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Agreed! With the exception of Democracy Now! I find the most comprehensive news coverage available now comes from sources outside the U.S. Aljazeera has one of the best journalism teams around these days, and RT isn't far behind.
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343... oddly enough. As usual, some questions were a bit too black and white, but overall a decent barometer I thought.
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Mittens never met a corporation he didn't want to cozy up with.
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Much as I agree with the need for a primary challenger, I don't believe Obama can or ever could be genuinely moved to the left. He's an actor getting a hefty paycheck and what he believes will be a secure life after his term ends for keeping the American sheep pacified and doing his part to keep us helplessly divided. That he is compromised and working for the aristocracy became apparent as soon as he started naming Cabinet appointments at the end of '08.

Sanders would be a great leader, but with all due respect, the idea of him as a Democratic primary challenger is ludicrous. Senator Sanders is the longest serving independent in Congress - he is not a Democrat by any stretch of the imagination.

The Democratic Party is finished. Like the Republican Party it has been taken over from within and co-opted to serve the oligarchs who pull the levers behind the curtain.

I hope Bernie Sanders can be convinced to run, and if so I hope every Green, socialist, and progressive leaning person in this country (Dem or not) will rally behind him. We have the greatest social organizing tool the world has ever known at our disposal today. You're using it to read this. This election may be our last chance to take back our country from those who have long been working to turn it into one giant corporate profit center for themselves.

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I haven't received any hate mail as such, but the spam filter on my site has blocked some really ugly hate a time or two. I'd have to agree with the commentor who pointed out that email is private and try to respect in most cases. Blog comments are another thing entirely, and when a filthy piece of hate got caught up in my spam bucket recently, I let it sit for a few days before deciding to give it (not he or she) a post all its own, complete with email and IP information. Never heard so much as a single peep from it. Haters are such chicken sh*ts.
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Looks like just one more fine example of religion fueled hatred. I only hope they deliver the same reaction and punishment to the nut job and his brand of insanity as they would have had the perp turned out to have been an Islamist, if this turns out to have been religiously motivated. Crazy is crazy regardless of which delusion the inspiration comes from.

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Seems we're all in agreement. Tracy Morgan is a giant douche.
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My last employer here in North Carolina was a fundamentalist mixed with prosperity gospel, possibly the worst kind of religionist to have to work for. On top of that it was a VERY small company of less than 10 people. I never confirmed nor denied that I might or might not have been a christian and big boss man assumed I was. Most days my tongue stayed raw from constant biting. Meeting days were the worst. Then he'd spout a bunch of mixed up, wrathful, old testament gibberish to justify his bad treatment of his work force. This guy, a black man, even went so far as to state that he thought slavery had a proper place in the world - today!

Hopefully my current foray into self-employment will outlast my time in the work force and I won't have to deal with this issue anymore, so far so good. Now I have to worry about clients discovering my true colors.

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As George Carlin used to say, this does tend to make one say, "Hmmmmmm."

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Uh, yeah, what they all said!

Stand firm young man!