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that's where I know him from

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Click the video when you have sound. This is so cute I want to die.

"Researchers trained seals to sing 'Twinkle Twinkle' and the 'Star Wars' theme song." Supposedly to study human (mammal?) speech

They're pretty smart. [youtube T5U_koym1tc youtube]

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"Now, we are having our first kid and need someone to help raise the darn thing. We figure it would be boring to just pay someone to live with us and keep a baby alive, so we will also be helping them start a day-care and develop/consolidate better data-driven child-rearing techniques while requiring their assistance on the various irons we have in the fire.

To clarify: This is the first kid. We have 27 genetically-tested embryos banked and plan to keep the factory running as long as it is safe to do so. Given a large number of children we plan to have, it makes sense to use this as an opportunity to leverage inevitable child rearing costs to start a daycare centre (and eventually a school) that will operate on a novel data-driven model. While we have the resources, reputation, and experience to execute on all this, we lack the necessary time, as we are 100% focused on our primary company and cannot let our incoming underdeveloped pseudo-human or our errant ideas distract us. We made a promise to our investors and intend to keep it."

...For a whopping 22k that demands for "passion for data" and childcare experience. They want a 21 year old comp sci major but none of the young fresh brains qualified to do this will accept a ridiculous sum like that, even to be part of their shitty start-up. The even bigger joke is that if these people succeed and make some nice millions on their platform...22k is a fucking insult.

Is it wrong I hope these people get (meaningless) death threats?

For once I'm ok with the possibility someone will have their email box carpet-bombed with strange ugly dongs too

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If Meryl Streep doesn't get an Emmy or at least a nomination for this (does Meryl ever not steal the show? She's Meryl)...

...The writing of her character is astounding. I was almost taken aback by how unlikable she is but I guess that's a soap opera/something-of-a-murder mystery for you. Somehow it was believable, too. (Not a mystery, because we know who the culprits are and want them to stay safe - more like, will "the lie" get them or not)

I am on the edge of my seat every time she's onscreen.

I have to say...this casting mix is a stroke of genius. I really love the chemistry of these women but particularly Reese Witherspoon, NIcole Kidman and Shailene Woodley. I love that scene of them running down the beach with her from last season. I love Celeste and Madeleine together.

Even though Madeleine is a bit of a piece of work, Witherspoon is that perfect mix of likable and annoying. She's a protagonist so we have to sympathize with her but apart from that - I can't help but want her to be happy, even though she's a bulldozer sometimes.

And Nicole Kidman is so dreamy. I find the character so rich, and I love watching her as Celeste. She's just...perfect as this beautiful cool princess holding her own bruises underneath a designer dress.

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"Big Little Lies"?

Nonspoiler below (adding to comments)

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GI that pic is just stunning.

I want to be there.

...Not up at sunrise, doe

That better be a sunset

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...I saw the most handsome man in Trader Joe's.

I could have sworn it was Doc Hammer, the elusive man of my New York dreams, and I was in the right neighborhood to spot him, roughly...but Doc cuts a vaguely diminutive figure and has longish hair.

This beanpole-y dude had the same slightly beaked, angular handsomeness, little bit built, lean, the wave of his hair brushed over and neatly trimmed, black studs or rivets, chatty with staff like I remember Mr. Hammer, probably 6'5 tall in a full leather jacket (it's 90 degrees today...and still, he pulled it off. I'm envious), black jeans, black boots...GAWD

And I gawked across the aisle like he was a mirage in a desert and hurried out behind him to see if I could catch a last glimpse, but he disappeared like one. Doc or no Doc - Jesus H.

Every day as summer fills the streets I pass beautiful interesting people - men women - and wonder about their lives. And being in them, obviously.

Summer fever.

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I love this pic Miss A.

They look like they're having a blast

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I love NERD and this video so much from start to finish. Takes me back, Lucky


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Is this the little girl visiting, the one that lives with a stepson?

What a beauty

...That's a very cat-like sleeping pose - front legs folded under (with pup chicken wings)