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I haven't examined this thoroughly, but it looks amazing. Thank you so much!!!

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I didn't love the Shadow and Bone trilogy. I'm not strongly averse to its dominant tropes, but didn't find the characters and setting very vivid or engaging. But the King of Scars duology alone made it ultimately worth reading for me. I don't know what reading KoS without having read SaB would be like. It might be possible without too much confusion, but I've never seen someone describe that experience.

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The Shadow and Bone trilogy (Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, Ruin and Rising) is before the Six of Crows duology (Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom) in both publishing order and in-world chronology, and takes place in a different part of the same world. It's more of a classic "unique superpowered teenage hero fights a superpowered villain to save the world" story, and often deemed more "YA" and less well-written, so it's disliked by many people who love SoC. The King of Scars duology continues the story of the SaB events, as pivotally experienced by several previously-non-POV characters, and the connected story of one SoC protagonist. I didn't watch the Shadow and Bone TV show, but from the episode synopses of the first season, it appears to roughly follow the SaB plot while shoving the SoC characters into that plot in ways that might be delightful but probably feel jarring to readers like me who have grown especially attached to the SoC characters exactly as they are and what they do in the books. I still might watch it someday, if my library eventually gets it on DVD.

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I recently became a Patreon patron of the Unspoiled Podcast -- having listened to some of their free content since 2014 -- in order to access their weekly coverage of the Mistborn series (both eras, eventually), which is now partway through Hero of Ages. The hosts' social justice discussions are unusually heavy in frequency and intensity, as might be expected when -- starting sometime partway through 2020 -- two vocally-progressive people read a series with strong themes of oppression, resistance, activism, privilege, and attempts at good governance. But there's plenty of laughter too. I didn't have a lot of trouble getting through Mistborn Era 1 when I read it in 2016, though I don't love it like Stormlight Archive, but I'm getting more insights out of it via these podcast discussions.

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I'm using https://www.y2mate.com/en75 to download Enchanted Forest Chronicles videos in 144p (.mp4) format, the smallest video file option with decent sound preservation. I don't know if they're too big to upload somewhere for sharing, but didn't want to lose the videos by downloading them as audio files. Folks in a Tamora Pierce fan group I'm in have downloaded-and-uploaded a mix of audio and video files for the Tortall books into a shared Google Doc, so it's doable somehow.

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So do I, and so does Mark.

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I just read King of Scars and Rule of Wolves by Leigh Bardugo, a duology tbat serves as a sequel to both the Shadow and Bone trilogy and the Six of Crows duology. I liked it a little less than the wonderful Six of Crows duology, but it was still sooo gooood. Calling it a duology seems to indicate that there won't be more, but there was a sequel hook at the very last moment, so I'm happily unsure we're done with the Grishaverse.

I'm currently reading the Gentleman Bastards series by Scott Lynch, though I've been sidetracked by trying to rewatch as many Mark Reads videos as possible before the YouTube channel shuts down. I've downloaded Mark's videos for three of the four Enchanted Forest Chronicles books, and hope to download the fourth before it's gone.

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Oooh noooo. I've watched you read the Enchanted Forest Chronicles many times, and I often go to YouTube to rewatch Tortall or Discworld videos that are gone from their Mark Reads posts. 😭

But you do what you need to do. <3

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My adulthood nightmares tend to feature extreme manifestations of the things I worry about in my everyday waking life. The Horsepersons are about the only fictional characters who have given me *recurring* nightmares in the recent past (OK, I also had a couple of nightmares of being forced to marry Ramsay Bolton), and that's partly because they and their apocalypse are so chillingly believable. As I strive to take them less seriously, those dreams are also getting less awful. Other monsters, especially less-human(oid) ones, have always tended to give me happier dreams. I'm weird like that.

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My only Good Omens ship is Famine and his accountant Frannie, who featured in his first scene. I had a nightmare about them a while ago -- one of the countless Horsepersons nightmares I've had throughout the past ten years -- and have spent the past three months mentally fanfictioning it into a Grand Romance in defiance of canonical possibility. This endeavor was a turning point in my effort to stop letting nightmares dictate how I feel about the book, so I'm anxiously protective and possessive of it. Meanwhile, the Crowley/Aziraphale shippers in the main fan group I frequent* appear to speak with perfect confidence and syncronized imaginings.

In other fictions, my ships vary. They can be "characters I imagine would hit it off it they ever met," like Daven Lannister and Myranda Royce in ASOIAF. Or "character I'm crushing on and character I self-project onto and use as a conduit," though I more often make a self-insert OC for that, and sometimes a crush preempts a ship; e.g. I won't match Aeron Greyjoy with Melisandre because Aeron is I Me Mine. Or occasionally "characters whose canon relationship could plausibly be a romance off-page." In every case, I don't want my bubble busted by people objecting to it, and I don't know why (or if) anyone *enjoys* participating in shipping wars.

*The large Facebook group "Is this Good Omens? No? Too bad, it is now." People who see unrelated things everywhere that remind them of Good Omens. I see things that remind me of the Horsepersons. Most posters see things that remind them of Crowley and/or Aziraphale as protrayed in the show, including any two creatures or objects where one is light-colored and the other is dark-colored. I never cared much about the status of that relationship, but now I feel defensive of it on behalf of these wonderful people.