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The mandate for NYC hospital workers is incoming. This story was sent out today re: all city employees

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Thanks for pointing this out and frequently adding nuance to discussions.

A quote from the doctor in the article Bots linked:

"They cry. And they tell me they didn’t know. They thought it was a hoax. They thought it was political. They thought because they had a certain blood type or a certain skin color they wouldn’t get as sick. They thought it was ‘just the flu’. But they were wrong. And they wish they could go back. But they can’t. So they thank me and they go get the vaccine. And I go back to my office, write their death note, and say a small prayer that this loss will save more lives.” (I'm confused by people 'getting the vaccine' when people die?)

That distinctly sounds like a reference to to the rumor last year that Black people couldn't get COVID:

Even the Kaiser Family Foundation pointed out that Blacks and Latinos have lower vaccination rates overall:

....I don't know, it's news to me the South and the Southwest, the regions where this really appears to be a problem, are only white.

And despite my own frustration with Trump's messaging this year and his target audience acquiescing until it became unsustainable, somehow I get the sense nobody on social media is going to talk about refusing access to medical treatment to Black people refusing the vaccine who continue to contract COVID, but it's definitely a popular reaction to articles going viral on twitter showing white faces and framing this as a "white" moral failure.

More than that - even though I got vaccinated and I'm aware the risks are comparably low, yeah, I'm afraid reading about Guerlaine Barre, even if every single vaccine carries some risk of such "adverse effects" .Yeah, I'm unnerved reading about the cases of heart inflammation. Yeah, it's unnerving hearing people who don't seem to be "hoaxes" that experienced serious adverse effects in the clinical trials, and deaths nobody bothers to explain or investigate.

In the face of the unknown, conflicting or missing information from prestige sources (most of which seem to be pushing the narrative it's white Trump voters demonstrating skepticism) and that natural (potentially dumb) inclination to go by who you identify with (discussed in the article you linked), what I read is passivity. It's frustrating - but so is the discourse about where it comes from.

18 months after this started, we still don't know where COVID came from (it sure as shit wasn't a wet market - I don't think we ever will know, and I don't believe a single legacy media source has a real interest in investigating it...); and there's no clear-cut reporting re: Delta regionally that I've seen breaking down new hospitalizations or diagnoses among vaccinated v unvaccinated, what vaccination they got, if they had one or both doses - etc.

Kamala Harris herself politicized the vaccine, when Trump was still in office. This disease has been used as a political football to spike since last summer by both parties.

...And people are surprised about public skepticism, public mistrust, not to mention in denial about how wide-ranging it is? It defies ethnicity and politcal affiliation. The single clear thing that can be said here is that this is an American problem.

None of it changes the imperiative to get the vaccine and reduce the risk of death, but the last year in this country has been eye-opening. I've never understood public distrust better.

Related, reading your interview with Ed Yong (I think he won something for his reporting this year, did he not?)

"When I reported on the ongoing surge in Missouri, a hospital chief told me that one patient spat in a nurse’s eye because she told him he had COVID-19 and he didn’t believe her. How do you think about folks who have gotten to that point?"

I "think" that's disgusting assault.

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another suggestion for cracked lips (I liked this much better than petrolatum alone) -

I alternate/layer that with Burt's Bee's.

Petrolatum alone really seemed to dry out my lips.

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It's not bulletproof and I would have preferred another solution, but this is the only thing that really helped.

A warning - a decade later I had to go back on as an adult, after a pretty easy teen cycle.

Don't be shocked (but hopefully, he doesn't need that, since I'm guessing it was lady hormone related)

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Don't be scared off by the odd news stories - yes, it can have some serious side effects re: mood, joints, bowels if you're not aware of it. That's really the best thing he can do in the first 6-12 weeks, and keeping your doctor notified. There's an entire reddit forum for this and probably for teens just starting this. Also

I found the effects on fatigue and the purging of zits was the worst but it was such a relief when it finally started working.

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Thanks, I wanted to see the source of this comment. Cuomo has actually pushed a lot of reform this year and continues to tie state funding to it.

But this article is really bad and dishonestly written. It is not "unprecedented in state history". "The huffing of oracular vapors" - yeah, this guy doesn't have an agenda. Jesus Christ.

"is draft legislation proposed to give judges the power — unprecedented in state history — to jail defendants, even people facing misdemeanor charges, on the basis of a premonition that those defendants might commit some future act of violence" - that's a reference to the standard of public dangerousness.

I would think someone writing about this would want to the actual terminology for a very basic concept. This is a terrible piece, and the author is a dissembling, purple prose pooping, stupid douche.

Every other state in the union allows the courts to exercise some discretion and take something like criminal history into account as part of the ongoing national experiment with redressing bail in this country. But New York (and maybe Mississippi, but I've misplaced that article) stands alone on not using that as a reference in the interest of the public (witnesses, victims - there are plenty of parties whose welfare is directly affected by this) and the advocacy orgs that pushed for it have a vested interest in keeping data about its effects from being collected.

The adjustments for a handful of other violent offenses in April that this article is referring to as a "bloodbath" and a return to everything short of public executions once more is, uh, exaggerating. By a lot. Quite the opposite - our hard-won drop/stabilization of violent crime reversed. (I hear stories from girlfriends who say police tell them they can't take reports when they're threatened on the subway, so who knows if even the standing numbers for 2020 represent the whole story.)

In actuality, there are people with felony assault in their records on the street - like this one. It's a wonder his victim did not die. And stories like this in areas that were relatively safe a year ago, even after dark...these are a dime a dozen now.

In the last few weeks, another person who had felony assault and drug charges in his record and was in and out of state hospitals murdered 2 other homeless people and stabbed another 2 in the space of 14 hours on the A line.

There's a lot Cuomo has done wrong before this break - case in point, you're correct about his gutting Medicaid; and of course, nobody wanted to believe the story about the nursing homes b/c the right has been talking about it for the last year. When people say he's an abrasive, vindictive bully, I believe them. He's overseen the loss of hospital beds in New York. He has succeeded in either leaving our mayor in the lurch for NYC's ongoing sorrows, or playing his foil for at least the last few years. Bill De Blasio has been waiting for this moment for a decade.

But something something, stopped clock. I do not have a higher opinion of NYS legislature members chomping at the bit for his downfall, and that includes my own worthless representatives in my district.

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"a repeal of the police and crime reform law the legislature " - do you have a link on the legislation you're talking about and the legislation in qustion?

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It's an app with its own website

This man's video deserves posting here[youtube AbNthoN8iA8 youtube]

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That'll actually probably be pretty tasty.

I tried the ones with a peanut top and a chocolate bottom; it's probably Reese's peanut butter chips around their patented peanut butter filling.

I would eat these sandwiched between the chocolate ones.

(I cannot stress how tasty these were, and how exciting they were to find. Reviewing candy and shit food for the masses should be my job.)

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I was gonna say, "Like I would know from Applebee's, as an NYer", but there are 3 on the island of Manhattan, at least one I've seen that was over the bridge off the BQR station in Brooklyn, and a shitload in the Northeast. Yet I can't even remember when I saw an ad playing for NYC viewers in the last 5 years. All of know of Applebee's lore is that the lost Goth (of the Midwestern Mall variety), stranded serving at Applebee's to save for tuition in Someplace Better Than Here; she apparently has her own meme for coomers. (In NY, TBH, you probably eat an an Applebee's if you want to see a waiter get beat up or see B & T types brawl with tourists over subpar steak plates.)

I picture Dogs getting casually weekend-drunk in much fancier Cali restaurants.

No Crasstalk reveal/legend unearthed from the Spreadsheet will top this one.

It is 100% true, obviously