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But in that case, you're working, and there's an actual economic impetus to do what a homeowner expects - it's not a social engagement. It's still potentially uncomfortable but you're being compensated. in your own house, you should wear what you like.

This is about being a good guest and the fact there are now somewhat single-sided expectations on guests that extend to their clothing, even if it might undermine their psychological and physical comfort - on hardwood and linoleum, in winter, maybe the odd social gathering where you're bound to get stepped on by other sweaty shoeless feet.

I fully accept that part of being a guest is respecting someone's home and property, which is why I will typically take off my shoes if asked...I don't think the reasoning used to defend this point is always thought through and it's underwritten with the presumption someone has a spotless, bacteria-free house.

ETA: Theoretically, dogs walk in poo in the great outdoors, and other dog's poo

They're literally walking through feces and all the filth of city streets or nature in their bare feet

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The topic I'm taking from this is the social expectation and the pretty well articulated hard line of the person I replied to - no unkempt bare feet/no bare feet, but no shoes. Then what?

I do not expect to be given socks, but re: "it's weird and we are not in Japan" .....well, in the U.S, at least, we're discussing a practice arguably borrowed from Eastern households in the first place.

Frankly if they were clean, it'd be a nice gesture, and whenever this is discussed on blogs, the possibility of offering guests slippers is put out there.

Why is offering people slippers any stranger than telling them they have to take off their shoes at the door in the U.S.? This only became a custom in the last ten or twenty years and if the Vice article is true, it's a tossup between telling someone to potentially be barefoot in your not-as-clean-as-you-think house or letting them walk in the house in shoes.

"I do consider my floors to be pretty clean". Have you not also talked about occasions your dog has shit indoors?

Doesn't your dog also traipse in crap, as all dogs do? (And my cat? And plenty of animals?) I was talking about my experience and to the parameters sparkle motion set - no unkempt bare feet, but also, no shoes. That's is a hard line. People forget socks. Then what?

In my experience, people's apartments are dusty and dirty and there's a reason I want to leave shoes on.

The crux of this is whether the potential filth brought in from outdoors is really bad enough to potentially put guests out. The fact it's now expected means it's a "hard line". And usually, I take off my shoes. It's still frequently uncomfortable.

"I am not a hardliner about shoes on or off in my house tbh and I do consider my floors to be pretty clean. But I 100% absolutely expect to have to take my own shoes off in other people's homes" - okay, so then we are talking about hard lines in the social expectation.

Considering how filthy other people's houses often are, the frequent presence of filth one way or another-including pet germs- and the simple fact that a lot of people do not remember their own footwear - often I'd rather prefer to leave my shoes on (at least if I forget socks) and I don't care if someone else leaves their shoes on, at least if we're on hardwood floors.

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"Yes shoes must come off indoors and additionally if you are going to be in someone else's home, who isn't family or very close relations, you should not be barefoot either. Wear or pack some socks"

Isn't it rude to expect people to do that without a warning though, especially in hot weather or if their outfit doesn't work with that?

Of course people who don't know you well don't want to be barefoot in an unfamiliar house - something pretty much nobody commenting here seems to care about, save Colleen or bassethoundfinn - but even though I'm used to this presumptuous trend, I have literally never met anyone that warns people ahead of time, "I'm going to expect you to take off your shoes when you come to my house" on a party invite so one can remember to...pack extra socks (yay, an extra change of clothes I have to bring because I'm not allowed to wear part of my outfit in someone's house), or wear them, the compromise Emily Post recommends. Nobody gives a shit.

It's amusing how people here are discussing how rude it is to wear shoes in someone's home without wondering for a second how rude it is to ask a potential stranger to partially disrobe (or whatever the term is for shoes) in a new house without a head's up.

It's all the more presumptuous telling people to walk around barefoot (and they'll have to, if they're sockless - not uncommon in summer) in not-their-house - forget the embarrassment, I don't want to track dirt into someone's house but I've lost count of the times I've ended up forgetting socks and been expected to walk barefoot in someone's drafty, filthier-than-they'll admit, uncomfortable hardwood floors, where pets' shitty paws and kids' dirty hands and feet have been. (That truly might be the most amazing part of this thread - if you're a dog owner and expect people to go barefoot in your house....? Seriously?)

