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What do you expect from a bunch of folks that peaked in high school?

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At some point trying to reason with these people is just pointless. We've tried the carrot, time to start giving them the stick.

You don't want to get vaccinated? Fine. Enjoy unemployment without any UI benefits. Good luck finding somewhere to work. Hope you like higher health insurance costs. And if you get sick, you're at the back of the line.

The way I see it, these people die (net win for society, because they're too stupid to function) or they get vaccinated (net win for society because now they have less of a chance of getting sick and spreading it around). Either way, everybody else wins.

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Quelle surprise that the dumbfucks of upstate are the ones fighting this, despite continually being dragged kicking and screaming into the present by their city bretheren.

It's the same in Illinois - Chicago dragging a bunch of mouthbreathing downstate Kentucky imports around like an anchor stuck in the Imaginary 50s.

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This is true for a lot of Chinese companies, especially state-sponsored ones. While this may give them access to comparable levels of technology as Western firms, they A) lack the know-how on how to implement it, B) lack the ability to improve it, and C) are stuck in a cycle of stealing from the West without developing the ability to innovate internally.

In addition, the close cooperation between these companies and the CCP also makes them vulnerable to international sanctions in a way that Apple and Google are mostly not.

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1) Overt displays of religiosity
2) Small dogs
3) Cop worship

Okay, yeah, I'm botspilled on this one.

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Was Michael Bay Street exploding?

I feel like it should always be exploding.

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Welp, we reached a kind of detente.

I made it a point to be as loud as possible when exiting onto the balcony, and did my level best to check if she was up there when I went to do my business. A few times I had to go back inside, but she was usually back inside within an hour or so.

Last week she and her BF went on a bike ride, so I'm assuming they're just fine. Or superspreaders. Whatevs.

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Come to Chicago! C2E2 is in December (which should hopefully be enough time to sort some of this stuff out).

Also, if you're up for it, we can do dim sum (traditional post-con meal) afterwards. :)

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I have the XT8 and it's pretty solid.

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I can't exactly drag my grill into my bedroom, so yeah, that doesn't work.

Also, where did smoking come from? I said 2/3 to Dogs. It's BBQing and model painting. And, to be fair, BBQ smoke and paint fumes aren't great for the lungs either.