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If you assume that the 80-20 rule is correct and you apply it to ideas, that means that you must hear quite a number of bad ideas before you ever find a good one. Still, it's hard sometimes to try to hear someone out who is generally obnoxious and outrageous. I have a very hard time on that issue with Ann Coulter.

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In my opinion, Trump is a not very bright narcissist who has surrounded himself with sycophants. I think it's more "the gang that can't shoot straight" than the evil empire. Yes, he's going to do what he wants to do, but I simply don't see much of a plan in their strategy.

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Well, I don't know who I'm praying to, but I'm praying that my squares win the pool.

On your post, I never thought about it, but it does take some serious ego to think that whatever deity answers your prayers. I suppose it's culturally conditioned in Christians to believe it, but when you think about it, it takes a real narcissist to think that you have influence in random events.

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Actually Jack is fairly liberal. I think it's more a question of holding your side more accountable. You expect the small minded to wage propaganda wars catered to the small minded. You expect someone like Maddow (who is a very smart woman) to not engage in such demeaning tactics. Sadly, most "news" now is about money and ratings.

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I've got to agree with you Jack. You can be very factual but your spin on the facts can distort things and end up being propaganda rather than reporting. I miss the old days when so much time and effort went into making a 30 minute broadcast as unbiased as possible.

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I probably shouldn't say this but "Maybe I'm strange." For me, I don't like watching people get assaulted. However, my mind likes the concept of this guy getting assaulted. It's not so much that I support the behavior of the person doing the assault, it's more a sort of karma is a bitch sort of thinking. So, does that make me strange?

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I love the comment about protestants starting a new denomination. It's very witty and ironically true. It happened in my time in the Episcopal Church USA.

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I was lucky enough to have a friend who was Mormon (and remained that way) but knew me well enough to bitch about things. He was no big fan of all the "missionary" stuff.

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Love or hate Trump, he is his own man. That fact actually makes me wonder whether he'll last 4 years. He pisses off people of all stripes. At least for the next two years it would take a Republican coup to get rid of him, but I can certainly envision such a thing happening. My firm belief is that most Republicans would much prefer a Pence presidency.

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Have you been bugging the conversations between me and my wife? :)