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There might be only 2 of you other than me perpetually hunting for the moderately attractive Women's Comfortable/Sensible Shoe (tm) but there is a Clarks sale today

Sorry if this link is bust, my work firewall blocks shopping sites


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This song has been in my head for the last month - I love Rosemary Clooney

"All you Calabrese do the mambo like you're crazy" holds up [youtube 9prJXEhNhPA youtube]

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I think of this line often and then I think of you b/c I know you appreciate it

If we ever had a meet up Dogs....I like to think it'd just be watching Simpsons reruns and talking about all the deep, heavy feelings I have for all the shows I've ever loved before. Honestly I watch these reruns sometimes and I love them even more....time and rarity has made them precious

That was such a solid episode too [youtube Rl2L_f0M6cA youtube]

"Lousy beatniks!"

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....How can this dump be so popular?

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As noted - I am surrounded by Republicans. They're all naturally macho guys, guys who get all worked up about building cars and fight fighting and...machismo. And play actors of machismo like Dump.

That cute, nice, gracious sales guy was a volunteer firefighter, someone who posts shit about "respecting the flag". Bullshit about how America was on 9/12. I've never heard him wax flattery about Trump. But I can make guesses.

I'm not here defending might makes right or machismo. Not at all. But just observing and listening to these people - ultimately you could argue behind all that are virtues of respect for others, the desire to preserve human life. I'm thinking of the Khan family right now, and Khazr Khan holding out his pocket constitution while excoriating Donald Trump. That's what these public institutions are for - to protect life and property, and when it comes to the military - to protect the values that make a republic.

To protect the material well-being and safety of its populace. To keep cities standing from decade to decade. To defend ideas.

Republicans have contempt for this.

And I don't understand the cognitive dissonance of people who can look at someone like Donald Trump - a singular scoundrel unto himself, given new lease on villainy by complicit Republicans, who has contempt for the poor, for sacrifice, for all human decency, the sweat of a man's brow, and those ideas behind democracy - and cream their pants. Who would die cackling when Donald Trump insults the Khan family and a free press and...who hasn't he insulted?

I think of the firefighters I saw in the grocery store on Fulton Street, who surrounded a piece of shit like Jesse Watters with such big smiles on their faces, jostling for pictures. Fucking ridiculous. Imagine - they were so thrilled to meet a grimy, sleazy entertainer and hate peddler that's probably never had to worry about getting sick from a job or a pension, or being paid to little while working full time to keep a roof over his head. How it these guys don't get Donald Trump enjoys the same country clubs as "Chabliss-sucking" liberals...that Donald Trump was blathering about how tall his buildings were while people were still buried alive at Ground Zero, a few blocks away from us? How?

The older I get, the more it disgusts me. All of it. I don't actually have the language to articulate how repulsive I find it - I am tired of the contempt and chicanery of blood-sucking charlatans but I'm more confounded and repulsed by its enablers, who scream and cheer before these fucks stomp on their heads and step on their necks, spit on the virtue of sacrifice, perhaps mostly so those same rich-allied wolves in sheep's clothing gleefully tread on those of us unworthy of their crocodile tears and chickenhawk charades.

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I was thinking of something, rewatching "Rescue Me" for the nth time.
blah blah blah itr

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Those cupcakes look so moist! What scratch recipe did you sue?

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I just want you two to know I saw this in my dashboard and WTF ya'll were talking about, and thought this was literally about mosquitos farting. Since Dogs knows about a lot of weird shit and this seems like it'd be in that category.

And then I thought to myself, fucking shitass mosquitos - they pass on disease, suck mammal blood - they're literally a Biblical plague, IRL! What disgusting thing happens when they break wind?

...For real.

Just thought you needed a reminder I am super intelligent and that also that "when a mosquito farts" is so good I'm going to use it elsewhere in Jenna fleshlife

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Many. I'll admit it. Ads too. I whole seasons worth of music from "Mad Men" and the entire soundtrack of 2 or 3 Scorsese movies - there's so much great doo-wop, pop, rock...unh. And I'll watch seasons and films over in part for the music.

Case in point - I knew who Kris Kristofferson from movies was but had never heard his voice or gotten the whole "legendary actor/country singer" or got that clicking in my brain till "True Detective". [youtube JIBq1Jkm7YU youtube]

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Miss Anita I love that flower, even with a bee butt in it

I saw this picture and reminded of something that makes me stop and lol (and then feel a little guilty for owners) all summer long - dogs full on parking dogbutt in the great, hot stinking, urban outdoors, and refusing to walk anymore. Not panting - not in pain or distress. But stubborn. Resistant even when an owner tugs gently, dogs staring back insistently, doubling down chubby puppy body, refusing to take another step - "too hot, god damn it!" Bulldogs full on sprawling on the sidewalk.

And as we all cook on fetid 90 degree days, I just wanna stop and be like, "me too, kid. Me too."

And then inevitably owners pick them up and carry them home and damned if I'm....not a little jealous, since after 10 minutes I'm sweaty and sore and probably not particularly pleasant-smelling, blistered, slimy, hair wilting into me mouth and eyes.

I guess it all evens out, I don't have to leave the air-conditioned indoors to make wee unless I feel like it.