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The American brand of Christianity is of a very pushy sort. By disagreement of their dogma/beliefs alone, they label us atheists as militant. We are the most distrusted in the U.S. and I suspect it will be that way for a long while.
It takes a long time to undo a thousand years of indoctrination.

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If prayer actually worked, Christians would live longer and wouldn't fill the hospitals.

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Obama's proposed ban on assault weapons and limited magazine capacities is a very reasonable ban and long overdue.

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People tend to forget the assault weapons ban of 1994-2004. We did fine then.

If you feel you need an AR-15 to live freely, then you have deep emotional problems...or you've wronged a lot of people and you're worried they might find you.

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Remember how the Christians took the names of bands like Kiss and AC/DC, attempting to codify them into (Kiss) Kings in Satan's Service and (AC/DC) Against Christ, -----?)??

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Our election process has turned into a popularity contest among a few candidates...and is based on how much money is raised.
Each candidate appeals to their base of conservatives and liberals, but like you said...nothing changes.

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I'm not convinced that any presidential administration makes much difference at lower and lower-middle income levels. I contend that the out of touch Senate is our biggest problem..
How can the common person get fair treatment from a bunch of lawyers, lawyers that have been warming the same seats for several terms?
Until we are fairly represented, we bottom-feeders will always be the ones that fill the military ranks, accept lower wages and basically get "shit on".
No matter who is President, in four years, we are going to be griping about the same issues.
The system, as it is...doesn't care about you or me. It cares only for corporate checks and balances.
We are at a state of corporate fascism and the only thing left to do is revolt.

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Somebody tell this guy that gays are born from heterosexual couples???
What does he think, that they are found in mangers?

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You are more tolerant than me. I couldn't have kept silent when she said, "I think faith makes you a better person".

My usual reply to similar statements is more like, That's not true. I find it to be quite the opposite"