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From a constitutional level, he meets the qualifications. He has a national profile, he ran for President and did well enough - strictly speaking, that's good enough.

I think the idea of a caretaker VP would be dependent on how soon into Joe's term she would take over in. If it's less than two years in, it would be considered "her" term, so she should pick someone she'd be comfortable running with for re-election, and that she can pass the torch to afterwards. If it's more than two years in, then a caretaker VP would make more sense and let her pick her own running mate when she actually ran.

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My money would be on Pete Buttigieg. He's non-threatening enough to not scare the bejesus out of people, he's qualified, and he could have the gravitas to run for 8 years after Harris.

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There is apparently a dispensary up the road from me. I'm strongly considering picking something up before Tuesday, as I'm going to need to be as medicated as possible beforehand.

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I have a fireplace that I haven't used in three years, but now I have a reason.

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That's a fair point, but even he has some nationalist crossover.

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It's worth noting that four out of those five people are alive and one is not. I'm interested to see who they would pick as the Conservative leader that wouldn't also fall under Nationalist.

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Early voting and voting by mail are way up because a lot of states have made special dispensations due to COVID. At the same time, you can look at Texas where public officials, despite the pandemic, are doing dumbfuck shit like giving the entire city of Dallas the same number of ballot drop boxes as a county where armadillos outnumber people.

On top of that, there's the fact that Election Day itself is not a holiday. If you're lucky enough to have PTO, you could take a day off to stand in line for multiple hours and vote. But, if you're working three jobs just to get by, are you going to skip a shift or two to go vote? Probably not.

Yeah, nobody is getting blasted with firehoses, attacked by dogs, forced to take a literacy test, or pay a poll tax (directly, anyway, but I think former felons in Florida would disagree), but when you have one political party that is hell-bent on making it HARDER to vote and one that isn't, that's a pretty good indication as to why.

Voting should be easy. It's the most fundamental right we have as members of a representative democracy. Every American adult should be registered, you shouldn't need to jump through infinite hoops to register somewhere new, and actually voting should take fifteen minutes, tops.

I voted early yesterday. It took me longer to find a parking space than it did to actually vote. I went in, filled out the form, got my ballot, voted, got my sticker, and left - all in less than fifteen minutes. That's how it should be for everyone.

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20, and I'm okay with that because the stuff I haven't had sounds vile.

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When I see Jim Carrey as Joe Biden, I think to myself "Ah yes, Former Vice President Fire Marshall Bill". He's such a kinetic comic and actor that the impression doesn't quite land. Plus, he doesn't have Joe's mannerisms quite right. On top of that, Joe isn't really giving these guys a lot of material to work with - Trump, meanwhile, is an absolute goldmine.

It's hard to really capture that Joe is a decent guy, and make fun of him at the same time. Honestly, I think The Onion did it best with their "Diamond Joe Biden" character - they made Joe a little grimy, but in a good way, and relatable because we all have that kind of dirtbag relative or friend with a heart of gold.