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In awe of the size of this lad. Absolute unit.

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As someone elsewhere said, "The enemy of my enemy is Omarosa."

Out of anyone in the White House, current or former, she has the right amount of shamelessness, paranoia, media savvy, and cleverness to tie the administration in knots for weeks, if not longer. She's using Avenatti's playbook: say you have something, let the White House deny it, drop the proof.

With all that being said, Omarosa is still persona non grata to the left. Like, someone will make her a plate from the cookout and run it over after, as long as they don't say who it's for, but she doesn't get an invite.

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End of the month. Giving myself a day or two to get everything out, clean up, etc.

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Meh, I don't trust them to pack my shit. I can at least do that myself.

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So I finally have contractors in my condo taking care of all the stuff I don't have the time and energy to take care of myself.

Yesterday they showed up early, made great progress, and were super flexible on what I needed to have done. Honestly, really positive experience.

Meanwhile, I keep having lighting fixtures delivered to my apartment and having to run them over to the condo. Main hallway lights and wall sconces went in yesterday. They're refinishing the floors and putting on the second coat of stain/sealant today.

Ceiling fans have been delayed until next week due to shipping. Breakfast bar lights and bathroom lights are sitting my apartment waiting for installation. Above-fireplace pulldown TV mount is coming on Friday. Door hardware is sitting on my coffee table. Couches (1 regular, 1 sleeper) are being ordered this weekend.

Moving company has been hired, because fuck that.

Left to do:
- Buy coffee table and end tables
- Buy rugs
- Buy bedroom furniture (delayed until October since it's out of stock)
- Buy mattress
- Start packing

Things are slowly but surely coming together.

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A full gaming tower is probably overkill for his purposes. I'd look for something with either an Intel i5 or i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, a 1TB SSD, and a graphics card with DisplayPort. Depending on the resolution of the monitors, he could daisy-chain up to five, but given the most common resolutions he'd probably be limited to three.

Here's how it works:

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I keep tabs on TD and greatawakening, but even I won't go to Voat. That place is fucked up.

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Know thy enemy.

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For all the crowing about free speech the right likes to do, the level of information suppression that's conducted on most right-wing sites would make Orwell go "You know that was fiction, not a minimum set of standards, right?"

Trump Love already involves a healthy amount of delusion, where you have to ignore basically everything your eyes and ears are telling you and instead outsource your critical thinking skills to Fox News. The_Donald is Trump Infatuation, where every word out of Trump's mouth is like the Sermon on the Mount, his every tweet like God giving Moses the Ten Commandments, his every policy devoted to Making America Great Again.

The level below that is greatawakening and the associated QAnon subreddits, where Trump Infatuation has given way to Trump Worship. There, Trump is a crusader, sent by a cabal of the highest ranking officials in the government, to purge the United States of a global conspiracy of pedophilia that will result in basically every Democrat getting locked up in Gitmo. There, he's a heroic, mythic figure like Zeus or Odin.

Honestly, the entire thing is a scathing indictment of America. We have become the biggest, dumbest, angriest country on the planet, and all it took was a generation of feckless cowards selling the country out for power and then being so afraid of losing it they allowed a carnival barking realty TV has-been to take the reigns, while the opposition couldn't get out of it's own way long enough to recognize an existential threat to the republic when it manifested itself.

When historians in the future write about this era, they will speak about it in the same way we speak about the post-Reconstruction South - a little bit of progress followed by a massive step backwards it'll take a half century to begin to undo.

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Amen. I never schedule less than an hour layover in Atlanta if I have to connect through there, just in case.

BTW, I'm going to be in and out of Hartford, CT over the next few months.