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This is exactly what I would do, know, dinner for six, for a very single one. I'll bet they inject extra butter into their turkey.


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"What do you want for your birthday, GI?"

[youtube A939QRRSNV4 youtube]

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I googled out of curiosity...there are very few actors or directors that are medically diagnosed as autistic and discuss it. Paddy Considine is one. I didn't know until I looked. And among them it, it appears there are very few diagnosed ASD actors under 25. I suppose that'll be changing in the next few years.

As you pointed out yourself - "The Good Doctor" is on the air right now, focuses on an autistic character, and yet its male lead, Freddie Highmore, is decidedly not on the spectrum - but I'm unaware of similar outrage. Nor was High Dancy ("Adam)", Keir Gilchrist (recent Netflix movie - "Atypical"), or Claire Danes ("Temple Grandin" - if she was lampooned as an ableist bigot, I must have missed that too, because I remember her being hailed, and nominated for awards for the performance.) All movies where non-spectrum actors in work about autism.

The eye-rolling at people who define themselves by demonstrative, extremely selective outrage isn't unwarranted, and I'm saying this as someone that would like to see differently-abled (or trans, or minority) people onscreen playing...whoever. Not just characters defined by what makes them "different". I think Peter Dinklage might be the most visible actor in this particular category. Maybe Marlee Matlin, and even then, she's still probably most recognizable for "Children of a Lesser God".

While I'd say I support the industry opening itself up to autistic actors, there's also something extremely offensive about people demanding "authentic" performers when we're talking about a medical condition most people might not want public at this stage of the discourse, who won't be pleased with a sensitive, thoughtful representation of the condition or consultation of advocacy groups. How many people here can actually name an actor that is confirmed as being on the spectrum?

To what extent should this demand be indulged? How many actors who have never been given a diagnosis as sociopaths played such characters (and pretty ironically, likely as caricatures)? Do the unwashed, amoral, shrieking masses of the internet deserve someone's medical chart if the central character is depressed/anxious?

When you consider that - it might not be "insane", but no, it isn't actually logically or morally defensible. Should she be quiet? Maybe. But why is she the bad guy for responding to people accusing her of purposefully shitting on people on the spectrum by...casting an actress she's worked with for years?

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...Is it, though

I searched out of curiosity after seeing Titty's vaguepost...I was hopeful, then I was irritated

I don't think this ends till January and even though Americans still need leadership and maybe even another stimulus passed...fat chance

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Re: that #Trumpconceded hashtag

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I want the real scoop for a mod!

Chris was Buster the Cat, so maybe it's not a stretch.

It was the funniest and most uncharacteristically Very Online thing he ever did, other than the gifs he posted only for the West coasters, late at night. I forget when he admitted it.

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I have to admit - I think my ambivalence re: Gawker begins with the trend of humiliating people and making them go viral.

I don't know if Gawker ever admitted that Vayner himself never intended for his resume to go public - his resume/resume video was sent around by UBS staff when he applied

Whereas Julia Allison, Tinsley Mortimer, Tucker Max, the hideous children from "The Hills", and Eric Schaeffer (a name I'm sure nobody will recognize - Gawker scooped his shitty dating blog, and he's an actor/writer with some success, with "If Lucy Fell" and "Starved") all made themselves public figures.

And then of course, we all know what Gawker did with the Conde Nast guy and the methhead rentboy...

I have no love for Peter Thiel but for a blog with a bunch of 20-somethings high on their own supply, some of whom were obsessed with outing public did Nick never considered they might not only hurt someone (they did! I don't remember Denton commenting on this case, or whatever young woman AJ supposedly drove to attempt suicide), but piss off the wrong person?

Gawker covered internet bullying before anyone else did at that depth...but it also contributed to it. I miss the community but man...some of the things they did and internet trends they contributed to are stunning now. Why are people so shitty?

This was all before twitter or before there was real awareness that the moment someone becomes a public figure, they get death threats and people trying to find out where they live.

It's amazing it took as long as it did for Gawker to be sued.

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Yeah, but Gawker got what, 14 years? 13? And then a few years with Splinter, before it all decayed. You could

Looking back on it now and considering how much Gawker embraced its own existence as something of an almost cruel, snitty tabloid by the end - its death seemed evitable

For better or worse, though, it was prescient of so much contemporary media, and to some extent, I miss it. Probably because it's subjects seemed worthier of dunking. I miss its tv reviews something terrible, too.

I miss a time when people were (ostensibly) paid well enough for interesting longform. And even though I probably shouldn't, I miss Gawker Stalker.

I can't believe there was ever a website whose writers had that strong a relationship with its commentariat.

The craziest thing I was ever told was that Denton invited NY commenters to his apartment....

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All right Dogs, I've waited 10 years

Who is Soon Horse

I have my guesses

If you won't reveal in full, is it someone who still comments? A mod?

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I'm so sorry Baldwin.