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The person isn't PZ Myers. It was Larry Darby and this took place in 2005. He had been Alabama state director for American Atheists but then he decided to deny the Holocaust. Eventually he "renounced" atheism became "born-again" and joined a white supremacist group. Just do a google search on "Larry Darby" and "David Irving" or "Holocaust" or check out his wikipedia page

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We know that not all atheists are rational on all matters other than the god question so seeing some religious bigotry isn't surprising. Just looking at the evidence that a total ban won't protect us from terrorism and not all Muslims are terrorists should be enough proof but the bigotry holds fast I guess.

Years ago I got to witness a big name in the movement, who first took on Judge Moore in Alabama, deny the holocaust and invite disgraced historian David Irving to speak at his group's meeting just because Judaism is a religion and he was anti-religion so he believed the holocaust didn't happen.

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The Post also another related article. It is all about Clinton being a woman and a feminist:

"She symbolizes much that runs against their beliefs: abortion rights advocacy, feminism and, conversely, a rejection of biblical ideas of femininity and womanhood. Perhaps even more significantly, Hillary Clinton, as an outspoken and activist first lady, is inextricably tied in the minds of conservative Christians to their loss of the culture war battles beginning with Bill Clinton’s first term in 1992.

Michael Cromartie, director of a program on evangelicals and civic life at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, said that whenever he hears justification of Trump support, it is almost always couched as a way to keep Clinton from the presidency. Three quarters of evangelicals cited dislike for Clinton as a major reason they support Trump, according to a recent Pew Research poll."

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I don't believe Dawkins is losing it. I believe he knew what he was doing when he retweeted that video just like he knew what he was doing when he stepped in it the other times no matter how many times he tries to deny it.

The problem is people like Dawkins and you seem to lack any empathy in this case. You can't seem to imagine how you would feel if all that hate and invective from people who you thought was on your own team was directed at you.

Treating women as equal does no harm to you being a man - none at all - and yes I am aware of the usual talking points about men having it soooooo bad - I guess that's why women run the government, passed all those anti-abortion bills, and enjoy equal pay for the same work.... right???

Also celebrities in the movement have a higher responsibility to avoid being a jerk because others who follow them then take their que from that celebrity. So if Dawkins either says harassing a woman who took him to task is "funny" or says nothing at all when he knows it is going on then other people take the idea that it is okay to do it. Remember all the racists coming out of the woodwork after Fox "news" and the GOP showed it was okay to be racist and show a lack of respect to President Obama.

I don't know about you but using any ad hominem argument makes you lose the argument. If you try to spin that reality then you really don't subscribe to rational thought or skepticism.


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Don't worry I completely understand your fear of men losing privilege. That's why you make up men being the victims and deny actual facts to the contrary. That's also why you parrot the standard false equivalence as if that makes it okay for you call a woman a "cunt" - more power to you if you believe that makes you the "winner" in the "debate" that is only a fantasy world of your own making.

I assumed you were more informed about the issues than you are. Where have you been the last five years?

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I would believe you if Dawkins hadn't stuck his foot in his tweets MANY times before for the same reason. If he still doesn't know by now what is going on then it really puts into question his credibility on anything else he talks about. How many times will he get a "second chance"??

I think it does your cause a disservice when some look the other way or minimize the optics of those who support directly or indirectly the harassment and/or death threats of women who's only 'crime' is to say there should be equality and calling out inequality when it exists in the atheist movement. To be honest, unless you're British, the word "cunt" should NEVER be used to describe a woman you hate.

Any polarization that does exist is completely at the feet of men and others who seem to HATE women speaking out on issues that concern them. You do know the more you scream and kick at women speaking out the more attention their issue gets and the worse opponents look.

PZ Meyers can be an ass at times but one thing he does that people like Dawkins and the MRAs don't do? He doesn't support harassment and death threats on people speaking out. Only this week he finally unfollowed and blocked Dawkins' twitter feed.

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These kind of conference have never been open to all points of view. NECSS didn't invite climate deniers, snake oil salespeople, or religious people. It wasn't setup to be a question and answer period and it wasn't a college symposium where diverent views are expected. It was a conference of liked minded people. While I don't think Dawkins should have been invited in the first place the group was in the right to dis-invite him since it was a private event. Dawkins is free to be a jerk but not at the NECSS event.

Dawkins is a piece of work. For someone who seems to be so smart and successful he comes off like a doddering old fool on twitter. If you buy his claim of ignorance after sticking his foot in his mouth yet again then maybe you might need to reassess your own beliefs. When are you going to stop giving him a "second chance"?

He has a pattern of jerkiness and we all need to stop enabling him.

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Secularism doesn't equal atheism. Secularism is part of atheism but one can be part of a religion and still be secular or support a secualr government for example.

Dr. Zuckerman gives a good definition of what it means to be atheist.

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If you write a blog and you cave whenever people complain then you are wasting your time blogging and aren't worth reading.

I had a post on my blog that I got a lot of flack about. Some points made were valid and I rewrote a portion to make my view clear but I ignored the calls to remove the post.

Like the mute button on your TV you can ignore comments on your blog.

I really would like to see Hemant Mehta be shunned or purged or whatever. This isn't the first time he caused a firestorm (look for the guest post about a secular argument to deny abortions) and he is as popular as ever so I highly doubt calls to shun him will ever work.

If it were me and I found out the video I was promoting was from some chucklehead and it was an oversight I might remove the video and explain in the post why it was removed but I wouldn't purge the post or not mention the person

And yes if a person overall is a nasty work, one good video or post would not redeem them. I would refuse to promote them period. That is the reason I refuse to use posts and links from Huffington Post - they promote pseudoscience, quackery, and creationism.

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How are members of FTB forcing you to do anything?

Groups of people ask me to do things all the time. Collective action can have a positive result or right a wrong at times BUT in the end it is still my decision if I participate.

FTB people can screech all they want about shunning someone but I will still check it out and decide if I join them. In this case of Amazing Atheist I would and have crossed them off the list of bloggers I read or pay attention to because threatening people is not cool and is not something I want to be seen supporting.

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