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I used to enjoy Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls, as I wasn't the target of its racism. I still love most of Jim Carrey's lines and shenanigans therein; I think he's a spectacularly hammy comedien.* But all I've seen of the first film was the scene of his post-kiss-revelation trauma you described, which happened to be playing when I noticed the film on my TV menu and tuned in. Even without knowing how much this (and The Crying Game and others) reflect the societal fears that get so many people killed, I hated it and didn't want to watch more.

I still habitually say "Alrighty then." And would like an opportunity to use one of his insults from Ace Ventura 2 -- "Your idea is like your lower intestine. Stinking. And full of rubbish."

*My favorite Jim Carrey performance was in A Series of Unfortunate Events (film, not TV series) where he hammily blended sinister and hilarious like nobody else could IMO. But I think he's a great Ace Ventura too.

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I dunno. I do relax when the book seems to be focusing on travel or setup instead of the battles I hate reading about, but I was knocked out of that relaxafion in Chapter 26 at the latest.

It's interesting and impressive that Tyn managed to attract angerspren with entirely feigned anger. Unless she was deliberately thinking about something else that made her genuinely angry, yvxr Funyyna qryvorengryl qbvat fcrpgnphyneyl rzoneenffvat guvatf gb nggenpg funzrfcera VVEP. Emotionspren would be expected to make tbis type of deception especially difficult on Roshar, but apparently they can be manipulated to facilitate it.

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Ugghh, another battle-focused chapter that I dragged myself through on my first read and skipped on my reread, relying on the Coppermind Wiki chapter summary and your commentary. A Song of Ice and Fire is the only story ever to feature battles I actually enjoy reading about, because the language is so lyrical; all others are just boring and/or tragic.

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I enjoyed Tyn here as the first female character I'd noticed in Vorin territory who strongly defied Vorin gender norms, e.g. eating spicy food because she grew up with it and sees no reason to change. Ure qrngu jnf na rkprcgvbany ohzzre sbe zr.

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Chrome on Android is working for me too. Thanks for telling us of that option.

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PSA: The NotACast Podcast is about to resume discussing A Song of Ice and Fire chapter-by-chapter in livestreams on their YouTube channel. Those weekly livestreams, and the lively discussions by viewers in the comment sidebar, were my main regular social venue for a full year of pandemic before they went on hiatus in April.

The first livestream is today (8:30 PM Eastern, I think) at https://youtu.be/HBifi9dp_9U Their YouTube channel also has the rest of their recorded livestreams, covering much of A Clash of Kings and a smattering of earlier chapters from before they started doing livestreams every episode. Their website https://notacastasoiaf.podbean.com/# has audio of the livestreams and all other episodes not done live, including the rest of A Game of Thrones/A Clash of Kings and a bunch of episodes made by one co-hosts during the hiatus with guest-hosts aspects of ASOIAF or other topics. Warning they all may contain spoilers for all of the ASOIAF books, the TV show Game of Thrones, author interviews, etc. -- "anything and everything."

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I'm awed by Shallan's guts in this set of chapters.

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My thought when Shallan heals her feet: it's about time. Fur'f riraghnyyl tbvat gb trg creuncf-rkprffviryl qrcraqrag ba Fgbezyvtug urnyvat va ure jvyq rfpncnqrf, ohg vg jnf irel inyhnoyr urer.

Her much-earlier observations of symbiosis, which I'll always love, pay off here in her framing of human/spren partnerships.

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There never were many videos for the Alanna books, and some of the Wild Magic chapters also didn't get videos commissioned.

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I sent my Dropbox link to one person in the Tamora Pierce fan group, who downloaded-then-uploaded everything into a Google Drive folder to share. :D But we discovered that the Dropbox collection is missing all of the Carpe Jugulum videos except Part 1. Do you have those videos? If not, I'll ask Mark.