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...and this is where I moved with that girl. It was a 4 plex, and we had the bottom back house. I think pictures 11-13 are of my place.

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This was my apartment in Beverly Hills my last year of college, and three years after. I loved it. Right next to the Academy building and a three minute walk to Kate Matellini (the place in Heat where Pacino and DeNiro had coffee). I moved out of it to move in with a girl. Two people in a studio is way too many people in a studio.

I was actually #4 and this is #3, but they're identical. Just mirrors of each other. One of the people who lived there had a great dane sized dog. I don't know how it stayed in that place.

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But Lieutenant Dan, you ain't got no nuts.

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My group is waiting to see what becomes of the iHeart Country Festival.

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They were born on 1/16/20. Their due date was 2/14/20. Kids and mother are doing fine.

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It's like the Dipshit Suite at the Madonna Inn.

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She's good, thanks. We had a scare last week where her blood pressure was high, and there were other symptoms that pointed to preeclampsia. I was in NY for work, and flew home the next morning. They ruled preeclampsia out, but wanted us to keep an eye on her blood pressure. Now she's been told to take it easy, so she's working from home between now and her maternity leave (Jan 2nd), and they moved the C-section date up to 1/24.

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I'm seeing gift cards for Chipotle. I prefer to pay full price for my botulism.

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Where's your front plate?

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emailed your yahoo handle from your bio.