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That sounds like a good tip. I never would have thought of that.

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I think you are right about religious drivel being the only way some people have learned to express themselves. It is almost like they lack the vocabulary to do so in other ways, and it would be hard to blame them for that. Like you said, there doesn't seem to be much point in directly challenging their faith. At the same time, I hate the thought of you or anybody else constantly having to bite your tongue when interacting with religious believers. It seems like atheists should be able to express ourselves freely too.

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Absolutely. I think that is one of those ideas that probably has appeal everywhere. I've certainly known some atheists who found it every bit as appealing as any religious believers.

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Yes, having lived near or visited some of the "hotspots" is part of the appeal for me too. I suppose I also just like the idea of having an excuse to romp around in the woods, not that I've ever needed much of one.

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When I deleted the page, I received a message saying it will be up for 14 days. I guess they really don't want people to leave.

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Absolutely. That is a feeling I suspect most of us know well, and it isn't a good one.

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I'd have a hard time believing it was an intentional slight on his part, but I suppose it is possible. It does seem that those of us who don't believe in gods are one of the first groups to be omitted even when people are trying to be more inclusive.

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Me too. Still, I'd really like to see him handle religion appropriately. I think it has to be easy for elected officials to forget we exist unless we remind them periodically.

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I am not in favor of a pass. I believe Congress should proceed with impeachment, and the insurrectionists who committed criminal offenses should be prosecuted. I'm also in support of working to make sure the Republican members of Congress who contributed to that mess are not re-elected. I don't agree with the broader desire to treat people who supported Trump poorly because they supported Trump. I see little upside in that.

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I see little value in lowering myself to their level and doing the very things I complained about them doing.