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Criticising the party leader means you’re not at home being a Conservative? When did that memo come round? I don’t remember it being in force when we had Theresa May and David Cameron in No.10.

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Johnson is able to pull a sad face. And this is supposed to be a noteworthy achievement for the Prime Minister. How much further can our standards and expectations of leadership be lowered?

How remorseful is a man who has such little respect for us that he can’t be bothered to even brush his hair?

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I suspect there’s a strong case for giving community pharmacies a bigger role when we get to vaccinating the under-60s, which would hopefully free up the current teams to focus on the second jab follow ups.

It will still be tricky if Pfizer is part of the programme - it’s delicate and hard to store - but community pharmacies have an excellent national reach.

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The magic? You think Johnson’s decisionmaking is magical?

Another columnist put it better - delay is part of the process, because Johnson always hopes that delaying will remove options for him, and circumstances will simply choose for him. He can’t bear being unpopular, so can’t bear making real decisions where there’s a real choice, so he’s delays until there’s no choice. It’s a pathetic dereliction of duty.

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Worth remembering that, before it was fashionable, Wallace was the lone voice against Huawei.

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Or put another way - when I’ve worked out how to spin this, and save my political skin, I’ll let you know.

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Nope. Try again.

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Worrying though how much more difficult we’ve made trade with our nearest neighbours (and in the case of Northern Ireland, with ourselves).

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The PM continues to be an indecisive buffoon, and completely out of his depth.

Boasting about how much the trade from Dublin to Holyhead has fallen, because Ireland is not using the UK as a land bridge now, in response to his question from Claire Hanna was a display of shocking incompetence.

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By my count that’s 4 former Cabinet Ministers - Damian Green, Iain Duncan Smith, David Davis, and Cheryl Gillan.

And 8 current Select committee Chairs - Bernard Jenkin (Liaison), William Wragg (Public Administration), Julian Lewis (Intelligence), Tom Tugendhat (Foreign Affairs), Tobias Ellwood (Defence), Charles Walker (Administration), Simon Hoare (Northern Ireland), and Caroline Nokes (Women)

The government seems to have a problem with the folk the whips can’t threaten or dangle a job in front of. The government can’t persuade the people it has to persuade because strong arming isn’t an option. That’s a problem, because it suggests there’s more dissent amongst those who can be leaned on.