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I did that in the first Tor post, and have tried to bring up some things that bothered me in non-combative ways, then seized up with anxiety when other commenters so much as said "I disagree because [...]" I'm not sure how much attention Emmet pays to comments on their Pratchett Book Club post, as they almost never comment there (except to notify us when they unexpectedly won't be posting that week).

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I'm rereading the Crimson Empire trilogy by Alex Marshall. It's epic fantasy with an anachronistic potty mouth, a wide variety of cultures and settings, and way too many invertebrates. Most of the protagonists are L, G, B, and/or T, and I love them. I was slow to warm toward the characters on my first read in 2019, but knowing them (and vaguely understanding the intricate plot) as I do now, I'm enjoying the reread much more.

I'm also rereading various Wheel of Time, Stormlight Archive, and A Song of Ice and Fire books for the blogs and podcasts I follow.

And I'm rewatching Mark Reads Discworld and Mark Reads Enchanted Forest Chronicles videos over and over and over, partly for the Terry Pratchett Book Club blog series on Tor and partly because they're my literary comfort food. Though that's less comforting at the moment, because the Terry Pratchett Book Club is covering Interesting Times and the blogger Emmet Asher-Perrin *likes* it and thinks the cross cultural commentary is "mostly done well," particularly praising some bits Mark and the Mark Reads commenters called out as particularly awful and racist. I'm baffled and don't know what I should do. I didn't expect this of Emmet, who has called out other problematic features in earlier Discworld books. I'm not qualified to personally judge the intricacies in this book's bout of bigotry, and I don't want to pick fights which would be prohibited in those heavily moderated comment threads anyway, but I feel like it's wrong for me to say nothing after all of the work Mark and the Mark Reads community have done to explain why the book is harmful and Not OK.

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TW: disordered eating (also cyphered for WOT book content)

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Being in their Discord is enough for me. Though I'm way behind on my listening at the moment, since they rapidly went far past the point in LOC that Reading the Wheel of Time is at. That blog has been moving rather slowly of late, due to a combination of the holidays and Sylas also covering the TV show, but I would still recommend it to any WOT fan.

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My mother and I are vacationing in Hawai'i. B) I'm still struggling with all the physiological and emotional baggage I couldn't leave behind, but enjoying the ocean and delaying my experience of winter. Next week, we'll stop in Colorado on the way home to New York, in order to spend several days visiting family there, likely a less-fun time.

I'm reading my way through the multi-series "Parasolverse" works of Gail Carriger, a steampunk-Victorian-AU urban fantasy paranormal romantic comedy of manners with much queer representation and found/adoptive family. It brought on a mess of uncomfortable feelings, including a lot of intense envy, but it has pushed me to address my disordered eating patterns and food/body-shaming of myself, a project limited by a set of physical factors.

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I have a fall tradition of rereading The Legend of Sleepy Hollow on Tor.com, where it's published in its entirety: https://www.tor.com/2017/10/27/the-legend-of-slee...

I have a special fondness for that story, because the language is so beautiful and vividly-descriptive (my favorite thing in a story) and because I had fun performing in a theater-class production of it when I was twelve. And I live in a part of upstate New York that's...not much like 1790 Sleepy Hollow but close enough that I can picture the setting with some detail and familiarity.

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I used to enjoy Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls, as I wasn't the target of its racism. I still love most of Jim Carrey's lines and shenanigans therein; I think he's a spectacularly hammy comedien.* But all I've seen of the first film was the scene of his post-kiss-revelation trauma you described, which happened to be playing when I noticed the film on my TV menu and tuned in. Even without knowing how much this (and The Crying Game and others) reflect the societal fears that get so many people killed, I hated it and didn't want to watch more.

I still habitually say "Alrighty then." And would like an opportunity to use one of his insults from Ace Ventura 2 -- "Your idea is like your lower intestine. Stinking. And full of rubbish."

*My favorite Jim Carrey performance was in A Series of Unfortunate Events (film, not TV series) where he hammily blended sinister and hilarious like nobody else could IMO. But I think he's a great Ace Ventura too.

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I dunno. I do relax when the book seems to be focusing on travel or setup instead of the battles I hate reading about, but I was knocked out of that relaxafion in Chapter 26 at the latest.

It's interesting and impressive that Tyn managed to attract angerspren with entirely feigned anger. Unless she was deliberately thinking about something else that made her genuinely angry, yvxr Funyyna qryvorengryl qbvat fcrpgnphyneyl rzoneenffvat guvatf gb nggenpg funzrfcera VVEP. Emotionspren would be expected to make tbis type of deception especially difficult on Roshar, but apparently they can be manipulated to facilitate it.

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