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Why is it necessary to discard religion in order to survive? (Honest question, not rhetorical or sarcastic)

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Maybe the author was just trying to help end the stereotype that all Christians hate atheists.

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There is no law stating that a prayer is not allowed to be said during a highschool event. The only rule is that a teacher (a part of the school and therefore the government) cannot lead the prayer. However, if a student does so than no law has been broken.

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Good for Damon for taking a stand for what he believes in! (Or in this case doesn't believe in) However I don't see what the big deal is about a prayer being in the ceremony? If the majority of the class and people in the auditorium are of the Christian faith, why shouldn't they be aloud to say a simple word to God and be done with it? It would only inconvienience maybe 60 seconds of Damon's life. I'm not trying to be difficult I'm just curious why ya'll are so vemenent about prayer if to ya'll it doesn't matter.

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I'm a Christian and even I think this is ridiculous! Why throw him out if he believes something different?