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How lucky for him that he got to depart so well loved and watched over. That's how everyone should die.

But I know that's no comfort at all right now, because you still had to watch him go and now you've been dropped in the middle of the ocean.

I'm very sorry.

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I didn't know Dogs was installing dark mode until I saw that moon, clicked instinctively, &....ohhhhhhh.

And that soft blue of the OT pic against the black....I felt my cranium decompress.

It was like a soft breeze or a sensual caress on know, the muscles behind my eyeballs.


Look at that. I like that.

(I don't know why I'm showing you screenshot of something at least some of you are literally looking at now in full-size

Probably b/c the idea of an entirely black website where text and images aren't impacted is exciting, even if night mode is an ordinary thing. I typically don't use it.

Thanks for being a squeaky wheel, Phlox.

...Now if you could just find a way to embed video again...

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The thought of him (or a stylist) standing in the mirror and teasing out the wings makes me lol...imagine the maintenance of his resting hair, to keep it long and strong enough to hold that up through filming?

Same energy, but he made it work. And now I realize he looks like someone that 1) you would expect to have seen a UFO, and made that a job; 2) is literally being beamed up while filming.

I envy all the people that are paid handsomely to be themselves/true to themselves. You know? To let that freak flag fly.

I would have settled for getting rich lying to myself every day or doing something much tamer, like film criticism, but I'm beginning to wonder if I do that for less than I'm worth.

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I've read this comment a couple times and it's made me cackle like a goon, b/c it reminded me of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, easily one of the great Meme People/eccentrics on TV alive

I wonder if he's always worn his hair like know, standing in the mirror, feathering his entire head so his hair looks like a bird tryna fly away.....or if it's a Bob Ross deal, and he had to keep looking crazy to stay on the air, b/c people got so attached to a "look".

....And you work for someone that's such a fan, he watches (listens to) the show to fall asleep.

That's a very distinctive picture of an office.

(I need the picture darkened and the volume muted, but I too fall asleep with TV white noise)

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What time was "afterhours" in this case? After evening rush hour?

The last few elections are related to this: to state legislative changes that are related to that downgrading to misdemeanors, even for those with repeat offenses (as in, multiple victims of violent assaults, one after the next); failure to enforce penalties for something like violating parole, open cases; actors - specifically, the current DA of Manhattan, Alvin Bragg - who litereally campaigned on downcharging beatings and robberies to misdemeanors/interpreting the state penal code so that he will never ask for remand or jail sentencing for entire classes of felonies. It was on his campaign website and it was his first day memo. I don't think the previous DA, Cyrus Vance, was taking on "misdemeanor" robberies or misdemeanor assaults, I get the sense he wasn't asking that people be committed to psych wards or sending literally anyone to prison for those cases, even those with multiple victims....but Bragg has said he will "divert" every crime charged as a misdemeanor, and he'll probably dismiss those charges as a consequence too. It appears that's wholly his call, as the DA - and people voted for it. It's even more difficult to find hard, concrete information about judges. And Bragg can simply refuse to take on people's cases, too.

All of these choices matter collectively to that "feel" you're describing, that wasn't there after hours in a neighborhood before, especially since it's been compounded by the hit covid has taken on survival of businesses (as opposed to blocks filled with shuttered stores), or whether someone who is ill and violent enough to (thinking of a recent case) punch someone hard enough that they fall, crack their skulls, and die is on the street for years at a time. None of that is an accident, and it isn't concealed. I paid attention to what my city council district rep candidates talked about this year; I watched the DA election from the start of the primary until Bragg declared victory in the general; and I see how the few crimes that make headlines are charged, on the small chance it's even reported. Hell yes, you can break someone's nose, cut it off, and be charged with a misdemeanor, and I get the sense the clearance rate is low and the case dismissal rate in the courts is high. There's just too many incidents and too little time to compile cases. The culture in our courts has changed.

The interviews Bragg gives now mostly convince me local journalists don't even know who the previous DA was, or his policies (just as an example, Cyrus Vance probably hasn't prosecuted turnstyle hopping in three or four years....the purpose of not outright deprosecuting is to give the police leverage to question people for other stuff. Same thing with trespass).

