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I know they say that Jeb is the smart one, but Neal Bush is smart enough to realize he will never, ever be president.

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Well then what's the point? Bah.

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It's a good thing the bible does't have anything about not judging unless you're judged or people without sin casting stones...

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Obama hates poor people by not giving them tax breaks on the taxes that they don't pay on account of being poor. Thanks, Ted!

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Well you say that, but the number of Ayn Rand Libertarian pot smokers, all of whom have massive sticks up their asses, suggest otherwise.

I mean I'm all for legalization and Weed is my wine of choice, but I don't think anything is going to make those people not tightly wound.

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The Rainbow Gathering is a real hotbed of terrorism... if terrorism is getting so baked you can't do anything but lay in the grass and look up at the sky.

That's what terrorism is, right?

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"What Rand Paul and Christie said wasn't stupid enough. What can I say to top them?" -- Thom Tillis before going in to work this morning.

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Who better to get advice for a healthy life than from Chris Christie?

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That damn Kenyan usurper is going to let everyone go to college? Well we damn sure aren't going to allow them to be prepared for it!

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My fellow Kliban fan, I just discovered that is reprinting all of his work for free online!