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Hope you got my reply to your email. It was sent from a different email address, but suffice it to say that I think we've found more than common ground.

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Even as an atheist, I don't really think of belief as THE problem necessarily. I think I could probably get along well with the founding fathers of our country, and many of them were deists. I tend to go more the Christopher Hitchens route: : "Religion is not the belief that there is a god. Religion is the belief that god tells you what to do." I think that there is a profound difference.

If we concentrate a little less on eliminating belief generally speaking, and focus more on eliminating religion, we'd be more successful - and I think we have been. I agree it will never go away completely, but we could at least reduce it to a segment (at least in this country) where it is much more easily dealt with.

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Long time, no see folks. Sorry for the absence. I've owned guns, and have no problem with the ownership of guns. I also have a 2 1/2 year old son. So I understand that side of the equation as well. I cried when I heard any mention of what happened in Newton for over a week, so I couldn't bear to listen to it in public for a while.

But, these conspiracy theorists are just plain crazy. And I really don't see any reason not to reinstate the assault weapons ban that originally existed under President Clinton either. There really isn't a need to carry an excessive number of rounds. However, I would point out that switching magazines takes only a second, tops, and so it doesn't really matter what number of rounds you have in your clip unless you're in a gunfight already.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this, except to say that I think this debate will be carried out with good points and bad points on both sides, but that we really need to examine what the end goal is and try to figure out what we're trying to achieve before we just put new laws in place. I'll also say, as a Libertarian (no, not the pseudo-Libertarians like Glenn Beck - Godless, you know where I'm coming from) I'm not a fan of Executive Orders for this type of thing. Rational discussion is what we need, and I'm not sure we're going to get that with the emotions that are undoubtedly involved. It is best if this takes a while to simmer down while it is debated.

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I hear what you are saying, but frankly I can divorce myself from it sometimes. For example, I love to listen to Wagner even though his association with the Nazis makes me ill. It doesn't make his music any less amazing to me though. Maybe I just don't emote very well, but to me it depends on what I'm evaluating - the person, or the product.

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Long time, no see everyone. I really think you hit the nail on the head with your thoughts on credibility GM. Character is a component that contributes to that, but for me, it is really about credibility. For example, I'd much rather have a beer (metaphorically) with Krauss than with Dawkins, but Dawkins has credibility for me as well.

I have no personal experience with vjack outside of this blog, so I can't say whether he is a "good" person or not in personal interactions (I suspect that you are vjack). However, he's certainly gained credibility in my book since this is one of the handful of blogs I actually bother to read and comment on.

So yes, character is important to me, but only as one of many components that go into my evaluation of the "worthiness" of someone to expound upon a given topic. If vjack was an ass, I don't think I would know anyway, but even if he was, the way in which he posts prolifically and on topics that interest me would still be as effective. I just wouldn't have a beer with him :)

But, I suspect that you're pretty cool vjack. If you ever come to Ohio let me know and I'll buy you a beer.

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Witty comments aside, I still think he was a great advocate to have on our side. He was intelligent, rational and an unforgiving debater. He will be missed in the atheist community.

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Totally off-topic vjack, but I had to share my sadness at the passing of Christopher Hitchens. I don't have too many people to share it with, so I thought I'd just remark that I think we lost quite the bulldog for atheism.

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A little late to the party, but I thought some of you guys might get a kick out of this:

It is my son's commentary on Rick Perry. I think this says it all. Especially his WTF expression.

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We've got very talented developers here at my company, but I'm pretty sure an application like this is far beyond the abilities of even my best folks. I'm not even sure it is possible. Christianspeak contains words and phrases that have no equivalent in reasonable, rational language.

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You're misanthropic because you give a shit vjack, so take some solace in that. The day you stop caring is the day you should begin to worry.