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I don't think we can take much more. As it stands now we're dealing with the Spanish Flu, Jim Crow, and Nixon times eleventy billion all at the same time. I'm going to need you to take a seat, new pig flu.

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My God. Television has played with blackface for years and years. Anyone remember little Joey Lawrence on Gimmie a Break, Dana Plato on Diff'rent Strokes, or Delta Burke on Designing Women. True, these were supposed to be "teachable" moments...but really...eyeroll. It still seemed like some writer at the script table who knew better said, "You know what we'll do everyone....blackface!" Which is the same thing writers at script tables (who should know better) in the 2000's who said it, too.

Time after time, era after era remains this fascination with blackface. Untill that's dealt with, retroactively scrubbing it away isn't really dealing with the issue. I find it more interesting taking a look at those folks out here doing blackface (every damn day) under the guise of "makeup choice." I'm looking at you Kardashians.

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On one hand...I guess it's (selfishly) comforting to know that he's aware and has thoughts about Trump destroying the country like the rest of us...on the's really shitty that he couldn't just slide into presidential retirement in peace knowing that when he left the country to Trump it wouldn't go full F.U.B.A.R.

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Tootsie Roll is never the "life" of the party. It is "bottom of the Halloween bag" candy...right next to loose change, raisins, strawberry hard candies, and the McDonald's gift certificates and/or Jiffy Lube coupons from the weirdo who lives two doors down.

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Owl legs are freaky.

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The Brave New World: Taking off a mask in your car is like removing your bra at home.

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No one would realize they have a post it over their PC cameras while becoming frustrated that they can't see anything.

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I could not actually deal with anyone who would even consider voting for that madman after these last few years. Especially those who want to cover up their blatant racism with stupid GOP talk like "owning the Libs." There is nothing redeemable about Trump's time in office. There is nothing worth salvaging. He has committed atrocities in this country by virtue of being its leader to the extent of enriching himself and shielding himself from persecution after being the most corrupt, morally bankrupt person to ever hold office. He is literally, willfully killing us and then going out to rallies and talking about it with unbridled glee (Kung Flu). He's not tough, smart, cunning, or clever. He's proven daily to be an insecure, craven, feeble, vainglorious imbecile. Those with rose-tinted glasses on about this man are really using them to shield themselves from their own prune withered souls.

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I can barely contain my rage about this situation. More and more we're hearing that schools and school districts will be making up their own plans for re-opening in the fall. There is no nationwide direction on what school in September should look like. There is no nationwide plan to get control of the virus. The plan put forth by Trump is to ignore it and wish it away while everyone else has to make the hard decisions for their families. And honestly, can we even trust local governments to act in the best interest of safety? No. The economy is STILL the largest consideration for a public health crisis and now we'll be faced with the decision of sending millions of kids out into the middle of it with no plan. Yes, the kids. Kids and their teachers and school employees will now be on the front line.

There was skepticism early on about the U.S.'s ability to effectively lockdown and follow public health protocols (like wearing masks) because of arrogance and entitlement. So, yup, here we are in lieu of having a government that gives a damn about human lives, the public can't even be persuaded at large to at the very least wear masks as a way to mitigate independently...because of "'Merica, mah freedoms, and haircutzzz." And now that the predictable spikes are happening what's the solution? Lie and cover up the numbers. This shit is all criminal. No wonder no other country wants us to travel there. Essentially we're seen as disease-spreading idiots led by a deranged carnival barker in face paint with a dead sasquatch on his head who spews racism from every rotted cell in his body as he rakes over the country looking for all the loose change he can find while he plays baby dictator who can't hold a glass.