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I'm making changes on my diet, too, after I found out that I have Type 2 Diabetes in 2009. I quit drinking pop whether diet or normal. I'm drinking bottle and tap water everyday. I walk a lot every day. Especially since I have no vehicle and can't drive. I working on eating little bread and potatoes, cut down on sugar and salt consumption, and eating a lot more spinach in a bag and more of canned chicken than red meat. My A1C lever was about 6 to 7. But in just a few years my A1C is lowered to 5. My goal is to get my A1C level at 4, which is what normal, non-diabetic people has, and keep it there. Wish me luck, too, Mojoey and good luck to you, too.

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And they wonder why some people become atheists and avoid church for good.... Horribly sickening.

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They should've went to the police to begin with rather than the churches. If they did, the suffering would've never happened.

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I've been busy trying to raise money to buy a large concert grand harp. I tried raising money to finance a harp, but I wasn't able to due to having little to no credit. So I had to set up a Harp Fund where people like you are encourage to freely donate money to my cause. The donate button is at the top of the comments section if you wish to help support my cause.

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This time, you're right. Got it fixed.

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Sorry, Green iguanas are, too, found in Papua New Guinea. They are found as far away as Fiji as well. Look it up.

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Leviathan is fully armored from head to fin. Dunkleosteus is only armored in the head.

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That pastor isn't the only one that pulled a sickening act on a cat. Here's an article from PZ's site about a cat that's killed and has the word "Liberal" painted on its body.

Anyone responsible has got to be caught and face charges of animal cruelty.

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This proves time and time again that the notion of Christian families being loving, upright, and moral is a pure myth. So much for a loving Christian home.....

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Reminds me of an oldes classic "Look out for the Cheater! Make way for the fool-hearted clown!..."