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I mean...we knew Trump was a mobster, right? Wannabe or otherwise...but we knew.

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It seems like a small thing, but when their manual dexterity kicks in and they can hold something with purpose and use it correctly...IT'S HUGE! And you're so happy-proud. You're like MY BABY IS A GENIUS! And when you think about it, figuring out your body and what it can do after a few short months and all the learning going on weekly, daily, hourly, is still sort of amazing.

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Congrats! He's a cutie! Though, there is no other face or hair I could ever imagine Bots' kid having. He seems like you in spirit corporeal.

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"I'm just done, mom! I need a drink."

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Game of Thrones...I'm still furious.

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Thank you for finding this. It took me awhile to take a look and when I took my breath away. I'm so very sad for his mom and family. He was her light and joy, you can just tell. It sounds like he still very much is. Her trip to London was such a special touchstone.

Not sure about how to approach sending a message, though. This seemed like his place to blow off steam, to have a laugh, to escape for a bit when he couldn't sleep or needed to share funny things, nutty things, nerdy things, life things, love things, cooking things and fails, work annoyances and successes, just anything. Maybe he'd share those things with the rest of the world...maybe not. To me, it would feel a little strange to send a message to his mom from behind an avatar, especially since Ofkie could become so passionate about the many things he thought from the serious to the hilarious. He wasn't just a one-liner, jokey kind of commenter. I'm okay with sending a link to the write up and a message from a representative or two directly from us as friends who listened and laughed with him. Though, I wish there were a card we could all sign, but maybe our comments on whatever post gets made will do that.

Sorry to's just he was so young, so affable,'s tough.

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No. No. No. I loved him. He was like a little brother, even if just online. No. This hurts so much.

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She gets a brand new salad fork for every debate she attends?

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Possible unpopular opinion: Can Hillary just get in and we reset this whole crapfest? I'm so very tired of everyone else.

Does anyone really think she's unqualified? She can't get in it because she's tainted or whatever, water already over that bridge or whatever, whatever, spilled milk is gonna be spilled, whatever, whatever...

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I don't think he hears the words "no" and "stop that" very often.