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"God bless" atheist like you, "V", that truly and honestly try and engage "them." more patience than I(that first part wuz a joke).


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Do ya live in the South or something. Keep up the awesome work...the ogling work that is. Awesome buddy.


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Wasn't there a book and a TV show promoting that crap, recently. The Vatican indeed is pushing the demon stuffs lately. Thanks Poopie, err, I mean Pope.

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Dude, I'm sure that every single person that comes here and that has a blog is jealous that you got the name first. Really, it is so good. Atheist 'frackin' Revolution.

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Tell, what is it?


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Homie, I'd like to wish you luck in all your endeavors. there is a great reggae song from the 80's that says "life's a big struggle, but you never give in." Pretty much my entire family are believers...and mainstream, middle class consumers. I've been thru every phase, punk rock, new wave, hippie, anything counter culture and, really, my environment is very small and select. What I have done since leaving my family is create a family of friends (and I'm not saying that you have to do this also, just saying that is what I did). both on the interbutz and in real life I have brothers and sisters that believe in me, agree with me (for the most part) and the most important part...they love me for who I'am. It is my sincere wish, my hope that you also have an environment that loves you and supports you. At the very least, you have the followers of your blog and the best team on the erffs...Team Atheist buddy. good luck to you. Check back later.

your internet brother,


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Give credit where credit is due. She did bring up an important topic and as far as I can tell, the first time. The militant xtians are treasonous and dangerous. Repent Amarillo anyone. Awesome "V".

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"They" need to up their game, not with fakey fake apologetics, but with real knowledge like science and philosophy and even Christian history. the average lay believer is as dumb as a box of rocks. When asked, they do not know how or when or why the first bible was constructed. If fact, still to this day, I bet most lay believers think that Jesus spoke in English and was blond with blue eyes. that guy should thank us for forcing them to up their game. Awesome buddy,

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Awesome once again "V". Those kooky scientists that bucked tradition, and were persecuted, have paved the way for real and true knowledge. A side note. Currently there are pseudoscientists that are claiming that they are bucking the trends and offering new science. These quacks are dangerous and decieving, but 'we' won't let them get away with that. Awesome buddy.

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"V" you have a much thicker skin than I.

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