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This week with the distance learning...

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OMG, I can't wait to understand what Angela Basset pants means! I watched Girlfriends off and on when it aired. Now would be a good time to get back into it. Never before has there been so much time to veg on TV.

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I'm binging Happy Endings because everything is terrible and I only have a few more episodes of Schitt's Creek to watch before the end of season 5. Also, working full time and distance learning with the kiddo is kicking my ass.

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Inching ever closer back to Jim Crow in totality and that's how many want it. Freedom has been a myth -- an intangible placation.

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Feels like the lack of charges in these cases are protests in and of themselves, because how dare WE demand not to die by the hands of lazy, gun happy, biased, poorly trained and ego maniacal gang members with badges.

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What's happening??!!

Also, Meerkat Manor traumatized me. Flower! Zaphod!

2020 is already too much. Why haunt me with 2007?

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My son had a meltdown this morning because he's a little growing beanstalk and none of his sweatpants fit him - even the ones that were too big earlier this year. We had to explain that Covid has kind of slowed our usual shopping habits which include seasonal clothes buying. He's been content to wear various roomy basketball shorts all summer, but seemingly all of sudden it's become 60 degrees! Felt so sudden we didn't have time to adjust and re-up on fall gear!

When did it become fall? What are we doing? What is this life we're living right now? Hard to know what day/time it is or what season because everything has begun to blur together in either a speeding time warp or a molasses stretch of impudent suck ass. We're in a Groundhog Day nightmare, aren't we?

I know it wasn't really about the sweatpants, but *waves at everything.* It's so many changes happening on the inside, and so few on the outside. Covid hasn't stopped the growth of our children physically, but damn if it isn't doing a doozy on them emotionally.

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Maybe alternate ibuprofen and acetaminophen? Take a Motrin or Advil first and then 3 hours later take a Tylenol and then 3 hrs later the ibuprofen again. Also, my grandma would suggest salt water rinses to clean out infectious stuff. You could also maybe try that new Advil Dual Action which has both ibuprofen and acetaminophen. I'd follow the directions on the bottle for that one.

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Whoo-boy! Last night was a lot. I just had to sit in that discomfort, though, because it's so thoroughly done down to the last painstaking detail. This is turning the social thriller genre on its head, and I applaud it even if I squirm my way through some episodes. This one was one for the books! Lawd.

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Had to explain to the kiddo today what 9/11 is about for the first time in his life. Of course when we discussed terrorists he scowled, raised his fist, and said "Trummmmpppp!"

I had to tell him "no..well, no. Uh...not really. Well, no. No." Then he said, "Well, it was someone Trump knows then, right?" I said, "Well, no...probably not. Not that anyone really knows...but no, I guess. I mean, he's told lies about it, so there's that...but probably not directly related?"

Moral of this story? My son now equates all bad things that have happened in America past or present as being the result of Donald Trump.