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I'm sorry about your little cacahuate. (He was the OG namebearer wasn't he? My memory is fuzzy.)

I feel like I've known that bird for years - through you - and based on what I've glimpsed and seen, anyone could tell he was spoiled rotten with attention and love, and probably knew it. I'm not a bird, but I'm still jealous of his wine bottle box playhouse.

...So I can only imagine how shitty this feels.

I'm sorry Peanut. You gave that lovebird a wonderful life.

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See literally every other comment I wrote in this thread. Maybe try opening a thread before reiterating something someone else said in multiple comments.

You're talking about Janet Jackson to me, but I don't feel this way about women, and not fifty, which I said above, because this was turned into something both deeper and more ridiculous than it needed to be.

Apart from the fact that there are medical reasons for men that age should think twice about it, as Ross noted - fifty is not the same as sixty to me here, and Janet Jackson was having her first kid. Alec Baldwin is not. I realize life circumstances might keep people from being able to have kids till an age like 50. I view that differently.

"I don’t understand it, but I don’t have to raise the baby so "shrug"" - and?

I don't understand this; we comment about things we don't personally have to participate in all the time. Like, I even acknowledged in the opening post, I'm not raising the kid, and neither will Alec have to, if he can't. I'm musing aloud about a celebrity I'm frankly more jealous of than anything else, doing what rich old dudes do, going through the second act with a considerably younger wife. There's a little bit of denial he gets to indulge because he's rich, and a dude. What's the big deal?

But I think by the time you're past forty five and having a kid is sort of a do or die, I actually think every 5-10 year period actually matters, b/c that's on the assumption you should want to be in a kid's life for, say, 25+ years. I do legitimately believe for medical and practical reasons, anyone that wants to have kids should figure past a certain point, maybe it isn't fair to the kid.

Like past sixty. When you have three toddlers in the house already. I don't think it actually makes sense to compare Janet Jackson to Alec Baldwin at all.

Celebrities can always count on having nannies and staff to do the physical stuff ordinary people can't but if I were Baldwin, I think I'd settle on the 2 or 3 I had with my wife, and just try stay really healthy so I could keep up with them and stay in their lives in every sense for as long as possible. "Them", including their mother.

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...Is this English?

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You started this comparing my comments to that of an audience shaming a woman who has just hit middle age. Sexism and ageism are interchangeable in the scenario you put on me.

Looking downthread - if I had made this comment about the fact he's also an Old Dad having too many kids on an overpopulated planet, would you be here?

Is there an age where you actually acquiesce it might not be realistic to have an infant, or would you be here saying I'd tell a forty something her "old" eggs are yucky if I were talking about a seventy year old? Or an eighty year old?

Your ostensible concept of parenting and this idea I'm ageist relies on the idea that children pretty much exist for the parent's benefit - not the other way around.

Despite the predictable "U MAD?" ascribed to me - I don't actually give enough of a shit to think what I'm saying matters. He's a rich old goat, behaving like a rich celebrity because he is one. He can do literally anything he wants, including have children he very well might be too old to really play a role in the lives of for very long, because he can pay someone to do everything for them. I'm sure they'll live nice lives. And he's rich enough to have great healthcare, so he'll probably be physically present in their lives until his seventies. Maybe even later.

Ordinarily, I actually don't actually think that's particularly fair to kid if the parents are realistic and want to be physically active in their children's lives as long as possible, but if you want to take up the mantle for sixty year old men having as many kids under the age of five with trophy wives half their age while they still can - so be it. Because that's the most generous read I'm taking of your comments.

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The fact that he looked better than he has in years is not lost on me. Or rather, he looked incredible during the "30 Rock" series finale. But I knew that.

At least it's one woman, unlike rock stars who get past fifty and leave children with groupies as parting gifts.

eta: He got work done. I know it.

GOOD WORK. That's a personal choice in aging that I wholeheartedly support.

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" Imagine if people said “your eggs are old!” about women who are in their 40s trying to have children. Oh wait, they do. It’s a pretty shitty thing to say, too."

Yeah- that's a nice big stretch, so you can turn me into a flag-bearer for sexism against older mothers, and pretend what women face with this is comparable. It's celebrity gossip, but as long as you're accusing me of sexism, Turdhurdler said it - women can't do this.

My mother gave birth to my brother at forty; I know what age group I'm talking about, and I know lots of ordinary people might not be ready till forty five or thereabouts, especially in an age where people are more likely to die in debt than be able to afford children.

He's not a regular middle class person who might literally only be ready economically and psychologically to have any children until fifty, or a woman freezing her eggs based on that likelihood. I know why people under not-celebrity circumstances do this. (And even for them, I think at some point, you have to ask whether it's fair to a kid to start a family, if your timing means your more likely to die of a stroke than live to see them graduate college.)

He's a free agent, and he has money to do it. I still think bizarre to have children at that age when you're going to be an old man before they're in high school.

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Alec Baldwin is sixty and just had his fourth kid with his 30-something wife.

....I don't understand why famous men do this. Even rich, powerful men, who are romantically accustomed to doing whatever they please. You gotta have one kid with the young wife b/c it's probably a first child for her, but four?

Even taking into account he has enough money that he can ensure he literally never has a change a diaper, chase his kid, or do the physical task of's like kids are the proof he's still go potency. It never fails to be gross AF to me. Your sperm is old! Stop making people!

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That guy cut high beams into her bush boobies - SOMEONE was bound to be fuckin' that thing

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(I am watching a roast and thinking about celebrities that served jail time.

I think Martha is the fanciest of every female celeb that's ever been to jail, come out, and had it seemingly not affect *any* part of her life.That's wealth.)

That takes very special influence/levels of Fuck You money

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Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart, unlikely buddies - having brunch, eating finger sandwiches on a weekend....

Talking about how to make a versatile toilet wine that's nice alone, or with Nutriloaf and ketchup

"I still like that little jail house kick now and then, so every once in a while I whip up a blend that comes close...."