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I have an LG Washtower - super solid machine that's been good for me.

No controversy there!

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Not really.

1) The White House self-reported these documents to the National Archives.
2) The National Archives wasn't asking for them back.
3) The White House has been transparent and working with the National Archives to return these documents.

Honestly, this is more an indictment of the classification process than anything. The government loves to classify stuff. Maybe there should be more rules and standards around what could/should be classified.

If anything, this draws a huge contrast between Biden and Trump - Biden self-reported the issue and worked with the NA to return stuff promptly; Trump delayed, deflected, obfuscated, and did everything in his power to not return documents to the NA.

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Well, it's more that WOTC made an obvious and ridiculous cash grab and rightly got slapped around for it.

They'll do it again, and probably be successful at some point, but for now they've been beaten back.

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Food prices are up, gas prices are up, housing prices are up, and 40% of the country is fully cut off from any kind of news or information source that isn't conservative propaganda.

Our democracy is fully controlled by people that make their voting decisions on factors like "Who looks like they'd be nicer to horses?".

The GOP has been running the same playbook for fifty plus years and beating Democrats with it. At some point, it's on Democratic leadership and the attendant consultant class for not coming up with a better strategy to beat these guys.

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I'm looking forward to seeing Senator Shrek take the floor of the Senate in a suit and tie.

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I can't speak for others, but from an early age I was placed in gifted/talented classes. That carried over into middle school, high school, and college. I don't think I've ever taken an IQ test, but I feel like I can safely say I'm of above average intelligence but probably not an actual genius.

Now, if I were constantly being held back, in remedial classes, etc. I would probably be an indication of either a learning disability or lower than average intelligence.

Ultimately, IQ is just one measure of intelligence. It's what you do with what you've got that matters.

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I knew her when she was Patty with two t's and a y exactly where you think.

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In reference to my post yesterday, I went to middle school, high school, and college with the actress that plays Madisynn on She-Hulk.

Seeing the internet collectively lose their minds over her has been... entertaining, to say the least.

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I'm having a very weird day.

I turned on She-Hulk while eating lunch and was nearly immediately presented with the image a woman I slow danced with at my Bar Mitzvah in 7th Grade.

After a quick Google search, it turns out that it was, in fact, her.

Then my phone started going off with news the Queen had passed.

So yeah. Weird day.

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Take the 1-Line from SeaTac to Westlake. Walk 7 minutes to Biscuit Bitch.