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You can't drink your way through a bar cart by April, you fucking tourist?

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It means Amazon, Hulu, Facebook, Peloton, Venmo, Starbucks, and others all were down for a lot of people across North America and Europe this morning, as well as our outgoing WAN connections.

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They're good, thanks! One cut his first tooth, the other yells all the time like he's about to cut his first tooth.

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Who has two thumbs, three years of high school Spanish, and was woken up at 4:30 this morning because this effected our ability to get Jesse Jackson's show on the air?

This yo.

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She did dick down that Marine and made him cry.

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They're good. Healthy. Getting big and starting to teeth.

I hate pimping this thing because I have used it literally two times, but you can get it on the iHeartRadio app. Every station gets the same feed -- it's not site specific.

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We have just launched a Black Information Network in multiple cities 18 minutes ago. I had a 70 hour work week last week to prep for this.

In other news, somebody in my office tested positive. I've moved out and into my aunt's guest house (I know), and am getting tested today.

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From Mrs. Butterworth.

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"Last time I saw rioting this bad, my wife had made meatloaf!

Nah, but seriously, you're a great crowd."

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...and this is where I moved with that girl. It was a 4 plex, and we had the bottom back house. I think pictures 11-13 are of my place.