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Yes, I think that doing something is better than doing nothing. Getting over that initial hurdle of turning nothing into something seems to be the hardest step.

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I definitely like the idea of starting small because those efforts tend to be easier to sustain and give us something to build on over time.

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I was treated like a pariah by many of the Christians, not surprisingly. It was usually just me and 1-2 others. They were Jewish, and I'm happy to support them in situations like this.

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I've seen something much like what you describe happen on a couple of occasions here in hyper-religious Mississippi. I'm happy to say I got up and walked out with the others on a couple of occasions. Nobody should feel unnecessarily alienated in the workplace, but I think this kind of thing happens a lot more than many realize.

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Probably so. Once a term has been created and is in wide use, some of us are probably going to be asked what we think about it. I didn't create the term, and it wouldn't have been my choice; however, it is out there now. I suspect it attracted more attention than a less controversial phrase would have, but it has also introduced more confusion than an alternative probably would have. My choice, which would have been something like "support mental health services," seems to be a lost cause and would have only addressed part of the problem.

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Politicians have not been willing to raise taxes, and so the two pie idea seems unlikely to happen. If budgets are not going to increase, then diverting funds seems worth a try.

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I'm really sorry to hear about your wife. Anybody who needs medical attention for pretty much anything is now going to be out of luck, and that is obviously going to make many of the problems worse. We've never been good at seeing the consequences of our actions, but this is getting scarier by the day. I can't blame all the idiocy on what the churches are doing, but there is certainly more than enough to go around there.

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Everyone in her family has at least a college degree, so lack of education doesn't seem like a factor here. None of them supported Trump, though I am not sure about other Republicans. Everyone in her family believes that the pandemic is real and has been taking it seriously up until now, so I'm not sure what to make of that.

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I don't see any inconsistency here. If Trump committed crimes, he should be held accountable under the law. Voting for someone I don't like is not a crime, nor do I want it to be.

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I figured it was just another example of Christians co-opting holidays that predated their religion and then pretending to have invented them.