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I was half joking. Translation - even though the rescinding will be met with controversy, she'll have a weaker time making the case against Deloitte this was based in bias, which (understandably) she did, at least as far as "Trump voters" that reacted the most strongly to her Tik Tok.

You picked a single sentence in a comment that covers 90% of what you wrote in yours re: consulting for a company like Deloitte and the ramifications of putting out an arguably charged political message under your own name, so "completely" doesn't actually make a whole lot of sense as it's used here.

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Funny how much baby and adult look alike - same facial expression

...Slightly different haircut

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I suspect "defunding" is a joke - not something Bots actually promotes.

And considering what the HHS did after Kushner defended the federal "stockpile" while states drowned, yeah, this is probably correct.

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I feel a little sorry for her but the big difference between the couple you're talking about is and Claira is that she put herself out there under her own name, and she used pretty pointed imagery. Imagine if she'd been criticizing from the conservative side and using this analogy. (Watching some of her videos and the one that sparked the controversy...that's some potent generational and social media bubblethink.) Even taking into account she was boosted and made a public figure by people enraged by a cancel culture they identify as relentless, deeply polarized, unilateral, and that's been endorsed by the mainstream (at least on twitter - the takes on this piece were, uh, interesting.)

There's nothing on her linkedin showing her employment at Deloitte so I'm extra curious as to how this girl - one of many that's posted something mildly incendiary about the demonstrations - came to light. Like, did her HR person see it on twitter? Did someone who knew her do it?

You know this already, but people have been fired for less & and far less controversial behavior than this - like the Obama volunteer in the Chait piece you posted for merely retweeting a study re: rioting on voting in an accredited academic journal. Wasn't even taking a stance. I find that blood-chilling.

TBH I also think she was easy for Deloitte to cut her loose for optics 1) b/c she's hapa and 2) this probably wasn't the only polarizing video she put out there on her social media (even though I have no doubt there are countless other college-aged publicly political TikTokkers who post comparable stuff...but I wonder how many of them work for Fortune 500s fresh out of college.)

Someone in political reddit pointed out that if she's in a consulting job and decided her office wasn't diverse enough, she could shit on the company to clients, or couldn't work diplomatically with someone whose views were different. Who knows?

Otherwise I agree with the sentiment there's a repulsive sadism and desire to humiliate embedded in a lot of viral media and this bizarre devaluing of relative anonymity as a tenet of basic privacy. Maybe there always has been (remember Star Wars kid?) but the desire to supply that content, deny people their privacy for non-criminal behavior, and the scary-as-fuck desire not only to get people fired but disseminate private home addresses is out of control.

Especially given the likelihood people disseminating it might have their own baggage - none of which is questioned - or the peanut gallery can finger the the wrong guy.

While the video of the incident Peter Weinberg was implicated showed someone that should have been arrested for harassing kids on a bike path....the assholes that misidentified him and disseminated his home address faced zero consequences.

Thank God he wasn't fired. Or murdered. He had to leave his house till the police found the "right" guy.

I appreciate social media/video footage in stores is often essential in identifying people who are clearly doing something like committing assault on video and in cases where it's used for self-protection, but in an age when your entire life is public...there's an undercurrent of blind bloodlust looking for a target in a lot of this crap. And the mob is held to no standard.

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I've heard of companies "fighting back" and suing but I'm curious how these assholes never considered they'd get caught, esp. with the whole "white night" thing

Also....breaking into a house?

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"Executives were upset about the newsletter’s coverage, so their employees set out to ruin the lives of the couple who ran the website, sending a funeral wreath, bloody pig face Halloween mask and other alarming items to their home, authorities said. The employees also sent pornographic magazines with the husband’s name on it to their neighbor’s house and planned to break into the couple’s garage to install a GPS device on their car, officials said.

Authorities said the staff lied to police about eBay’s involvement in the cyberstalking campaign, and lied to company lawyers about their roles. Gilbert, a former police captain in Santa Clara, California, even contacted the couple to offer help in stopping the harassment, authorities said.

“They hoped this ‘white knight strategy’ would create some goodwill toward the company, result in more favorable articles and please eBay’s management,” said Joseph Bonavolonta, special agent in charge of the FBI office in Boston."

I'm curious how local police knew where to start, since some of this must have been remote.

.....There have to be hundreds of thousands of sites shitting on Ebay.

If there isn't an SVU/Dick Wolf show episode about this, will it have really happened?

