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Better yet, become an atheist, anti-theist, naturalist, humanist, skeptic, realist, or a follower of the FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER.

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Google..... louis ck learns about the catholic church .... to see the satirical side of damage from religion

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If people are true xians, they know that Jeebus created it for the non-believers. So, if you don't believe in hell, you don't believe in the true Jeebus.

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'The God Who Wasn't There" is an excellent documentary. I've had it for a couple years and would love to show it to my xian acquaintances at xmas. Now, wouldn't that be a blast of a party?

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Writing a letter to ex-Christian.net helps. You not only get to read the hundreds/thousands of letters from ex-believers, but you get to spout off about what damage religion has done to you. Plus, people make comments usually supporting your story. A great lift !

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Oh just call them Godlodytes ! Those who are sane and not religious, we'll call them "Intelligentsia"

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Entered a Catholic school the other night to go play floor hockey. What greeted me was a huge wall picture of Jeebus himself. First thing that popped into my mind was "child abuse." These kids that attend the school have no concept of their indoctrination and very possible future abuse. Sad!

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When it comes to computers, it's pretty much like a car. I can use it, fix the odd little problem myself, but fear of messing it up and making it worse, which has happened, always leads me to getting the expert to do it. Even though experts can screw things up too ! I really began to think about my atheism which I've had since I was a young teen, when my ex told me to get lost and she became a born again nutter. Realizing that I lost my family and home made me delve into religion and atheism and so that's where I am today. I'm an anti-theist and have a difficult time understanding why those who are still religious don't have the same info I have since it's so readily available on the internet. Luckily I have an atheist girlfriend to share my feelings and hatred about religion. I sometimes wish I hadn't learned all that info on the world wide web. I'd still be an atheist inside, but wouldn't feel so bitter about what religion has done to me and others. Can't undo what I've learned but wish it would have been under better circumstances.

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The only demons around are those that believe in them !

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If I see another "Ancient Aliens" program.... I'll, I'lllllll, I'lllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!