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Another way is to point out that more people in the world don't believe as they do. Since only about 1/3 third of the world follows their religion that means 2/3 don't. You can also point out that the largest group of religious believers isn't even christian but is muslim. Most believers ignore facts so don't waste your time with these arguements instead go after their own weakness in their own beliefs. The average christian actually knows even less about their own beliefs then they do about others beliefs.

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I once believed that as a nation we were the most moral of all nations. It wasn't until I met people from different nations that I began to see how we as a nation are no different then most any other nation. Our nation has never been a high moral nation until it is forced on us. It is only when people really look more closely at our history that our low moral standards come out. This isn't to say we are a nation at the bottom of the moral ladder but we can at times be near the bottom.

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Why would we as a nation hold our leaders responsible for their actions when most of us don't even want to hold ourselves responsible for our actions? I doubt we can ever hold national leaders responsible when a large number of local leaders aren't held responsible for even minor crimes.

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Happy 10 year posting. I just noticed you have been posting for around 10 years. I have mixed feelings about who is and isn't allowed to post a comment. Many times it is much more helpful to allow hateful posters to post comments so later you can turn their own words against them. Look at how many politics have lost their jobs because of their comments. There are times where comments do more ham for all then they do to the commentator, it is a fine line that has to be walked.

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You might have left the word not out of this post. "it is not reasonable for Muslims to demand that non-Muslims eat pork sausage" Why have you focused so much on muslims? There are sects of both jewish and christian religions that see eating pork in the same way. Lets really be honest and just say that all religions are irrational and we should throw them out.

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I actually have an easier time believing that there is other sentient life then that there is some all knowing god out there. I figure to believe there is no sentient life out there is to believe that we are special like most who believe in a god say we are.

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I would say that there needs to be archives of all the hate that is being said by all groups. I have seen to many examples of groups against something but once it becomes normal and successful those opposed to it take credit for it. I believe showing these vids actually helps those opposed to hate.

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You would have no problem then if I came to your home and tortured you o any of your other family members to get all your money and valuables? I wouldn't be torturing you for pleasure but to learn where your valuables are. I could care less if info was gained because I put my honor above hate.

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I would say that because of the time that he was said to exist it would be almost impossible to prove it one way or the other. How many people who lived 500 years ago can we actually prove existed? How much evidence is there that most people have ever existed? The thing about evidence is we as humans can find evidence to support most anything we want to believe.

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If we as Americans do what we normally do we can be sure that nothing will come of this. The only thing that the government and those in power have learned is to control the media and you control the average people. Why is there anything classified within a government that is suppose to be by the people, for the people and of the people?