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I'm afraid not.

The other game of that ilk I remember fondly from that time period was The Unfinished Swan, which according to Wiki is now these many years later also available on PC.

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I played it through once when it launched on PS3, adored the experience, and never touched it again. It was a rare experience to have an emotionally touching moment in co-op with a random anonymous other player communicating only through emotes. You might or might not get as lucky or find it that way. It was a long time ago in a different environment. But probably worth giving a go. I came to it at launch because I loved Flower by the same people.

They have a mobile game out now, years and years later, which feels similar to Journey but without quite the same magic.

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We're back to 1 new case (after 2 yesterday), so I think the lockdown will be substantially lifted tomorrow.

2nd wave defeated, no thanks to the right wing fuckwits trying to undermine the lockdown measures at every turn.

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If Reddit karma matters to you at all, it just shows that you couldn't have got banned at a better time (like, is there some secret karma store I don't know about? Even as made-up points systems go, Reddit karma seems to be spectacularly pointless). At least you can potentially monetize Facebook and Instagram popularity.

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My opinion is that being banned from r/politics is probably good for you. That place is not exactly productive. (I assume that's the sub you mean).

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Trumper religious right types ignore every other sin he commits in the name of the bigger picture, don't see why this would be different IMO.

Biden shouldn't waste his time trying to peel off those people at this stage. It's not like he's promising to block stem cell research himself and rightly so.

One of Hillary's big mistakes was to spend far too much time especially at the end of the campaign going on about Trump's moral and ethical deficiencies. Votes that will be decided by that already have been. No, Biden needs to be reaching out to the voters who hear Trump making promises on the economy to them, about jobs after COVID, and need to be confident that Biden will also prioritise jobs for them.

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Congrats from one former member of the "what do you mean EPI-tome is the same word as e-PI-toh-me" club to another.

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While I've been working from home most of the year by now, there are people in my organisation who still need to go in in person. One of them just did an email all of a picture of the office fridge, in which someone has left a discarded facemask literally on top of other people's food, and basically said "whoever did this come forward, you won't be fired, you will be embarrassed but at least you'll be honest".

I imagine either someone has been dreadfully absent minded and done the equivalent of putting their keys in the fridge and the butter in their purse, or there's some kind of particular savage "FUCK YOUR SPECIAL SANDWICH" feud going on among the people in the office.

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It's natural that the evangelicals want to think of Trump as a Jesus figure who contracted COVID for their sins so they can avoid thinking about how deeply in the tank they are for this guy who commits so many major sins under any version of Christianity you can think of.

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What you've got across the entire United States is disease management becoming partisan political because of Trump, and to the extent it means some blue areas might be exaggeratedly cautious it's far outweighed by the lack of caution showed everywhere else. Attacking the few bits of over caution and ignoring the ridiculous infection rate and deaths caused by the opposite is rather Trumpian...

Over here reopening the schools is one of the first steps we have done out of the hard lockdown, before the 5km limit on non-essential movement was lifted., so our health experts agree that schools aren't huge risks relative to the damage of having them shut but we did still close them as part of the hard lockdown to get the disease back to manageable levels - not sure how many US states can say they have the disease under control.