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I can't think of any examples I've seen of "body shaming." I have seen countless comments about her being unattractive and memes insulting her facial appearance on social media.

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I would not expect them to defend her lying; I would expect them to object to the constant criticism of her physical appearance. What she looks like seems to have little to do with her character or her behavior.

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Agreed. Strange how empathy for others came to be viewed as a sign of weakness in some circles. Strikes me as a fairly important aspect of what it means to be human.

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I don't think what you describe is necessarily a bad approach. Gamergate is an excellent example where big media got it horribly wrong. I suppose Clinton's massive lead over Trump would be another. I wouldn't say I treat them as equally unreliable, but I do try to question what I read and seek alternative sources. This is one of the reasons I worry about our tendency to encase ourselves in ideological bubbles that confirm our preferred views - we aren't even exposed to different opinions and sources that way.

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Yeah, the "fake news" strategy really has been brilliant as long as one doesn't mind shredding the truth to maintain unquestioning support.

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I'm not sure anybody is talking about trying to organize all atheists. I think the focus is on how to persuade those with an interest in secular activism to work together in pursuit of at least a few of the goals they might share.

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You may be right. It is certainly possible that they had no intention of including those with other political viewpoints. Could have just been wishful thinking on my part.

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Agreed. With something like bigotry, it isn't always going to be easy to tell whether it is religiously motivated or not. Although now that I think about it, it seems like the person doing it for religious reasons is often quite proud of that. But yes, it seems like operating under a more general principle of opposing religious interference could be helpful.

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A couple of thoughts here. First, I think it is okay for people to be involved in multiple activist causes and movements at the same time. For example, I could be a member of a church-state group engaged in secular activism and a member of social justice group focused on prison reform. I could work with both groups without attempting to merge them or demanding that one group adopt the goals of the other. Similarly, you could be a member of a group devoted to opposing sexist and racist bigotry and another group focused on religious bigotry. I think things break down when we demand that our church-state group devoted as much or more of their time to sexism and racism than to church-state issues. I believe this was one of the mistakes Atheism+ made.

Second, I think you are correct that most of us are going to be reluctant to work alongside people we perceive as bigots. I think this is something we each need to figure this out for ourselves, and it is okay if we arrive at different conclusions. I suppose the trap I see here is that some people seem to regard almost everyone as a bigot, and others seem to regard almost nobody as a bigot. For me personally, I am unlikely to become great friends with someone I perceive as a bigot but I might be able to work effectively with them in pursuing shared goals. At the very least, I'd give it a try.

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It is certainly possible that there is an agenda here similar to Atheism+, but this would surprise me coming from Lee and Staks. I do think it is a mistake to try to merge the anti-Trump stuff into atheism, and I agree with you that climate change is not something I'd put under the church-state umbrella. It is not always easy to know where to draw that line. Take something like reproductive rights (e.g., contraception, abortion) as an example. The primary threat to these rights appears to be fundamentalist Christians determined to legislate their morality, so I could see an argument for viewing them as one aspect of secular activism.

It sounds like we agree that minimizing the political ideology and keeping the focus on specific issues is likely to be valuable. The challenge is that some of the specific issues are likely to be political.