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We love you too. :p <3

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Apparently so. This planet seems more inhospitable to our coral than our planet has been for millions of years, especially since many of the Seasons described in the appendix produced conditions that might have wiped out our type of coral. Maybe the coral of the Stillness is more resilient and, as a component of that, much faster-growing, though I'm not sure how that might be physiologically achieved. Now I want to know everything about this coral and other marine life, and I probably won't learn anything more, as it's indicated here that even orogenes are taught relatively little about the subject. Humph.

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^growing, not frowing

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It's weird to read about communities that are (or plausibly could have been, sans obelisk) imperiled by excessive amounts of rapidly-frowing coral. Here and now, the shallow-water coral reefs that buffer shorelines and support ecosystems that sustain coastal communities across the tropics are dying en masse from physical destruction, ocean acidification, heat-induced bleaching, disease, sedimentation, and all linds of pollution -- and even when healthy, they usually grow *extremely* slowly. Deepwater corals don't require sunlight, but they also tend to be very slow-growing and face many of the same threats.

Sigh. I miss all of my marine-biology-education jobs.

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I'm flexible on the reading rate, as I can read rapidly with audiobooks.

Gah, I messed up the link when I edited the post. Here's the "Explaining the Stormlight Archive" blog series: https://www.tor.com/tag/explaining-the-stormlight...

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A Stormlight Archive reread here could be great. I missed the Tor.com rereads of Way of Kings and Words of Radiance, though I enjoyed reading through them, and participated in the Oathbringer reread. I'm sure they'll do a Rhythm of War reread at some point, a while after it's published.

Tor.com is currently doing an "Explaining the Stormlight Archive" blog series, with a post each Thursday on "Everything we know about [topic]." It's full of SA spoilers, and not guanranteed to he free of other Cosmere spoilers. Here it is: 6https://www.tor.com/tag/explaining-the-stormlight-archive/

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[Definitions, not spoilery but cyphered to be safe] Nppbeqvat gb gur tybffnel, "trbzrfgre" vf n trareny grez sbe fpvragvfg, ohg nyfb n fcrpvsvp grez sbe crbcyr jub fghql "fgbar naq vgf cynpr va gur angheny jbeyq," v.r. n oyraq bs yvgubytl, purzvfgel naq trbybtl, bppnfvbanyyl fcrpvnyvmvat va bebtrarfvf. Gung zvtug zrna gurer ner ab bgure svryqf bs npnqrzvp fpvrapr ba gur Fgvyyarff, gubhtu V rkcrpg vaabingbef (qrsvarq ba guvf obbx'f Jvxvcrqvn cntr nf na "vairagbe/vagryyrpghny pnfgr" bs "ratvarref, qbpgbef, naq bgure ceboyrz-fbyiref") nyfb qb erfrnepu naq rkcrevzragngvba.

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"You give him the look that has cowed two of your own and several dozen other peoples' children." I wish I could do that. I can't cow anyone ever. As a kid, I could and did make my younger brother cry by glaring at him with a ferocious scowl, but I still feel bad about that.

"Earth eat hard-headed children." Look, someone besides Mark who wants the ground to open up and swallow people. :p

"[...] orogenes eat mountains for breakfast." But probably not literally, more's the pity.

Heh, "a juicy-s*****-people recipe book."

"No one but a geomest would know so many useless facts, so throughly." Sounds fun, and relatable. Now I think I'd want to be a geomest, if I had to be on that wretched planet.

The kirkhusa scene is a nice tight bit of in-the-moment observation, its experiential realism quite enhanced by the repeated "(What)" that a person in just such a baffling situation would probably be thinking.

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Hey, I knew that guy in college. We were in the same group of friends. Small world. :D

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"Imperial mother-of-pearls" (punctuation unknown) is an interesting name for a currency. What are they made of?

Gah, that food sounds delicious, though not enough to make me want to visit that cataclysm-ravaged planet. I can't resist a seafood stew. Except when it's poisoned, of course.

"Cannibal-son" is an interesting version of "[child] of a [some derogatory demographic term]. [Appendices] V xabj pnaavonyvfz jnf abgnoyl enzcnag (va gur abegura urzvfcurer) qhevat gur Frnfba bs Grrgu, gur frnfba juvpu yrq gb gur sbhaqvat bs gur Shypehz. Qbrf vg pheeragyl/erpragyl unccra fbzrjurer, gbb?

Heh, a color like "low-quality amethyst with a dollop of smoky quartz." I've never heard the informal quantity-unit "dollop" applied to rock before.

Feh. I'm resisting the urge to read the rest of the book and series, wanting to not risk losing track of what Mark's reading trajectory has revealed and stating spoilers. But it's tempting. I find I don't like not knowing everything about a story I'm trying to discuss. Wrong speculations and unanswerable questions are *Mark's* job. *sulk*