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I am Canadian and have to admit that the guy trying to cross the border is an IDIOT. When crossing the border you need to shut up, answer Border Security's answers in as nice a way as possible and it you don't like their attitude then suck it up. This guy's attitude was completely uncalled for.

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I'm always skeptical of "former atheists". They usually turn out to be people who went to church, then put religion aside for a few years before returning to the church. Most incorrectly associate hating god (or being angry with god) and being atheist as the same thing.

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David - if you don't need proof, but only faith, then why is your god the right one?

And, I'm very curious about your past as an atheist. Were you born atheist and then became a believer? With how I am, I can't picture myself giving up logic, reason and rationalization (with respect to god) to just start believing in something blindly.

Please write back as I'd be very interested to know your story. If you want to keep it out of these comments, you can always email me at

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Do you really think you need to post using two different names and email addresses to get your point across?

Regardless, I don't quite know if you actually have a point or if you just decided to rant by spouting nonsense.

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What irrational theory do I have? As someone who believes in an invisible being, how do you define rationality?

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Wouldn't that be nice. After thinking about this for a bit, it doesn't bother me as much as it first did considering that it is well known that most Christians have never read the Bible (although it doesn't bother me as much, I am still strongly against the distribution of religious material in any public setting). I would be more concerned if the schools started teaching classes about the Bible and Christianity. That's where the real trouble would begin.

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Even if Hitler was an atheist, I have always responded to the argument of "well, so and so was an atheist", by stating that people are missing the key point here. There is a big difference between acts of evil being done by someone who happens to be an atheist versus acts of evil done by someone in the name of religion or belief. I know he was not, but let's say that Hitler was an atheist. The anti-atheistic logic in this case would also conclude that people who are the same height and/or weight as Hitler are equally as evil. The argument has no legs to stand on.

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What's that saying? "Atheism is a religion, just like not collecting stamps is a hobby." Atheism is the furthest thing from a religion.

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Thanks for the comments. I've passed them on to the band.

The last part of your comment through me for a loop until my brother told me that Erik was recently called for jury duty (the exceptional detective in me pieced together that you were a juror with him as well). ;)

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Thanks no2religion. It looks like there was an issue with my Atheist Quote of the Day widget. I've removed it and re-checked my page in IE. It loaded for me without issues. I hope that is the case for all IE visitors. It looks like I have some other IE-related issues, but they are cosmetic and can be easily fixed up.

Thanks for the reply.