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I'll agree with that. He's sad-terrible, not Weinstein-terrible. Hell, not even Ansari-terrible.

We're all mad Prince is dead, and I don't think he should have been part of the show. That just makes him one of the many SB halftime shows that were underwhelming.

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I like Candace Bushnell a ton and have enjoyed all of her books so very much, but one of the worst parts about getting old is being able to pin some things to a very specific time in my life, and knowing they don't really last outside of them.

Maybe, 100 years from now, Bushnell will be seen as one of the seminal authors capturing a heady time in American life like Fitzgerald, but I'm not sure that will be the case haha.

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I think Darren Star was show runner for first 2 seasons-- my gripe with saying Star was better is that the first season was so beholden to Bushnell's book (with all the random man-on-the-streets) and it was very...unsteady. I think the best seasons were 3 and 4. 5 was a bit weird. 6 should never have been made.

I think that it's very possible that SJP was a mean girl & got Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon on her side throughout the last few seasons, but I do think that NY Post article was gauche, especially since really no one else straight up came out and said who was holding up negotiations. I think everyone should let SATC die. Samantha might have been a caricature but honestly all those women seem like caricatures; the whole concept has aged terribly. I rewatched the series recently and I'm fucking embarrassed for them, and myself, because MY GOD were they all pretty awful.

But, at the same time, if it was all shitty and that's why Kim Cattrall never signed on again...I mean, apparently the money & work was enough to get through 6 seasons and 2 movies even though everyone was so horrible. If this is the breaking point, that's fine, but I think that after everything, the most dignified thing to do is ignore it. I know that there are a lot of 40-year-old SATC junkies on social media with too much time on their hands who want to harass the stars of the show, but, man, opening up another can of worms is just making it worse.

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I just feel a bit bad for JT-- being an aging pop star is a bitch for everyone, but I think he's the first male pop star in recent memory who has to stay relevant over 20 years. Andddddd I don't think he's succeeding, at least in a way that doesn't look sad.

Never gonna feel a lot bad, though. #TeamJanet

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I am torn! I feel like MOST signs point to all the other women being Team SJP even before all this drama but I feel that it either points to a "common denominator" problem or a legit mean girls problem.

There was a NY Post article last fall that was mostly anon-sourced that came out when SATC 3 talks apparently broke down that seemed to be completely taken from Kim or Kim-adjacent people, but who knows. I don't really like SJP* but it does seem like the real sour grapes are coming from Kim, or people who don't necessarily have anything to gain (like Willie Garson). I mean, I think he has something to gain from $$ from another movie, but I'm not sure why he'd go on record with some pointed shade if it weren't true.

That said, SATC 2 was a goddamn dumpster fire (and SATC the series & SATC: The Movie 1 haven't aged well at alllllllll), so I'm not sure I really care in the end. Except I am mad that she ended up with Big. (Whatever Baryshnikov's character's name was) was was terrible, but it was like they had him cleanse everyone's palate so that ending up with a game-playing dick was refreshing after watching the last season of SATC.

*there's just something unabashedly...fake? about her. But it seems her BLL costars liked her enough and I don't think she's notoriously mean? I feel like it's ok if the dynamic was just bad, and that's not exactly the fault of either woman.

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I think Nashville is super spread out. My original comparison was to Naperville but then I thought better of it because of the whole "biggest city in the area" thing. But it does feel a little like a "cool" suburb of somewhere else. I'm not gonna lie, most non-major/non-coastal American cities remind me of a Chicago suburb. Then again, when I moved to Baton Rouge I really thought it would be like fucking "Deliverance," and it was definitely perfectly suburban except very Southern plus GEAUX TIGERS, so. Weird in a different way. But I was younger & less traveled in the US. The more places I went, the more it all seemed generally the same except a few notable cities.

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Asheville is wonderful & really has no comparison. If there's a similar place, someone tell me, though, because I would like to go there.

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FWIW when I was there, it was kind of-- I'M SORRY-- a little country, a little rock n' roll. Most parts of it were very much, like, a normal middle-America small city. There is a touristy part, too, but that's not really for living. My best comparison would be maybe St Louis? Big spread out "metro" area, cheesy downtown center. Small hipster core because it's the biggest city in the area. But slightly more Southern... the faux kind, though, not the real Deep South thing. It's about the same Southern Level as southern IL, but make of that what you will. I really liked St. Louis & I imagine living in Nashville would be similar.

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exactly. "he's been in a show recently which has been getting him attention, but he didn't always, and he's been up and down and has always had some rumors about what he's INTO. Lately he's been in the news for his new relationship, which it seems is going down the same road as his old relationship..." YEAH OKAY ALL OF THEM, FOR REAL.

I had a man read my tarot in Jackson Square in NOLA who was more specific.

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b-b-b-but if they destroy them Big Keurig will never get any more of their disposable K-Pod income!!! That's how they gitcha.

(Really though. I guess boycotts of the other companies wouldn't be as effective because buying homes or genetic testing, or women's clothing, wouldn't be of interest to them because...ah, fuck, there are a lot of jokes here.)