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I would feel the same way unless the county and area that had no virus cases had effectively sealed its borders so that nobody who had the virus could get in.

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They probably got bored and moved on to better things. I'm sure I'll do the same one of these days.

I have often wondered about whether having one big organization would offer some advantages over several little ones. I can see pros and cons with that sort of approach, and I really don't know which would be more effective.

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Freethought should not be a free pass to be an asshole. And hearing someone say something one doesn't like should not be a free pass to ruin their livelihood or disregard the potential collateral damage involved in doing so.

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It is indeed totalitarian, and it reminds me far too much of the approach the Christian right has been using. Sad to see some on the left going down that road and feeling good about doing so.

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Yes, that does seem to be the case. Something as simple as requesting that laws are enforced can sometimes earn one the "militant" label when it comes to theocratically-inclined Christians.

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Some of the locals say they don't believe there is a virus at all, that it is just something "liberal elites" made up to discredit Trump. Others are a bit more reasonable and acknowledge that the virus is real but think it is being exaggerated and won't hurt them because...Jesus. Still others accept that there is a virus and that it is potentially dangerous but are no longer willing to stay at home because they were bored doing so.

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I have little doubt that people would still do plenty of bad things without religion. They'd just have to find other ways to dehumanize one another, and it is tough to imagine any being quite as effective as religion.

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Frankl certainly did have some fascinating things to say on the subject. He was influential for me too.

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Or maybe there is a way to reclaim it the way some other groups have with other words (e.g., gay) that no longer have the sort of stigma they once did.

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And yet, many of us are former theists. I'm glad people didn't give up on reasoning with us just because of that.