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Sorry, I'm not letting a single penny of mine go into the hands of someone who speaks pure hatred against me and mine, and works to strip me of my human rights. Thinking liver is nasty is a "personal opinion". Card has declared war on LGBT Americans.

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They're no different than the KKK members and other racists who reacted with obstinance and violence when segregation and interracial marriage were overturned. They should be treated no differently.

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So he thinks all the nasty stuff he's said shouldn't be held against him because he said it as part of his "religious beliefs"? Sorry, that's not how it works. If you're going to be Lt. Governor you're going to be serving everyone--including LGBT people, and people have a right to judge everything you've said and done--regardless of what you blame it on.

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Straight people parade every bloody day. They have little buggies they parade up and down the streets with the fruits of their unprotected sex in them. They parade around town holding hands and groping one another. They parade around malls and other business venues while doing the same. They parade with one another at social functions. Why do they think they need a special day once a year to do so?

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Obviously Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech only belong to certain groups as far as people like Smith are concerned. Typical hypocritical Christian.

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They are such whiny liars. Anybody can see the 990 forms of any nonprofit group by searching on Guidestar or a similar website. While the donor names are private, the 990 forms are not. This isn't some Obama-leftist conspiracy against RW groups. This isn't the Soviet Union. This is more of NOM thinking they should be above the law. http://www.guidestar.org/Home.aspx

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Then they wonder why some people think they're stupid and bigoted.

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Um, doesn't Brian Brown know the Civil Rights Movement was working to achieve equal rights, not deny them for a minority group? As usual the bigots have everything entirely backwards.

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Funny, but I never connected love to diapers. Are NOMbies ABDL fetishists?

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What are they doing watching the Oscars anyway, considering they allegedly hate all of that liberal Hollywood stuff?