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It scares me to think that the paranormal has become more lucrative than travel.

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It seems awfully hard to reconcile their "National Day of Prayer" with the words found in their own book.

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When they do it loudly enough that others can hear, I don't think there is much question that they are doing exactly what their "holy" book says they are not supposed to do. The puzzle is how they can fail to realize this. It is almost like they have never bothered to read it.

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I don't have many nights where I'm not laying awake all night for one reason or another as it is, so the thought of that getting any worse isn't a good one! But yes, there are some big regional differences. Democrats in Mississippi would be Republicans in much of the rest of the country.

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Yes, that entire notion of coalition governments does seem like it would encourage more cooperation than what we seem to get. Although I suspect the lack of cooperation is probably more the fault of the voters than the politicians since we are quick to punish those who "work across the aisle."

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That depends where you live. If you are in a swing state, yes. If you are in a state where your vote has no impact on the outcome, I don't see any downside to a third party vote. It isn't like me voting for a Democrat was going to prevent Mississippi from voting for the Republican like they always do.

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Of the times I've voted third party, I never expected the candidate I voted for to win. That wasn't the point. I found the mainstream candidates unacceptable to the degree that I was not willing to vote for them, and the third party vote was a way to communicate that. I'd put Reagan's first term, W's first term, Obama's first term, and Trump's first term ahead of this one in terms of importance, but that doesn't mean I think this one is unimportant.

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I'm not going to fault anyone for voting Green, as I've done that a few times myself. I'm also no longer expecting the Green Party or any other third party to perform well enough in any election to gain the status I believe they should have. The 2016 election brought us two of the least popular candidates we'd had in my lifetime. It was a perfect scenario for the Green Party to get enough voted to become somewhat more influential, but that did not happen. Clearly, the electorate is not interested in having more than two parties. This doesn't mean I won't support Greens or some other third party in the future; if I do, I will perceive it as more of a protest vote than anything.

As for the current Democratic Party, I see it as a far superior alternative to the current Republican Party. I also recognize that it still isn't where I'd like it to be on a number of issues. Better and making progress but far from perfect.

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Good point. Aside from refraining from making personal attacks, it is tough to worry about others being offended by one's criticism of religion.

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Thanks, Bob. I think this may be mostly a Facebook thing. It has been a long time since I have gotten comments here on the blog along these lines. Of course, that may be because people prefer to comment on Facebook because they are already there.