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I totally agree. It's produced an entirely unwanted image which I now can't get out of my mind on this relaxing Sunday morning.

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Merry Christmas to all the ConHome Team and all Readers here - regulars and Little Visitors alike! May 2016 be an excellent year for one and all

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Happy Christmas to One and All here!

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I'm inclined to agree, Sandsender. I have an awful feeling that instead of simply getting to the bottom of what or who caused a young man to take his own life, this has escalated into a proxy war between the Pro and Anti David Cameron factions that we know all too well exist in our Party. I am appalled to see that certain people who for good reason shall remain nameless appear to have been shedding crocodile tears very loudly and publicly, all the while holding their hands up and exclaiming "Not Me, Guv!" It is beyond disgraceful.

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It is an absolutely loathesome word - and I suspect that there are some Muslims who while they wouldn't use it - do think it. Time after time on the bus (in an area of London where there are a large number of Muslims) I see a bearded man or a hijab or niqab-clad woman look at the seat next to me or another Western person and studiously avoid sitting there - even though the bus is almost full.
On a general point - This is an excellent article by Luke. What I would like to see is Muslims - and others in fact - take their religious texts less literally; a little more allegory and symbolism and a little less literalism.

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So the Party Board meets tomorrow. I am afraid that doesn't fill me with confidence. the current Chairman of the National Convention has questions to answer and so does a certain recently-ennobled Lady.

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" and the explanation for the appalling brutality of the Crusaders ( did you know they used to roast and then eat captured Muslim children?) "

Really? You were around at the time were you? It sounds suspiciously like the old story that the Jews made Matzot using the blood of innocent little Christian children (known as "the blood libel").

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From the DT: Theresa May told MPs recent attacks have “nothing do with Islam”. Creditably, she wishes to avoid inflaming social tension. "

Precisely. To say anything else risks a bloodbath of some magnitude and community relations in this country lying in tatters. I doubt she believes it herself.

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Excellent article Mohammed.

"Teach young Muslims to treat Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, atheists etc as full equal members of society entitled to exactly the same level of respect as given to fellow Muslims?"

Absolutely right. I never EVER want to hear the word "kuffar" used. Also, too many Muslims distrust and dislike Jews. This has got to stop.

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So it would appear that the media has decided. Not sure what the point was of having a contest at all then.