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I really will always love Madonna (and Mariah). It almost doesn't matter what batshittery she's (they're) into.

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Sometimes I wonder what's happening at Whole Foods. Like can you hoard at the Whole Foods? And if so, what are we hoarding?

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I still cannot believe that toilet paper has turned into the dystopian nightmare that it has. It's very much the random Zombieland Twinkie situation.

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Yep. Zoom meetings are like company infomercials and they always seem to highlight people who think they've missed their calling as TedTalk Imagineers. It's like some sort of brown nosing, up-beat blathering convention of yahoos you never, ever want to be trapped in the break room with. "Hey, Brad, had a great weekend. Shot a little J at the park on Saturday. Had rad avocado toast at that new place on Central and rode my bike up to Kissimmee. Good times. We got that townhall today, right? Catch ya later on the Zoom."

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Hmm, the one we like the best seems overrun all hours of the day and evening. And our backup is getting bad, too. But we haven't tried right after senior hours on a weekday. Maybe that will make the difference. We also haven't braved a Costco in weeks...too afraid of what could be going on in there. Colleen would probably know if Costco is a swarming thunderdome.

I worry about my senior parents who live in another state. I just set them up with HomeChef because they were having a hard time finding a steady supply of meat even going during senior hours. I'm finding out not every store is limiting the amount of must have items.

This whole apocalypse is THE worst.

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I don't know when (day or time) to go to the grocery store.

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All the kids from the entire first grade (via parents) log in four times a day at the designated time. It's about 60 to 70 kids. It's always the same teacher for each subject daily. Yes, parents are logging the kids in four times a day. Admittedly this does take commitment from the parents, which has been working so far. The first week was chaotic before the school adopted virtual classroom rules like making sure to stay muted. There was a learning curve before the teachers figured out how to mute students and disable the chat feature.

Yes, all the lessons are recorded and shared via Class Dojo, but I think the teachers are creating their own lessons following whatever model was developed at the beginning of the year. They supplement with power point presentations and short videos.30 minute full lessons and 30 minute small groups sounds great! A lot of work and prep on your part, but good for the kids. Anything that has them sitting and learning and doing activities/assignments is all good for whatever time teachers can give.

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Yes, keeping them busy to any degree is really good right now. I like that he doesn't think this is a vacation and we can still call it school.

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Here's the schedule:

Before 9 Am -- Wake up, make your bed, brush teeth, eat breakfast, get dressed

9am -9:30 -- Reading Lesson taught by teacher using (

9:30-10 -- Reading activities assigned using (

10 - 10:30 -- Writing Lesson taught by teacher

10:30-11am -- Writing activities

11am - 11:30 -- Math Lesson taught by teacher

11:30-12pm -- Math activities

12pm - 1pm -- Eat lunch, play a game, walk outside, draw a picture

1pm - 1:30 -- Word Study/ Science / Social Studies Lesson (alternates through the week)

1:30 -- 2pm -- Word Study etc assignment

2pm - 3pm -- Choice Time (education games, Brain Pop Jr.. draw. or craft.)

There are four first grade teachers so they each take a half-hour and a specialty. There are loads of resources. Through Class Dojo they can upload pdfs that can be printed out, there are online tools, and online book repositories for parents to use.

So, so good. The parents still have to keep things organized, keep their kid focused, make sure assignments are handed in on time, monitor the lessons so kids don't get off task, help kid take notes and participate, keep in contact with the teachers, etc.

Let me know of any other questions.

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My son's school does live sessions every day and it's fantastic. The first grade teachers share the load and teach one subject per half-hour for all the kids. We're able to keep to a routine and he knows he has school everyday. It's been so helpful for continuity.