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These sort of competitions is about heart. Joe Biden doesn't wake up in the morning saying to himself "I want to be President more than anything else." He's the sort of guy who goes parasailing when he gets attacked and doesn't run up the score even when the polls say he's winning. Sanders may nota wake up wanting to be President, but he does have the ringing of economic and political justice ringing in his ears.

That being said, I've written before that I never thought Sanders or Warren would be the Dem's choice. I've also said Biden would never be President.

Of course, the economy could tank and change Biden's chances. But probably not. The smart money is still on Trump in 2020, unfortunately.

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The reason why Biden is winning the nomination is due to the number of endorsements he has from other Democratic politicians. That will mean nothing in the general election. Biden doesn't wake up in the morning wanting to be President. He doesn't have the drive. Sanders? That guy wakes up eager to do the work. That means a lot.

Sanders would get more done. He would use executive orders more aggressively than Biden. We've seen what Trump has done with them. Unfortunately, that's how things get done these days.

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I saw the movie on Netflix with my girlfriend. I thought it was OK - an homage to a certain time and place. There were definitely places I made fun of the characters or the choices the creative team made.

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Sounds interesting! I want to check it out!

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Nice job covering the basics.

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I watched Trump during the election and one of the many reasons why the guy won is that he knows how to insult people in a comical manner: Little Marco, Jeb being a "low energy guy," etc.

I'm not against insulting people. However, throwing comments around like racist and misogynist may score points (and clicks) with the liberal base, they aren't going to win over white middle class voters.

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I will say this. if someone tells me I should be dragged outside and shot, then I'll respond. There was a situation a few years ago when someone stated on a Humanist Facebook page I should be killed for burning The God Delusion. Fine. I didn't call the cops or anything like that because it wasn't a death threat. I did respond. Seeing it was a public forum I grabbed a picture of the guy and memed the fuck out of him.

Actions have consequences.

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I've found using Grammarly helps tighten up my writing quite a bit.

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The only thing I would add is that while bloggers should install Google analytics, but be prepared to see how poorly they do initially.

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It's interesting to note that King Solomon had temples to Moloch erected where babies were roasted alive. He had them placed on hills so people all over Jerusalem could smell cooking babies.