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"A California man armed with a handgun, a knife, pepper spray and burglary tools was arrested near the Maryland home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh."

That's from June 2022.

It doesn't change how I feel about Alito, Kavanagh, or Dobbs, but basically this idea any one side is insulated from this climate somehow and Kavanagh was simply yelled at in a restaurant (repeated over and over, including here) is leaving out some stuff. As far as twitter and 24 hour news goes, it feels intentional. The sharing of information is becoming more polarized.

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Is it seriously ingrown or more like a hangnail starting to dig into you/curl into you on the ends?

If it's the latter, take the pointed file in a toe nail clipper (maybe clean with alcohol first), see if you can lift the loose ingrown hook from where its curling into the flesh, and trim it. You'll feel relief just after prying up the "ingrown" part. I'm assuming the stabby part is on the outer edge of the nail, not actually embedded/attached to skin, and can be pried up and clipped away. That's usually what happens to me - outer corner curls in/grows funny and I have to do this once in a while. You could use a q-tip but the cotton might get stuck and it hurts forcing bulky things under there.

The corners and ends of a nail can be gently loosened and manipulated when that happens. You don't have to mess around with the rest of the nail and hope growth patterns will relieve you in two weeks.

Maybe use a qtip to put rubbing alcohol under that part of the nail after.

If it's more serious than that, might be worth seeing a podiatrist. Even after dealing with the "ingrown" part of an injured fingernail and trying to sanitze the area before and after, it swelled up and I needed antibiotics.Or you could soak that foot after you've dealt with the immediate source of pain and see what happens.

There's a little more re: doctor solutions but they all basically include "lift/manipulate the nail to stop digging into you"

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The entire time you've on this website, talking about looking for the right club rat to drain your bank account and do coke with, I could not have pictured you marrying a therapist. Did you meet Miz Bots through mutuals, or also in the club?

You know the worst thing can't really call her on it, either.

Either she can guilt-trip you for listening or she can immediately say, "I LIED! I have to relate to my patients somehow, even if it's bullshit. It's acting!" But you'll never know! The profession of therapy provides the perfect cover for, "it's just fiction!".

...Then one day, you'll be picking her up from (physical/home office)...a patient will be there....

"This is my husband, Botswana Meat Commission."

"OH, he's your husband...the way you spoke, I thought he was your "third child"?

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This entire time, I thought you held her in high esteem because Misty was her real name, which is only one reason to question your judgment

Now you tell me that's a nickname?

I'm crestfallen - I wanted to believe there was a practicing therapist (am I remembering her job right) going by "Misty ___" in the great ATL-area

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A name is the first judgment a parent ever passes on you and who they think you are, and even more important, it impacts how people see and address you. If I had a child, I would be tempted to eschew namesakes and give them the most nondescript American-friendly name (or close enough) that didn't rhyme (as in, "Julia Gulia"), was straightforward in pronounciation, and hope it let them decide who they want to be, unmolested.

...Speaking of which....what's become of Misty?

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well, now I see why you were confused, looking at this hashtag

They're never gonna let Samantha go....either the source of this hashtag did it on purpose, or Michael Patrick King did.

She added so much - should have added. Just the icing on the crap cake, when comparing original/revival.

No wonder they wanted to spread this rumor.

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Which show, "Sex and the City" or the revival show?

The former was fun and I was able to start watching before it was off the air, which made it easy to get into....I think pop culture nostalgia is a big part of why it endures. It's an acquired taste, but I find it frothy and breezy, and occasionally, it was genuinely pretty funny. It exploits its sense of place very well. It's just soapy, romantic, relaxing escapist fare to me, and it's smarter than something like "Friends", which did much of the same to bag a big audience, was on the air at the same time, but which I never got into closely.

I thought "Sex and the City" actually did a good job examining women's lives and adult friendships/problems with some level of depth. I can't think of another show aimed at women of marrying/working age on the air right now that gets the combo of cotton candy/contemplativeness right, but personally, I feel this did. "Mad Men" might be it, and of course, it only examined women's lives through a retro lens, not in contemporary society. It's darker.

Both "Friends" and SATC both featured some great guest stars as leading men. That helped too.

It's a cliche but I feel like every other primetime show feels self aware and political now, and the humor is weak. SATC captured a mood in pop culture.

...The revival show is milking that enduring love among women and gay men that got to bond with other women over it and talk about it online.

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It doesn't sound like she's actually going back, only that they'll keep using the character in texts....did you see otherwise?

That's how much the character is missed, they'll hold onto the corpse of a character played by someone who says she hates the remaining women left.

I'm amazed what SJP said about it, if this article is true:

"In February, SJP made it clear that not only was Cattrall not invited back for AJLT, she also wasn’t welcome to rejoin the series. When Variety asked if Parker would “be OK” with Cattrall appearing on the show again, SJP said, “I don’t think I would, because I think there’s just too much public history of feelings on her part that she’s shared. I haven’t participated in or read articles, although people are inclined to let me know."

