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I remember watching Romney's speech in late 2007. It annoyed me (and frightened me) a lot. Many times, I yelled at the TV, "Bullshit!" or "What about those of us who do NOT believe in god?"

In Mitt Romney's world, only theists exist, and those were Romney's targeted audience. The problem is, atheists DO exist, and that is what made his speech so annoying and frightening.

This was the line in the speech which annoyed me the most:

"...any person who has knelt in prayer to the Almighty, has a friend and ally in me."

What about US, Mr. Romney? Do we atheists matter to you? You are no friend and ally to US.

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Austin Cline, in his atheist blog, has posted entries about harmless atheist billboards. Sadly, they have often been vandalized. In other cases, some atheist groups have had trouble getting atheist ads mounted on the outside of local city buses when the religious folks objected, some even refusing to ride the buses!

The media, when discussing atheist issues including these billboards, often slants its coverage against the atheists by not challenging any anti-atheist sentiments in interviews and by not interviewing those who posted the billboards, for example.

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What is scary to me is how many people viewed this Fox News garbage and believed every word of it, furthering their echo chamber worldview which includes, of course, hatred of the ACLU and non-Christians. I would expect this kind of biased stuff on BIll O'Reilly's "opinion" show but then again Fox News so often blurs the line between news and opinion how does this really surprise anyone?

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Reading this article reminded me a bit of a book I read a few years ago (when Bush and the Republicans controlled Congress and the White House) . It was titled, "Conservatives without Conscience," by John Dean, about a worldview called Authoritarian Conservatism and how destructive it was for those types of leaders and their sheepish followers.

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The media coverage is worse if you happen to live in the NY metro area as I do (Long Island). All the local news station have endless "9/11 Ten Years Later" stories and flashbacks to that day as well as memorials in every locality.

At least I have enough cable channels to choose from and there are some which are not on the bandwagon.

I am also reminded of a 1755 quote from Ben Franklin:

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

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I am surprised she did not claim that this was god's punishment for states which voted for Barack Obama for president, as every coastal state from NC to Maine (and Vermont) went for Obama in 2008.

Between her and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), who flip-flopped about offsets for federal disaster aid (he opposed offsets when VA got hit in 2004 by a storm), there is plenty of idiocy from the Republicans to go around.

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Remember the 2008 electoral map? Every state on the east coast from NC to Maine voted for Obama, so Robertson will blame the hurricane's damage on "Your state voted for Obama and this is god's punishment for your faulty presidential choice!"

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Over the years, I have received a few handwritten letters from complete strangers inviting me to attend a bible studies class with them. I do not know if they were singling me out or not. I do not know if they knew I am an atheist but my last name is a jewish name. I got really pissed and replied to them that I am an atheist and if they wrote me again I would report them to the postal authority for harrassing me. Never heard from them again.

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I was always an outsider, a loner, before I was an atheist. Being brought up in a non-religious, Jewish home, in an area with few Jewish people, simply not being Xian already made me feel like an outsider. So switching from one minority group to another was not a big deal in that regard. Attending college in New York CIty, that big melting pot, actually helped me feel less like an outsider. I never felt so "ordinary" while living in Greenwich Village, the land of strange people (this was back in the 1980s). I found it refreshing.

After college, being an atheist had no real effect on my life, as my circle of friends were always respectful of everyone else. Our common intersts were never based on religion. Dating was sometimes difficult because the more relgious Jewish women did not seeme as "Jewish" while the non-Jews sometimes wanted nothing to do with me. I needed to find someone who was, for any reason, disenchanted from her religion no matter what it was, and I did find her.

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Has FOX News made any statements denouncing the threats of violence posted on its Facebook page? They would risk alienating some of its viewers, or perhaps MOST of its viewers, so they would rather erase the threats and lose a good, teachable moment to everyone who is anti-atheist.