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I'd prefer not to have any of either.

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Glad to hear you are active on your blog again. I don't think Google+ was much of a substitute for blogging, but that may just be me.

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Good points. Changing beliefs can certainly be positive. In the case of social justice activism, though, I am not sure that shifts in beliefs necessarily lead to the sort of policy changes some want. I may be wrong here (in fact, I hope I am), but I suspect that corporate involvement in some of this may reduce some of the appeal of this sort of activism.

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There has to be a percentage of them (even if it is a small one) who genuinely believe the drivel they spout. They probably think they are "saving souls" by telling people about their god. It is almost as if it never occurs to them that we've heard it all before.

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Glad to hear it. The inappropriate injection of religion into public education is one of those threats that never seems to go away. It is sad that we need groups willing to bring lawsuits to turn it back, but it is evident that we do.

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Sorry about that. This was a clear case where I should have changed the title when I re-wrote the post.

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Now that's a great story!

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Yes! I agree completely.

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I have never understood why the actions of any god would be grounds to deny insurance claims. Isn't the entire point of this sort of insurance that you get reimbursed when your shit is destroyed? I don't see why it should matter how it was destroyed.

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This country was divided long before Trump, and it will remain divided long after Trump. He is doing little to help it be less divided, but the divisions did not start with him.