If the producers found a way to get Kim Cattrall to hold her nose even for 2 episodes, the audience would double for a season.

I watch the repeats of "SATC". It has its flaws, it's got dumb and goofy parts, and Carrie is a shitty writer/heroine, but it's a really special show. It tapped into great romantic dramas and dramaedies, when those were still being made. At its best, it harkened back to them.

It was gorgeous-looking visually, the acting was decent, and it's extremely effective as essentially a six year long ad for New York City - even if it's a version that not only doesn't exist anymore, but probably only exists for a tiny segment of rich beautiful people with access to ridiculous real estate that doesn't reflect reality about their professions (as all shows about NYC seem to be).

It's not end-all be-all or very deep, but it's enjoyable, and it's pretty depressing there are no guilty pleasures of that caliber left on TV....any funny dramedy that really develops it's characters and has friendship or relationships at its core now either feels like "Euphoria", extra as fuck, or just....rare. Like "Insecure" - like it'll be the last of its kind for the next five years, once such a series comes to an end.

(Or maybe I'm just too old; if they exist, they're for zoomers and I find myself hating the characters).

"And Just Like That" is disappointing for so many original reasons, not least because it killed Big (and had to, thanks to Chris Noth being a creep)... but where SATC feels effortless, it feels like it self-consciously takes everything that made the original show such a pleasure, including developing the relationships of the women amongst one another/each character with the men they end up with, and lays them to waste. Each episode felt frivolous and unpleasant at once.

Maybe it was inevitable as part of adapting this for a new generation, but...ugh, it's a slog.

(Plus it recycles jokes from the shitty movie.)

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No argument that generally, police clearance is lower than it should be or that incidents of police corruption/inaction are a problem (in the context of Boudin's recall, SFPD has come up alot), but in NY, at least, this is one area I'm not sure police could do anything, by law.

If it's not the case, nobody that attends my community board meetings when people talk about this in terms of subway stations and parks has set them straight.

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Is an incident like the one above really just the fault of police, though? What are they actually permitted to do, per the laws of the city and the state?

In NY, not only can be police be punished for arresting someone who isn't "breaking the law", they've been instructed not to in many cases - e.g., we recently decriminalized syringe possession, seems to mirror the drug use Nellie talks about it.

It's never really costless for police to try and take custody of someone that may or may not be mentally well, even if this isn't an arrest. I think it's same deal, per law passed by the City Council - even if police can ask if someone needs assistance....a certain threshold of danger or disruption has to be met before they can be removed. (No doubt poice in general shrug even when that's not the case, but I've watched more than a few hearings, and the City Council here has never clarified in their social media or in public statements what should be happening in the subways or with New York's own Naked Cardboard-Eating people in public space. Social services outreach summoned thrguh 311 is way overbooked and often not responsive.

I talk to people in NY who discuss police inaction at length (I would be surprised if any complaints for package or bike thefts are even investigated anymore), but honestly, after the last four years of paying more attentiont to city/state politics....I think they're reflexively blamed for everything, particularly decline in quality of life, and they're the favorite punching bag of public officials who know it's pat, feelgood red meat for people who will forget who they are until an election comes around, if then. It bypasses discussion of the law itself in the many cases like this that you see in city streets and parks now.

Most people couldn't tell you who their local legislator is, even though I'd say my state senator or city councilperson has as least as much direct control of my life as the president, whoever is in office. Thousands of people were kicked out of hospitals and prisons during COVID, as well - there's a shocking lack of interest in it in the local press, until someone dies.

The Intercept wrote a fantastic piece on the legal and bureaucratic red tape required for any intervention on behalf of a mentally ill person - trespassing, possibly even committing a crime, and clearly a danger to themselves/disrupting public affairs.

Police don't make the law, and they're only one agency that chooses when/how it's enforced, and consequences of said enforcement. This next pargraph from the place Bots quotes is resonant.

New York has a civil commitment law named after Kendra Webdale, who was shoved to her death by a paranoid schizophrenic man that told a judge in so many words, "hospitalize me, or I will do this again".

That was in 1999. Michelle Go, the woman whose murder I linked above, was shoved to her death by a paranoid schizophrenic who was in and out of the state hospital system for years, admitted urges to kill women, and was released the August before he killed her for a stint for armed robbery.

It's not for lack of revenue being spent on the coasts on this problem, it can't easily be pinned on Republicans if you look at the makeup of state and (in this case) city legislative bodies....lawmakers, other agencies, and other agents of the law keep getting a pass their responsibility for multi-strata failure to the public welfare, and I'd say they deserve at least as much blame. That includes for lack of reciprocity or coordination with police.

They blame police because they're irresponsible moral cowards and it absolves them of having to do anything that produces publicly observable outcomes.

Until people get that, and demand hard outcomes or specifics, not just slogans, this is just going to continue. At least CA has a recall process.