Only Colleen gave the comfort of her guests a second's thought, apparently.

I'm all for protecting people's carpets but the logic in this thread and in the defense of this practice is half-baked or otherwise lacking.

Edit: this isn't at you specifically but you might have articulated exactly what makes the no-shoes-the-house-trend so unwelcoming to guests.

There are plenty of people who don't want to be barefoot in a stranger's house, esp. as a requirement of gaining entry.

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The entirety of the film is on youtube on this dude's channel -

and I watch it while, like, folding least once a year... or every six months. And I watch my favorite scenes over at over just for the usage of the soundtrack.

Honestly - that's where Pesci shone.

I laugh really hard at a lot of his mobster bluster.

"Fuckin' degenerate, ya! Fuckin' kids at home"....And Stone, CHRIST.

"Goodfellas" is Scorsese's consummate masterpiece that has my heart, but "Casino" is a close second. It's like candy.[youtube JOa9trpf-q4 youtube]

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Yes and even though that left a lot to be desired, it was still better and had a more coherent plot and character development than this.

Should've been for Goodfellas or Casino and if was like a "we have to give this to you sooner or later" Oscar - can't remember what else was nommed that year....

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I forgot about this one.

Y2K seems so funny now - it came, but it came on a delay, and quietly, with each mass shooting, with endless wildfire, and of course, with Trump, who has destroyed any concept of the idea of the sacredness of our executive institutions.

It never fails to confuse me how "salt of the earth" Americans love a quintessentially New York-sleazy oozer like Trump, someone who revels in looking and playing the part of the slick gaudy con man, and "thank Jesus" for him.

That poor baby.

Every time I look at Trump, what I feel now isn't just overflowing hatred for him, but an audience who would probably let him sell their children into white slavery to Russian oligarchs if it got down to it.

It really is a cult. "Thank you, Lord Jesus", for this, the man who all but embodies the Book of Revelation

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That looks mouthwatering.

How did you prepare that bird? The glaze alone is gorgeous.

We ate chicken this year since I'm the only one who likes turkey and typically only get a breast anyway...

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I'm 2 hours in and so far "The Irishman" is pretty fuckin' boring and staid and huge swaths of dialogue/script are just embarrassing and silly, to such an extent I'm wondering if they're based on real life conversations. 3.5 hours and moment to moment...I wish I knew the source material for this, e.g. if someone wrote a bio of Frank Sheerhan and his confession...because it needs some serious editing.

Even with three with three leads altogether, the stuff of gangster film dreams - it's a whole lotta nothin'. I still can't believe (and should be grateful" Scorsese agreed to release this on Netflix.

Maybe I needed to see this on the big screen but it just feels so...paint-by-numbers mob movie. And it's amazing to think it's possibly the last crimeland hurrah from the man that set the gold standard after Coppola, taking shoot 'em ups and turning them into gritty, gorgeous, juicy, darkly funny and epically dark sagas about glorious kingdoms of power and family, laid to waste with the same swords that carved them. (Plus, the soundtracks!) None of it feels right here, or purposeful.

What a waste.

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"The Irishman" itr

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I did a search and realize Kyle and Pete are not on netflix :(, probably only HBO and Comedy Central.

But SNL's Jenny Slate has a new standup special on there that looks absolutely delightful, Bill Burr has "Paper Tiger", and if their appearances on Comedy Central are worth anything, Rory Scovel and Neal Bargatze are other "nice guys" that still tell good stories and are actually pretty funny and they came up in my queue.

Tom Segura is actually reasonably funny and he has some sort of deal with Netflix so you can binge watch him. And of course the favorites...Mike Birbiglia, Patton Oswalt, and John Mulaney have at least one or two specials you might not have seen.

(And that should cover you through the whole damn holiday weekend. Happy Thanksgiving DMM)