapre xvyyrq uvz.

Naq lrg, ur unf erznvarq bar bs gur zbfg vagrerfgvat ivyynvaf va gur frevrf, pbzcyrk va zbgvirf naq rzbgvbaf. V nyjnlf rawblrq uvf CBI puncgref.

"Fbzrgvzrf V jbaqre vs gur Yvsroebgure uvzfrys frag lbh gb zr.” Gung'f gur bayl gvzr "gur Yvsroevatre" unf rire orra ersreraprq. Fmrgu nffhzrf ur'f n "Ibeva tbq," ohg jr qba’g xabj gung, be nalguvat ryfr nobhg uvz. V erznva phevbhf nobhg vg.

*Lbhat-Qnyvane qvq fhecnff uvz qhevat gubfr synfuonpxf. Abg Zbnfu, gubhtu. V jnag Zbnfu gb or chg bhg bs rirelbar'f zvfrel NFNC, ohg V qba'g ungr uvz jvgu n cnffvba gur jnl znal ernqref qb. Ur whfg unfa'g znffnperq rabhtu crbcyr gb eviny Qnyvane, Fnqrnf, be Gneninatvna.

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I find Shallan so impressive in this chapter. Her accurate leaps of deduction, and her boldness in confronting Jasnah, are beyond what I could imagine doing.

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It is nice to get a Navani POV. She's admirable *and* she's more humanly-imperfect than Dalinar thinks.

I spent this chapter wanting to punch Sadeas every time the lying slimebucket spoke. I wished Dalinar could beat him up the way he beat Elhokar, who I pitied as a frightened fool, though that scene was satisfying too. [RoW] Aninav'f ybir sbe ure fba, nf fubja va EbJ, znl or nssrpgvat zl whqtrzrag n yvggyr abj. V qbhog Vnynv'f ybir sbe ure uhfonaq jbhyq unir fvzvyneyl fjnlrq zr, gubhtu V fgvyy jvfu jr unq rire tbggra n CbI sebz ure.

Still, it's not very common for a villain to calmly explain their motivations fully when pressed (instead of defiantly keeping quiet or freely choosing to monologue), so that was slightly refreshing.

Someone (Moash, I'm guessing?) is described as "hawk-faced," on a planet where hawks either don't exist or are "chickens." I know it can be handwaved as a Rosharan-to-English translation, but I love it whenever characters make similes or metaphors that reflect their own settings and experiences, so I get miffed whenever they pass up an opportunity to do so.

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Thank you! I use the Coppermind (and Wikipedia) a lot, and appreciate the work its editors give to it.

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Seriously, I don't know how I originally forgave any of these protagonists for the mass deaths they dealt in battle. High fantasy protagonists who never kill anyone can be difficult to find, but these have an inestimable body count.

But it was nice to see Dalinar meet Kaladin.

Unusually for the Stormlight Archive, the meaning of this chapter's title didn't become clear by the chapter's end. Or did I miss something?

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Ugh. With the amount of time this book spends on battles, it's a wonder I kept reading the first time. The snarky banter and interesting ecology were just enough to drag me through before we reached better things. Battles are boring, and gross, and sad. This particular war is especially awful, so many thousands of people dying in alleged retribution for one person's death, dying for a few peoples' greed. Ng guvf cbvag gur Cnefuraqv ner fgvyy n Snpryrff Zbafgre Ubeqr, "Fura'f" cerfrapr naq Qnyvane'f bppnfvbany zbzragf bs vafvtug abgjvgufgnaqvat. Jura Fnaqrefba cebprqrf gb fhoireg -- naq riraghnyyl dhnqehcyr-fhoireg -- gung gebcr, rirelguvat jvyy unir orra jbegujuvyr. Ohg ng guvf cbvag, V arire vzntvarq ur jbhyq qb gung.

"He'd never realized how idyllic his life have been. Away from war. Away from death." I expected that though to be followed by relatably shaming himself for being unhappy during that time, [RoW] gur jnl ur'yy funzr uvzfrys sbe orvat haunccl nobhg uvf vafbzavn jura uvf yvsr vf pbzcnengviryl yhkhevbhf. But perhaps he was a little too distracted at that point.

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Stormpod caught my attention again because Shawn posts every episode in the Facebook group "The Stormlight Archive." I've listened through episode 8, and my only dissatisfaction is that their voices sound very similar to me, so I sometimes lose track of who's talking. If they ever start complaining about the realistic persistence of Kaladin's depression (be nalbar ryfr'f zragny vyyarff), I'll stop listening, but I see no particular indication that they will.

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Thanks for the reminder; it looks like I didn't do that when I got the newsletter in November. I don't know how much of it I'll read, as text on my phone is easier for me to read than a graphic novel but still a pain in the hands. But I would like to have read the full Cosmere canon.