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Thanks. Giving respect to ideas that don't deserve it has always struck me as problematic.

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Absolutely. Many of them are hard to stomach, as it seems like they are merely interested in using their power to take rights from others. And like you said, they wouldn't be where they are without those who came before them.

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rAmen to that! In the 60's era, it wasn't hard to make a compelling argument that having better roads benefitted everyone, including those determined to sell us crap we don't need. Today, something like high-speed internet is not that different from roads in that respect. There are still populated areas that don't have internet access and countless areas where it is too expensive for many to afford. And like you said, health care and other areas not traditionally associated with infrastructure could easily be part of this too.

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I'm glad to hear someone has found the "Recent Posts" link useful. I almost deleted it the other day when I was doing some cleaning and re-organizing. It sounds like I need to give some thought to how I might be able to improve the navigation and make it easier to find things.

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Nothing other than dashes has come through in your last few comments. Since the system seems to be working for others, I'm not sure what to suggest. You might try commenting using a different Internet browser to see if that might be the issue. I know there have been a couple of times when I wasn't able to comment due to a conflict with a browser extension I was using. The only other thing I can think of would be to try deleting your IntenseDebate account and creating a new one.

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Unfortunately, I think you hit the nail on the head when it comes to fundraising. It is all about fear and desperation these days, and this isn't even limited to political fundraising. The large secular organizations are using the same playbook. It does get tiresome, but I'm sure they feel like they have to do it since anything short of inciting terror will be ignored.

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Yes, they certainly do seem determined to cling to sexuality. I hope this leads to the continued erosion of their relevance among the youth and eventually of their political power. Their current political power seems disproportionate to their numbers, and that has got to change.

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And even when the leaders come out with these changes, it seems like relatively few of the rank-and-file go along with them. Leaders being perceived as too liberal has been one of the more common reasons for various denominations to divide (e.g., United Methodists).

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Yes, and they have to insist that people are choosing to be gay because the only alternative they think they have would suggest that their god created something it views as an abomination. Sure would be nice if more of them would realize that they actually have another option (i.e., there aren't any gods).

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Yes, many Americans seem to take great pride in being at odds with the rest of the world. I grew up immersed in these attitudes and saw them even at the local level (e.g., their town or state isn't gonna tell us what to do). The stubborn refusal not to learn from anyone else never made any sense to me, but I suppose that is one of the things nationalism often manages to accomplish.