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Well said. Totally agree.

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Andy Burnham: 'It's not about the money'.

TV Reporter: 'Well, what do you want from the Government?'

Andy Burnham: 'Money'.

Says it all!! And as for the Media, no wonder no one trusts them any longer. The BBC have no right to call themselves 'British' any longer, and it's questionable as to if the can be called 'Broadcasters'. No wonder millions such as myself have stopped paying the license fee, and no longer have the need for the sort of garbage the MSM churn out.

Regarding the 'Scum' calling by Angela Rayner, why is anyone surprised? She is a disgrace to the House of Commons and this country. The level and type of Labour MP's we are now seeing is at an all time low.

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Got it in one, Roy.

The EU's attitude has been dreadful, and any failure to strike a deal will fall fairly and squarely on their shoulders. They have not negotiated in good faith from the start, particularly the French, who are hell bent on only seeing their side of things. I hope we do take back complete control of our fishing waters, and exclude the French. It's nothing less than they deserve.

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The Police in this country have become a sick joke. Quite happy to kneel in front of law breaking scum, they then decide to try to find evidence to prosecute a journalist for free speech. The Police have no idea what damage they have done to themselves. Quite happy, it seems, to beat up Veterans at a rally in Dover, but whimper and kneel to Marxist scum.

It's little wonder that the likes of myself, who would once have been the backbone of support for the Police now totally despise them. Oh yes, and my brother was a Policeman for 30 years before anyone says anything!!

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It's not so much a fall in the popularity of the Government's course of action, but maybe the beginning of where the Government will itself be in six months time. Changes to Covid policy cannot, and should not, be introduced overnight. A gradual shift to a 'Swedish Style' scenario will, I believe be the way forward in the New Year.

I come from a pretty rural part of the country, where we tend, on the whole, to try to follow Government instructions regarding Covid precautions. The number of cases around here is pretty low. I have, however, downloaded the App, and I would have the vaccine if one were to become available. And so whilst generally supporting the Government, I believe we are heading for a 'Herd Immunity' situation in the not too distant future.

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I am beginning to believe that the Government is looking for a way out whereby they can still say that they did what was right under the circumstances, and according with expert opinion.

There does seem to be a whole plethora of 'experts' on the subject of Covid 19. As Labour have shown, they are good at hindsight, but useless when proposing a positive course of action. The Conservative Government does not have the luxury of Labour, in as much as it is the Governments responsibility to do what it believes to be best for the general wellbeing of the population. Considering that even the medical experts are at a loss to know what the best course of action is, how can anyone expect the Government to do any better than they are doing?

All that being said, it is my belief that we will end up with a 'Swedish style' solution by next spring. Another nationwide lockdown simply will not hold, and whilst area lockdowns may work for a while, people will eventually get fed up with them, and rebel.

It seems that certain sectors of the population care not about anyone, including themselves, in this matter, and sadly most of them appear to be young people who do not seem to have any sense of responsibility.

Only time will tell as to what will happen. Maybe a vaccine will be produced this winter. Who knows? If, however, no vaccine is produced, I still believe that we will eventually end up with a 'Herd Immunity' scenario.

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Looking through the names of those Conservative MP's supporting Sir Graham Brady's amendment, I do not see, with the exception of one or two, any habitual rebels.

I have a lot of time and respect for Sir Graham, and therefore I have come to the conclusion that he may have a point. I have no knowledge of anything medical, but in terms of scrutiny and action, it is maybe time to get the whole of the Conservative MP's behind the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

I fail to see anything horrendous for the Government were it to graciously accept Sir Graham's amendment.

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Well done Boris! The Bill will pass, despite the last gasps of the appalling 'Remoaners', some of which still manage to bore us on this site. Not for much longer, thank goodness! On 31st December we shall once again, and at last, be a truly Sovereign Nation, making our own laws and rules, and not be subjugated by the corrupt EU diktats.

Those that are so blinded by their starry eyed loyalty to another Empire, as the EU has stated quite openly it intends to become, really have no place in the Conservative Party. The Ulster Unionists will always support the measures that have been put in place, and so I do not foresee some great last minute rebellion that the 'Remoaners' are fervently hoping for; and that is good.

Most truly loyal Conservative MP's will fall into line, as they understand that no democratic country can allow another foreign country to dictate laws and rules. Labour seem quite happy to be ruled by the EU, but that doesn't surprise me one little bit. Labour would get into bed with The Devil at the moment, and it seems as though they probably have.

The EU have not carried out negotiations in 'Good Faith', and having listened and watched a smuggled video of Barnier and others plotting to make Ireland a sticking point, and to make things difficult, It is now clear that the EU never did intend to negotiate in good faith from day one.

Again, well done to Boris and the overwhelming majority of loyal Conservative MP's. They have put their country first, and have not and will not allow it to be dictated to by a foreign power.

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Well said. He lost, both the Referendum and his seat at the last election. He should learn when to shut up. He is yesterdays man, along with Blair (and how that man has the nerve to criticise over breaking international law is beyond me) and John 'The Bastard' Major.

All three of them are quite pathetic, really. They lost. Three losers crying in their Chianti.

Just leave the real negotiations to the Real Men.

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Ah, the undemocratic Remoaners slip is showing!!!!!