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I'm ready for laws declaring refusal to vaccinate children criminal. They must have them in other parts of the world, the same way they ban cults like Scientology.

The parents of that kid who got rabies and whose parents refused twice to vaccinate him should burn in hell but they should face losing their son first.

I wish a movement would begin to sue celebrities that propagate that shit too.

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That's cray cray quarantine talk - at least wait until your other kid has gone through the terrible toddler stage and is in school. You'll thank me later.

...I can't imagine you raising a daughter. Or if you do, you'll inch ever closer to like...indulgent Guido Dad Peak, chain, wifebeater, beer at 11AM on Sunday and all.

What are you gonna name the girl, if you get a girl?

(Don't say 'Misty')

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She annoyed the fuck out of me, but honestly...I kinda felt that way too. She's annoying but if anything, this film made her first husband seem incredibly unlikable. Like, she's a homewrecker...but what sort of a man leaves his wife and has a first date by inviting a 20 year old into a car to hold a gun on him?

If she's actually the crazy anti-breeding lady she's shown to be here...well, who would want to think they'd lose the animals they'd worked for decades to protect to their ex?

(She still sucks - she is slick. She probably makes millions of dollars a year because she's fantastic at social media, has volunteers working for her for years, and likely married well again.)

The only truly likable characters were the staff and Jeff Dial, the campaign manager.

The series me want to read up on what laws actually regulate any breeding of wild animals here. I mean, accredited obviously breed in captivity. There are supposedly regulated reservationists like Kevin Richardson, who have been on Animal Planet and presented as legitimate (or at least, not exploitative), who definitely breed to some extent but keep grown lions and tigers on their reserve, and they exist in this weird space between government regulation and private's really uncomfortable realizing there's a legitimate interest in breeding animals that are quickly going extinct for fur, loss of habitat, and poaching to be put in dick cream in captivity.

There's an interest in making money off the beautiful, cute AF babies to give to conservation; there's an interest in breeding these animals where poachers can't get them.

Logically there's a part of me that understands all this horrible shit. Captive marine life is a billion dollar industry; this is no different. When they talked about loaning their animals to films, it made me really uncomfortable realizing I have no idea what sort of lives or origins a lot of the live animals used in the last 20 years of popular movies we've seen are. Like, where the fuck did all the animals in "Ace Ventura" come from? They use a trained dolphin in that movie - there's no press anywhere as to where it lived after filming was over.

Cub breeding is a huge problem in Africa but it just never occurred to me it was here, too. Makes me feel like shit. That Doc Antle is so slick and he's been on The Dodo and stuff for years.

"Also people shouldn't be breeding tiger cubs so that influencers can take pictures with them. We should be killing influencers, not Tigers that have grown too big to fit inside a suitcase." Never change, Bots.

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I am threadjacking -

I wanna know you watched "Tiger King"

...If it'd have taken place in GA and added more crushed velvet, that shit would have Bots central. (I can't believe how many famous people probably bought tigers from these guys...they show Shaq in this, FFS.)

Considering it's about unhinged and frankly creepy cat could argue it's sort of a loose allegory for Crasstalk.

Only nobody has taken a hit on anyone.

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I know you're not kidding because that's what's being done in NY and to Michigan and to blue state governors all over the country with large cities being annihilated by this (if not, it's b/c there are no tests - more than a month into this) and it's killing us.

I have no idea how this is legal but I'm ready for the Hague to investigate now.

This is the point where Fox has force fed the population so much propaganda that they'll vote for him even after this sort of shit kills their children, their aging parents, their wives. Trump will blame Democrats for "not preparing" while buying up every available mask a governor can get.

But we should be rioting.

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Ugh :(

(At the risk of being That Bitch - have you been wearing a mask? Are you still working?)


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Well I had to ask, as usual, nobody here wants to talk about this shit with me even though I'm dying to talk about it. It's a very American story in the worst possible ways.

...I actually feel sorry for Joe in all of this, even though he's batshit crazy and a little evil in his own rite.

How evil is that Jeff Lowe?

He makes me hate this fucking shitass country even more than I already do right now

...I can't believe it's legal to own big cats in as many states as there are (including OK)

Even after Zanesville

(This, Baskin referenced it and vaguely remembered it)

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Did you and yer evil cat lady watch "Tiger King" yet?

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(whispers) me too

But it's different when the turd-asses that bump me when I'm going to the store buy up all the milk and might be giving me the rona

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And Milk's, now that he's in America

(Lord Jesus, no spoilers, but this series is full up on batshit crazy and an incredible amount of human and animal suffering)

You don't see creatures beaten - you see them overbred.

This fucking loony ass dumb country