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I had a discussion about this with my team last night. A better politician would have gotten much better food or catering, paid for it out of his own pocket, and not said a word about where it came from (letting reporters get the information through leaks, because POTUS didn't want to upstage the student athletes in attendance); or gotten the players' favorite foods from restaurants around the DC area through Doordash or postmates or something similar.

As is, he comes across as cheap and tacky.

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I look at this kind of decision through the lens of "What's going to be the least confusing for Baby To Be Named Later's third grade teacher?".

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That's my secret. I'm always BEES!!!

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My best to you and kitty. If you need to talk, I'm here.

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Assorted Berries Ultra 1000 Tums - for kids at heart with adult digestive systems and highly stressful jobs.

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So for the last few weeks I've been giving Leo three cans of wet food a day because, well, he keeps asking for them and he's eating.

Well, this is not sustainable because I can't have the sitter give him three cans of food a day at $25 a visit when I start traveling again.

One can is fine, but I really need him to start eating dry food again. So, I've started working him down to two cans, then next week it'll be one can.

Leo is now very angry with me because I didn't give him his third can of the day. Angry enough that he just tried to steal one of my breadsticks, and is glaring at the back of my head from the couch, after a series of vocalizations that would make anyone listening think he had never been fed.

He's now cat-bunning on one of my new throw pillows, having presumably exhausted himself from being an adorable pain in my ass.

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Bought it my last year in the old place, so it's about two years old now. Moved it to the new place. It's solid - all wood construction, well made, aesthetically pleasing, Leo likes it, the cushions are washable, the pads replaceable.

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This is what I have for Leo, in Espresso.

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Howdy folks, just checking in, as I'm on break.

I'm doing okay, as is Leo. He's on prednisolone, which means I have to do his least favorite activity once a day - give him a pill. He HATES it. But, he also gets food and treats with it, so he begrudgingly lets me do it.

Here's a video of us at meal time!

[youtube fMk8upQG_rk youtube]

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Hey everyone. I just wanted to say how much I appreciated everyone's responses. You all have been incredibly supportive during this difficult time and I really appreciate it.

For now, Leo is doing okay. He's still eating and drinking and using the litterbox just fine. I'm going to call the oncologist on Tuesday and let her know what my decision was, and what we can do to ensure Leo has the best quality of life during the time he has left.

It's not an easy decision, letting go of a loved one like this, but once I made the decision I've felt increasingly at peace with it. The idea of shuttling Leo back and forth to the vet's office every week, or even every four weeks, for the next few months for an uncertain chance at anything resembling a much longer life just didn't seem fair. When he goes, I want it to be at home, with me; not in some sterile office on a metal table.

In the meantime, all the old rules have gone out the window. He gets all the food and treats he wants, he's getting a can of tuna a day, and if he wants pets all he has to do is ask.