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2 days ago @ Crasstalk - Weekend Open Thread · 25 replies · +51 points

Hey guys. Someone new wants to say hello. He doesn't have a name yet, but his shelter name was Mister Velcro Sprinkles.

I think we're gonna get along just fine.

1 week ago @ Crasstalk - From the Top Open Thread · 5 replies · +19 points

So last weekend I pulled the trigger on an extra few days in Seattle during an upcoming work trip to attend ACE, where I'm meeting Josh Brolin, Zoe Saldana, Jeremy Renner, and Don Cheadle. I am very excited, and because it's a work trip I'm really only paying what I would if it were in Chicago.

I do not have a hotel for SDCC yet, which is annoying, but things will start to open up in June once full amounts start coming due.

I'm wrapping up week 3 of going back and forth to Seattle from Chicago, after which I have a few weeks back at home.

The last few weeks have been weird. Leo died, and I hopped on a plane the next day. I got home, picked up his remains, set up his memorial, and then hopped on a plane two days later. This last weekend was the first time I've been home without really having anyone there other than me, and it sucks. The house is so quiet and I just kind of shuffle around aimlessly.

I have four weeks of non-travel coming up, so I've decided that that would be a good time to adopt a new companion. I didn't come to the decision lightly, but I knew I was ready over the weekend when I was able to talk to a friend about the good times and the bad with Leo and his illness and not get choked up, just a little wistful.

So yeah, that's where I'm at.

2 weeks ago @ Crasstalk - Roll it Out Open Thread · 0 replies · +4 points

Because they can.

2 weeks ago @ Crasstalk - Peaceful Weekend Open ... · 1 reply · +10 points

I think that the conventional wisdom was based on the idea that as you get older, you acquire more money and more stuff and therefore grow more interested in protecting it - things like a car, a house, a 401k, investments, children, etc.

What we're seeing now are the people for whom much of that is unobtainable, due to diminished job prospects, an inflated housing market, and stagnant wages.

Consequently, even in red states, people are starting to acknowledge the inherent flaws in a pure capitalist system and are looking for a more equitable solution, leading people to the left.

2 weeks ago @ Crasstalk - Midweek Open Thread · 1 reply · +22 points

My mom and sister sent me a package while I was away - they made a donation to the Humane Society of Indianapolis in Leo's honor and made a photo montage. I got choked up looking at it.

Once I get Leo's remains back tomorrow, I'll take a picture of the memorial for everyone.

2 weeks ago @ Crasstalk - Midweek Open Thread · 5 replies · +27 points

I'm headed home tomorrow after a week in Seattle. It's going to be sad coming home to an empty apartment, but distance and time gave me a lot of perspective.

The time I had with Leo was special, and he'll always be a part of me. Even now that he's gone, I can still smile watching old videos of us together and remembering the good times we had together. I'm sure that when I get his ashes back on Friday it'll be emotional, but I have a little shrine set up for him to finally rest in.

I'll always miss him, but I know I'll see him again someday, and I can't wait to hear about all his adventures.

3 weeks ago @ Crasstalk - Fresh Start Open Thread · 3 replies · +27 points

I was out at dinner with my new team and we were doing the standard "get to know you" stuff. I know I should have expected it, but eventually someone asked if we had any pets.

I didn't break down or start sobbing at a table full of new colleagues. I just didn't say anything.

I keep looking at the pictures and videos I have of Leo and remembering the good times we had together. How he'd strategically position himself for maximum sunlight as it moved across the room. How he'd interrupt conference calls so often my co-workers would ask if I was expensing his food. How he'd jump up on the bed to make sure I was going to sleep and either curl up next to me or in his spot at the foot of the bed. How he'd put his paws on my leg when he wanted up on my desk or to curl up in my lap.

There won't ever be another Leo, just like Leo wasn't another Max, or Max wasn't another Nick, Lynx, or Katie (the cats I had growing up).

I'll be okay, and sooner rather than later I'll open my heart to someone new. Losing Max was unexpected, but with Leo I had time to process it. It still hurt, and will for a while, but with time it'll fade.

3 weeks ago @ Crasstalk - Fresh Start Open Thread · 9 replies · +30 points

My house was so quiet this morning. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I didn't hear the pitter patter of tiny paws, a loud meow reminding me that it's feeding time, the feeling of a sandpaper tongue on my face, or just the presence of something else on the bed with me. I spent most of the day walking around in kind of a daze. I tried to distract my self with chores - cleaning, laundry, putting stuff away, that kind of thing, but every now and then I would think, "I should check on Leo. Oh wait.".

I had lunch with a friend who was in town helping her sister move. We talked a little bit about things. Not much, because I didn't want to start bawling in the middle of a restaurant. So, I went home and read sappy poems about our furry friends that cross the Rainbow Bridge and bawled my eyes out in private.

I left for my trip to Seattle in the evening. As I was locking the door, I realized that this was the first time in five years I didn't say "I love you, I'll be home soon." as I was leaving, and that on Thursday I'd be coming home to just stuff.

So now I'm in Seattle, and just hoping to make it through the week.

3 weeks ago @ Crasstalk - Weekend Open Thread · 37 replies · +47 points

Leo passed away at 5:25pm CT. He fought until the bitter end.

He was the best cat, and I will miss him terribly.

3 weeks ago @ Crasstalk - Midweek Open Thread · 1 reply · +8 points

It's Endgame day!

T-3.5 hours until I am in the theater watching the culmination of a decade of Marvel movies.

After that, barbeque at a place whose name is a euphemism for "Large Penis's Meat House".

And then, back to the theater for more Endgame, except in IMAX 3D.