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Unless the devout followers in question were Catholic, and then they might not be overly concerned.

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I am aware that the picture was from Ontario and that the topic discussed may not be relevant in Canada, at least not yet.

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Great points! While I would happily exchange my right to bear arms in exchange for universal health care (and because it doesn't seem fair to the bears), I agree that there are many positive indicators of meaningful progress. It does often seem like our political system is holding us back from accomplishing even more. And I need to remember that my pessimism tends to be amplified by living in Jesusland.

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Yes, I remember seeing that policy and kicking myself that I didn't think of it first!

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I share your pessimism, and the pandemic and climate change are two important examples of why.

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I sort of understand the belief in an afterlife for the reasons you mentioned. Some people really want to believe that they and their loved ones will survive death. It would be nice if that was true, and I can see why some would desperately want to believe in souls, reincarnation, etc. Many of the New Age beliefs that don't appeal directly to the same need lose me completely: crystals, pyramid power, homeopathy, etc. Maybe the need to believe in primitive magic isn't any different from the need to believe that we survive death, but it seems like it is.

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I usually receive responses, and they often sound like the one you received. Still, I think issues like this are too important not to make that initial contact. If nobody on the right side of an issue contacts representatives, they won't have an accurate sense of what the people they are supposed to be representing want.

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Mississippi is no better, but I still contact elected representatives about this sort of thing. It is too important not to, and they need to know that not every one of their constituents is interested in going along with the prevailing nonsense. Someone's religious beliefs cannot be considered an acceptable excuse for taking away someone else's rights.

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Thanks! It is interesting to recognize how much variability there can be within the borders of the same country. I have certainly found that again and again when I've moved from one state to another.

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It reminds me of how almost every U.S. city has at least one widely recognized "bad part of town" that everyone who doesn't live there is content to ignore, only on a much larger scale.