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Well I appreciate/see wut u did there

I'll accept your fist, Amazon

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I have a lot of original film scores - even some horrible movies can have some beautiful music

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I do but admittedly not modern stuff - I'm one of those assholes that has to be turned onto it by films

But I've developed a real love of Tchaichovsky as a result. "Má Vlast " from "Tree of Life" is in my archives.
[youtube 3G4NKzmfC-Q youtube]

And songs my piano teacher played gorgeously. (Five years of lessons - never consistently could read sheet music or had timing...a waste.)

...Nothing special. Numbers that are used in film and ads over and over. But those are usually enough to make me seek out live versions of variations of those songs and other work.

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If someone would have told me I would have known the Bots that had hooker anecdotes and seen him age into sleazy Papito posting proud Papa pics of a miniBots...welp. Words fail me. Makes me feel hella old. I've "known" some of you for at least 10 yrs now.

NB isn't the only psychic

Hopefully you landed somewhere in the middle of clubrat/Jymboree...rat.

(And for context we were discussing "Poor Little Rich Girls of Mexico" and looking at...well, Poor Little Cokeheads wallowing in splendor and finery)

I've lost all my beautiful in-house memes memorializing, like, HTR stories

But not this one

Long live Possey Friday and King Curtis

I'm so relieved you still seem like yourself while you enjoy fatherhood and I mean that with zero qualification

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Time to lie say you won't be angry and explain if he has a problem he can't handle and doesn't tell you it might get worse

It's also unfair to people in general

Ideas: 1) he broke something and you won't know till it won't turn out

2) threw something you aren't missing in a bad place

3) toilet stuff

4) fed dog or Minnie something they should not have (but hopefully isn't fatal?)

5) destroyed part of his room

6) ripped book and hid it.

I expect updates if you find out, obviously

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"the video itself will be mostly selfies, shitposts, and memes"

So, not to get all cereal to a jokey post about the grisliness of social media in our lives and deaths - all of these things do/will have brought me great joy, and I would pine for golden days of Dickbutt with my friend.

(Not even joking. In an age where online friendship is often as "real" as fleshlife and mingles with it - those little things to share with other people sure as shit mean a lot to me, especially since that might be most I have with a person day to day - until we meet again.)

....My video would be the same complaints about New York and "I am so horny. I would like to die. These thoughts are not mutually exclusive" shitposts year for year and unfortunately that'd be a pretty solid testmament to the life of Jenna R Maroney

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Catskill Mountains on a trail in the side of a hill with a friend that's no longer in my life and that I still think about. I wish I'd had a camera. We got up when it was becoming light out to catch newts (and let them go, of course).

From the trail, over the treetops, above the mountain in the distance. It was a really special.

It was, in fact, a bowl of buttah (or orange and gold). The distance of memory might be playing tricks on my brain but it was "low" enough to really look at - no blinding corona. I've never gotten that good a look before or since.

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"should the d-bag with 3 germ factories at home take a night off from gaming and not spread that shit around?" Yeah, they're the asshole.

It's actually really shitty people who know they're sick and can't be arsed even to cough into a shoulder insist on mingling with others but...what are you going to do, people are dumb, inconsiderate yucky pieces of shit.

Can you get a soft face mask for general use? I have an older woman in my office who says she wears that just for her commute

It's shitty but the sheer volume of humanity in a confined space puts you at risk

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When it rains it pours :(

Lucky after all this shit you deserve to have a long lost relative apparate to give you some millions, if not to win the state lottery.

Good thoughts to all of you.

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OK I have to admit - this is straight up inappropriate. It's from 2017.


I haven't watched this show in so long (it's very well done and just got too cute and I'm tired of every show borrowing that documentary shit from "The Office") that I spaced on Sarah Hyland being 29 years old. Damn.

That's actually a little embarrassing and desperate