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While I understand that impulse, I think it is important not to confuse atheism with something like metaphysical naturalism. Many of us are naturalists, but plenty of atheists still believe in things that could be characterized as supernatural (e.g., ghosts). Atheism is no guarantee of rationality.

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My guess is that the churches will face few if any penalties for ignoring the shelter-at-home order that was finally issued here in Mississippi. Christian privilege is likely strong enough to protect them from law enforcement unless they do something so egregious that it can't be ignored.

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Being 30 miles from the nearest store would be rough. When this thing first started and long before the shelter-in-place order, it wasn't unusual for me to have to go to 3 stores in one trip to find what I needed. That worked for a little while, but nobody seems to stock the same items now. When the peanut butter runs out, I'm screwed.

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Religion clearly teaches people that some things are more important than truth and reality. I don't think we have to participate in the charade, but I suppose whether we do often comes down to our tolerance for social isolation.

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It will be interesting to see whether any of these charges result in successful prosecutions.

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I am always amazed by how blatantly fraudulent Bakker seems to be while still managing to separate his audience from their money. He really is quite a skilled con man.

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Yes, I have that book in my collection somewhere. The traditional network news isn't great either, but they haven't gone to the full-on opinion journalism just yet. The problem I have with the progressive news sites is that they are every bit as biased as the conservative ones, just in different ways. I consult sites like https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/ periodically and try to steer clear of those that get dinged for extreme bias and/or non-factual reporting.

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It is difficult, but we can get there with practice. Even people with anxiety disorders often respond to cognitive-behavioral therapy.

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It sounds like your mistake was expecting something different from Christians. In my experience, many of them behave like this and just request forgiveness from their "god" later (if at all). I haven't seen toilet paper in any store for a couple weeks. That bible is starting to look good.

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I think that Biden and Sanders would both be smart to pick a much younger VP.