After Michelle Go was pushed in front of a train at 9:30 AM in the morning this week, I saw a fleet of City Council members and Congressional reps started talking about "conflict mediators" (where are the outreach workers that are supposed to be there?) and barriers.... that would cost hundreds of billions of dollars and take a decade (no, a hundred years, in this corrupt AF city) to build, because they couldn't bring themselves to suggest something that speaks to the immediacy of a woman being stalked and shoved off a platform or their responsibility to help us now, even if it means seeing to it people like Simon Martial are civilly committed before they push someone into a train. The guy was known for harassing people on the subway months before this and his own sister said he was violently mentally ill and wouldn't stay on his meds by himself.

The offensive deflection includes words spoken by the rep my neighbors (who never shut up about crime and declining quality of life, and none of it is reflected in their votes) selected. I'm upset about it.

Even Adams said that people merely perceive danger that isn't there, at a press conference about a homicide - the second subway death this year, after Roland Hueston died trying to help a robbery victim who was jumped by a gang of teenagers and knocked on the tracks. Just from Jan 2022.

We've had something like 21 subway shovings in 2021. God knows how many incidents aren't reported or recorded.

I've listened to a lot of neighbors this year who have had the shit kicked out of them while sitting and dining outside, walking the dog or doing things they've always done as part of daily life in public space, and it goes nowhere. People are put right back on the street after they're arrested, even when they have records & they're clearly too sick to go back to court of their own volition, and even when the possibility they'll hurt someone else isn't unlikely based on a record or other factors. That's not the fault of the police. It's neglect in an overtaxed system, it's a choice by advocates to weaken mandated care, and it's state laws at work.

That downgrading is not an accident. It's a policy choice by people that are elected. The refusal to address random street and subway crime and the changing of neighborhoods is something I lay at the feet of City Council, the state legislature, and the courts too, not just the mayor.

This doesn't just fall from the sky, and it's not just Covid. NYS emptied psych hospitals; Cuomo let many close. De Blasio released 1,500 inmates (including people who were in Rikers for felony offenses, againsts the explicit requests of City DAs) for covid....Hochul released more. All day I see City Council and state reps tweeting about releasing more people from prisons, full stop, including when murders and random assaults by ex cons and people who should be hospitalized make headlines in their districts - it's the recitation of mantra, at this point.

Every neighborhood I've worked in over the course of the last 5 years has charged drastically, esp. after dark. My neighborhood has changed, too. My commute to Midtown wasn't esp. pleasant before covid but the things friends tell me make me wonder if I ever want to get on a subway again.

This time last year, we had another high profile, horrific murder of two people on the subway - the stabbing victims of Rigoberto Lopez. Same shit as will happen with Go, lots of lip service, no real change that treats this like an urgent problem.

You're not imagining things - what's notable is that plenty of voters describe this lasting/ongoing shift...and nobody with the responsibility to address that seems to be able to do anything but dismiss it as silly, or demand more money for, uh, subway barriers. More billions to be spent with no explicable evidence of proper use. At some point, people are going to have to acknowledge it's a reflection of their own votes, or their passivity during elections.

....But none of these people are lifetime appointees. Every office counts. There are elections in the state next year. People have to treat it like it matters and closely look at what candidates' plans are.

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Maxi, have you learned nothing from married life?

"My wife just got over cancer" is aTeflon excuse you can use for life - including when covid is over.

"Sir, this bill is OVERDUE!"

"My wife just got over cancer!"

Parent teacher conference: "In the last month, Mini Maxi has taken to farting on other children to express's out of control."

"His mother survived cancer!"

Bros wanna force you into some dumb male bonding weekend you'd dislike even if Omicron weren't going around?

"I have to stay home and tend to Mrs. know, she just got over cancer!" BAM. Shut 'em up right quick.

Come on, man.

Real friends will be there to force you to dumb shit in the next six months, when hopefully this'll have peaked.

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how does this work?

I can see how many times an article was saved - how does one access text here from the homepage? Not seeing a "captures" tab

edit: clicked, found it. Thank you, this will be useful.

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I want this recipe, Maxi

The people demand to know how your wife can say, "make some clam soup", and you made something that was "too fishy".

(You're both in the wrong here - she for asking, you for not telling her it involves 18 cups of water or telling it it was next level Sea Food soup, not a chowder)

Did it also have aromatics the kids are too young to appreciate?

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Sorry for your troubles.

Just for density - this is one of those things reddit is good for. (I'm linking google b/c I wouldn't know which sub is best)

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That picture is so cool

The tree...has a penis. A treenis, even.

That's why you shld be wary of answering the call of nature in winter, dudes

Might freeze know.