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I thought Dogs would have posted this b/c these stories are right up his alley

"Spiders, cockroaches and a bloody pig mask: eBay employees charged with cyberstalking

Six former senior employees set out to terrorize a couple for publishing an online newsletter unfavorable to the company"

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The funny thing I think of often: even while I mourn the absence of something like Gawker (specifically before it became politics only) - is that in its own way - don't you feel like Gawker and blogs dependent on gossip almost presaged some of this? I look back and I'm amazed I didn't realize how young somewhat-narcissistic authors like Emily Gould were. I still loved their shit and remember the dopamine high I got reading Gawker stalker but I reread some of her older pieces shows. Same with a lot of the Jezebel authors like Moe (Christ, like that interview where they said they were "too smart" to get date raped and were drunk or something?)

Especially for people who follow journalists that were probably hired fresh from the liberal arts in the last five years/internet savvy academics that amass a following through retweets - pre-packaged snideness, hot takes, and breathless statements replacing real complex discourse about everything in an echo chamber of douchebags, including and up to erasing huge pieces of info. Everybody has a brand and adherents to that brand, piped out in 140 characters. (Unless they write a shitty personal book.)

And on Gawker, that backbiting of literati and illuminati was so great, but now I look at twitter (including from ex Gawker writers), the "post-content" grind-out-six-shitty-stories-in-four-hours age, and what I'm reminded of Gawker soliciting the drug addicted "rent boy" that supposedly slept with the CEO of Conde Nast.

I really think social media and a generation born Snapping shit has changed privacy as a part of social groups, too. Or real empathy as a virtue detached from, I dunno, a gossip piece. It lends itself to gossip in a format that's 24/7, wall to wall, and lives on steroids. I wonder where self-image or image of others' boundaries exists in a social media landscape like this. (The horse shoe is real - the people in the middle are rare and usually presented as caricatures, especially if they're journalists. Most of them are over age 30. They'll be shat on in 90% of the twittersphere to an audience that will nod along and agree with a hot take and have never read a single thing the object of loathing has published. You're just supposed to know.)

...Maybe I've just aged. I can't keep up with the mores of political web culture anymore. I have no fucking idea how anyone who either isn't in school or that doesn't work in journalism has the time to follow the latest liberal hate-read of the day...and those are the same people who have an incentive to promote something like Pizzagate or its left equivalents.

TL;DR: I kinda hate them. Wait till one of these children "ok boomer" you or anyone over 30 and say your generational sorrows are theirs. Gen Z thinks the recession happened to them; it didn't! They're just living in a world and a labor force made all the more unequal in its aftermath. I read that piece and I was all, like

Meanwhile if you're an OG millennial, the real boomers your elders will lump 30-something parents still eating their paychecks in with 22 year olds on what whiny millennials have just killed 'cause they're not hip to "Zoomer" or make no distinction.

Can't win.

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From whence did this cursed webcomic come? Achilles (remember him?) would have gotten a kick out of it.

I've thought this many times. Just looking at how political discourse runs on social media .... it's wild to realize the algorithms of twitter really seem to filter what you see unless you go looking for it - e.g., shootings in the CHAZ (up until maybe a week ago, now that it's being taken apart and being reported as a national story.)

By the same token - it's almost exclusively "left twitter" that presents videos of the police conflicts with protesters. But so often it's always presented as something organic with no timeline, no context, and video that not-infrequently doesn't match the description or shows reaction but not where an incident began. I'm at the stage where I wonder if I can believe anything if it isn't confirmed by a local news affiliate in that area.

In interpersonal relationships, I think that blind trust of an oracle that spits out frequently questionable stimuli designed to get the greatest possible reaction until people move onto the next thing is dangerous.

So yeah, I'd consider that interplay a living hell. If I had grown up at a time when my "friends" were constantly, reflexively turning a camera phone on me to upload me into an app without asking (the other arm of Youth Panoptican, perpetual technological surveillance from one's peers), I would have strangled someone

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Was he an unpleasant/Idiot Brother before, or does this only apply to vacays he takes at the end of the world?

(Could be worse, you could live with him or have to work with him)

I have a colleague who brought a "liberal tears" mug into the office and was quacking to his wife about this being like the flu and not wanting to cancel a Disney World trip the day I was packing up my shit to start working from home. Dumb fucker. Every zoom meeting, I think to myself, "At least I don't have to see this douche in the flesh."

Like the dongs in one's life aren't enough to take when things are normal. Covered in lethal cooties?

Yuck infinity