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My guess is that they are focused on his promise to nominate very conservative judges, a promise on which he has been delivering in ways that we will be dealing with for decades to come.

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Yes, it seems like this would have to be clear to anyone who has learned even a little history. Again and again, we have seen Christians use their "holy" book to justify whatever they wanted to do (e.g., burning heretics, slavery, genocide, war).

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I suppose all we can hope for is that they define it narrowly and enforce it consistently. Their track record leads me to believe that neither will happen. It will then be up to each individual user to decide whether to play by their rules or go elsewhere.

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Doesn't it go without saying that religious believers can be nasty? Not really, but it seems like I've been beating that particular dead horse for a very long time. Besides, this post was about concerns atheists have been raising over how a new Twitter policy may affect us.

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Most of the trouble I've had has been with Google (AdSense) and Tumblr. I haven't had any problems with Twitter or Facebook yet, but I don't necessarily expect that to last. While many religious believers seem to be willing to put up with us, some would prefer that we did not have the opportunity to express ourselves. It seems to be a real weakness of all these platforms that they rely on algorithms to automatically punish users based on the reports of other users. This probably spells trouble for atheists or anyone expressing similarly unwelcome views.

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Yes, I've had the fantasy of traveling back to prevent the whole Jesus fiasco from happening too. Like you, I realized that something else would have taken its place.

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Honestly, most of what I have been deleting barely deserves to be called thoughts. Lots of my early posts were little more than a link (that no longer works) and a sentence or two suggesting that people read whatever it led to. This sort of thing wasn't worthwhile back then and is even less so now.

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I think that a solid argument could be made that we are all born atheists. After all, how could one believe in something before one had even heard of it. Sadly, many of us are indoctrinated and end up believing for at least a while. It sounds like it didn't work in your case. I wish that had been the case for me.

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Unfortunately, that has little to do with atheism other than being one reason many atheists don't believe in gods. Many atheists believe plenty of other things that are not supported by evidence.

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You hit on something important here. Most of the time, someone who was genuinely interested in understanding another's perspective would ask and listen. Since this isn't happening, it seems like they aren't really interested in understanding but are merely proselytizing.