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To some semi-literate Xtians, the only word they can recognize in that gas station's sign is S(hell).

Only in the South...

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Still at it with that Roger?

I hope you're doing great!


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"I am come"

I wonder if this silly massage was intended to send a message like: " I have come" - "i have returned." As most of the religiously inflicted
in your state cant read anyway?
By the way, about two or three years ago, in India, I believe, one claimed to have the returned Zombie on display inside his church???
anyway, it's just all about the money, or who has the best freak show.

Interesting post vjack..

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Hello, I'm still here - hope you're doing great... I'll be back soon.



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Great to hear from you, I hope that you are doing well.
I’ve been thinking about getting back into Blogging as soon as I find something interesting to wright about – politics 2016 has been a big letdown; religion on the other hand, is getting interesting, (as Xtians are leaving the “faith” in droves).

Again, I hope all is well on your end – as for some green cat, I haven’t heard from them.



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She has “12 children,” and she would vote for the same bigoted Christians who’d cut her food stamps and give tax cuts to the rich – and vote for them against her own interest just because they claim to be Christian.

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You really missed the point on this one by miles my friend.

Myself being both a black man and an atheist and having a dad who was the grandson of a former slave, and having grown up in a mostly black community, I have a lot more insight into this matter than most. Back in the 1960s – 1980s the black community that I lived in, just like most other large intercity black communities, the number of churches outnumbered schools and grocery stores by about 100 to 1 – and back in the 1960s less than 1 out of 20 of the black Christians that I met, even knew what an atheist was. I was 15 in 1976 when I met the first black openly atheist family, and we became lifelong friends (they told me that I was the only other black atheist they had met, and the mom and dad were in their mid-50s and their son was 17 at the time). Today I can count the number of other black atheist that I’ve met on one hand – and as a side note: most black atheists will have nothing to do with black theists of any brand of delusion (most live Lonely lives).

THE NATIONAL DAY OF SOLIDARITY FOR BLACK NON-BELIEVERS, and black atheists wanting to meet other black atheist are not, not, not by any stretch racist – for years we have been trying to get the message out within the black communities that we’re here! That said, I can understand someone who doesn’t understand all the dynamics in play with this issue coming to such a conclusion.

Also as I said my dad was black, however, my mom was white – they married back in the 1950s – back at a time when a black man could find himself hanging from a tree simply for looking at a white women in the “wrong way.” And growing up in the 1960s and 70s, I experienced racism from both blacks and whites (I know what real racism feels like - this is not).

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I totally agree that we have a country filled idiots, however it is not the idiot voters who are fully responsible for electing these ass-clowns – in fact, take Louie Gohmert from the 1st district in Texass for example, in the last election there were reports of automated calls, and calling people in heavily Democratic areas saying that their polling places had been changed, and all sorts of other false information, in an effort to suppress Democratic voters, and then there’s all the corporate money that was spent on redistricting.

These ass clowns don’t represent their constituents, they were sent to Washington by their rich masters, simply to make our government dysfunctional, and serve their rich masters

In short: our democracy has been hijacked by big money interests.

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Realistically SBJ, I’m not at all sure Clinton can pull off a win in 2016. And even just as bad is the fact she might just hand the Presidency back to the corporate owned whores – I just can’t see the GOP pulling off another clown show like we saw in the last primary, again in 2016? That said, one can only hope that the DEMs get their ass in gear, and undo some of the damage the high court did in undoing the voter rights act – the GOP played real dirty in the last election, and they will do an even better job of killing our democracy, next time around.

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“I’d really like to talk to some rational theists, people who have thought critically about their beliefs”


I have been talking to theists about their beliefs for almost 40 years now, and I haven’t met a rational one yet – how can a magic man, that was born from a virgin 2000 years ago, killed and then reanimated, and who is still living today, somewhere in the sky, be analyzed rationally?

Hint: theists don’t think, they just parrot what they have been told or indoctrinated to believe….

In short: there’s little or no thinking going on inside their empty heads.

PS... I've been reading your posts for some time now, and I really enjoy your posts!

My recent post The Threesome – an Orgy of Stupidity: