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You are right. These are all church-state issues. For whatever reason, I was slower to think of some of them that way than others. Abortion is an example of one I hadn't been thinking of in those terms until recently. But yes, even something as simple as those ridiculous "blue laws" is a church-state issue. Their religion should not be used to restrict our rights.

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Part of her challenge was that she had ties to the Christian extremist group known as "the Family" that became increasingly inconvenient when she tried to reinvent herself as being more progressive in 2016. I agree that it would be nice if more politicians would keep their religious beliefs out of their approach to governing, but I am increasingly skeptical that this is possible for most of them.

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Extreme sarcasm.

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Fair point, though I believe the Satanic Temple folks are pretty clear about not believing in anything supernatural though.

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I always preferred it to Facebook, but I think most people were happy enough with Facebook not to leave it. That meant that it never seemed like there were many people on Google+. Maybe that is part of what I liked about it.

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Nothing you described has anything to do with civility. One could easily say everything you said you'd like to say in a civil manner. Being civil does not mean withholding criticism or pointing out problems with religious belief.

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I agree that nobody should care about his lack of perfection, but I'd bet we've both seen many dismiss him a number of reasons.

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I thought the special effects were great in the first two Avengers films (I haven't seen the next two yet). I also liked the characters and most of the cast. Where both films fell apart for me was the story. I didn't find the plot of either film to be particularly interesting. By the end of both, I just wanted it to be over.

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Those of you suggesting that the popularity of these films may have as much, if not more, to do with political dissatisfaction rather than declining religion raise a good point. I hadn't been thinking about the political implications, but I think that makes sense.

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If "centrist" has any meaning, it would seem to be somewhere between a moderate Republican and a moderate Democrat.