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Good points! When I've brought this up with various Christians, I often get some version of the "bible is magic" argument where I must just not understand it because I don't believe in their preferred god(s) before reading it. I've even heard the "but god is 'Murican" retort a few times! But like you said, they can't even agree on which version is the correct one. The whole thing unravels quickly.

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It is interesting how variable it can be even here in the U.S. There are regions that would be much more like Canada, and then there is Jesusland where signs of progress can be much harder to spot.

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Thanks! This is a topic that does not seem to lend itself to concise posts, at least not for me.

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When I'm in a good mood, I might refer to myself as an aspirational humanist. On most days, my views of humanity are less than positive. Needless to say, I find that secular humanism takes effort and won't be something I get right all of the time (probably even most of the time).

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Sorry about that. I did not mean to give the impression that I thought that was what you were saying.

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Ignorance itself might not be a character flaw, but I'd tend to agree that proud ignorance could be characterized that way.

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I think you are right that many Americans do not have a clear picture of socialism or communism. The older generations were largely brainwashed by Cold War propaganda, but younger people do seem more receptive to some aspects of socialism. I think the real challenge is that either approach seems to be an existential threat to the traditional capitalist system we continue to tolerate. Too many prefer the devil they know to the thought of something new. Just look how easily our conservatives equate socialism with Venezuala and not with the Scandinavian countries that have had success with aspects of it.

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Thank you! That's always nice to hear.

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We like to talk about our separation of church and state, but it can be difficult to find evidence of it in practice. Unfortunately, this sort of thing is still far too common: https://ffrf.org/news/news-releases/item/39042-5t... and should not be happening in a country that values secularism.

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Tennis does seem to be one of those cases where the gender divisions might not make as much sense as they do in some other contexts. I don't know enough about golf, but it seems like that might be another one. At least, it seems very common in both tennis and golf for women and men to play together outside the college and pro levels.