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Hey USC/UCLA alums.

Hope you like hotdish and pork tenderloin the size of a frisbee.

Welcome to the B1G!

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Slaps a little at the beginning, doesn't slap in the middle, slaps HARD at the end.

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Generally I agree that that kind of stuff doesn't speak to moral character or ability to lead, UNLESS you rail against all of those things in your public positions and speeches. If you claim publicly to be pro-life, you better have a really fucking good explanation for getting not one, but two abortions. Otherwise, you're a giant fucking hypocrite, and to me that's disqualifying.

It's the same deal with Lindsay Graham. I don't give a fuck if Lindsay Graham is gay. I give a fuck that Lindsay Graham is a big fucking hypocrite, railing against gay rights despite being closeted himself.

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Hi Hop!

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Half my team lives in Portugal! Lisbon is apparently lovely.

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At the same time, it's deeply distressing to see just how cowardly the people we invest with the use of lethal force really are.

If you wear the badge, you need to be prepared to not come home so that someone else might. You need to be prepared to run toward the danger, not away from it and wait for backup.

The irony is that this may very well be the tipping point on both police and gun reform. If the cops are so scared of the weapons that ordinary people can buy to do their jobs, then ordinary people shouldn't have those weapons. And if the cops aren't willing to lay down their lives in the defense of others, then what exactly do we need so many of them for and what exactly are we paying them for?

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So much of what we love about our pets is tied to nurture rather than nature. If I had adopted Max, Leo, or Rhodey as newborn kittens, would they have been the same cats they ultimately became? Probably not. There was a Reddit AMA by a woman who had had her pet cloned and she acknowledged that the clone had a totally different personality than her original pet.

At the end of the day, you're paying a lot of money to create an imperfect copy of something, rather than opening up yourself and your heart to something new.

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I attended a Fintech conference in London five years ago - there were a bunch of crypto bros there that swore up and down that bitcoin was the next big thing.

At the keynote, this blonde Australian surfer dude stands up and says "We've invested a trillion dollars in crypto already. What makes any of us thing we're going to make our money back and then some?"

Nobody said a got damn thing.

That moment was when I knew crypto was bullshit.

I have not seen a shred of evidence since then that has dissuaded me from that notion.

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The members of RATM would absolutely kick this asshole square in the nuts if they could.