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I also marvel more at the ex-employees that blew the whistle/came forward to act as sources, all but bankrupting their families. 400-500k in legal fees.

You come away asking - is she delusional or a conscious sociopath?

Looking at the ranks she aspired to join, one wonders.

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God - Alex Gibney is like Errol Morris for premium cable.

I envy him. I envy what he gets to do.

Watching "The Inventor" - I marvel.

Just looking at is amazing to me that the simple urge to create something...bad...out of this world. Bad medicine. Unregulated, unverifiable, unreplicable medicine.

It's something of an obscenity, watching her pal around with Biden and Kissinger, seeing all those magazine covers. God damn. I have a deep voice, split ends, and dress down and no one believes any of my sales pitches, and my dreams are so much less.

David Boies is one of the most distasteful elements of it. To think someone that made a shitload off of his association with defending gay marriage is...well...just a lawyer joke. The ultimate.

The best lawyer, the most wanted lawyer, another shark at the disposal of someone like Harvey Weinstein.

There's something both indescribably demoralizing and vindicating about the downfall of Elizabeth Holmes and both experiences are disgusting...the whole packaging of another Zuckerberg/Jobs/genius, but finally, capitalism's prayers are answered - it's a woman.

...A blond, serious, Jobs-mimicking woman, intoning books were her best friends...

There truly must be some genius behind the artifice she was able to create. Forget the pitch. She had an answer for everything.

(And watching it, I'm reminded of Gawker's reporting on her, and God, do I miss Gawker and Valleywag. I miss that time. Not all parts of it - but I am regretting much of present and man, do I miss novelty in...anything.

Nothing was more novel or intimate than Gawker before it went full tabloid, even when it was in hit pieces against the likes of an Arthur Kade. And the loss of all those comments and jokes makes me so angry.)

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just a lot of blahblah about reporting and shit after watching "The Inventor"

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Something is lost if it isn't reported Dick Dale toured supposedly to pay for medical care.

"Dale continued to battle cancer and up until his death, he explicitly said he continued to tour to fund his treatment. He told the Pittsburgh paper that he had to raise $3,000 every month to pay for medical supplies on top of the insurance he had to pay for."

I don't fucking understand that - Misirlou has been used in so many films...he's an American icon.

How does that even work? How was he not living off his golden years on royalties?

(He was diagnosed with rectal cancer at 28...I didn't know that. Imagine being 28 and having to live a lifetime with cancer. Jesus.)

This is sad, be warned.

It's also's sort of like Rami Malek said his first thing to do when he got successful was pay of college loans.

A living legend having to tour around into his 1980s for care that was essentially reducing pain.

The WaPo story gets more explicit about his care and is even worse (and is behind a paywall, so you gotta look for it.)

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(Man...I could watch a reel of dogsmile all day)

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Just a puppy smiling when its owner kisses it

But it's so cute I'm actually upset there isn't video...with sound

And an instagram page for this little fluffernutter

Sometimes the internet is a cruel and withholding witch

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That's still amazing...that's 10+ per person

How does he get them all to stay still? He must be a dog whisperer for real

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I have to know his picture secret, Maxi. It's magical.

(How does he even walk so many dogs at once? Is he walking with his wife?)

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I don't think the context of the crime is limited; it's massive. I think what I find bizarre is that at least initially...the anger about this seemed limited to a handful of people when mostly I just feel like it's part and parcel of higher ed in general.

I don't think financial crimes are "not severe". Although I'll owe might be a mistake to think of it as an either/or premise of criminal sentencing v financial restitution.

Paul Blest wrote an essay about what I had in mind.

That's what I had in mind, although, for devil's advocacy - I can joke about the white shoe lawyers and other parties named in this doing "hard time", but I actually do think massive financial payouts better serve the public. I mean, we can argue if it's something she was willing to give up already...I forgot about the fact that they just didn't donate to the school directly.

It's not that the fraud isn't disgusting...I just can't divorce this from the entire design of higher ed, the value of prestige, all of it - it rewards money. The risks associated, the process, and of course, the ramifications for a lifetime of debt - is a money-dependent process.

I hold the ringmaster who was providing fraudulent test scores differently.

I think higher ed is an inequality-reproducing part of American life with potentially life and death consequences for non-celebrities. So rage at Aunt Becky for that, I get. But if I were USC right now, or in a feeder school into USC - I'd want money.

The only thing that really surprises me about this at all is that very wealthy, highly visible people were stupid enough to participate in criminal fraud and risk their freedom and privacy instead of using their privileges legally.

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Like I said, I'm well aware that degree is "life-changing" and am more than aware of the importance of prestige and the name the school.

But I see this is a multi-level financial crime....and I think above all else those kids should be paid.

And more than that, I really do support all lawsuits filed by parents for damages, even if it can't actually be proven who was or was not passed over for Olivia Jade. If a lot of parents file a class action suit against he "master" that worked with Loughlin et al...I don't think that's inappropriate.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the next part of this scandal (so far I've only seen one mom suiting for $500m), plus major lawsuits against the universities named in this scandal

eta: Even if realistically this scandal was comparable to something like Wall Street crime, where prison sentencing is useful not only as an equalizer but as an incentive - I don't see it happening.

And if that's the case, I especially think those middle and working class kids would be better served with a trust.