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30% of 7 billion is still more than 2 billion. Can't we breed carnivorous cows and then feed these 2 billion to them? We could have comprehensive examinations, where those that fail would be sent off to the grinder to be mulched. I wish we could stop blaming all the world's ills on religion, race, gender, political belief and just finally realise it's the stupid people that are ruining the world.

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Curse you Amazon UK and your clear theist agenda!

Kidding, of course. I can't see any obvious free religious titles. Oh, the Bible, of course. I do see this: History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science by John William Draper for free. Anyone know if that's worth reading?

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I am an atheist and have never once held religious belief, but I do believe that charity and helping the needy is a good and noble thing. I would be quite willing to reach out to a local church in order to join initiatives to help others, except that I feel a vague sense of unease at the idea. Is it perhaps that I can not abide any unwanted attempts at conversion and abhor the belief in falsehoods above all?

The point I want to strike at is that perhaps a large proportion of the do-gooders in society will gravitate to churches for their reputation for good deeds and not have the compunctions against religion that I have, and therefore be converted and held by the church. If the religion didn't exist, would they still be moved to do good?

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I just want to chime in with the thought that in previous generations, the infant mortality rate was much higher than it is today. These days a large majority of babies born are able to survive and add to the population of the world. Aren't contraceptives and abortion offering us a hope for future generations to sustain themselves on Earth? (Not to mention in future, helping to root out genetic diseases that may be found in an unborn child before they enter the gene pool?)