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People ask me why I'm a Mets fan.

Well, there isn't an MLB team in Indianapolis, and given the choice between the Cubs, Cardinals, White Sox, and Reds, I'd rather eat glass. So, given my family is from Long Island, and there were Mets and Islanders posters all over my grandparent's house, Mets it is.

Also, it gives me a reason to not give a shit about baseball until September or so, and even then I usually don't have to give a shit about baseball because it's the Mets.

Plus, every year I get to celebrate Bobby Bonilla Day by continuing to remember why I don't pay attention to baseball.

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I call this one "The Chicken Wing".

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Alito is 70? Shit, I thought he was like 50. GWB nominated him before Roberts.

This potentially raises the stakes for the next election a significant amount. Thomas has also been rumored to want out.

So, potentially, Biden could appoint successors to fill Alito, Thomas, Ginsburg, and Breyer's seats. That would make for a very lonely 6-3 conservative minority for the next few years at least.

If Biden were to win, Thomas and Alito could retire during the lame duck session, McConnell could try to ram through appointments to both seats, and hope to whatever dark god he prays to that Trump doesn't fuck it up. Or they both could just spend the next four years on the bench making wacky arguments and hope for a Republican President and Senate in 2024.

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Every state is fighting over limited bed space, PPE, and other resources. If your daughter comes to CT from CA and is or gets infected and is asymptomatic, she could spread it to not just your family but whoever else she comes in contact with, most of whom presumably would be CT residents, and potentially take up beds in local hospitals. Your locale may be doing okay, but I'm sure that others are not.

You mention contact tracing in your other post, but that's difficult under even well managed circumstances, and this is anything but well managed.

I know it sucks, but it's probably for the best for everyone.

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Goddammit I'm selfish as fuck! Stop trying to make me more altruistic than I actually am!

Side note: I do love the little old ladies that have lived here long enough to remember when this neighborhood was like Skid Row instead of the mostly gentrified haven for upper middle class white people that it is.

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But I approve of the concept of a gorilla resistance. Bring on the Planet of the Apes.

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I don't see it as kindness. I'm a single man living by himself. If I get sick to the point of hospitalization, there's no one else to take care of Rhodey, except my mom and sister 250 miles away. If I can't help myself, I have no backup.

It's not altruism - its self interest. The fact that it benefits others is secondary.

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People look at me funny because I have a reusable respirator with P100 filters that makes me look like Bane that I wear around town.

Now is the time for fear.

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I think the American Academy of Pediatrics is more worried about a spike in parents killing their children if they're forced to home school them in the fall than anything. Most of the parents I know are really struggling with what the fuck to do with their kids when everything is closed.

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Considering that America is a plague colony right now, I'm not sure that we're really prepared to go toe to toe with the Brits on "lol voting against their own self-interests and shocked at the unintended consequences of doing so".

At this rate, the US is going to be a plague colony for months. COVID will continue to run rampant. The economy will continue to stagnate. People will still be unemployed. Congressional Republicans will continue to block anything resembling aid. By the time November rolls around, we'll be the only country in the world where COVID cases are still in the thousands per day and deaths in the hundreds.

More Americans have already died from COVID than have died from any war except the Civil War and World War II. At this point, we're 100% certain to lose more people to COVID than combat deaths in the Union, and on track to lose more than total combat deaths in the entire Civil War. Not far beyond that is total combat deaths in World War II. It took the Confederacy and the Axis Powers four years to kill that many Americans - COVID will do it in less than a year.